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What is a fracture?

Fractures can occur from falls, trauma, and a direct blow to a bone. Repetitive forces caused by running can cause a fracture, as well. These running fractures are often called stress fractures; these are small cracks in the bone. Osteoporosis may also cause a fracture in older people. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center.

Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Bone Fractures There are many types of fractures, or broken bones. Fractures are common over 1 million every year in the US and can be caused by sports injuries, car accidents, falls, or osteoporosis bone weakening due to aging.

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What is a fracture? What are the types of fractures? There are many types of fractures: A fracture can be closed the skin is not broken or open, which is also called a compound fracture the skin is open and the risk of infection significant. Some fractures are displaced there is a gap between the two ends of the bone.

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These often require surgery. A partial fracture is an incomplete break of a bone. A complete fracture is a complete break of a bone, causing it to be separated into two or more pieces. These are the different types of partial, complete, open, and closed fractures: Fractures commonly happen because of car accidents, falls , or sports injuries.

Other causes are low bone density and osteoporosis , which cause weakening of the bones. Overuse can cause stress fractures, which are very small cracks in the bone. You need to get medical care right away for any fracture. An x-ray can tell if your bone is broken.

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You may need to wear a cast or splint. Sometimes you need surgery to put in plates, pins or screws to keep the bone in place. Learn More Living With Specifics. See, Play and Learn Images.

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