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He counts hairs on our head and stores our tears in a bottle — He cares. But, sometimes life is life. The deal on the house we wanted falls through. And, yet, I do believe God will use our circumstances to speak to us. He used a burning bush to speak to Moses.

And, sometimes God speaks that way, but many times — at least in my life — God is more subtle than that. How do we — in the midst of our circumstances — as mixed up and confusing as they can be — figure out what God could be saying to us? First, I have to say this — it begins and ends in a relationship. God will never contradict Himself. He will never speak to us — even through our circumstances — in a way that will contradict His written word.

I hear people at times claim God is telling them to do something that is in violation with what God has already said. Even in circumstances, in my experience, God often sends people into our path to confirm His will for our life. People who attempt to follow God with their life can help us to hear from God. Every time God has called me to something there have been others to confirm they are hearing the same calling.

I seek out wisdom of others. Looking back over my life, I could never have scripted it, but I see how God has used me according to an overall plan. God knows how to use a past for His good. When trying to hear from God through the circumstances of life, we should not try to make a decision on one event or set of circumstances. Circumstances may or may not be God speaking to us. We should look at our life over a span of months or years. We often miss that part when celebrating that verse.

When we look at our life over time we will be able to see what God has been doing. How many times do we have to hear the same thing — or experience the same circumstances — before we recognize and obey the voice of God? Before God called me into ministry the voices speaking into my life were many. Paul says in 1 Corinthians God has typically spoken to me clearest during my darkest days — when He has my closest attention.

Fear is a great tool of the enemy. The devil can use circumstances also to lead us away from God. This is where the Scripture and other people you trust can help you discern. As followers of God we will spend our whole life trying to discern the will of God for our life; listening for His voice. If we desire to hear from God through our circumstances we must intently listen for the voice of God. Hearing from God is not always easy. We limit God to this finite world when we fail to remember He is an infinite God. If what I sense He is asking me to do would help people know Him or know Him better it is much easier to recognize and affirm the voice of God in my circumstances.

Our mission is to learn how to hear His voice. We must listen intently and carefully for His voice through the crowd of noises in the world in which we live. Thankfully God has not given up on us, but is still speaking to His people today. He wanted to make sure I would read it until the very end. He got my attention alright.

Being a spiritual being in Christ, He repaid me with the two affirmations I always tell people. Those two things I always tell people are, 1 God cares so much about you and us, so much so, that he knows the exact number of hairs we have on your heads. Every single time a single hair is lost, He makes it a point to keep track of that constant ever-changing number of hairs He has specifically placed on our heads. He keeps track because He cares. And He loves us. Because He is love. The second thing I always tell those people is: And He remembers them.

And He remembers every single reason behind every tear we have ever — and will ever shed. Not one person has ever told me these things in return. It was the ultimate attention grabber for me, and so I listened intently, trough His use of you and your writing. And I struggle daily with physical and mental health issues. As I am in this storm, He has now reminded me two times, that He is with me still. I beg, scream, plead with God and all I get is more disappointment, suffering, frustration and anger.

I feel your love God… So when you truly love someone, you should turn your back on them, allow them to suffer no matter how much they beg you for love. You should not show them any love but tell them to have faith and trust in me… Is it me or does that just sound absolutely ludicrous? Great Sermon for me. This is exactly what I needed.

Am in the midst of spiritual dryness and God seems silent. But your message has encouraged me. Our Lord Jesus he is never in a hurry. Trust in His perfect timing. Early mornings are the time to find the Lord. Read daily scripture,like Our Daily Bread….. We have two mothers,one on earth and one in heaven. May your prayers get answered,in Jesus and Mary.

That is very imformative article. I believe it is time to be vigilant. Satan is a liar and always whisper lies into our ears. Knowing the difference in these voices will also help us to listen to God. I get so tired of the satan excuses. Where is God when we are raped, beaten, abused? Why would God continue to let that happen to us? Why do we pray, beg, plead and God does nothing? God does absolutely care about us. When there is so much good to behold in our lives; perhaps you are looking in the wrong place.

I, personally, have lost dear loved ones; my loving daughter, my Mom, my Sister, and my Brother. I hold dearly the Family I have, and hope, pray, that when the day comes for me, my Faith will not be lost. I came in contact with your message today. And I longed to hear more so that I can find the will of God for me in all areas of life. Your teaching gives me inspirations and more insight about God.

My name is Tonya Boyd… I am so confused about this dream I had regarding something I have been praying for; for nine years. I had a dream and in the dream a voice stated several statements. Ironically the events that occurred in my dream actually are currently happening. I am so confused… please help me….

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This is hopefull article BUT the problem still remains — even if there still are some people who actually seek God the lack of direct communication that can not be misuderstood and faked still exist. There has to be contact. Just like when 2 people meet they need to be able to understand each other to get valid communication.

You also forget something. This is why there has to be irrefutable undebunkable direct connection communication otherwise it can go BOTH ways and humans being limited can be easily tricked, manipulated, deceived. Especially now in Hollywood era. I have wanted to be a nurse since I was the whole age of 6 years old, the thought of helping save someones life has always been my dream! The next semester came around an I was back ready to make my an finish nursing school an start for forever journey when I was again unsuccessful on the 3rd test so I was made to drop the program completely without another chance at that college.

I am in a season of needing to hear from God. I have never had God go silent on me before until now, I dont know what this means. I am lonely without my relationship with him , I am trying so very hard to stay in my faith but at times its very hard. I truly with all my heart just want to do Gods will in my life so if being a nurse isnt it I need clarification from him as to what is it I am supposed to be doing? Please join me for praying for me!

I pray God has since revealed Himself to you. Our worship pastors recently announced they are moving to a different state to start a church, they extended an invitation to all church members that felt God was calling them to go start a church with them. My husband and I felt we needed to pray about this and we have for the past month. I keep thinking about what Isaiah 6: Reading this has helped me tremendously and I thank you for sharing it with us and for allowing God to work in your life and give wisdom to others. God gave me a vision — lying me down onto a pillow when I had just sat up from my nights sleep.

Something I was told in college 30 yrs ago. I just want to stay in constant communication with God…. I agree that God can use others to provide confirmation from Him.

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Sometimes we just need to ask for wise Godly counsel so that what we believe we are hearing from God IS Him really speaking to us. I thank God for your words of encouragement, I ve really been through period of silence where every think seems against me, its such an unbearable period. Thanks a lot please do pray for us too.

God always answers me,right from childhood. I left 2 drips untouched,plus the one I was receiving, half. I was shattered,I cried,but the next day,something gave me courage,I started praying. Hello…my name is watson from kenya. God bless you all. I don't know if God is talking to me… I think He is but maybe it's just my own thoughts popping up in my head telling me what I want to hear.

Thanks for the sensible critique. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I am very glad to see such wonderful info being shared freely out there. What about, deaf person, i have heard his voice once, but as i know, ine inward person in us is important to.

The Holy spirit is here in you, don't silent or quench the holy spirit!! U miss that ,part! The Lord expects husbands and wives to be mutually loved, honored and respected. Love God, yourself and fellow man my friend. When at a crossroad in life how do you decide which is the path God wants you to take?

Especially when situations are not a clear textbook case where you can simply refer to the Bible and know for yourself that this is or is not from God. This has been very helpful to me. God bless this Ministry! My older son has turned away from God. I continue to prayer for his return. But I still go through some times when I want to know if God is hearing me. I had suffered abuse in my childhood as well as early adulthood.

But I always believe that the hand of God has kept me from destruction. But now for my children to go through hardships? Hello, I have been seeking Godly wisdom for sometime and have gathered a lot of insight from reading posts and responses here. My relationship with God with strengthened after my Father passed away in , I was drawn into a deeper faith and understanding of God as our heavenly Father and my life began to change. I prayed and trusted God with everything, From the closing of a business to ending an abusive controlling relationship I believe I heard God say if you leave I will take care of you and he did.

I encountered may challenges however I still trusted. Going back to my business.. I had a very close and loving relationship with all of my clients and I shared my faith with them all.. Moving to my current situation, after moving out of state to take time to heal I began praying and earnestly seeking God's guidance for a Christian husband, someone from my past entered my life again I'd had feelings for him in the past and those feelings quickly resurfaced and I thought this was God answering my prayers.

He is also a Christian and seems to be a caring man. I continued to pray about things however I know that I'd already made up in my mind and heart that he was the man God had sent me. We live in different cities and after sometime of communicating with him I began to put my feelings for him before my love for God.. Moving forward things didn't work out for us he wanted intimacy too soon I felt and things took a wrong turn and I wasn't able to save the relationship and I tried…even relocating because I was so sure he was my husband.

Through all of this I believe God gave me a message to Surrender… I honestly didn't know what that meant and I started researching what it means to Surrender to God. I am so accustom to controlling my life…in surrendering now I am just confused some days on what God's plan is for my life verses my dreams. I continue to pray daily however some days I am sad and feel lost…the close relationship I once had with God feels distant. He did show me why I'd never fully surrendered my life to him, he showed me my past and my childhood and how I'd pretty much raised myself and that's why I trusted myself over him.

I am working on surrendering while still trying to believe God is a God of the impossible. Working to strengthen my faith again… Thanks for taking time to read. Touching story, much appreciated and congrats and thanks on the honesty! God is working in your life- think about and be thankful for that and how amazing that is- I know how easy it is to get distracted by things — but how great is it when we remember and enjoy the fact that we have everything we need-Christ!

I have learned so much this morning. This was sent to my email and I am so grateful that I took the time to read it in its entirety. What a blessing I received. Than you for sharing this was has truly been inspirational. To God be the Glory!!!! Hi, I wanted to reply to you and tell you, that I went through a bad child hood, with abuse, that lead me to make a lot of bad choices, and kept me feeling angry, bitter, and mad. But God showed me, after several years, that he was there with me during all those bad times as a kid, that he cried with me, that he hurt when I was hurt.

And I know it sounds unbelievable, but his love healed me, and when I really listen to him, and follow what he says, I am calm, filled with peace and happy. He loves you with a love that you can never fathom. Stay strong and God bless. I was made a complete fool and embarrassed another. At the time I rejoiced because it was confirmation to both me and my wife of what God had already showed us in visions.

Well over a year later past their given deadline, nothing has changed. Matter fact our situation has even gotten worse, direly worse. God knows my heart and how much I desire to do true kingdom work, but yet I keep falling like this and it not only cost me but my wife, and my children who are totally innocent in this and totally dependent on me.

So I read this to find help. Find what am I doing wrong. But yet and still, the same results. It has me questioning God. Please, someone out there just sincerely pray for me and my family. Surely I will pray for you brother. Be encouraged my brother. Things come about to test our faith. God is not a man that He should lie or His word return void. God knows and loves you. Often times the enemy will have us feel as if we are the only ones who are facing hard tests and trials. I know Oh too well how you must feel. Just last night I had to say Lord why am I going through so much when I try so hard to live right.

Nonetheless, in 1 Peter 5: After I read this scripture and dissected and studied each word this really helped me quite a bit. Tho he slay me, yet will I trust in him. May the Lord keep you in perfect peace as your mind is stayed on him. I grew up in a violent home. My mother loved me but was an alcoholic and my father stepfather hated me. I spent so much time in fear and solitude. To have a nice home my home is barely livable right now , and to follow my dreams, travel, explore. And then I have this really wild side.. Like I want to do crazy things, like party and model and drink or just be crazy.

I hide in my home. When I have turned to God I feel isolated and lonely. I know this is a little or a lot off topic I just am stuck. No joy, no improvement, no goals, no motivation,no hope! Im a pretty crappie mom. I lack discipline, organization and any form of authority and structure. All that I lack also makes me s pretty bad wife also. People say like they feel different when they come to know God. Peace and Hope and Joy. All I ever feel is shame and fear.

Is it me, am I that unloveable? Our stories are extraordinarily similar. Ive gotten over it to a point where I can function with a career but emotionally feel Could it be God speaking or just random horrible, entropic chaotic acts without focus or purpose. Email me if you want to talk. Hi, I read your comment, and wanted to say, I to came from a bad background, and abusive child hood.

He showed me that he cried with me, he was there, and hurt that I was hurt. I hope and pray God shows you, and others like us, that he was there with you during the bad times, and loves you with a love that you can not even fathom. Stay strong, and God bless. Well I do believe that u are a man of God and what ur experienced is a time out from God he does this to us to test our maturity to stand on ur own two feet and so far u have done exceptionally well , you need to focus on how u can bring people into gods light ur wife loves u.

But u are not god she needs to put more trust in god and not u , since our love ones look to us for inspiration and guidance we need to look to god for that same comfort but not always will he be the life jacket we so desire we need to learn how to swim on our own. God is saying to u that he loves you enough to make wise decisions with out him showing u a sign u are no longer a baby eagle u can now fly on our own and keep shining the past failures are just stepping stones to ur success do not give up but press on ur miracle is moments away one love my brother.

I saw your post. I too suffered with depression. I have been healed of it but it took 3 years. Depression makes everything you do harder and worse. Try to remember that is the depression and not you. Focus on God no matter how much it hurts.

Learn How To Recognize God's Voice with Rick Warren

Keep your focus on him and think positive. Those things helped me.

Hello me says, I was touch by your realness and complete honesty to were you are in life and how you are feeling. The Bible tells us in Matthew 6: Keep a notebook write down questions you may have. With technology being the way it is you can get answers to any questions and scripture to back it up. Write the answer and scripture in your notebook. You can even write out your prayer to God this will help you to commune with Him daily. God knows what you are going through but Hd wants us to talk to Him. Let God know you are lacking understand of Him, wisdom, joy, love, and peace.

Pray that God will send true believing Christians to come into your life to help you. When we are seeking God He will honor our request. You seem to have the heart to really want to serve God. I will keep you lifted up in my prayers that God will show you the plans He has for your life which will give you all you are seeking. Stay focus on God. I have a dilemma. I have been helping a friend with her son. My friend is mentally ill and doesn't speak English well. Her son has failed 7 terms in high school with no one doing anything about it. When her son told me he was failing I stepped in and started to help him.

I did this as a gift. In the meantime I've been my friends caregiver due to her mental illness. I have been spending more and more time helping her son without getting paid. She told me to put down her hours when helping him so I can get paid. I called her case worker and she said that I can only get paid for helipng my friend and not her son for payment. I feel like God is telling me not to put down her hours for helping her son.

I know God says to follow and obey our government. I know I already know the answer to this. What do you think? It seems as though you know the answer. I hope you are helping him still. Be glad God is using you. You are not only helping this boy but perhaps others will see how your doing it out of kindness and love.. And that light your shining might be the spark to someone you might not even meet to turn to God. Helping her son is ministry. God will reward you for having the heart to want to help.

Stay in prayer about what plans God have for you helping out this family. I will be praying for you. Telling you where to go. I also understand there is a waiting time AND sometimes God is waiting on us too. I know read believe and speak the word understanding that adverse circumstances do not necessarily mean God is not answering.

He needs time to change my heart, circumstsnces and others hearts I just dont want to be in presumption all these years. God is everything to me, Savior, Lord, my healer, all sufficient one etc. Scriptures given to me in my journey is jer I am born again since I have repented years ago for divorcing my christian husband.

He lives in a different state now for over 25 yrs, remarried an unsaved woman and now separated for 3 yrs from her may be divorced by now idk. For years and years i have believed and had scriptures regarding restoration of my marriage. Like a gold chord connecting and running from god heaven thru me, thru my husband, thru my children. Is that God or just presumption, vain imagination or wishful thinking? Pls respond Its been 27 yrs. Looking forward for more. I can't answer while all this has happened to you but I can promise you God has not abandoned you.

I certainly understand how you could feel that way but emotions are not necessarily reality. I suggest you read Psalm 22 which is also a foreshadowing of Christ on the cross. Jesus was abandoned on the cross so we would never be abandoned. We live in a very messed up fallen world. We cry out to God knowing this world is not our home. Someday God will right every wrong. Hi everyone who reads this.

By reading all the comments here, I think God has sopoken. I see many exposing their problems -even I though I could finally get an answer. But now I think I have to tell you this: And there is the responsability that every each have on make the right decisions, remembering our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we must take care of it. Those pills can not be taken for so long withuot damage in your body.

That could make your issue even worst. May be you should see another doctor. We must give steps forward, one at a time, wisely according yo the word of God. He will keep speaking to us as we obey. The lord of ununderstandable peace is with all my brothers and sisters in Jesuschrist over all the world.

God has not abandoned you. Sometimes we go through circumstances to see how strong we are and if we will continue to lean and depend on God. Continue to reach out to Him. God is still with you. I will keep you lifted up in prayer. So I was watching it until this morning, when I finally could not stay awake any longer. But then when I went to bed, I could not sleep.

I kept waking up. I looked it up, and the meaning is The name Mordecai is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Mordecai is: But i still do not understand what this has to do with me. Are there any other meanings of the name? Is Mordecai mentioned anywhere else in the bible other than the book of Esther?? God will meet you where you are at. God gives many puzzle pieces and just at the perfect time He, all of a sudden, puts all the pieces together to make a beautiful picture.

It will amaze you, you wait and see! Am in a so difficult situation and i try to here the voice of God, and my challenges become strong day to day n am so confused ' cuz am a son God n Abra mic seed so n i always ask my self is there any thing i missed? Jousha, unfortunately challenges are apart of life and if we face them with a clear mind we will learn from them. You may not hear from God during these hard times Jousha but he is with you and sees your struggles.

God allows us to learn lessons the hard way because he loves us and knows that this is the only way we really learn. It took55 years, many of them filled with tremendous suffering, admitting that my way was not always the best way before God literally spoke to me. When God spoke to me it was undeniable. God speaks to people differently, some feel him in their heart, some hear his voice while most people realize that God speaks to them through circumstances and through people in there lives.

Sometimes God even uses strangers to relay his message: God loves you Jousha so stay strong …. I pray and fast often BT nothing is happening. Hearing from God is part of a relationship. Keep talking to God and listening. He will speak when He's ready. But, He is speaking daily in His written word. Read it and listen. Also, try this post http: My name is Joseph. Within the last few months of my life things have drastically changed. For the last 20 or so years I had lived a very selfish, drug fueled existence.

In the last 5 years I met a woman and had a baby boy. In a deep depression from a drug comedown , I slammed my head into the wall a few times because I wanted to hurt myself. I truly, in my heart, believe this was my cry out for help. I also switched jobs, which inadvertently put a pastor and a few other church goers in my company every weekday. I talk to them regularly about God. I also believe God has sent me several subtle signs that he is there. I now have no doubt that he hears our prayers and answers them. He proved this to me when one of our cars died a week ago.

My family counts on 2 cars and we had no idea what we were going to do. I started praying for help finding a car that was good for us and that we could afford. And that it happen soon. We had only been looking for 3 days total before we had a new car. Insurance is cheaper on the new car.

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And the car payment is under what we set as a cap for our finances. The day after we got our car something crazy happened. A tow truck was turning a corner in front of our house and the car that was on it rolled off. The really crazy part, it missed my car that was parked out front by about 15 feet. Not our new car, but my older one. These 2 things showed me all I need to know. They were the most significant though. I am becoming convinced that God got me to change my ways now. That was really long, lol. Have been jobless for awhile and have been deeply discouraged and so so sad.

I fell into the trap of worldly desires and last alcohol and drugs. God bless the world. Through these difficulties you have grown closer to Him. Nothing is beyond the capabilities of the All-powerful Father who created and maintains the Universe in motion and every heartbeat of mankind — power beyond what even the best of our human intelligence can imagine! Life has peaks and troughs. You will be happy again and you will appreciate it all the more because you have experienced the opposite. I am offered early childhood education course but I'm still not quite sure if I should accept it or apply for other courses.

I have prayed about it and is waiting to hear God's voice but I can't really hear so I dont know how I will know if its the course he wants me to take. Please pray for me thanks: Hello My Name is Tracy….. I was introduced to a new job through a good friend of mine…but I have been getting the run around with the head person that's in charge of the department that I should be working in… I am confused…. I don't know if god is saying no… because it seems that way….. I am not the type to give up easy, but I can't see clear……I am just having some many issues at once,even in my relationship…..

Never let an employer intimate you. Hope both improve for you. Never lose faith and God bless you and yours. I have been walking with God for right years I know their is a purpose for my life. I know I am call to minister the gospel but am having an issue with detaining the word of God. You can't confuse two Biblical truths. He said don't be unequally yoked — but that was advice before marriage.

Then we have lots of advice for being married to an unbeliever. Read 1 Corinthians 7. And, Jesus' teaching on divorce. Your best plan is to pray for your spouse daily. God wants to save them too. After reading i still feel confused! I am a 16 year old and I love God with everything but I want to be on fire for God! I want to choose his path! However, I don't know what that is for me! I have had many struggles and am still struggling but I can't understand it!

Torrey, I love your heart so much. I think you've found God's path — to love Him and long to know Him more. For you to be at this place as a 16 year old is amazing. I'm 52 and sometimes have to wonder God's plan. You will seldom have all the answers — if you did — you'd quit having to run daily to your Father, God — which is ultimately what He wants from you.

Keep asking, keep trusting, keep seeking. You are indeed doing the Father's will and as you do, He will guide you as He desires — and you'll know it. But, don't expect Him to show you very far down the road. It's a daily trust He's seeking. God is a myth I have tried in vein for years to belive in a higher power to have all my prays ignored and if he is real he is a cunt.

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I hope other people have a better experience with him but I gave give up. Which i agree with her that it is demonic. The Lord has blessed me with my addiction to drugs and alcohol. Are they truly seeking the Lord. Will others that hate God always be on the Devils side like puppets always seeking love and hope but never actually finding it? Is it possible that some are just not chosen to be Gods children? Everything has an opposite. If you never knew hate, how could you know love. Like ripping off a bandaid. Blinded by hatred makes us forget how to love and be loved.

Good is here and had always been. Harsh words on a biblical site. Think about why you came here or what you hoped to find. Maybe God and the Lord Jesus Christ is what you need. A higher power we can hand our troubles to especially in the worst of times will bring you comfort and understanding.

He or She I guess enables us to open hearts finding love dissolving anger. Let your higher power do the heavy lifting for awhile. Spiritual living is freedom to experience happiness. I've tried for years to live for him, but He just doesn't listen to my prayers. The bar has been set too high for me. After not supplying my needs and desires for years, and then throwing me to the demons, I'm done. I hope everyone has better luck than I did. Dear Mark, I felt in the past the way you do now. Our Father is way above such things. What you are experiencing is our Father calling on you to not only change your mind about how you see him in your life,but to let him in so that he can change your life.

Live within the plan that he has for each of us. Those plans include things that seem great to us and not so great. To allow us to learn to praise and worship him through all of it and grow strong in spirit because of all of it. Every circumstance molds us, so that we can live above the petty circumstances of this world. To help them,like Jesus helped us and many others. You are going to have to be willing to get up and touch the hem of his garment.

Only then will he know that you truly care to know him and seek him out. You can overcome All things through Christ Jesus. Let your request be known and then act on those prayers through Faith. Get up, shake yourself off. Trust in the Lord again. May Father bless you richly. Did you ask God for forgiveness or pray with a true heart. A relationship with God is the same as any other. Easy to blame the other but we have to put in the work He needs to see results.

Giving up on communication amongst other things kills relationships. I often ask myself where I went wrong and it feels better taking responsibility instead of blaming. I seriously recommend connecting to your higher power. I still have to go and get my self tested ,soon. Everyone knows because she told someone else that is involved in my social network. To all that sleep around. How do I stay strong ,in faith even though it could be … Or not be…. God ,father give me wisdom ,refresh my thoughts. When he talks to you does it actually mean you literally hear his voice?

He speaks to you through good people in your life — people who help and guide you — perhaps even occasional people like me now! Another thing— He answers always in your very best interests. If He knows something would not be a good plan for you at this moment. Be patient and you will see how His plan for you unfolds. Hi, im a backsliding christian for a while now,every time i go to sin i hear a voice in my head saying dont do it , come back to me. As a Christian you know what and can clearly feel what sin is.

Obliviously you know the path to follow. Been having really bad anxiety for a while like I was gonna die soon. It became something I worried about a lot Im not a real religious person although I do believe in God and have some knowledge on the subject. We got to talking and he ask me to come out to his truck he wanted to show me something.

I said ok and he ask if he could read the bible to me so I said yes. He read several scriptures about being saved and not fearing death and having eternal life and how we need to live our lives better bc we never know when that moment will be. He also said he used to worry that something was gonna happen to him years ago until he turned it over to God. I felt like this was a sign bc I never said anything about my problem.

It has releived and also scared me. He said he reads this to a lot of people from time to time bc he feels like he needs to spread the word. Hi, ive been back sliding for a while now, but every day i hear a voice saying come back what your doing is wrong,. I agree God works in mysterious ways. Stay strong and explore your Faith. I've have been wishing to speak to god but in the past I regrettably said some bad things about him.

It was before I became a true Christian. Does this mean I'm not saved? Can I still speak to him. Well I have some good news. God wants to talk to you also. The Bible is very clear that nothing in us promotes God's activity in our life. God sent Jesus to the cross for all the things you've done wrong. He paid your price. He gives you access to God by faith in Him.

God is listening and waiting. Start with telling Him how wonderful He is, then tell Him what you've done wrong. I said all those awful things before I became a Christian, so he will forgive me for that as well? Hey sorry I wanted to ask: Has thoughts or visions blessed you before? God is always listening to His children. God is love and His forgiveness saves our troubled hearts. My grandfather who is 81 recently had open heart surgery on Sep.

He is a diabetic, also he has dementia so recovery has not been easy. Our family, is not the best. Lots of greed and selfishness. My grandfathers wife has battled cancer for the last 7 years. Me myself I lived 70 miles away from them. When I saw him at the hospital I was overwhelmed to be with him. This great great feeling not to leave his side. He got out of the hospital oct. It was to quit my job and move in with them and my three kids and take care of both of them. So I left my apartment put all our stuff in storage, changed my 3 kids school and now I am my grandpaws nurse and his complete care giver.

Was that god directing my path and leading me? I want to know and believe it was. Help me understand this please. I don't know if I can answer whether or not God is speaking to you. I am certainly not a prophet. I would say, however, it seems like you're being used of God and it seems like something God would do.

  • Daphne.
  • Gringosincrasias. Cómo sobrevivir en Estados Unidos y entender su idiosincrasia (Spanish Edition);
  • Pauly findet einen Freund (German Edition).

I wonder if he you should not try so hard to figure out the exact plan God has and simply trust him day by day. He is not the author of confusion. But sometimes he wants us to trust him in what we know to do today and he will give us father instructions when we are ready. Thank you for getting back to me. As a response to what you said I do feel as if God uses me to do good things.

I single handly ran a donation drive for all 4 famlies. I stored everything for the famlies until they got another roof over their head, which took a while to do. I did all that because this deep feeling to do something. I was on the local radio, in the news paper and everything. People was dropping stuff off under my car port, for months. I helped 4 famlies complete strangers. All because I felt like I had to. Thank you so much. Cathy, I will pray for you. Our wonderful God is always available to us and will only let us go thru situations that we can handle.

Sometimes I think he trust me more than I trust myself but I know he knows better than me. I find comfort in prayer and giving my difficult troublesituation to Christ. I believe if we are seeking Him, even if there is no clear direction we can move ahead. He gives us freedom within boundaries, and I believe He will show us if there is something specific He wants us to do. Not at all, Kristi! The Awesome Blessing of Praying with Friends. Deb, I loved and needed this when I first saw several months ago, and I love and need it again today. Then, it was for my daughter, and something she felt God convicting her about.

Today, the circumstances of the situation are similar, but the conviction is for me. Thank you for allowing God to use you to speak His truth and reassurance again today. Oh, Elizabeth, Thank you so much for letting me know it blessed you! I admit even as a christian there are times that i hardly know if i am making the right decision in life,But after readinh this I have been reminded that i should just trust and follow what God want for us.

Thank you and God Bless looking forward to more of your helpful blogs. I needed this today. I am a 43 yr old woman who has drifted away from God. My life is living me at the moment instead of me living my life. Please pray for me. Cathy, God loves you and is always with you, waiting for you to let him in your life and heart. I will pray for you. Please pray for Him to guide your life from now on and He will take you on your best path, it might be different than someone else because you are unique and precious in His eyes.

I often wish that God would just give me a flashing billboard to tell me what to do. If I just follow these steps, that might be just as good! I so needed to do this today! They have been apart for a year but have stayed in touch and continued to see each other off and on. It seems as though there is a force keeping them from connecting completely, which is sad as you can see how happy and how they complete each other when they are together.

They are such a perfect example together of Gods work. In your name, I pray. Thank you for this. I recently started reading my bible and verses more whenever I feel I need to be closer to God. I pray when I am grateful and I pray when I am struggling. This is a wonderfully inspiring blog. I pray tha God continues to bless you and use you for His will. Please pray for my children and I.

I was so blessed to find this today. I have been struggling to find a permanent job. Not just any job but one doing something I love and helping others. I pray for God to clearly direct my path. What do you do when God led you to His will and you followed through. Then following through caused you the biggest heartache of your life? After being a single mom for over 10 years God gave me my high school sweetheart. She now lives with my mother who we lived with while I was a single mom. I know the heartbreak of the rejection of my child.

People have free will. Keep praying and keep hoping. I continue to do both. Praying for you, too! This is a wonderful article on knowing God will for your life. I believe I had been doing them, but seeing them written out like you presented was such an encouragement. You are doing a great job which help others to lead a happy life. Today you have really helped me and reminded me that God is always with us. Sometimes we are overloaded with our problems that we think that nothing is coming out of our efforts and no one is helping us to get the solutions of our problem.

But the messages you posted really gives strength and faith in God that none of the problems are unsolved and prayers are unheard. I please request you to pray for me. My day to day life is very challenging and my existence is purely The Grace of God! They are constant threat to my life. This leads me to a lot of depression and suffocation. Am praying daily and thanking God to save me. I would be blessed if you pray for me! God bless U Sister!

I am so sorry, Simran! I am praying for you! I have 3 teenage boys and they are in HS and looking at colleges. They want to play High level baseball in college. It can be a stressful process. This article has been good on getting our focus on Gods will. I plan to pin it and read it and discuss it with my husband and boys. I would just like to thank you for 5 steps on knowing if something is coming from God.

Irreally would love to leave a pray request for my family. I can relate to what you were saying about being impatient while waiting on God. Sometimes I feel like I wait pretty well, other times. I constantly need His grace and mercy, and reminders that He is on the throne! Please pray for me…i have done wrong and will probably be unemployed by Friday, 30 June. I deeply regret that I failed God in so many ways. Claudia, God loves you! Nothing you have done will place you outside of His grace and love.

That is the message of and hope we find in Jesus. Deb, Thank you for reposting Counting My Blessings. On June 3ed I had a near death experience. My grandson had come over to my place to borrow my truck. He found me slumped on the floor hardly breathing and gurgling.

After getting to the emergency room and being treated the Doctor came out and explained to my son that I was probably 15 minutes from having passed. He was Gods Angel when I needed on. God was speaking to me that this is what I need to go forward and find out what my purpose is going forward. Its a slow day by day journey for healing, but I know Gods hand is on my heart and keeping me from pushing over my limits.

Thanks so much for visiting Counting My Blessings. Hello, I am 36 years old and work as a secretary. I have this strong drive to go back to school for some reason and I feel stuck because of roadblocks. I ask for prayers that God will open the doors I need to be able to return to school and pursue my goal. Marla, Thank you so much for stopping by, sharing your story, and asking for prayer. We are asking God to guide and direct you through doors He is opening for you.

May you be blessed and enjoy His peace. Maria, I pray that you will be able to go back to school to pursue your dream. Im praying for a job and hope that I make it through this month with paying my bills for a roof over my head for my son me as I have been seeking and hope to find something. I have my BA in criminal Justice. I worked at a jail as a detention officer until I got hurt and had to have surgery on my knee and I am just praying for something as I enjoy helping others if I can. I feel like im at a standstill in my life and I admit I dont know what to do as I pray that god will place me with a good company or organization.

This was very helpful! Many Blessings to your ministry. And yes, wish I had answers right now.

How to Hear from God's Voice - 10 Ways to Know it's Him

Thank you for the 5 steps and God bless you. God bless you, Michael! Praying God will cover you with His peace as He guides You going forward! Hello, Thank you for your article. I needed to be reminded of these important steps. I do hate to ask for so many different prayer requests but these are heavy on my heart. God Bless you all. Amen, as always I enjoy hearing an encouraging word and proven direction from the Holy Spirit.

I search these sights sd well as read my daily word on my email pages looking for an answer to prayers that I have prayed in the past. Saints like you are helpng us to keep the faith and never give up. I am so very grateful most of all to my Lord and Savior for his saving grace and his perfect love towards us that He will not leave us alone nor by ourselves. God bless you and your husband and may he enlarge your territory beyond this website. Thank you for this page and your articles!

I really needed this today. I have been sick and questioning myself about my walk with the Lord. I know that I have not been reading the Bible like I should lately. So thankly you for giving me that nudge I needed to get me back on track! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop and let me know. Praying for your healing and for peace that goes beyond our understanding. How to Replace Negativity with the Truth.

May the Lord be with you and bless you as well! My family could use some extra prayers as we are experiencing an event that has turned our world upside down. Please pray for guidance and strength as we journey through this. I am comforted by this article and it inspired me to subscribe to your blog. I am asking God to bless you with His peace as He strengthens and guides you through this difficult time. Thank you for stopping to let me know this blessed you! God be with you and bless you and your family. Praise the lord …May u be blessed in the name of hevenly Father Jesus Christ!!

My name is Jaswant I m a beliver of christ and these days i am praying to know the will and vision of God for me at the same time i am seeking for his devine guidance for me and the special Spiritual Gifts for me… And i was praying to Jesus for devine guidance for me …..

And request u to pray for my sweet wife she is also a beliver we are serving lord… pray for Her spiritual growth and pray that satan would not touch her.. So that she will grow in jesus pls pray for her and if u receive my msg pls reply me on my email praise the Lord God Bless u.. God bless you, Jaswant. I am so glad this encouraged you.

Protect those who love you and who are happy because of you. This is a tough one. My husband wants a divorce after 30 years. I have been trying to work things out with him for the past year. We have 5 children from ages 33 down to 10, and one grandson. We made the decision that I quit my job and stay home after our third child, so he could run his business and pursue his career.

I have been home for over 20 years now. I am 51 now. So, yes I have alot of questions! There really are no words! This certainly is not His plan. I too, have been hurt and rejected by two people I loved with all my heart. Yes, He gave people free will and sometimes they use it selfishly. I can tell you … God used that horrible time and hurt to grow me closer to Him. He gave me courage and strength to do life on day at a time and held me close through it all. I praying for you to feel an extra measure of His loving presence.

4 Ways to Know If You’re Hearing God’s Voice

My husband and I were wondering the move inlocation and vocation was the right thing or our thing. I would ask him tonshow us signs this was right. He gave me a garden very prosperous which i have never have been before all season. But it was twofold it kept me busy while my youngest went away to college and my oldest finds herself. So I am planted where I belong. This is the article or topic that I need this moment of time. I know for sure that God takes care of me and my concerns and at the same time I am scared that what if my concerns and desires are not.

In this case I know very clearly that I need to exert morw effort to trust everything to Him and be dependent on Him wholely. May you can help me to understand clearly what God wants and plan for me and surrender my life to Him…. You just said it yourself, what God wants is your life surrendered to Him. I believe we just do our best to respond to His love with obedience to His Word and spend time with Him in prayer.

From there, go out and live our lives trusting He is with us. I hope that helps a little! His love and forgiveness are greater than our imperfections. I am a Pastors wife now for over 35 years. And have had significant lose of immediate family members. I witnesses many grieving families, not only my own but in the ministry as well.

My mother passed into glory in and it was then that God began to call me to care for others in there homes. Since then I have served private duty for Hospice patience in their homes for 17 years without a CNA license. In my last home God was calling me to go back to school to receive my license, it was not needed for private duty.

After visiting one of my clients at a Hospice House, God spoke to my heart and was directing me to find employment there. I asked if they were hiring and I was asked if I had my license. I decided to go back to school and get my license at I went back to the Hospice House with license in hand and now it was a matter of having one years experience in a facility which I did not have.

I asked how does one begin to have experience if no one gives them opportunity to start. God put all the right people in place at the right time, I was hired and started a week later. Quite instructive, inspirational and interesting. See me here in Abuja, Nigeria being blessed from a rich and rewarding post online. What a global village our world is indeed! God bless you and yours mightily. I wish to have the full message in my email. The blessings and challenges of the www! Thanks so much for stopping to say hello! You made my day! How to Fight Discouragement and Win. Deb, I find your passage really inspiring.

I have prayed to God asking him for directions currently and I think he has revealed his will to me for many times, and his answer is just same as what I want. I have prayed for many times to confirm whether is that really his will or just coincidence and he still revealed the same answer. I do love God, but I just find myself lacking faith, Deb, can you give me some advice?

Keep praying and keep trusting. Thanks so much for your comment. Thanks for this post. I got it through my Pinterest. I sincerely appreciate it. And am going down right now again to pray about your suggestion. I knew I prayed very well before I married and God gave her to me then I was earning 22years ago in marriage but its not going the way its suppose to be from my wife.

And I hate divorce. We are in the situation — she wants it — of good morning good evening only. I need God to speak to her and re-repent. I need prayer of breakthrough all round. I am so sorry you are going through this difficult time. Know you are not alone. Thank you for reaching out. Please pray for my daughter. She is 22 years old and I know that is old enough to get married of course. But she chose not to listen to us, her parents, and ran away with this boy who is the same age but will not work, he has never had a job and kept it. The only job he had was at a BBQ restaurant and they fired him for coming in late all the time.

Our neighbor lets them live in his trailer house for free. She quit going to church. I could go on and on, but you see where this is headed. Please pray for her. Her name is Mackenzie. She needs answers from the Lord, she needs direction from him and for Him to lead her. She was saved when she was 8 years old. We are also afraid for her because the boy she married, his family is into drugs. It is just so very hard to watch your child on the wrong road.

Please pray for her and my husband and I and our other 18 year old daughter. And God bless you for what you do. Anyone we can get to pray for us and this whole situation is always more comforting to us to know people are praying. I know how hard it is when our children make choices that we know will cause them heartache. I will add her to my prayers … asking God to hold her close as He directs her steps back toward Himself. Thank you so much for letting me know! God bless you as well!! Quite a trying time and confusing right now with job hunting, bills, bills and more bills. But I believe when you say, start with prayer.

I praise the Lord for coming across this Pin. Since I came back from 13 years of backsliding 2 years ago, God never fail to amaze me up to this very moment. Just recently, I have received so much favor from the Lord. I have been asking myself on how to continually know what God wants me to do to give Him glory. And this just answered my prayer. Knowing how to walk in His righteousness is becoming much easier. God bless every one who dwells in the Lord. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this blessed you. God is so good and you are shining His light!

Thank you so much for asking! All I ask is that you credit me and add a link back to Counting My Blessings! Thank you so much this post really helped me especially going through tough times and needed assurance and hope. This is such a timely, timely word of encouragement. As I read this, I feel the weight of discouragements vanquishing.

How ever I began to doubt and waver if I did make the right choice when infact I know I did. Oh, Kemesha, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to let me know you were blessed. The enemy just loves to fill us with doubt. Thank you so much for this article. I know God wants me to read this through to let me know that He is in control and He holds my future in His mighty hands.

I should not be afraid but be patient for He is faithful to His promises. He is holding you close and will give you all you need for the future. Thank you so much for visiting and for stopping to bless me with your kind encouragement.