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Kasturi 19 Rayport, Jeffrey F. Summing Up A since deceased, highly-regarded fellow faculty member, Anthony Tony Athos, occasionally sat on a bench on a nice day at the Harvard Business School, apparently staring off into space. John Roberts Principal, www. Chris Shannon Manager, University of Queensland. Peggy Coonley President, Serendipity Traveler. Krishna Sripad Project Manager. Sandesh N Shringarpure Finance Analyst.

Erik Holmberg Electronic Delivery Manager. Henry Kwok Consultant in Strategic Thinking. Ramesh Jog Consultant and trainer. Barry Sugarman Researcher, Society for Org.


Samuli Pahkala Middle Manager, http: Matthew Kidder President, Kidder Roofing. Neville Suzman Enable Value. Manager - Strategic Initiatives, i-flex solutions. Girella Laura student, University of Ferrara, Italy. Marco Santori Eirecon Associates. Philippe Gouamba Vice President of H. Narasimhan Gopalan VP, i-flex. Jay Somasundaram Systems Analyst. All listings Auction Buy it now. Aswath Damodaran is nationally recognized for his teaching approach, using theory and the models that flow from it to understand, analyze and solve problems.

He treats corporate finance as a living discipline by making it much more applied than other textbooks. Books will be free of page markings. International delivery varies by country, please see the Wordery store help page for details.

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Fabozzi Hardback, Delivery UK delivery is usually within 8 to 10 working days. There is no-one in the office at the Weekend. Dictionary of Banking, a Concise Encyclopaedia. Ninth edition in average condition. It was published by Buttersworths Tolley in First Editions and in particular. Shah Hardback, Delivery UK delivery is usually within 10 to 12 working days. Acceptable - Very well read. Terry Gasking: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Finance for the Non-accountant. This paper seeks to estimate the impact of royalty relief associated with the Deepwater Na Kika development in the Gulf of Mexico. A meta-modeling approach is employed to develop regression models for the take and investment criteria of Na Kika in terms of various exogenous, fiscal, and user-defined parameters. A Case Study of Girassol. In this the last installment of a four-part series on fiscal system analysis and design, meta-modeling is employed to couple the results of a simulation model with regression analysis.

In the three previous installments, the meta-modeling approach was applied to concessionary systems and to examine the impact of royalty relief on the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Na Kika development. The purpose of this paper is to quantify the influence of private and market uncertainty on the computation of the economic and system measures associated with the Angolan Girassol Deepwater field. This is the third part of a four-part series on fiscal system analysis.

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Meta-modeling is not a new idea, but is novel and useful as applied to fiscal system analysis and contract valuation. Modeling take and economic measures in this manner is especially useful for contract negotiation strategies and plays a central role in understanding the intricate mechanics of fiscal system analysis. The purpose of this paper is to quantify the influence of private and market uncertainty on the computation of the economic and system measures of a field. This the first installment of a four-part series which explores the influence of private and market uncertainty on the economic and system measures associated with various fiscal regimes.

This paper focuses on the application of meta-modeling to fiscal system analysis and design. In Part III, an analytic framework is developed for production sharing agreements, followed in Part N by an examination of the design of Angola's fiscal arrangement for the Girassol field development. Parts IT-N will appear consecutively in the next three issues of the Journal. A Methodology for Explaining Mergers and Acquisitions. Etebari, Ahmad; Nanda, S.

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  • The wave of mergers of oil and gas producing companies in recent years has given rise to a lively debate over whether such mergers arise because of general undervaluation of oil and gas companies or result because assets of specific companies are, as argued by T. Boone Pickens, undervalued because of poor management. A New Era of Royalty Accounting: Practical Advice for the Payer. Royalty accounting has entered a new era.

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    • While oil and gas producing states may have at one time applied fairly uniform royalty accounting rules, some states have recently adopted rules that vary significantly from the previously accepted norms. Producers must remain aware of the rapidly changing rules from state to state. This article offers some practical advice for producers and other royalty payers seeking to calculate royalty payments in the new era of royalty accounting.

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      Increased IRS examination activity is making a targeted and coordinated effort to cover specific issues and industries. This article describes the IRS structure, pre-examination considerations, the examination, and post-examination procedures. The calculation and taxation of Section gain or loss on disposal of capital assets and business assets central to maximization of overall cash flows and effective tax planning are discussed in this article.

      A Profile of Mineral and Royalty Owners. Badgett presents demographic data about mineral and royalty owners in the United States. She points out the lack of readily available information about the nature of royalties and the rights and obligations of royalty owners.

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      Given the current economic environment for crude oil and natural gas, landowners need to develop programs to encourage producers to lease properties for exploration. The Province of Alberta developed several incentive programs to spur leasing activities. These programs are highlighted in this article. Brock, Horace, Spring , pp. This paper, prepared by a project steering committee, presents the basic accounting and financial reporting issues for the mining and the upstream petroleum industries, as well as the committee's "tentative views" on some of those issues.

      This article presents a few of the most important matters under consideration, along with the tentative views of the Steering Committee if a tentative view has been reached, as well as a brief description of the structure and operations of both organizations as an aid to understanding the extractive industries project.

      The authors criticize the FASB's Interpretation dealing with exploratory wells that are being drilled at the end of the accounting period. They argue that the Interpretation is faulty from both a theoretical viewpoint and a practical viewpoint. Over the last several years, researchers at the Institute of Petroleum Accounting have investigated how petroleum industry professionals utilize finding cost statistics. This paper compiles and analyzes the results of the previous studies. Bell and O'Sullivan give a review of agreements that have traditionally been used in international oil and gas operations.

      They then discuss concession agreements, Joint ventures, production sharing contracts, and service contracts. Financial characteristics of the modern agreement, including bonus provisions, guaranteed exploration expenditures, royalties, taxation, and provision for Economic Development, are then discussed. Other typical general concessionary conditions are then reviewed. A Review of Schedule M Boynton, Charles and Wilson, William, Spring , pp.