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RGV school early releases. Greg Abbott issues disaster declaration for RGV counties. RGV shelters opening in the Valley. Raymondville ISD releasing students at 1: Donna woman impacted by flooding caught in jurisdiction dispute. Kendall Jenner's nude photoshoot leaks online to massive social media reaction.

River flooding concerns in the Valley. Community gathers to remember Mercedes teen struck by vehicle. I would do this early in the morning, as it can start to get really hot and sometimes windy in the afternoon. To get there, you have to leave the town and drive down a road surrounded on both sides by sand dunes, which in itself is pretty cool. The riding tour lasts about 90 minutes, and has you riding along the quiet beach and up into the dunes. These tiny little cars may look a little ridiculous sharing the road with huge pickup trucks, but I assure you that they are SO fun to drive — and they can actually go more than 40 mph!

While most people visiting SPI probably have a vehicle, spending an afternoon zipping around in one of these is still worth it. While driving around in our scootcoupes, we made sure to stop at Sea Turtle Inc. They also protect sea turtle eggs and release hatchlings back into the wild. Visiting the facility, you can see some of the turtles currently in rehab, as well as a few permanent residents that can't be released because of amputations and other disabilities. Perhaps the most famous resident is Allison, who lost three of her four flippers to a predator attack in and spent years unable to do anything other than swim in circles.

This is a great place for anyone — kid or adult — who is interested in learning more about sea turtles. It's one of the top South Padre Island attractions for a reason! Want to go on a nice walk that doesn't include sand? It's also an incredibly beautiful and peaceful place for a walk.

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For the fishermen and women among you, South Padre Island offers up many opportunities to fish for trout and redfish in the Laguna Madre. If you go out in the morning, you can bring your catch back, clean it, and then take the fish to a couple of different restaurants to get it cooked up for lunch.

I didn't go fishing myself, but Craig from Stay Adventurous did and brought back a bunch of fish that we got cooked up at a new restaurant at Jim's Pier. It doesn't get much fresher!

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Parasailing is really fun, and just the right amount of adventure for many people. We went parasailing with Breakaway Cruises, which was a great way to see South Padre and the Laguna from above. One of the most popular family-friendly activities on South Padre Island is going on a dolphin-watching cruise.

The cool part is that you don't have to go far at all — there are hundreds of bottlenose dolphins that call the Laguna Madre home. This also means that you're almost guaranteed to see some dolphins on your cruise. What a fun fact!

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Looking for a good place to eat that's also a great sunset spot? Look no further than Pier 19, which is definitely both. The quirky restaurant complex spreads out along the pier I love it because no two sections look the same , and the actual pier portion at the end is a great spot for watching the sun set. And look at that: There are even more things to do on South Padre, too, from taking a sandcastle-building class yes, for real!

OR, you can compare South Padre Hotel prices here. Blooms, Balloons, and BBQ: You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to. Join the ADB Community!

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I remember wanting to do something similar in Vegas last year, but it was fully booked so I went with a jeep tour instead. If I lived closer to a large body of water, I would totally buy a paddleboard! And yes, the scootcoupes were awesome! One of my favorite things we did, in fact. South Padre Island is definitely being added to my travel wish-list! Love the Sea Turtle Inc.

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Thanks for sharing xx. I would probably avoid the busy summer months. Oh my so many things to do there! I would definitely go for that scootcoupe, parasailing and horseback riding. Thanks for sharing these 10 great tips. Most of us miss out on small little things and forget to do that extra fun. It seems like a lovely little place to visit.

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I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to, to be honest! Would definitely go back if I was craving a hot destination. Have been riding there many times, along the beach, and it is awesome!

Have also taken lessons there for riding but polo lessons are also offered. Its the Sandcastle Capital of the World!