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You're going all out with the support convos Giga. I enjoyed them, and maybe I'll look some up on youtube. But I dont think I could personally try to get all the convos myself. I got the highest support ranking between the children and each of their parents, and then the children and their mates. But all that reek box spamming to build up relationships kinda wore me out: Terms of Use Violations: Notes optional; required for "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting.

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by Kate Chopin

Forgot your username or password? During the credits they say what my pairings of the future children do after its all over. But is that like, for the present time, or the future? I read a support conversation between Brady and his dad Vaike and he said he'd "bow out gracefully" once the baby Brady is born. Or he's still chillin' and there's going to be two Bradys? If they disappear I think that's kinda sad Also, I don't get why they decided to bring back everyone that died and give you a chance to have them join your party.

I mean, some of them are "dead" like King Gangrel sorry if spellings are off! I enjoyed the game, but there were things like this that didn't make much sense, or I wish they'd expanded more on their take of time travel and what happens to the people from the future. You know what I mean? Like for instance, people from the future go back to their time and everything is right as rain.

First Great Awakening

Anyhow, just lookin' for what people think. Huff n puff 20 Huff n puff 20 5 years ago 2 The endings are for your actual units. GigaMan91 GigaMan91 5 years ago 4 The children stay in the present as it seems they have no means of returning to their own time. Algasir Algasir 5 years ago 5 GigaMan91 posted GigaMan91 GigaMan91 5 years ago 6 I thought the same. GigaMan91 GigaMan91 5 years ago 8 Yeah, dude. VirusLord VirusLord 5 years ago 9 I quite like the idea of the children existing alongside their younger selves.

Should future Fire Emblem games be at all like the 3DS games? The two go to the horse races, where they meet up with Alcee Arobin and a woman named Mrs. Edna has a good time at the racetrack and when she eats dinner later with her husband, her father, and Doctor Mandelet, she seems flushed and happy.

Edna is glad when her father finally leaves. Edna feels slightly sad when her husband leaves for a long trip to New York, and her children have been taken to Iberville to stay with their grandmother, but once they are all gone, she feels peaceful and happy. Edna eats dinner alone, reads, then takes a bath and goes to bed. She still feels peaceful. Now that she has the house to herself, Edna works on her paintings or goes out with her Grand Isle friends. She also goes to the races with Arobin.

One day after the races, Edna stays to eat dinner with Arobin and Mrs. Afterwards, Arobin drives her home. The next time they go to the races, Edna and Arobin go alone, without Mrs. After the races, Edna and Arobin eat dinner together again. Later, Arobin passionately kisses her hand. Edna continues to work on her paintings.

Arobin comes over almost every day. Edna visits Mademoiselle Reisz again to quiet her nerves. Edna tells Mademoiselle Reisz about her decision to move into a smaller house. She wants to be an independent woman. Edna decides to throw a farewell dinner party. When she invites Mademoiselle Reisz, she learns that Robert has sent another letter. Mademoiselle Reisz tells Edna that the reason Robert writes to her, instead of to Edna, is that he loves her Edna and is trying to forget her, since she is not free to belong to him. This latest letter says that Robert is coming home.

Edna tries to explain to Mademoiselle Reisz why she loves Robert. She orders a huge box of bonbons for her children in Iberville.

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When Edna arrives home, she writes a charming and cheerful letter to her husband, telling him of her intention of moving into a small house around the corner, and that she plans to give a farewell dinner before she leaves. Edna is still feeling happy when Arobin comes over that evening. Edna is wondering what kind of woman she is.

Edna remembers Mademoiselle Reisz telling her about soaring above tradition and prejudice. Arobin says that Mademoiselle Reisz is crazy, but Edna says she thinks Mademoiselle Reisz to be wonderfully sane. Edna and Arobin kiss passionately. After Arobin leaves after they have sex Edna is flooded with a variety of emotions. She feels a little regretful because her first truly passionate experience had been with a man Arobin , for whom she feels no real love. Edna starts packing to move into her new small house.

She packs as quickly as she can, and is in the process of taking a picture off the wall when Arobin comes over. Edna admits that it is her twenty-ninth birthday, and they all admire the diamonds that her husband has sent and which she is wearing in her hair. Edna and her guests chatter happily, but as the evening progresses, Edna feels dread and depression coming over her. The guests leave and Edna is left alone with Arobin. Edna locks the doors of the big house, and Arobin walks with her to her new, small house she calls it the "pigeon house" , which is just around the corner.

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Edna and Arobin have sex again. Edna likes living in the small house and after several days there, she feels happier and decides to go visit her children in Iberville.

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Edna has a wonderful time with her children, and she tells them about the new small house. After a week, Edna goes back home, and by the time she reaches home, she feels alone again. Edna goes to visit Mademoiselle Reisz, but when she arrives at the house, no one is home. She knows where the key is kept, however, so she lets herself inside to wait.

As she waits, Edna reflects upon her promise to Adele, who is going to give birth any day now. Edna promised to be with Adele during the delivery. Edna gets up to leave. Robert walks her home, and when they get to the house, Edna invites him to stay for dinner. Edna and Robert eat dinner together. Retrieved December 5, Archived from the original on December 3, Retrieved December 2, Archived from the original on December 7, Archived from the original on February 20, Retrieved February 19, Childish Gambino abandons rap on ambitious 'Awaken, My Love!

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