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Managing Unpredictable Changes

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October 9, DOI: Files in this package Content in the Dryad Digital Repository is offered "as is. When using this data, please cite the original publication: Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26 1: Cite Share Download the data package citation in the following formats: Despite its essential importance in evolutionary studies, empirical tests of the temporal stability of the G-matrix in natural populations are few.

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We used a year-long individual-based field study on almost breeding attempts of the collared flycatcher Ficedula albicollis to estimate the stability of the G-matrix over time. Using animal models to estimate G for several time periods, we show that the structure of the time-specific G-matrices changed significantly over time.

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The temporal changes in the G-matrix were unpredictable, and the structure at one time period was not indicative of the structure at the next time period. Moreover, we show that the changes in the time-specific G-matrices were not related to changes in mean trait values or due to genetic drift. Our result cautions against assuming constancy of the G-matrix and indicates that even short-term evolutionary predictions in natural populations can be very challenging.

Unpredictable Changes of Day in Night

Submit data now How and why? There's lots more out there Never heard of Workflowy, but it seems awesome so far.

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Thank you very much for that workaround! I just opened Evernote on my tablet, as I regularly do, and while I haven't had any major issues for a good while, suddenly it changed a note's bulletpoints that were of the empty circle variant into the solid black one but also left any that were a solid dot the same.

I've tried three times over the recent hours, but any changes I make, despite Evernote doing the "saving"-animation with the checkmark and me pressing the 'Done'-button, it just reverts to the messed up version. And I'm sorry, but referring someone to an entirely different app or service isn't the solution, and it also indicates something is very wrong.

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People put their trust with a company like Evernote to be a part of their workflow and also keep their information, but Evernote can't get something as simple as bulletpoints right. Even when it saves properly and doesn't mess up the save it's not well-designed.

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Text-editors have been around for decades, Evernote have been at it for years, yet it's bugged with mundane issues. You can tell me to switch to something else as well, but for quite some time I've been collecting a lot in Evernote, so it's easier said than done, and I have stuff to do as well.

I don't know what, then fine. But changing indentations or bullet-points randomly and not saving changes you make? It's basically broken then.

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It really feels like a product that was abandoned, right now. It's just causing setbacks for people who actually use it to increase productivity. But if it's not cooperating, and it's not the user's fault on top of that I've recently started using Evernote again after a long hiatus, and I've been noticing this issue a lot. I have seen other threads still complaining about related issues.