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As an incredibly culturally diverse group ourselves, and with the world having still such a long way still to go in accepting the breaking of stereotypes involving both culture and gender in the arts and otherwise, we thought it would not only be fun, but also important to lend our hand in revisiting that image in a modern light. Having this piece be focused on the wild talents of such an inspiring and powerful lead like Jessica has just been such a great part of this for us.

Mail will not be published required. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Google Plus Share. Share on Pinterest Share. Hope is a depressed housewife. Her sister Sam is a lonely workaholic. And if I just stopped my review right there I bet you could guess the happy ending.

Yes, it's that predictable. I kind of hated most of the characters especially Hope for the first pages of the book. That's a lot of pages to be hating on the main character.

I was bored to tears reading about Hope having no backbone when it I almost didn't make it through this book. I was bored to tears reading about Hope having no backbone when it came to her husband. And declining invites from new friends because she didn't want to intrude. Her self-esteem is lacking. You really don't need pages for me to pick up on that. I figure that out in about 50 pages.

Now let's move this story on and tell me how she deals with it. Plus new characters were introduced frequently, which meant my already bored mind had to try to keep them all straight. Half of them brought nothing to the story and could have been eliminated. Also, for some reason, not a single one of these female characters was capable of telling a man how she feels.

Instead they all just made assumptions and jumped to conclusions. It was exhausting and frustrating to read. Just as I was about to put myself out of my misery and give up on this book and I almost never give up on a book , we finally got to a little action. You could pretty much guess what was going to happen, but I'm not totally against predictability in a chick lit book as long as I can relate to the characters and truly want them to get their happy ending. As the story progressed I started to like the characters more and was rooting for their happiness.

But it sure took a long way toooo long time to get to that point in this book. That being said, I put it in my "donate to the library" box because I doubt I'll ever read this book again. I needed a Halloween bingo break. This book was just the ticket. I finished this yesterday afternoon and went back to Halloween reads so I had maybe a 13 hour break if that.

Cathy Kelly has become my newest favorite Irish author. I do miss Maeve Binchy's works, but Kelly's books have filled a spot with me. The main reason why I didn't give this book 5 stars was I needed a Halloween bingo break. The main reason why I didn't give this book 5 stars was that I thought things wrapped up a bit too neatly, and the one sister's story-line Sam I wish that Kelly had taken more time with. I also think that the book was just a bit took long clocked in at pages people. This was a re-read for me though so I am not going to lie, I did skim some of the less interesting passages which is another reason why I probably rated this 4 stars.

I emphasized the most with Sam's storyline. She's a single woman who is career focused and about to turn She has a new job that is starting to make her resentful and snappish since she's realizing that though she may be good at the job, it's not moving her very much on an emotional level. When she realizes all of her friends seem to be in the next stage of their lives happily settling down, having babies she feels a bit lost. She meets a man named Morgan that I honestly wondered why he didn't run screaming from her since she was fairy rude to him more times than I count.

Hope's storyline was very engrossing too. Happily married with two children, she is her family's doormat. When her advertising husband Matt decides he wants to write a novel, she agrees to pack up their kids from Bath and move to Ireland so he can just focus on himself for a year. I couldn't stand Matt. He was selfish as the day was long. I really wanted more development with his character. The third character Virginia felt a little shoehorned in. I get why Hope and Sam had their own story-lines, but throwing in Virginia just made the book bigger. Also we still could have been introduced to other characters along the way such as Virginia.

The writing was really good, though the flow was a bit rough in places. Due to the book's length I can see why a lot of people just got bored with it. It takes a lot these days to make me sit and read a plus page book.

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Luckily for me I own this and could take me sweet time re-reading my favorite parts and skimming the other parts. Its hard for me to not love a book. It took me almost a month to read this book. When I'm used to reading books this length in 3 or 4 days, that says a lot. Plus the ending on both sisters parts were kind of predictable and anti-climatic.

In my opinion anyway. This is a wonderful read! I was pleasantly surprised at how real-life the characters were and what happens to them is believable like the story of many lives yet it wasn't boring at all, infact it was relaxing and encouraging. Sometimes I don't pick up the 'thicker' novels because they tend to ramble on and on but this one was the perfect length.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and was happy that there was more to tell. Many characters to relate to and beautiful prose to carry you off into their w This is a wonderful read! Many characters to relate to and beautiful prose to carry you off into their world. All of us go through seasons in our lives where we wonder if the path we've chosen is the right one for us. It's a fact of life, but as the story unfolded I found myself thankful that we don't always get what we pray for.

Things have a way of working themselves out as long as we stay out of the way and not try to manipulate our own preconceptions. Extremely thought provoking and satisfying I can't wait to read more from this author.

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She is talented and has a voice that resonated with my heart and soul. Thanks Cathy for such a great story Mar 01, Michelle Sallay rated it it was ok. I found myself enjoying this book ok when I managed to sit down and read it, but I had a hard time finishing it. Kelly was constantly introducing new characters that were going to be around long enough for them to be described and then they were never heard of again. Usually by page I don't want to hear anymore two page long character descriptions. I did gain a fondness for the little town that was descr This was the second Cathy Kelly book I read, and I am not sure I am interested in another.

I did gain a fondness for the little town that was described, and one of the main characters was charming, but overall a disappointing read for me.

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The whole I was reading this book, I was disturbed by this niggling thought that I had read about these characters and storylines before. Either I had read this book before and forgotten all of it or Cathy Kelly tends to recycle protagonists and story arcs. I think it's highly unlikely that I'd forget a page novel, so I'm guessing it's the second option. This book is completely harmless. It's a good way to occupy a few hours with becoming overly engaged with the characters or, really, caring The whole I was reading this book, I was disturbed by this niggling thought that I had read about these characters and storylines before.

It's a good way to occupy a few hours with becoming overly engaged with the characters or, really, caring too much. Like a refreshing sorbet after a heavy meal, What She Wants does the job it's required to and nothing more. Neither good or bad, just inoffensive. May 27, Lynda rated it it was ok. What can I say.. Hope her sister and all the people in Redlions.. Not my sort of book. Aug 24, Terrie rated it it was amazing.

Jun 28, Dianne Selwood rated it liked it. Really wanted to love this book, but it took a long while to get into and to relate to the characters, once I did it was a good read, though not a "page turner" for me. Feb 10, Carolelewislucy rated it it was amazing. Loved this book couldn't put it down it gets better and better as it goes on.

Nov 17, Chitra P rated it really liked it. Each of them has different views about life. Gone through different circumstances, finally end up in Delphine - Eugene's wedding in Kilanagoshell in Redlion. This story circles around Redlion in Ireland. Out of four this character is my favourite. In my view she was an insecured woman initially. Afraid of losing her beloved husband Matt by having inferior complex of not wanting by anybody. By accepting everything for her husband, not saying a word against his wish she has to gone through tough situations to cope up with in the new place called Kerry.

I felt realistic when Hope flirted with Christy , she felt regretted what she had just done and cleaning chicken shit in compromise of her mistake are nicely illustrated. When she really wanted to be away with Christy, seen by Matt with him then how she became the strongest woman ever, persevering her decision even when she acknowledged her pregnancy just after their separation.

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Even though she tries to be normal and doesn't need anybody as her partner she fails everytime with her own self. It is realistic when Sam taking pills not knowing the count but she is sure her body doesn't obey her. I thought most of us like her, expecting our body to obey us and not we should obey to our body. It is heart melting when she sees that Morgan has affair, whom she loved so much. I couldn't guess what will happen in their relationship, but a happy ending.

I appreciate her career move as that would be a major change over in her life. I really liked this character's calmness.

What She Wants

She wouldn't shake even if the mountain falls. She will start counting from one to ten. I expected her to end up in relationship with Kevin, her golf partner. But that didn't happen. They both are widow and widower respectively, the difference between them is Virginia managed to come out of her grief, wish to live the rest life and achieved as a land lady but Kevin remained the same.

An aspirant and achiever of her dream to be a singer. I liked when she tried to colour her hair to just show that how serious she is in achieving her dream. All other things are as usual, fell in love with same company's employee where she signed the contract for and united. Her mother Sandra's turning out of a perfect mother is unexpected because initially she was plotted as contrast.

Mary-Kate a pharmacist in Kerry. I wish to mention this character even though she has a supporting role. She is a stress burster of all who are in need and make them comfortable. I was really happy when Matt realised how much he wanted Hope even he was unaware of the same when they were together.

When we see someone or something our mind would wander related to that situation or we assume something. I liked the way author plotted those situations and make the characters to reply accordingly through mind voice.

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  • Full of entertaining, it will stimulate ups and downs of emotions in readers. Author had tried her best to keep readers to focus on her stuff. Of course in some places it is boring, I think it depends on readers' area of interest. I recommend this book to nonfiction readers as it is a pages long book, they can test their patience by finishing this.

    Jun 20, Sarah Romain rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book and sympathized with the character Sam. The way all the women had some sort of connection made sense and was well written. I have read this book more than once, it is my go to when I am feeling poorly, or a bit stressed at work, maybe it's because she is going through the same thing, in a male dominated business world. When I do re-read, I often skip chapters mainly Nicole's and focus on Sams story, it some how makes me feel better.

    The reason I have given it 5 stars I really enjoyed this book and sympathized with the character Sam. The reason I have given it 5 stars, even though there are flaws, i. I finally finished reading this book. Only 35 chapters but it is a very thick book.

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    I enjoyed the story from beginning to the end. The lives of the 4 women are so real I have personally learned many things from this book, especially from Sam. She finally left her high flying job to pursue a career that suit her most. Cathy Kelly's books are the best!