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I am a consumer of the written word, not a writer, but I have a college degree and I cannot understand why Houseman's work is looked down upon by professional "critics. I recently purchased and read "Out of Africa" after my wife and I saw the movie again on television one evening. The poem that Meryl Streep read at Finch-Hatton's grave in the movie was very touching.

Also, near the end of the movie when Karen Blixen is leaving Africa, the men at the club stand her a drink. Her toast, "rose lipped maidens, light foot lads' prompted me to look for the source of the quote.


In doing so I found "A Shropshire Lad" which contain both poems. I have been a poetry lover since I was a school boy, and my parents, especially my father, liked poetry. I still read and re read poems and, as my father would suggest, think about what is being said, what the writer is trying to convey in the poem. I was amazed at how he remembered poems from his youth.

E Housman's poems are, to me, touching and filled with emotion, and reminiscent of a time when literature was appreciated much more than today. I have not read the entire collection of poems in "A Shropshire Lad" yet. I save it for times when I want a little quiet time so I can sit and read and enjoy it.

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I keep it next to my easy chair for those times and look forward to making my way thorugh them all. Poems share the same pages, as another reviewer said, which makes them start at awkward parts of the page and will break the flow. Low res image on the front cover. The book itself is comically large, like the size something a children's book would be printed on, but the print itself belongs on a book half the size, leaving a majority of the page blank.

Not sure if the hardcover is any better, but I cannot suggest the paperback. You either love A.

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Housman or you don't. His verse is dark, filled with irony and sometimes painful to read, but if you can get past the mood it's also beautifully constructed and very human; which is why this edition of his seminal work is special. Beautifully bound in natural linen cloth by the Folio Society London and encased in a dark tan slip case, it's printed on substantial paper stock and incorporates a half dozen multi color illustrations by Patrick Procktor.

Throughout his verse runs the competing themes of duality of spirit and ambiguity which reflects his own uncomfortable relationship with the world he lived in. Though not unique to poetry Houseman was the first to be universally identified with this thematic characterization and, in many ways is a precursor to the prose of 20th century American writers such as John Cheever. Housman was a man clearly troubled and expressing in verse what he could not in life. To truly appreciate and understand him is beyond a brief book review and I would urge you to pick up a copy of "Bloom's Poets, A. Housman" to compliment this slim volume.

From London to Shropshire - a timelapse of the journey

Underrated and somewhat unappreciated by those who found his demeanor challenging, Housman was caught in the murky middle between the Romantics and the coming literary giants of the 20th century. He deserves a second look and this volume is the perfect vehicle. I adore this book of poems, and one of my most prized possessions is a very old, leather bound edition that I found in an antique store.

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That one is safely tucked away to prevent further deterioration, so a nice Dover Thrift version to carry around with me was just what the doctor ordered. If you're not a big poetry fan, this may be the right "starter" for you. Houseman's poems are simple yet thought-provoking, and they all strike me as hauntingly beautiful.

This is my favorite book of poetry to just read straight through. Sometimes I read it all the way through at a sitting and other times I'll just read one or two and ponder a while. Houseman's themes of the transience of youth and the inevitability of death are easily relatable to all human beings, and his diction is so simple and direct that his meaning is usually clear. I recently ordered several of these to give out to my students I teach high school because the price is so unbelievably cheap.

We appreciate the impact a good book can have.

A Shropshire Lad

We all like the idea of saving a bit of cash, so when we found out how ma A Shropshire Lad Housman, A. Light tanning and thumb marking throughout. Mild foxing, mainly affecting the endpapers and page edges. Housman Hardback, Delivery UK delivery is within 3 to 5 working days.

International delivery varies by country, please see the Wordery store help pa Hardback, with dust cover, published by Jonathan Cape in Shropshire Lad by A. Housman's famous love-song to youth and rural life, accompanied by the striking illustrations of Agnes Miller Parker. I have listed this book as "very good".

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There are no missing pages, no marks, highlighting, or notes. The cover is free of tears or scratches. An Essential Choice of Classic Verse. An Essential Choice of Cl Housman Hardback, Delivery UK delivery is within 5 to 7 working days. Last Poems - A E Housman: A book that has been read, but looks new. The book cover has no visible wear, and the dust jacket if applicable is Housman Paperback, Delivery UK delivery is within 3 to 5 working days.

International delivery varies by country, please see the Wordery store help p AShropshire Lad by Housman, A. Author ON Mar, Pape A Critical Biography Item Condition: Books will be free of page markings.