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In reply to As far as I remember but I… by Shoichi. I've opened preferences several times and never seen that warning. I also have never pressed the button. In reply to I've opened preferences… by mike Perhaps it's an issue limited to certain localisations?

SketchUp Alpha Crash

As you can tell from the error, I have MuseScore set to German. In reply to It's reproducible for me… by RobFog. In reply to Try to set to 'System' but… by Shoichi. German is my System language.

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But I deleted all preferences and choose English US during setup and with that I didn't run into the issue. So that would indeed suggest it's locale related. I used to own an alpha 18" thin crash and it was LOUD. I guess being b8 it has a brighter sound.

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It was explosive, but i wouldn't call it fast, it has lots of sustain. If you like meinl there is no need to feel you have to change to one of the big 3, as meinl make quality stuff. I say go the amun 18" medium crash, and stick the classics to the left.

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Great cymbals, from Paiste, and you can trust them. The Alpha series is excelent I must say.


Originally Posted by drummerboy Ok, if you consider yourself as a hardhitter then go for power, if not, then medium crash. Sabian crash test dummy. Both are well worth the money IMHO. Payment required within 24 hours on buy it now listings, otherwise, please wait to buy. If it is an auction, please pay within 4 days of auction closing.

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If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont, please contact us before purchase, as you may have to pay a small surcharge if shipping exceeds the listed cost not likely. Combine shipping discounts offered on multiple listings purchased at the same time we'll charge right around our actual shipping cost.

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