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Also around that time I became a friend with a fellow in that class who had converted from the CRC to the Episcopal Church. I started going with him to the Wednesday night services at the local Episcopal parish, which introduced me to a liturgical form of worship. Later, perhaps in the spring of my junior year, I even had the Episcopal priest bless the brown scapular that was also in the baggie from Dayton.

I still wear the scapular, now properly blessed and imposed by a Catholic priest.

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The defining moment in my conversion came in January of my junior year, if I remember correctly. The first major impetus in my decision for Catholicism came from a passage in John Calvin. And as the discussion progressed that evening, a question occurred to me.

Do you have then an obligation to rejoin the church you broke away from?

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And that did not satisfy me, not one bit. It was at that moment that, looking back on it, I can say that I started taking John 17 seriously.

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This is not some hypothetical, invisible unity, but a unity so real that the only model for it our Lord uses is his own unity with the Father. And I began thinking to myself: If unity among his followers was the last wish of the one I call Savior and Lord, I had better do everything in my power to fulfill it.

Top 15 “Catholic” Beliefs of Protestant Leader John Calvin

So I began reading about Catholicism. I wrote to the priest-host of the show I mentioned and also to Peter Kreeft—the only graduate from Calvin that I knew of who had converted to Catholicism. Both gave me good lists of books that I began reading, and I found others on my own. The first has a marvelous passage connecting all of Christian doctrine to the fundamental belief in the Incarnation; the second raised the all-important question, granting that the Church needed reform at the time of the Reformation, who gave the Reformers the authority to do what they did?

In all this study, I was finding that one of three things was true. Because of the communion of the saints, I can ask you or any other Christian here on earth to pray for me.

Biblical Catholic Answers for John Calvin

By my senior year at Calvin I was more or less a Catholic in my convictions. I was simply waiting for the right time to convert. I chose to go to Notre Dame to do my graduate work because it is a Catholic school and again, it was really my only choice.

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But for my first year there, I was still waiting. What really made me decide to take the plunge, so to speak, was a conversation I had with a Protestant friend in the spring of my first year in South Bend.

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Because I usually wear my heart on my sleeve, this friend and I had gotten to talking about my journey toward Catholicism. I began explaining the Catholic position on the subject of the Eucharist to my friend, based on John 6. I talked about how the first part of the chapter demonstrates that Jesus can do miraculous things with bread John 6: The second part John 6: And then we get to the Bread of Life discourse, which concludes with the promise of the Eucharist.

At some point in the conversation, it was like my mouth went on autopilot. On Holy Thursday, March 27, , I became a member of the Catholic Church and received my first Holy Communion, and two days later during the Easter Vigil was confirmed Catholic, taking Irenaeus as my confirmation patron. It was only looking back on everything a few years later that I noticed how Mary had been with me throughout the whole process, leading me in her own subtle, humble way to deeper intimacy with her Son.

She had been named in the Hail Mary that my Protestant pastor had spoken those many years ago. It was her rosary that I discovered in Dayton. But I cannot imagine my life without being a Catholic. With the words of Paul, I conclude, "Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect; but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own" Phil. The goal of this volume is to concentrate on rational arguments from Scripture and history.

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