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The first commercial product to use a microprocessor was the Busicom calculator PF. The was also used in the first microprocessor-controlled pinball game, a prototype produced by Dave Nutting Associates for Bally in Here are my opinions from [the] study [I conducted for the patent case]. The first commercially available sold as a component microprocessor was the from Intel. A popular myth has it that Pioneer 10 , the first spacecraft to leave the solar system, used an Intel microprocessor. Larry Lasher of Ames Research Center , the Pioneer team did evaluate the , but decided it was too new at the time to include in any of the Pioneer projects.

Federico Faggin signed the with his initials because he knew that his silicon gate design embodied "the essence of the microprocessor".

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In a corner of the die you can read "F. On November 15, , the 35th anniversary of the , Intel celebrated by releasing the chip's schematics , mask works , and user manual.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Intel White ceramic Intel C microprocessor with grey traces. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Instruction fetching forced assertion of the ROM chip-select line and deassertion of the RAM select lines , and the chip had no way to "write" data to anything other than an IO port whilst the ROM area was selected.

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Retrieved June 3, National Inventors Hall of Fame. Retrieved 22 March They invented the Microcontroller".

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Retrieved November 15, In February Intel releases the microprocessor to the market. It has 12 sq mm die size and 16 pins which fit into a motherboard. Archived from the original on Interview for the Center for the History of Electrical Engineering. In addition to his poetry, Cummings was also known for his play, Him, and for the travel diary, Eimi. Him consisted of a sequence of skits drawing from burlesque, the circus, and the avant-garde, and jumping quickly from tragedy to grotesque comedy.

The male character is named Him; the female character is Me. They are the most sensitive and touching in American playwriting. Their intimacy and passion, conveyed in an odd exquisiteness of writing, are implied rather than declared. In Cummings traveled to the Soviet Union. Like many other writers and artists of the time, he was hopeful that the communist revolution had created a better society. After a short time in the country, however, it became clear to Cummings that the Soviet Union was a dictatorship in which the individual was severely regimented by the state.

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  • The overwhelmingly left-wing publishers of the time refused to accept his work. Cummings had to resort to self-publishing several volumes of his work during the later s.

    His lectures, later published as i: The first two lectures reminisce about his childhood and parents; the third lecture tells of his schooldays at Harvard, his years in New York, and his stay in Paris during the s. The last three lectures present his own ideas about writing.

    In his conclusion to the lecture series Cummings summed up his thoughts with these words, quoting his own poetry where appropriate: Others saw him as merely clever but with little lasting value beyond a few technical innovations. Still others questioned the ideas in his poetry, or seeming lack of them.

    He was a brilliant year-old, but he remained merely precocious to the end of his life. That may be one source of his appeal. Cummings for an intellectual poet. In a essay reprinted in his collection Babel to Byzantium, James Dickey proclaimed: It is better to say what must finally be said about Cummings: In his best work he has the swift sureness of ear and idiom of a Catullus, and the same way of bringing together a racy colloquialism and the richer tones of high poetic style.

    He established the poem as a visual object Despite a growing abundance of second-rate imitations, his poems continue to amuse, delight, and provoke. Archival recordings of poet E.

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    Cummings, with an introduction to his life and work. Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library. Podcasts [anyone lived in a pretty how town] [as freedom is a breakfastfood] E. More About this Poet. Appeared in Poetry Magazine. A Note on Jean Cocteau. The complicated work of one of our most popular poets. World War I Poets. From Apollinaire to Rilke, and from Brooke to Sassoon: For Valentines Day, our Facebook fans picked their favorite poems from our archive.

    Classic and contemporary poems to celebrate the advent of spring. Classic and contemporary love poems to share. Prose from Poetry Magazine. A late film critic on his longstanding love of poetry. From Poem of the Day July From Poem of the Day September From Essential American Poets April From Poetry Off the Shelf February Love poems from the archive for Valentine's Day.

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    From Poem of the Day May From Poem of the Day March Susan Cheever on E. Cummings and the state of biography. On profanity and the sublime in poetry. Appeared in Poetry Magazine Sub-Seuss. Tulips and Chimneys also see below , T. Seltzer, , enlarged edition, Golden Eagle Press, Puella Mia , Golden Eagle Press, XLI Poems , Dial, Christmas Tree , American Book Bindery, W ViVa , Liveright, , reprinted, Contributor Peter Neagoe, editor, Americans Abroad: Historians typically recognize Chinese fire lances , which were invented in the 10th century, as the first guns.

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    These bamboo or metal tubes projected flames and shrapnel at their targets. Cannons appeared in Italy around , where they were modified as European nations waged many wars. By the 16th century, European firearms had become far more advanced -- and far more deadly -- than their counterparts in the East. Though cannons boomed on the battlefield, the conservative military resisted the change that guns and other new technology represented [source: They had practical reasons to shun guns, too: Gunpowder was expensive, the operator was as likely to injure himself as his target and the weapons were so inaccurate that aiming them was pointless.

    In the 15th century, the invention of the lock -- the firing mechanism on the gun -- made for the creation of the first reliable handguns. The first was the French arquebus , a short-barreled firearm held at the shoulder and small enough to be handled by one man. A gunpowder-soaked cord burned at both ends until it touched a pan of flash powder, which sent a half-ounce ball soaring toward its enemy.

    Still, they were cumbersome weapons that could only be fired once every two minutes. Even with advances in gun craftsmanship, archers continued to outnumber marksmen on many battlefields for centuries [source: