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To explore this, the patterns of change in the key risk factors are compared in France and Britain — two countries that provide a sharp contrast in terms of their institutional structures. France has a relatively centralized and highly regulated system of employment relations, while Britain is characterized by a decentralized and weakly regulated system.

The comparison of the two countries leads to a consideration of the potential role of policy in affecting the development of psychosocial risks. Resume of the Gollac Report on Psychosocial Risks, This site uses cookies to manage the navigation, the event and newsletter registrations, the identification of registrated users and the attendance statistics by Google Analytics. By refusing cookies, some options of the site will not be functional.

Calls for applications Selection conditions and criteria Commitments related to residency. Contact and map Contact Media Directory Legal notice. Register for the event. I authorize the Paris IAS to collect, process and archive data collected in this form for the purpose of the organization of events and for statistics.

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The data is collected and processed by the management staff. Part of the data can be made available to institutional partners and organizers of the events. Is the transplant a real solution for sickle cell patients?

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Allocated budget over 2 years: Natural eye drops from allogeneic umbilical cord blood plasma: Support for the training of the treatment of sickle-cell disease for African doctors. Center for research and control of sickle cell disease. To allow French researchers to join this congress, Cordons de Vie has allocated a budget of 2, euros. The President of Cordons de Vie takes the floor during the congress on ethical aspects.

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The whole advantage of umbilical cord stem cells is that they do not present any ethical issue; their collection, carried out after ligature of the umbilical cord harms neither the mother nor the newborn. Consequently they can enable us to treat and advance research. Post transplant viral infection contro l. This study aims to control viral infections, related to the reconstitution kinetics of "NK" cells after transplantation.

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A better understanding of these mechanisms will allow better management of infections. Analysis of stem cell transplants in the fight against sickle cell disease.

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This analysis will make it possible to evaluate the efficacy of this type of graft in the treatment of sickle cell disease.