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The verb is finire to finish. The verb is fare to make or do.

You're talking about the new person in your English class. The verb is parlare to speak. You might want to be the one to treat everyone. If so, then the verb you need here is offrire to offer. So, you know what we'll do? To celebrate, I'll treat you to an ice cream. In a gelateria , there are various prices relating to how many scoops, or palline little balls , of gelato you get on your cono cone or in your coppetta little cup , and the good news is that each scoop can be a different gusto flavor.

As far as gusti go, rarely will you find vaniglia vanilla , but you will find fior di latte or fior di panna or even panna fredda in the Bologna area. Fiore flower can be used as an adjective, fior, to describe something as being special, of the best quality, in this case latte milk or panna cream. Think of something flourishing or blossoming. Gelato alla crema , on the other hand, is made with the above ingredients, plus eggs, and because of this, is rich, yellow, and more custardy.

Una macedonia con i l gelato alla crema. Caption 28, Una gita: Italians like to combine the flavors on the same cone or in the same little dish. They may even use a little spoon to eat the ice cream off the cone! The gelataio will give you a polistirolo styrofoam container so it stays cold. For more about gelato , see: Summer can be a great time to reinforce a foreign language experience. You might be surprised at how much you understand! Pizza al taglio pizza by the slice is very popular all over Italy, especially in Rome. Tu scegli il pezzo di pizza, viene pesato, a seconda del tipo di pizza.

You choose the piece of pizza, it's weighed, depending on the kind of pizza. Captions , Anna e Marika: Pizza al taglio romana - Part 1 of 2.

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Liguria and Tuscany, as well as Puglia have focaccia , in some areas called schiacciata , which is made with flour, water, oil and yeast, like pizza, and often takes the place of bread. As a quick snack, Romagna has the piadina , a flat bread made with lard rather than olive oil, which gets filled with cured meats or cheese. A way for people to get together socially, without having to spend lots of money on dinner, is to have drinks before they go home for dinner: Prima di andare a cena, quindi verso le sei o le sette, gli italiani fanno un aperitivo.

Before going to have dinner, so, around six or seven o'clock, Italians have cocktails. Captions , Corso di italiano con Daniela: For an explanation of how to use qualche , see this previous lesson. For the drink itself, Adriano uses "cocktail. If you combine aperitivo drinks with cena dinner , you get apericena. The apericena exists both in bars about town, offering an alternative to a costly tab in a restaurant, and in homes, making for a relatively low-budget, flexible, and fashionable alternative to a sit-down dinner.

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It encourages mingling, conversation, and allows for guests to just stop by. These light buffet dinners are becoming more and more popular all over Italy. All over the world there's a tendency to take foreign words and knowingly or unknowingly give them a meaning different from the original. More about the Italian happy hour here.

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Little bite-size appetizers are often served with toothpicks, thus the term stuzzichini. If you travel to Venice, you'll want to check out the Venetian version of stuzzichini: Commissioner Manara has a familiar relationship with Lara and uses the informal form of address: Listen , Lara, sometimes you have to take shortcuts, right?

Il Raggio Verde - Ep 5 - Part 7 of They use the polite or formal form of address:. Un delitto perfetto - Ep 1 - Part 8 of Note that the imperative verb can stand alone, or be paired with an object personal pronoun as in the above example. It adds to the urgency, and makes it more personal.

Listen [excuse me] , ma'am, other than you, who knew about these letters? Senta , possiamo ordinare? Excuse me , may we order? You knew Doctor Lenni, right? Un delitto perfetto - Ep 1 - Part 12 of Senti , ma quante mozzarelle dobbiamo comprare per la nostra cena? Listen , but how many mozzarellas should we buy for our dinner? La mozzarella di bufala - La produzione e i tagli - Part 1 of 3. These endings can be tricky for beginners because they seem wrong, being the opposite of the indicative endings.

The command form originally comes from the subjunctive, which is why it has a different, special conjugation.

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Look at someone and get their attention using the correct verb and correct form. This can be aggressive or intimate depending on the tone and the context. It's also a religious holiday, the Feast of the Assumption, a very important holiday for Catholic countries like Italy, and so there's something for everyone: In recent years, things have changed somewhat. Lately, people have had less money to spend on long vacations, and laws have changed, allowing stores to stay open on holidays, so there's a bit more city life than there used to be.

People want to be at the seaside. He gives us this image of Milan:. L'Epoca delle Piccole Rivoluzioni - Part 5 of It's a noun, always used in the plural to indicate time off, leave, or vacation. Reazione a Catena - Ep 6 - Part 1 of Yabla is not closed for vacation!

C hiuso per feri e. Come vedi, appaio a rallentatore. As you can see, I appear in slow motion. Il gatto con gli stivali - Part 2 of 2. Pettegolezzi in ufficio con Anna. In the following example, we again have the passive. Episode 1 - Part 4 of 7. Grammatically speaking, a particle is simply a small word of functional or relational use, such as an article, preposition, or conjunction. So we have a normal verb, which, when used together with certain particles, has a distinct meaning that is often, but not necessarily, related to the meaning of the original verb.

Verbs can combine with one or two particles. The particles used to make up a pronominal verb are:. Rapsodia in Blu - Ep 3 - Part Ce la faccio , ce la faccio, ce la faccio. La magia di Tribo. Rai Fiction - L'oro di Scampia: Part 11 of As a matter of fact, it has started creeping into English vocabulary: L'oro di Scampia - Part 19 of What are some of the translations of this word? In the new film on Yabla, La Tempesta , a conversation takes place down on the street.

La Tempesta - Part 2 of Conoscendolo in che senso? Knowing him in what sense? Rapsodia in Blu - Ep 3 - Part 2 of So let's take a closer look.

Il futuro - Part 4 of 4. Oppure potete semplicemente sdraiarvi sull'erba, prendere il sole e leggere un buon libro. Or else you can simply lie on the grass, sunbathe, and read a good book. Villa Borghese - Part 2 of 2. Both of the following authors pepper their writings with Italian words and phrases. It also gives you some inside information about Italian culture.

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He worked as a translator and taught translating skills at Italian universities, as well as being a successful novelist. His books about Italy provide some well-written and humorous insight into Italy, Italians, and the Italian language. Italian Neighbours , An Italian Education , Follow up to Italian Neighbours and recounts the milestones in the life of the author's children as they progress through the Italian school system. She lived in Venice for many years, so her descriptions are quite true-to-life. When we talk about people and life, we use certain somewhat standard words and expressions to describe the good and the bad.

Nel bene e nel male. For better and for worse. Matrimonio con delitto Ep. She's very stubborn, she's a bit unpredictable La sfida dei sei Puntata 1 - Part 2 of 3. Dobbiamo prendere quindi un appuntamento per andare dal notaio. So we have to make an appointment to go see the notary. We're worried, because we have to make some very important decisions. Io ho fatto solo venti minuti di pennichella I took a nap for just twenty minutes Salve, vorrei fare un viaggio alla Valle dei Templi ad Agrigento.

Hello, I'd like to take a trip to the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. The following are just a few more examples in which fare and prendere are paired with nouns in ways we might not expect: For more on proverbs see: Proverbi italiani - Part 1 of 2 Marika spiega: Signup to get Free Italian Lessons sent by email Sign up. Francesca - alla guida Part 1.

Montreal Vol.7 No.2 by Panoram Italia - Issuu

Marika spiega - Proverbi italiani Part 2. Un medico in famiglia - s. Pianificare - un viaggio. Fabri Fibra - In Italia ft.

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Briscola - Regole del gioco Part 2. Alice - Per Elisa. Il verbo prendere It would not be wrong to say: Marika spiega - Il verbo prendere. Let's say I'm out running. Then I start feeling better again and continue the run. Ma posso prendere anche la metropolitana? But can I also take the subway? You feel like going to get a coffee? E un'altra cosa, potrebbe trovarmi una sistemazione per stasera? You also may like to try some of these bookshops , which may or may not sell this item. Separate different tags with a comma.

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