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I stilled and looked up into his dark, lushy-lashed eyes. His hair was not in a ponytail but falling down around his face and shoulders and, I kid you not, he looked like a Native American Warrior God. I didn't find he was as pushy as the other boys and he puts a lot of trust in her. Watching them come together was really heart-warming: I know you'd rather not even acknowledge it and definitely don't want me to be a part of the process.

Princess, this is happening between you and me. In your bed, on your couch, in my bed and anywhere else I can think of. I'm gonna do you on your back, on your knees and you're gonna ride me. And when I've exhausted you and you don't have those fucking shields up, I'm gonna make you talk to me and tell me what this shit is about and then, maybe, I can help you with it.

If fact, Jules was a lot more 'can-do' and kick ass than the previous heroines which actually led to a whole different vibe to this book - in a totally good way: Neither of them had a very happy start to their life and seeing them together and really being able to appreciate how incredible what they had was just melted my heart. KA has brilliantly built up a core group of almost 20 if not more characters that you honestly feel like you know personally.

Somehow, the names never get confusing, the story never drags or feels scattered and it just ends up being a LOT more personal because how strongly connected you feel to them and how strongly you feel their connections to each other. They are like one big family made of up every kind of person imaginable from uber badass fighters, to ex-cons, to drug-dealers, cops, book store owners, strippers, waitresses, vigilantes, undercover agents, trackers, street kids Its just delightful to see them all interact together. There really was a theme in this book of how family isn't just the people you were born to.

And not only does it say it, but more importantly, it shows it. I won't give it away but just the way it is written is brilliant!!! Normally the whole book is told from the POV of the main girl, but in the ending is told piece by piece from so many different characters depending on whose perspective is most relevant to the moment at hand. Its like, we got to know these characters over the course of the last four books, and now we literally get to see the world through their eyes, in action.

It totally read like a movie - I could visualize everything that was happening is perfect detail. I'd say the only thing that bugs me about this series is how strongly the women in it fight the affections of the men. For nearly all of them, this gorgeous, larger-than-life, almost god of a badass man enters their lives and wants to be with them and their first reaction is always 'we need to break up' And I just love KA's writing style for this series. It really feels like the heroine is telling the story to you, in person.

It feels so casual and personal in style. I really felt like I could just hear her telling me the story. View all 65 comments. Mauxy OMG i love your review!! Im in book 3 and i can't wait for book 4 Sep 15, Jan 04, Jennifer Kyle rated it liked it Shelves: I hope we can still be friends! Sounds very cool right? Count yourself lucky, sucker. Not one damn friend or boyfriend ever?

She has went to work and home never socialized with anyone until weeks ago? Never been on vacation? Had one birthday party ever? Has never done anything ever except go to work and talk to her Uncle? Still, Vance was a good alpha hero, mysterious and I seriously wished the story centered more on him than Juls and her street fighting career. View all 59 comments. Dec 13, Brandi rated it really liked it Shelves: KA's Rock Chick series, is one of my favorites. It's fun, nothing epic, but I always enjoying hanging in the Rock Chick world.

View all 22 comments. Apr 11, Christy rated it it was amazing. Jules is a social worker by day, and a vigilante by night. She has a score to settle with the drug dealers of Denver. All Jules has in the world is her Uncle Nick, her kids, and a strange batch of friends that includes Zip, Heavy, and Frank. The friends she made when she started training. After a while cleaning up the streets, she gets the nick name 5 Law stars!!!!!

Vance Crowe is another member of the Hot Bunch. A sexy alpha male bad ass who works for Lee Nightingale. Vance is of Native American decent. His past is much like a lot of the kids that Jules works with. He decides to be her backup. Vance is known to be a bit of a player. He wants a girl, he gets her.

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Jules is the exact opposite. A twenty six year old virgin. Jules thinks Vance in gorgeous, but she is more concerned about her work than a relationship. Vance has his hands full with this one. The more he gets to know Jules and sees the type of woman she is, the more he needs her.

In typical KA fashion, Jules tries to break up with Vance Vance was fabulous, and Jules She was the shit! He started moving again, slowly, deeply and he kept talking. His tone caused a shiver to run through me, straight through to my soul. Then he kissed me. And of course it was hilarious and fun!

Mace taped it and played it for the whole team. Loved this book, loved Vance and Jules, and loved all the many side characters in this one! The ending was amazing and Luke Stark is up next View all 49 comments. May 30, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book! It is my favorite in the series so far. Vance and Jules' story had the intensity that I was missing from the other books in the series.

Can't wait to move on to Luke's story. This is seriously addicting! Re-read Review-August , When I finished my re-read of this story, I had such a big grin on my face and felt so "still" about it, that I decided whatever rating I'd given it before, I was going to bump it up one more. But no one can stop me from giving it 6 stars on my own, right? And deserving of even more! I had forgotten how much I adored Vance and Jules, so seeing them a Re-read Review-August , When I finished my re-read of this story, I had such a big grin on my face and felt so "still" about it, that I decided whatever rating I'd given it before, I was going to bump it up one more.

I had forgotten how much I adored Vance and Jules, so seeing them again was awesome. But just as awesome was watching big things unfold for Darius and Shirleen, and I hope that one day Roam and Sniff will get their own stories, too! Up next in my Rock Chick re-read -- Luke and Ava! Vance, the perfect hero… what I loved about him: The way things come together with Darius and Shirleen… fan-fecking-tastic story.

And Tex… ride-a-long with Tex as a partner… awesome stuff. So much to love… romance, passion, sizzle, humor… totally awesome book. Jan 18, Baba rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Vance said to Jules: Now, isn't that a cool name? Isn't that a super-badass and cool name?? Vance is looking like a Native American Warrior God. Seriously, I'd Vance said to Jules: Seriously, I'd love to read more stories about NA heroes. These guys are hot!

Vance is another bossy, blunt, badass, macho man hero straight out of KA's magic box. He's a recovering alcoholic and ex-con.

Jules, Jules, Jules - the head crackin' mamma jamma. She's a sweet woman but she's got a mouth on her and an attitude. Jules is almost years old and view spoiler [a virgin! Believe me, this woman can hold her own and she kicks ass! Vance was at the top! That's no mean feat, after all. Vance is third in command at Nightingale Investigations. Law is her street name because what Jules said was "law". The kids respect and like Jules. Unfortunately, Jules has the tendency to place herself in danger.

She likes to work the streets and she cares deeply for "her" homeless kids. Vance is a known womanizer but everything changes when he meets Jules and he's got the opportunity to taste a special kind of sweetness and he gets very possessive: Jules lost her family when she was a little kid, and Vance lived a very shitty childhood. Ultimately, Vance and Jules learn the true meaning of home.

Home is anywhere, just as long as the people you love are there. Rock Chick Renegade is filled with great characters, witty dialogs, lots of fun, and quite a lot of action. I have to say it again. There are scenes that feel a bit OTT but as long as you don't take it too seriously you will totally enjoy this story. It's very entertaining and compelling! Prepare yourself for a huge drama towards the end of the story. On the one hand, I was missing an epilogue. Hence, I think it was kinda well done and I can accept the lack of a proper epilogue - for once.

Rock Chick Renegade is a must read for every Kristen Ashley addict. View all 48 comments. Jan 30, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I liked Jules and found her far less irritating than previous Rock Chicks, Indy, Jet, and Roxie, but she definitely had numerous aggravating moments.

View all 15 comments. Sep 06, Catarina rated it really liked it Shelves: D Jules is a social worker that does way more than is required of her job. She takes protecting children very seriously and all she wants is assuring that they have a great future.

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Obviously, this puts her in trouble wi 4. Obviously, this puts her in trouble with a lot of bad men. Not that she really cares. During her crusade, she stumbles upon Nightingales men… and friends, and after very heated discussions between all of them, they eventually take her under their wings treating her as one more member of the team.

He used to be one of those kids Jules saves every day, so he feels connected to her and their story starts to happen. Well, another great book in an amazingly badass series. And well, on account of my deep love for alpha-males, I love all the boys from these books. But well, Lee is still my favorite! To finish I just have to say that Boo was my favorite character of this book, probably my favorite character in this series so far. He is the most awesome cat ever! Why the hell didn't you start reading this already??! View all 33 comments. Jun 14, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it liked it Shelves: For the most part, I liked it.

But when I sat back and thought about the book, some things were off. Vance really came across as very creepy to me in the beginning. This is my 41st book I've read by Ashley so I understand her alpha males, but breaking into someone's house and crawling into bed with them while they sleep after only talking once was WAY too big of a leap for me. He got better the second half of the book, but his actions after 3. He got better the second half of the book, but his actions after that were also way too fast.

What I loved about this book was Jules, she was a kick butt heroine who literally went after drug dealers, pranking them and well She had some issues, but it wouldn't be a KA novel if the heroine or hero didn't so it worked very well. This is a fast and fun read, not my favorite by KA but still enjoyable. View all 4 comments. Dec 30, Azuyu rated it did not like it Shelves: I had a lot of problems with this book: So far this series has been unrealistic, but this one took it to a whole new level. This girl is inexperienced but he becomes an ally with the Nightingale Investigations because she's Vance's woman.

I know, I know a lot of readers say she can take her of herself, she kicks ass, blah blah blah, but She basically puts the kids in a bigger danger. Who does that shit? And what's wrong with her coworkers? N I had a lot of problems with this book: No one tells her about the danger? I was really tired of Jules's inner dogs and I was extremely annoyed that she called herself a head crackin mamma jamma. I'm not a fan of heroines who thinks she's a badass but in fact she's not.

I also didn't get the mention of "my-word-is-law". It wasn't funny or cute. At some point she didn't even know what holding hands means, but she easily lost her virginity to a man she barely knew. And what kind of social worker who doesn't even know that you need protection while having sex? I'm pretty sure students in the USA learn about sex at school.

Did she skip a lot of sex education class? Imo this fact shows that how incompetent Jules is at her job. Her mission is a total idiocy. While the other Rock Chicks accidentally caught in the middle of troubles, she brings herself and other people into trouble from the very beginning and almost everyone admires her. There's a reason why vigilants wearing mask: I'm always annoyed with characters who declare they're in love with someone after knowing him for a week. The breaking up thing boring me to death!

This book made me feel betrayed. I cried a bucket fo Ava who has to endure the shittines of Jules and Luke. I hated them in this book. It was weird because obviously I shouldn't have felt that way. He wasn't cheating on Ava and it happened long before she was in the picture. But I hated, despised, loathed him in this book.

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I really disliked her 'thing' with Luke while she was in love with Vance. She's the one who wants to break up with her man and when he gives her space, the next day she allows another man to flirt with her. He didn't even beat around the bush! Where is the common sense????? Is that because Jules 'broke up' with Vance so it's tolerable to make out with his friend? Sorry this shit just never sits well with me especially when I compare her reaction to Ava's when Dom forced her in his kitchen. If you're so badass, why didnt you just tell him to fuck off?

Why did you go all soft and shy around him? Not only was she shitty to Vance and Luke, but she was also really shitty to Ava. There's this scene when Ava was asking about Luke to Jules, and you know what she said? She gave it to me anyway. If you did, there would be no question. Because knowing him for several months makes you know about him inside and out?

Because having a thing with him makes you feel obligated to show off and make Ava feel like shit?? If some strange woman told me that, I'd be making sure we wouldn't be friends. I feel bad for Ava. She certainly deserves someone better than Jules. Too many nosy people. Every body wants to know about her. Like yeah we know you guys are dying to know this new chick but puhlease the friendship you offer is totaly fake.

I liked Vance in Redemption, but he was such an asshole. If some man did that to me, I'd kick him between the legs and throw to him my rusty knives no matter how hot he is. That cherry popping conversation creeped me out. I could have given it at least 2 stars, but Jules being a virgin slut didnt help at all. I'm not even sorry I detested this book.

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View all 35 comments. Jan 13, Jilly rated it really liked it Shelves: A 4-star rating when I hate these alpha men forcing women into relationships with them? Well, I just said to myself that I could A Stop reading them and leave behind all of the funny characters and crazy antics, or B get over it - they are fictional men and I like all of the funny characters and crazy antics. I would probably sell my first born to someone who could make me laugh.

She knows this and is fine with it. On the other hand, A 4-star rating when I hate these alpha men forcing women into relationships with them? On the other hand, if these men were real - I would feel compelled to go to Denver and either kick their asses, or find myself a son-in-law for me and my daughter, cuz lord knows she's not getting any younger and I want grandchildren someday.

Again, I drive her to therapy, then we go to lunch. So, in this book, we have Jules, also known as Law. She is a social worker who lost one of her street kids to bad drugs and has since gone on a one-woman crusade to mess with the drug dealers of Denver. She does this by becoming a 12 year old boy and playing stupid pranks on them. Yes, that's how we clean-up the streets - toilet papering drug dealers' cars.. Surprisingly, she starts to annoy the wrong people and they are going to stop her silly antics, drug dealer style - with guns and pain.

Here comes Vance, to the rescue. And, his way of rescuing her involves forcing himself upon her and making her have sex with him even though she was a virgin. Of course, this is book world. She gives up her virginity that she has held sacred for 26 years to a man she met a day earlier and has all kinds of orgasms with her first experience. In spite of the idiotic games that Law played with the drug dealers, I liked her. She named her camaro Hazel, had conversations with her cat, could NOT cook, and loved her street kids that she worked with.

I love how she was constantly telling them not to swear by swearing herself and swearing in front of them. And, don't say fuck Curtis, don't say fuck. Martin don't say shit.

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As always, the Rock Chick gang was hilarious and always getting into trouble. I love how this group of characters fit together, and I like how it is growing to add-in new, awesome, characters like May. I will keep reading this series because I am in love with this crazy gang, and because I love Luke and his book is next. View all 14 comments. Sep 17, Choko rated it liked it Shelves: Jules is one head turning, stunning, Gun-slinging, social working, bad mema-jama!!! Vance is tall, dark, handsome, Harley Davidson riding, gun packing, hard headed and lean bodied bad ass good guy.

Jules manages to steal the hearts of all hot dudes and rock Chicks hanging out in the coffee shop by publicly shooting at a drug dealer's car right in front of them. It was love at first shot! As with most KA books, the plot is secondary to the character interactions and bidding friendships and romance. And as usual, there are very thin on plot stretches and some more than useless as related to the plot advancement pages There is the usual tough and irresistible alpha and the independent lady whom he is determined to protect, even if she finds that suffocating This is not one of the strongest entries in this series, but despite its weaknesses this book still has one major thing going for it - the magical powers of KA's simplistic writing style!

The woman has mad skills in the story telling and character building department!!! She is truly gifted!!! Recommend this to all lovers of contemporary romance, but not if a very pushy and macho alpha may test your sense of what lines could or should be crossed I wish all a good day and happy reading!!! View all 8 comments. Dec 31, Robin Bridge Four rated it really liked it Shelves: THIS is that kind of series for me.

Jules is a bad ass. She lost most of her family young and now works with homeless kids trying to get them off the streets. She has decided to also do a little guerilla style warfare in her city to make herself a nuisance to the drug dealers in the area so they will get out of town or at least try selling to anyone but the kids she is trying to keep clean and get into homes.

How can you not like and respect that. I figured I was going to die at any moment and I was totally fine with that. I actually tried to get them to leave me alone, but I thought Daisy was going to take me down in a bitch-slapping fight when I told her my life was none of her business. Jules has never really even had a boyfriend so she is so uncomfortable with everything she is feeling, so the logical thing to do is try to break up with Vance..

Still it is funny how many times she tries to end it just to have Vance pull her back in. Another couple that is perfect for each other in so many ways. So again another good story with fun times with hilarious characters and something that just always drags me in until the final page.

View all 9 comments. Feb 16, Kristen rated it really liked it Shelves: These two are fantastic and belong together! This series definitely gets better with each book! If you're already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict's Support Group here on Goodreads! So I've decided to get reacquainted with Hottie Vance: Wild Like the Wind. The Time in Between. The Complete Box Set.

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