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In other years, Harris would have been playing football on Thursday nights with the junior varsity squad. But Craddock has been forced to show his hand and roll the dice. He thinks the early losses have built character for the players that are still part of the program and committed to his vision. Senior Malcom Speller has taken over at quarterback in favor of Harris to give the offense more experience under center, while senior Markese Clapp has moved from linebacker to defensive end to provide more of a pass rush.

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Despite finding themselves in the middle of an off cycle, Craddock believes that the talent is there to win. He has shuffled players before.

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He once moved Gurley from safety to defensive end 11 games into the season and found success, and he believes the changes he made the past few weeks could help spark a turnaround. State plans new road projects in area. Sweep nets accused drug dealers. Law firm to move into Mills. My parents, my grandparents, my great-grandparents, and I just started thinking. She lived all the now-familiar injustices: Her high school principal wanted to build a swimming pool on a plot of land he owned, but "they refused to let him do that.

It was all about the offence that they imagined - seeing black people wearing swimming suits. She's just gonna end up marrying a no-good nigger like you. In fact, she married a Jewish civil-rights lawyer, Mel Leventhal, and moved to Mississippi, where they became the first legally married inter-racial couple in the state.

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They worked there for seven years to desegregate schools; Walker miscarried when she heard that Martin Luther King had been assassinated. In her first memoir, Black, White and Jewish , her daughter Rebecca remembers how "Daddy sits in sometimes with the rifle and the dog waiting for the Klan to come"; in The Same River Twice , Alice writes of her own mother's first encounter with her son-in-law.

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I mean they strained themselves to think of me maybe teaching. That, and the fact that "if I were using a more standard English, which in their time would only have been spoken by the people who oppressed them, I could not express this experience - it would have been frightening to them". In order to listen to these ancestors, she says, "I had to completely change my life - that was the hard part. I had to give up the house that we'd spent years making completely beautiful, leave my marriage - which had some problems, but had some very good things too. The house we rented had just one big room, and a little kind of shed for storage.

And I made some curtains, and we slept on a mattress on the floor, and every day we'd go swimming and walking, and looking at the trees - it was a very precious life. We were very much in love. There is a lot of love in The Color Purple, but also much cruelty, much of it male, much of it inspired by her own family, especially her violent young grandfathers, "batterers, womanisers, alcoholics, all of that".

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One grandfather, Henry Clay Walker, she once said, chased her grandmother through the fields "shooting at her; missing only because he was drunk". Like many, she has slave-owner ancestry as well as African, and is connected, she says, to generals on opposite sides in the civil war. A path to citizenship. Many people, including undocumented immigrants themselves, believe that citizenship should be the ultimate privilege for people who immigrate legally here. Republicans reject this option because they fear that the vast majority will vote Democrat.

Some Democrats are motivated by those potential votes too.

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  8. Let's take politics out of the equation because millions of lives and the tension of a nation are on the line. Any potential solution will be complex and no single solution will please everyone, but let's come up with something that at least moderates from both sides can support. Recently the Boulder City Council took a bold stance on a new immigration reform idea.

    In November , the council included the purple card in their federal legislative agenda:. A new immigration status, sometimes referred to as a Purple Card, identical to the Green Card except that it would not be a path to U. This would meet the humanitarian imperative to keep families together, to work legally and to travel internationally without threat of deportation. The city's support for this approach is conditioned on ensuring that such status would not further nor create an underclass status of people subject to exploitation.

    Permanent legal status and path to citizenship are currently synonymous, but they don't need to be.

    The purple card concept is humane and would allow people to work legally, receive earned social security benefits, live here without fear, and visit family members abroad. Imagine not being able to visit a dying mother, father, sister, or brother. Like a green card, it could be renewed every five or 10 years assuming no criminal behavior.

    A new solution for our failing immigration system

    It is permanent legal status without a path to citizenship. Legal status, even without potential citizenship, alleviates so much fear and reduces exploitation. The purple card is a logical solution for people who came here as adults. People who came as youth, Dreamers, deserve a chance to become U. Several other immigrants and I surveyed over 1, immigrants in Colorado, a majority undocumented, and 97 percent support the purple card concept for people who came to the U.

    Unfortunately these are not the loudest voices heard around immigration in the political world.