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Bear in mind that these sudden and intense feelings may be those that you have tried to bottle up for quite some time and the only way that you can let them go is by experiencing them fully. Do you suddenly start to see repeating patterns or coincidences in your life? These coincidences may come in any form, including license plates, phone numbers, symbols, or addresses. Do you see the number 7 everywhere you look? Well, it might be a sign of your spirit guides that your life is going to change drastically, and, in this way, they are connecting with you and sending you messages.

If you have some unresolved things left in the past, suddenly you may start feeling pressured and determined to solve them.

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  6. Maybe nothing is changed, and nobody is pressuring you, but you still feel an internal pressure that you must do something about it. Best is to follow your instincts, that you can finally move on peacefully, and leave past issues in the past. Either way, now you notice that you need even more alone time than before to recharge and escape from the rest of the world.

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    Your alone time has become crucial for your well-being. And not only do you crave for a time alone, but you are also enjoying it completely and it fits you perfectly. Your Life Feels Almost Unreal. It is like you are merely a spectator of your own life.

    11 Signs You Are Going Through A Major Life Shift

    Like you are an outsider to your own story. As if you are standing there, looking at your life like it is lived by someone else. This bizarre feeling is completely normal when your life is about to turn upside-down. Every person in your life is there for a reason. So, it is normal that you will lose some people along the way. Especially if you are experiencing a major life change.

    This results in a change to the people in your surroundings. All this is necessary for you to meet new people that will serve a better purpose in the new phase of your life.

    11 Signs You Are Going Through A Major Life Shift

    So, if you find yourself suddenly inspired to eat healthily and quit smoking, or spending more time in the gym, you have already realized that these changes are necessary for the next phase of your life. To master the gift of foresight you must have an open mind, free and clear of beliefs that limit you. As a coach who supports people through the challenges and the wins, accepting help from others wasn't always easy. I get it--there are times that it just feels more familiar, even comfortable, to struggle through your challenges alone.

    2. Take more risks.

    This is a belief that will never serve you well. When you're going through a difficult time, or you feel stuck in your business, reach out to others and allow them in to help. Let go of the notion that this is a sign of weakness; every successful person has someone to thank for their support. Whether you hire a coach , enlist the aid of a mentor, or reach out to friends and family, the support will accelerate your growth and facilitate change within you--and your business.

    It may be a matter of pride that stops people from asking for help, but it often ends up being a matter of failure when they don't. When life throws you a curve ball it's natural to retreat within yourself to assimilate what's happened. Eventually this way of thinking will stunt your growth, both personally and professionally.

    1 degree shift = Change Your Life

    Open your mind to the fact that, while not every plan unfolds exactly as you imagine, sometimes unexpected twists and turns lead to something even better than anticipated. Avoid a limited or negative point of view and think expansively! From having to perform mundane tasks to making difficult decisions; entrepreneurs are often faced with things that they don't like doing. Seeing only the negative side of these experiences will prevent you from benefiting from the value in them.

    Shift Happens: Change Your Life by Changing Your “Money Story!”

    Just about everything in life holds a meaning--a chance to observe something you've never noticed before, to improve something in your business, or within yourself. People who experience great success and happiness have the ability to recognize this value and take every opportunity to see a hidden blessing or a greater opportunity in everything they do.