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The Jewish Manifesto

The result of decades of research, The Jewish Manifesto includes irrefutable proof of the divine authorship of the Torah based on hard evidence, a devastating critique of atheism and evolution, a plausible reconciliation of Genesis and science and brief, clear comments about many controversial topics such as circumcision, feminism, gay rights, Lubavitch, Hassidim, etc. The Jewish Manifesto is clearer, more concise and more accurate than other similar books currently available.

This book is written for the Internet generation of Jews who can instantly fact check any assertions made by a rabbi. Kindly ignore "reviews" written by bigots who have not read the book and are afraid that you will.

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He is an ordained Orthodox rabbi and a member of American Mensa. He currently resides in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Product details File Size: January 19, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Write a customer review. Showing of 2 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Jacob Stein has been looking to argue with atheists including yours truly and Modern Orthodox people on the Internet for years. While his writings are sensationalist, he is insignificant as a writer and unlike other haredi bloggers, has never managed to gain a fanbase. This book doesn't offer anything revolutionary and he is a less-than-marginal figure in the haredi world. I recommend libraries or academics looking for Jewish material look elsewhere, there's more relevant and cheaper!

If you for some odd reason feel inclined to look into the man's mind, I recommend his "Jewish Philosopher" blog instead. It's free, after all.

The Russian-Jewish Manifesto

Jacob Stein is a classic troll. If he had anything even remotely intelligent or insightful to say, he'd be more than a nobody with a blog, self-publishing his diatribes. His "arguments" are infantile, his "facts" are laughable, and his "research" consists of accusing anyone who disagrees with him of being a sex addict. He's been known to sabotage people's careers, and make peoples' personal information public - all for daring to disagree with him.

His writing is hysterical and juvenile, and his book isn't worth the postage. Below is a taste of his style. Fende , an anthropologist L. Cipriani , a zoologist E. Zavattari and a statistician F.

Manifesto of Race

The Manifesto of Race, published in July , declared the Italians to be descendants of the " Aryan race". It targeted races that were seen as inferior i. In particular, Jews were banned from many professions and could have their property confiscated.

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Under the Racial Laws , sexual relations and marriages between Italians and Jews and Africans were prohibited, Jews were banned from positions in banking, government, and education, and their properties were confiscated. The Kingdom of Italy, shortly after the passing of the racial laws, embraced a publication titled "Manifesto of the Racial Scientists" which mixed biological racism with history; it declared that Italy was a country populated by people of Aryan origin, Italians belonged to the Aryan race, Jews did not belong to the Italian race and that it was necessary to distinguish between Europeans and Jews, Africans and other non-Europeans.

Even after the passing of the racial laws, Mussolini continued to make contradictory statements about race. According to the historian Renzo De Felice , the influence of the Nazis and of Germany was significant, but not the sole factor in the generation of these racial concerns and decrees. From the Nazi side there had not been pressure, because Italy allied itself even in this subject of race with Germany, and Mussolini had been himself ideologically expounding upon the need to preserve the stock of the "European Aryan" race for years. The strong Italian and German alliance was greatly bound by the common political philosophy of fascism as a form of "progressive reaction"—both Mussolini and Hitler despised modern-style liberal humanist democracy, but lauded their own ideas of fascism as paradoxically the fulfillment of true, anti-Marxist, "organized, centralized, authoritarian democracy" or "folk-socialist democracy".

Mussolini was greatly admired by Adolf Hitler, and in one of his conversations Hitler opened up emotionally, declaring the Duce was his "only real friend". Hitler was captivated and personally inspired by the March on Rome and envisioned himself at the head of a similar march on Berlin.

He conceived it, at least partially and tactically, as an offering calculated to solidify the Italo-German Alliance. In Fascist literature and periodicals, a shift toward a less refined racism, accentuating the biological, Indo-European element occurred, emphasizing the original Latin Romans as a nucleus of warlike Aryans closely related to Celtic and paleo-Iranian ethnic groups see Italo-Celtic and more and more Italian Fascist nationalism merged with Aryan racism doctrinally. After considerable resistance, Nazi influence began to penetrate some circles in the Kingdom of Italy.

The individualistic maverick thinker Julius Evola was key in introducing Aryan racism and antisemitism into Fascist Italy. Giovanni Gentile , for example, despised the introduction of biological racism into Fascism, and the same can be said of the majority of the early theoreticians of intellectual Fascism. Yet a concern for corporate group national identity, as opposed to what Gentile called the "solipsist ego" enshrined by demo-liberal politics, was always part of the Fascist worldview.

In any case, it was not unusual, before the outbreak of Second World War, for Fascist intellectuals to oppose themselves to the more excessive and irrational components of Ariosophy -descended National Socialist racism.