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It was more that whole thing of metal bands taking the punk ethic of putting out your own records, booking your own gigs, just doing whatever the hell you wanted.

Reliving the Past with The Midnight: An In-Depth Interview

We do this because we love it not because we want to have a record deal or some other horseshit. Please tell us about the new EP cover and title? The cover was just to make it look very quickly-done, which it was. I explained what I kinda wanted to Eric at Hells Headbangers and he came up with that in 15 minutes.

Who Are The Midnight?: An Interview with the Masters of Modern Nostalgia

Why do this release in between full-lengths? Again no real reason, just felt it should be out there for people who are just as fucked as me to hear. What inspired the lyrics in the new songs? Mortality, death, depression, sensual sexual desire. Why pick those covers? When can we expect the next full length? Is it already fully written? Just waiting for the cover art to be finished.

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I think the artist has to do some more chores around the house so his mom can give him some money to buy more crayons to finish it up. When will it be recorded?

Interview with Tim from The Midnight

Will it be a case of more business as usual and continuing on where the new EP tracks have left off? By Men at work? What is the Midnight creative process like?

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If you had to name five bands who have helped fuel and shape the sound of Midnight who would they be? That was from an early gig when it was just me playing along to a tape. I had a huge upside-down cross or right side up depending on which way you look at it, which was on fire; probably not the smartest idea in a crowded club up two flights of stairs, but what the hell, it was pre-Great White. What style does The Midnight Collective fall under?

I started The Midnight Collective in about It took off in that first year, and the following year, and eventually moved me across the country back home to Florida, and then across the country again to California. The Midnight Collective is my own art, in the form of streetwear. Some of the messages and sayings have a darker side to them.

AMA with The Midnight

Most artists draw from their own personal experiences. The ones that inspire me the most are the ones that made me hurt the most. I noticed a lot of people responding to it and relating to it, so I continued to expand and add the sad skeletons in the composition. My dream job as a kid was to design t-shirts for places like Pac Sun, Zumiez, etc. I never realized at that age that it was all individual brands doing their own thing.

Midnight interview with Mark Kadzielawa 2018

I never counted it as a feasible career path until I realized anyone can do it. How does the creative process work for you? Do you randomly think of ideas during the day, or is there a certain time you set aside for brainstorming?

Sometimes my friends inspire me. What has been the biggest challenge with the creation of The Midnight Collective? The biggest challenge was in the first year of the brand, it actually had a different name and target audience.