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So, yes, breaking her arm was a very bad thing. With an IQ over one-eighty, and standing only five feet tall, she always considered her wits to be her greatest weapon. Her Hand the military unit of five sekasha-caste bodyguards, not the appendage attached to her arm had spent the week act- ing like there were evil ninjas hiding in every shadow. With her Hand in protective overdrive, the last thing Tinker needed was a pushy stranger trying to talk to her.

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The tall sekasha towered between Tinker and Chloe like trees. Dangerous trees with magically sharp wooden swords that could cut through solid steel. How are you today? Tinker loved her sekasha, espe- cially her First, Pony, but in the last few days she just wanted to whack them all with a big stick.

They might even stand still and let her smack them. She would feel guilty, however, since she had nearly gotten them killed the week before last. Cloudwalker and Little Egret still sported an impressive set of bruises, and Rainlily had a slight wheeze from smoke inhalation.

Or at least, she tried; it was like trying to move a tree. Compressing eight weeks of healing into one, though, hurts like—shit! She hissed as pain flashed through her right arm. Nervous sekasha were deadly sekasha. They were on the bridge that led into the Squirrel Hill Tunnels. It was the beginning of September, but heat blasted off the sun-baked concrete, scented with ancient gas fumes. Despite the heat, Chloe Polanski wore her beauty like an impenetrable shield.

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Every hair of her pale blond bob was in place. Her tortoise blouse and black slacks managed to be elf flamboyant and yet human formal at the same time. Chloe seemed completely at ease; only her perfectly manicured fingertips, nervously fidgeting with her amber necklace, betrayed her awareness of how dangerous the sekasha could be. So far she had accidentally changed from human to elf, unknowingly gotten married, ripped a hole in the fabric of real- ity, fallen off the planet, crashed a spaceship into Turtle Creek, and fought a dragon.

Trying to explain everything would take half the afternoon, a large whiteboard, and a great deal of advanced physics.

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Tinker fought the temptation to stick her tongue out at Chloe. The reporter was wearing her signature face-to-face camera eye- piece, allowing her to film both herself and her interview subject without a cameraman.

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In a fabled remote and secure place, often sought out by those she interviewed but never found, everything Chloe saw was recorded. The rest of her success was due to her vindictiveness: It would behoove Tinker to play nice for her first official interview as the elf princess, even if the experience were akin to waterboarding.

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How had Chloe gotten to the stretch of abandoned highway in front of Squirrel Hill Tunnels? Chloe began walking backward, keeping just a few feet in front of Tinker. Displaying what years of practice could achieve, Chloe side- stepped a pothole without glancing down. Annoyingly, Chloe was right.

Tinker stopped with a sigh. Jewel Tear on Stone is currently the head of the Stone Clan. She and Forest Moss on Stone are also work- ing with the prince and the viceroy. It made for an easy excuse. Not that it had even occurred to her to join in the combat. Earth Son was killed by his own people within a week of arriving. What happens to his share? Will the Wind Clan still be giving up that land? Is it true that they will also receive part of the city? Until the Stone Clan responds, all negotiations have been put on hold.

However, the elves of Elfhome have no interest on staying on Earth and spending time with Earthlings even for this small amount of time, and hence they stay in Elfhome while Shutdown is taking place. This is why when Tinker sees an elf running through her yard during Shutdown, she is amazed. She goes to investigate and finds out that the elf is Windwolf, who is being chased by wargs, which are evil demonic creatures from Elfhome. Tinker feels duty-bound to help the elf now that he is in trouble, and hence immediately comes to his rescue.

While she manages to fight off the wargs, her elven friend survives but is seriously injured and needs immediate medical attention. The story continues to build as Tinker realizes that now there are wargs who are after her as they want to erase any evidence of the attack on Windwolf. Even worse than that, the NSA seems to be on her tail too as they realize how genius Tinker is and what are her mental capacities. NSA wants to use her intelligence to construct a gate that will link Earth to Pittsburgh which is stuck in Elfhome, and they need Tinker to co-operate whether or not she wants to.

The book is jam-packed with action, adventure and intrigue on each page. The writing style is so engaging that it is difficult to put the book down. The second book in the series is named Wolf Who Rules. It continues where the last book left off, with Tinker and Windwolf carrying on their adventures. In this novel, the head of the Wind Clan, who lives in Elfhome, faces a lot of troubles and threats from all sides.

He tries to keep a balance between humans and elves while being attacked by oni dragons and tengu, which are creatures that are trying to disrupt the peace of everyone. Tinker faces her own challenges as she has recurrent nightmares. These dreams may hold the secret to saving Pittsburgh, and therefore Tinker must do everything in her power to try to decipher these nightmares and follow the path that they are leading her to.

Elfhome series does not end on these two books. There are other books in the series, each of which has its own main plot while building on the story line that we already know. The twin sisters realize the truth about who they are, and must fight to help Tinker in her struggles. The series does not slow down for a single page; the action continues throughout all the books so the readers are not bored for even a minute.

This makes Tinker a more relate-able character, as we see her facing the struggles that a normal human does. She may be a genius, but she still has emotions and feelings like any normal human girl. If you are into fantasy novels, this is one you should not pass up on.

Fun little short story!

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Mar 02, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a nice little short story that gives a little background in the Elfhome universe. There isn't much to it but it is still awesome and well worth the short time it will take. May 21, Julia rated it liked it. Aug 08, Phoenix rated it really liked it.

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Mar 30, Anita rated it really liked it Shelves: I read this a while ago, and honestly don't remember enough to review it, just that I liked it. Aug 24, Kerry rated it liked it Shelves: Just a short, little story. I'm glad to have read it, but in all honesty, there's not much there. Bernie rated it really liked it Dec 20, Selena rated it really liked it Oct 05, Bryan rated it it was amazing Jun 15, Sascha Broich rated it liked it Sep 01, Michelle rated it it was ok Sep 23, Qrez rated it it was amazing Mar 07, Elizabeth Creegan rated it it was amazing Jul 23, Jen Hicks rated it it was ok Nov 02, Michele rated it really liked it Oct 12, Laura Bowen rated it really liked it Jul 08, Donna rated it really liked it Aug 25, Philip Heathman rated it it was amazing Jul 12, Pam rated it really liked it Mar 01, Htet Htet rated it liked it Nov 04, Lope Nieves rated it it was amazing Sep 14, Tahina rated it liked it Jun 09, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Spencer says that she often wakes up and exclaims "Oh my god, I live on an island in the middle of the Pacific!