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The aim of this project was to investigate the evidential value of blue and black ballpoint pen inks in Australia. For this purpose, 49 blue and 42 black ballpoint pen inks, of different brands, models and batches, representative of those ballpoint pens available on the Australian market at the time of the study, were analysed by three techniques: The greatest degree of differentiation was achieved when using a combined sequence of techniques, the discriminating power being 0.

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In respect to the discrimination between different batches of a same brand and model, it was shown that 14 out of the 33 pairs compared could be discriminated. Overall, this study confirmed the high value of the examination of inks when applied to ballpoint pens available in Australia, especially when a combined sequence of techniques is applied. Either blood or the shell gland could be the biosynthesis site of eggshell biliverdin.

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A segregation population with full-sib sisters genotyped Oo and oo, which laid blue-shelled eggs and light brown eggs, respectively, was constructed in a native Chinese chicken breed. Ultraviolet spectrophotometry and HPLC were used to determine the biliverdin concentration in eggshells, blood, bile, excreta, and shell gland of both groups of chickens.

Blood and bile were tested 3 to 4 h before oviposition, and excreta was tested randomly. Results showed no significant difference in biliverdin concentration in blood, bile, and excreta between the 2 groups.

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In the shell gland, the biliverdin contents for the blue-shelled and brown-shelled chickens were 8. Our results demonstrated that blood is not the biosynthesis site of the shell biliverdin. Biliverdin is most likely synthesized in the shell gland and then deposited onto the eggshell of chickens.

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National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.