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The Diversity of Sexologies in Latin America: Emergence, Development, and Diversification. International Journal of Sexual Health ; 25 1: A history of sexual medicine in the United kingdom. J Sex Med ; 2 4: Bonierbale M, Waynberg J.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

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Services on Demand Journal. During his farewell speech he said he felt an additional burden to prove that he could handle the presidency despite his humble beginnings. Since the beginning of his political career to the present, Lula has changed some of his original ideas and moderated his positions. Instead of the drastic social changes he proposed in the past, his government chose a reformist line, passing new retirement, tax, labour and judicial legislation, and discussing university reform.

Very few of the proposed reforms were actually implemented during Lula's terms of office. Some wings of the Worker's Party disagreed with the increasing moderation in focus since the late eighties and have since left the party to form dissident wings such as the Workers' Cause Party , the United Socialist Workers' Party and, during Lula's presidency, the Socialism and Liberty Party. Lula put social programs at the top of his agenda during the campaigns and after election. From very early on his leading program was to eradicate hunger, following the lead of projects already put into practice by the Fernando Henrique Cardoso administration, but expanded by the new Fome Zero "Zero Hunger" program.

Not long thereafter, other municipalities and states adopted similar programs. President Fernando Henrique Cardoso later federalized the program in This was preceded by the creation of a new ministry — the Ministry of Social Development and Eradication of Hunger.

Services on Demand

This merger reduced administrative costs and bureaucratic complexity for both the families involved and the administration of the program. Fome Zero has a government budget and accepts donations from the private sector and international organizations.

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It was intended to strengthen Brazil's infrastructure, and consequently to stimulate the private sector and create more jobs. This led to some market hysteria, contributing to a drop in the value of the real , and a downgrade of Brazil's credit rating. Silva and his cabinet followed in part the lead of the previous government, [47] by renewing all agreements with the International Monetary Fund , which were signed by the time Argentina defaulted on its own deals in His government achieved a satisfactory primary budget surplus in the first two years, as required by the IMF agreement, exceeding the target for the third year.

In late , the government paid off its debt to the IMF in full, two years ahead of schedule. The government's choice of inflation targeting kept the economy stable, and was complimented during the World Economic Forum in Davos. Lula then appointed Guido Mantega , a member of the PT and an economist by profession, as finance minister.

Mantega, a former Marxist who had written a PhD thesis in Sociology on the history of economic ideas in Brazil from a left-wing viewpoint, was known for his criticism of high interest rates, something he claimed satisfied banking interests. Mantega was also supportive of a higher level of employment by the state. The measures included investment in the creation and repair of roads and railways, simplification and reduction of taxation, and modernization of the country's energy production to avoid further shortages. Prior to taking office, Lula had been a critic of privatization.

In his government, however, his administration created public-private partnership concessions for seven federal roadways. After decades with the largest foreign debt among emerging economies , Brazil became a net creditor for the first time in January Banks made record profits under Lula's government.

  • Rômulo Estrela substitui Renato Góes em 'Deus salve o rei', próxima novela das sete.
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  • Lula's second term was much more confident; Lula was then not only the undisputed master of popular affection, as the first president to bring a modest well-being to many people, but also in complete control of his own administration. His two leading ministers were gone. Their joint elimination freed Lula for sole command in Brasilia. When, midway through his second term its test came, he handled it with aplomb. The crash of Wall Street in might have been a tsunami in the US and Europe, he declared, but in Brazil it would be no more than a little 'ripple' " uma marolinha ".

    The phrase was seized on by the Brazilian press as proof of reckless economic ignorance and irresponsibility. Brazil also provided UN peace-keeping troops and led a peace-keeping mission in Haiti. According to The Economist of 2 March , Lula had a pragmatic foreign policy, seeing himself as a negotiator, not an ideologue, a leader adept at reconciling opposites.

    In , he was said to have become a "point man for healing regional crises," as in the escalation of tensions between Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. Former Finance Minister , and current advisor, Delfim Netto, said: He travelled to more than 80 countries during his presidency. In this he was unsuccessful. The condemnation of Iranian Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani for the crime of adultery, with a sentence of execution by stoning led to calls for Lula da Silva's intervention on her behalf.

    On the issue, Lula commented that "I need to respect the laws of a [foreign] country. If my friendship with the president of Iran and the respect that I have for him is worth something, if this woman has become a nuisance, we will receive her in Brazil. Mina Ahadi , an Iranian Communist politician, welcomed Lula da Silva's offer of asylum for Ashtiani, but also reiterated a call for an end to stoning altogether and requesting a cessation of recognition and support for the Iranian government. He did lose some important votes in Congress however, such as when the Senate barred a tax on financial transactions from being reinstated.

    Another frequent reproach was his ambiguous treatment of the left wing of the PT. Analysts felt that he would occasionally give in to left-wing calls for tighter government control on media and increased state intervention: Both proposals ultimately failed amid concerns over the effect of state control on free speech.

    In March , before a G summit in London, Lula caused an uproar by declaring that the economic crisis was caused by "the irrational behavior of white people with blue eyes, who before seemed to know everything, and now have shown they don't know anything. When wanted Italian terrorist Cesare Battisti was arrested in Rio de Janeiro on 18 March by Brazilian and French police officers, Brazilian Minister of Justice Tarso Genro granted him status as a political refugee, a controversial decision much criticized in Italy which divided the Brazilian and international press.

    On 5 February , the European Parliament adopted a resolution in support of Italy and held a minute's silence in memory of Battisti's victims.

    Rômulo Estrela substitui Renato Góes em 'Deus salve o rei', próxima novela das sete

    On 18 November , the Brazilian Supreme Court declared the refugee status illegal and allowed Battisi's extradition, but also stated that the Brazilian constitution gave the president personal powers to deny the extradition if he chose to, effectively putting the final decision in the hands of Lula. Battisti was released on 9 June from prison after the Brazilian Constitutional Court denied Italy's request to extradite him. Lula da Silva claimed on Brazilian public television that he did not know anything about the scandals.

    In July , Lula was convicted of receiving bribe from a Brazilian construction company and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. In April the Public Ministry of Brazil opened an investigation into allegations of influence peddling by Lula, which claimed that between and he had lobbied for government contracts in foreign countries for the Odebrecht company and had also persuaded the Brazilian Development Bank to finance the projects in Ghana , Angola , Cuba , and the Dominican Republic.

    On 16 March , Rousseff appointed Lula as her chief of staff , a position comparable to that of prime minister. This would have shielded him from arrest due to the immunity that went with the position. On 14 September , prosecutors filed corruption charges against Lula, accusing him of being the mastermind or 'maximum commander of the scheme'. On 11 May , Lula answered a summons by appearing in Curitiba , and was questioned by Moro. The closed-court hearing lasted five hours.

    Thousands of Lula supporters went to Curitiba, together with Dilma Rousseff. After the hearing, Lula and Rousseff gave speeches to his supporters; Lula attacked what he called bias in the Brazilian media. On 25 January the Appeal Court of Porto Alegre found Lula guilty of corruption and money laundering and sentenced him to 12 years of prison [] , for one of the nine law processes, as the other eight are still in course.

    Lula also faced other charges including money laundering, influence peddling and obstruction of justice.

    Diogo Portugal - Atentado ao Bolsonaro

    Lula and his political party vowed to continue his campaign from prison following the court's decision that he must surrender himself by 6 April. Lula's prison created the movement "Free Lula". They presented as proof of abusive practices:. The UN accepted the case [] and Brazil had six months to respond to the petition with the committee made of 18 international jurists. Following Judge's Moro issuing of an arrest warrant for the ex-president, on April 6, , Lula appealed to the UN"s Human Rights Committee to ask the government to prevent his arrest until he had exhausted all appeals.

    The Committee initiated, on May 28, , a formal investigation into violations against basic judicial guarantees in Lula's case. In August, the UN Human Rights Committee "requested Brazil to take all necessary measures to ensure that Lula can enjoy and exercise his political rights while in prison, as candidate in the presidential elections.

    He elected chemotherapy to counteract the tumor, and on 16 November, his press office released photos of his wife shaving his beard and hair, leaving him bald, although he retained his moustache. Lula announced his recovery in March , as well as his return to politics. Fellow politician Dilma Rousseff , then president of Brazil, welcomed the news. Lula da Silva was expected to join Rousseff's government, according to official media sources [ who?

    The appointment raised concerns about his arrest and investigation. In , Lula announced he would stand as the Workers' Party candidate for president again in the election.

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    • In September, he led a caravan of supporters to travel through the states of Brazil, starting with Minas Gerais, whose governor is Lula's political ally Fernando Pimentel. Despite Lula's imprisonment in April , the Workers' Party insisted in keeping Lula as the party's presidential candidate. In response to an appeal considering Lula as a political prisoner, the UN Human Rights Committee ruled on 17 August that it had requested the Brazilian government to allow Lula to exercise his political rights.

      Rômulo Estrela substitui Renato Góes em 'Deus salve o rei', próxima novela das sete

      In a 26 August poll, Lula had 39 percent of vote intentions within one month of the first round. The same opinion polling put Lula ahead of all his challengers in a second round run-off, including the nearest one, PSL candidate Jair Bolsonaro , by 52 to Lula's candidacy was denied by the Superior Electoral Court on 31 August , when the majority of the seven-judge panel voted to bar Lula from running in the presidential race.

      He received the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation in [] and was the chief guest at India's Republic Day celebration in The most popular politician on earth. The Financial Times ranked Lula among the 50 faces that shaped the s. On 5 November , President Lula was awarded the Chatham House Prize, given to the statesperson who is deemed by Chatham House members to have made the most significant contribution to the improvement of international relations in the previous year. Dwivedi Public Service Award from the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration IASIA , an award established to honor a distinguished international scholar or practitioner for significant contributions to public administration and public policy in the world.

      On 29 January , President Lula was given the Global Statesman award by the World Economic Forum , held in Davos, Switzerland , but could not attend the ceremony due to problems of high blood pressure. On 14 October , President Lula received the World Food Prize , along with John Kufuor , former president of Ghana, for his personal commitment and visionary leadership while serving as the president of Brazil, and for creating and implementing government policies to alleviate hunger and poverty in his country.

      He highlighted in his nomination letter that Lula "throughout his social commitments to trade unions and as a politician, developed public policies to overcome hunger and poverty in his country, [that has among] the most structural inequality in the world". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Lula disambiguation. Maria de Lurdes da Silva m. Foreign relations of Brazil. Retrieved 3 December Retrieved 27 July The New York Times. Retrieved 30 June Retrieved 29 March Retrieved 17 August Retrieved 27 October Retrieved 4 January Archived from the original on 29 December Retrieved 9 June London Review of Books.

      Retrieved 5 April Retrieved 17 March Correio Braziliense in Portuguese. Retrieved 18 March Retrieved 12 July Retrieved 6 April Retrieved 3 October Lula, o filho do Brasil.