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Arsch male, noun, vulgar — ass, arse in English. As a native speaker you never give it a lot of thought but once you take a look at Arsch in the dictionary you realise that it is used in various ways. Some of the expressions are similar in English. However, some of them are really hilarious when you translate them literally. Leck mich am Arsch.

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Das geht mir am Arsch vorbei. It passes my ass.

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Das liegt am Arsch der Welt. It is located at the ass of the world. I rip my ass apart. I work my butt off. Es ist alles im Arsch. Der kriecht ihr in den Arsch.

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He is crawling into her ass. Du hast ja wohl den Arsch offen? Is your ass open?

Am Arsch der Welt - SACRED #31 [german]

What the fuck is wrong with you? Ich trete Dir gleich in den Arsch. I am going to kick into your ass. I am going to kick your ass.

Du hast den schonsten Arsch

Ich habe Dir gerade den Arsch gerettet. I just saved your ass. Ich bin voll im Arsch. I am fully in the ass. At the back of beyond, at the back of beyond, we are formed up forever and three days: At the back of beyond, at the back of beyond, every wimp is going to be a great hero. Originally Posted by ivbaust. Originally Posted by PH1.

Don't you mean "At the ass of the world"?

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It sounds like a modern dirty humour song. It's not from the Third Reich period, of course. Well, I did suspected this song isn't from WW2 for a while cuz I can't find anything abt this from many website. Anyway, thx for the translation Sven Janke is offline.

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The ass of the world was at the wolchow front, as you probably know: Find More Posts by Sven Janke. Contact Us - Wehrmacht-Awards. Am arsch der welt Sorry to post this thread here but I donno where can I post this. Find More Posts by bfe4.