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He would re-gather them from the peoples of captivity, set them in judgment before Him, receive the righteous v. When the nation is restored to the land of Israel, they will no longer worship idols, but they will worship the LORD in holiness vv. Pictures of the Imminent Invasion The Sign of the Forest Fire In verses 45—49, we have a prophecy against the South Heb. Negev, part of Judah ; it will be destroyed by the forest fire Babylonian invasion. The Sign of the Drawn Sword The sword of Babylon is prepared for the slaughter vv.

Verses 10c and 13 mean this: It was no time for Judah to make mirth. They had despised all previous weapons of affliction, which are spoken of in the NKJV as having been made of wood. Now they would experience a sword made of steel, and there was the possibility that the scepter that despises, i. The Sign of the Fork in the Road He comes to a fork in the road: One branch leads to Jerusalem, and the other to Rabbah capital of Ammon.

Which city shall he attack first? He uses three means of divination: Zedekiah is the profane, wicked prince of verse During the time of Christ, Israel had a king, but he was under the authorities of the Romans so was truly an independent king. The Ammonites will next be attacked by the king of Babylon; they will be utterly destroyed. History and current events are full of instances of God overturning human governments until Christ comes, whose right it is to reign.

For these sins of dishonest profit and bloodshed, the people would be scattered among the nations vv. All classes of society were guilty before the Lord—rulers v. Not a righteous man could be found, not a reformer nor an intercessor to stand for God vv. God is not looking for new methods or programs; God is always looking for someone to stand in the gap. One person can make a difference. Oholah was Samaria, and Oholibah was Jerusalem. Oholah means [she has] her own tent. Samaria had set up her own center of worship. Oholah played the harlot to the good-looking and macho horsemen of Assyria; therefore, she was abandoned to her lovers by God, and they uncovered her nakedness and slew her with the sword.

First she lusted after the Assyrians, just as Israel had done vv. Then she doted on the images of the men of Babylon portrayed in vermilion. She lusted for them and sent messengers to them, inviting them to her land 2 Kgs. Recalling her youthful sins in the land of Egypt, she also multiplied her harlotry and gave herself over to the Babylonians to commit terrible immorality.

The Invasion of the Babylonians Those desirable young men she lusted after would treat her hatefully. She tried to find satisfaction in the fleshly world, apart from God. Now her sins must be judged. Verses 33 and 34 describe the symptoms of depression and despair, which we find all over today. The Judgment of Oholah and Oholibah Righteous men nations chosen by God would repay the sisters for their lewdness with well-deserved destruction vv. Much of modern Christendom, sad to say, combines elements of the Bible with Judaism, paganism, eastern religion, humanism, and psychology.

The Parable of the Boiling Pot The pot was Jerusalem; the pieces of meat were the people. The pot was about to boil. It had scum, or rust, in it—the lewdness of idolatry. After the pot was thoroughly emptied, it would be burned to remove the scum. She died on the evening of that day, and, contrary to all normal reactions, he was commanded not to mourn. When the people asked the meaning of his strange behavior, he told them that when the desire of their eyes the temple would be destroyed and their sons and daughters would be killed, they were not to mourn.

One purpose of fulfilled prophecy is to let the world know who is the Lord GOD v. Ezekiel was not to utter any more prophecies to Judah until a fugitive brought him the news that their stronghold had fallen. That event is recorded in The intervening chapters, 25—32, are prophecies to Gentile nations, not to Judah. These nations are judged for various forms of rebellion against God. Prophecy against Ammon Rabbah would become a stable for camels and Ammon a resting place for flocks.

Prophecy against Moab The land of Moab would be opened to the Babylonians and would suffer the same fate as Ammon. Prophecy against Edom Prophecy against Philistia Prophecy against Tyre The Destruction of Tyre Chap. Its punishment extends from Super-commercial Tyre rejoiced when it heard that its rival city, Jerusalem, had fallen, thinking that it would now get all the business! Jerusalem had controlled all the overland trade routes, and its fall meant freer traffic for Tyre with Egypt and other southern countries.

God would use many nations to chastise this city-state. The predictions of verses 4—6 have been literally fulfilled. First Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, king of kings, marched against Tyre from the north and attacked it vv. The siege was extremely long—about B. But the people fled with their possessions to an offshore island, also called Tyre.

They remained secure there for years. Then Alexander the Great built a causeway to the island by scraping clean the original city and throwing the rubble into the sea. Over a hundred years ago a traveler described the ruins of Tyre as being exactly as predicted: The part which projects south beyond the isthmus is perhaps a quarter of a mile broad, and is rocky and uneven. Tyre has never been rebuilt—a fulfillment of verse In his book, Science Speaks, Peter Stoner says that this entire prophecy concerning Tyre, considering all the details, using the principle of probability, had a one-in-four hundred million chance of fulfillment.

The Dirge over Tyre Chap. Tyre was not a military force which conquered the world; the Tyrians were merchants. All kinds of merchandise and knowledge were exchanged for the sake of personal gain. This is commonly accepted, but all beauty and knowledge apart from the Lord Jesus is empty. The Downfall of the Prince of Tyre No doubt this prince foreshadows the antichrist. In verse 11 there is a change from the prince of Tyre to the king of Tyre. The latter is the spirit that animated the prince.

The king of Tyre was noted for his beauty, but because of his pride he was destroyed. The description of the king of Tyre as the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty, as having been in Eden, the garden of God, as having every precious stone as a covering, as being the anointed cherub, and as having been on the holy mountain of God, are taken together to be a description of Satan and of his fall from heaven.

But as he viewed the thoughts and ways of that monarch, he clearly discerned behind him the motivating force and personality who was impelling him in his opposition to God. In short, he saw the work and activity of Satan, whom the king of Tyre was emulating in so many ways.

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Recall the incident in Matthew This appears to be a similar situation. If pride is deadly enough to destroy a most powerful and wise being, how much more should we mortals take heed not to walk independently of the Lord! Prophecy against Sidon It was a seacoast city near Tyre. God warned that it would be subjected to pestilence and sword, but He did not say it would be destroyed forever. Sidon still stands today as a town in Lebanon, though biblical Tyre has been wiped out completely see Prophecy against Egypt Chaps.

These seem to be the most unsparing judgments of all. Without the River Nile, Egypt would be dead, and one would expect its people to cherish life. But no, Egypt is the land of death. Its most famous book is the Book of the Dead. Its greatest monuments are the pyramids, which are huge tombs. Its kings built small palaces but huge sepulchers, and they were embalmed to enjoy their time in the grave!

The heart of the Egyptian is quite unimpressed facing death, full of self-assertion. Therefore judgment had to come over Egypt, which nation in the Bible is a picture of the world, especially as being without God. This crocodile is proud, but short-sighted.

Ezekiel 35

The fish are the people of Egypt. All are to be punished by God. In looking to Egypt for help, Israel had leaned on a broken reed. Egypt receives the most severe judgment because it was unreliable and untrustworthy. Then God would gather the people, but Egypt would never be a great kingdom again, and Israel would no longer look to it for help. Nebuchadnezzar had worked hard besieging Tyre, but received no wages for it because the people fled to the island fortress with their possessions. Therefore God would give him Egypt as his wages. Lamentation over the Fall of Egypt Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon is named as the one who would destroy the land.

The leading cities of Egypt are listed as doomed to destruction with their idols and images. No full-blooded Egyptian of the royal family has reigned in Egypt since that time. Farouk was the first member of the dynasty to have even a complete mastery of the Arabic language! The Downfall of Pharaoh The other was broken when the Babylonians invaded Egypt and conquered it.

Lamentation over Pharaoh and Egypt Chap. The king of Babylon would bring to nothing the pomp of Egypt, and the land would be left desolate and quiet. The nations lamented with tears. The Lord Jesus also shed tears for a city of murderers that would not accept Him and come under His protective wings.

God cares for His creatures and does not enjoy judging them. In verses 17—31, we have a view of Sheol the Pit where Egypt is sent. Assyria is there vv. Egypt had been great in this world, but in Sheol she is reduced to the same shame as the other nations vv. From chapter 33 to the end of the book, Ezekiel deals primarily with the restoration of Israel and the rebuilding of the temple. The Prophet Re-commissioned as a Watchman Chap. If he warns the people faithfully, but they do not hear, then they will be responsible for their own destruction.

God held Ezekiel responsible for the house of Israel. The question arises for every believer: For whom will God hold us responsible? To whom shall we witness? Whom shall we warn? Our relatives, fellow workers, neighbors, friends? It is a solemn responsibility, and we do harm to our own soul if we do not fulfill it faithfully. The people ask in despair: There is hope for the worst sinner, but the only hope is in turning from sin, not in condoning it. They argued that if one man—Abraham—had inherited the land, how much more right did such a group as they have to it.

But God was interested in quality, not quantity. They were even then committing various forms of idolatry, and the land would have to be cleansed from such abominations, which testified against them. They were not true spiritual descendants of Abraham. Their outward profession would not save them from judgment because God was not interested in mere words, but in life see James 2: The people liked to listen to Ezekiel, but they had no intention of obeying his words!

When his prophecies were fulfilled, they would know that a prophet had been in their midst. We should come to the Word of God with the intention of obeying, and constantly checking our hearts, lest we fail to apply what we hear.

The Holy Bible - Lamentations Chapter 5 (King James Version)

They ruled harshly, and the sheep became scattered. To this day many religious leaders have not learned the lesson of serving the sheep. The Lord allowed the flock to be scattered first in order to prevent further damage v. The flock are scattered, untended and hungry while selfish shepherds pamper themselves and loll in idleness and luxury without any thought of their responsibility.

They are careful to look out for their own food and clothing and comfort but no one else is to be considered for a minute. Therefore God is determined to rescue His sheep from these false shepherds. But all the time He has blessing in mind, and so He will gather the sheep and take care of individual needs. The greatest blessing will be the relation between the Lord and His sheep, an intimate fellowship between God and man. He will be their Shepherd and will gather them to the land and rule over them during the Millennium.

However, make sure to note that: The picture of the shepherd searching out the wanderer, in verse 12, is a remarkable foreshadowing of the parable of the lost sheep Luke It illustrates as clearly as anything can do the tender, loving qualities of the God of the Old Testament, and strikes a death-blow at those who try to drive a wedge between Yahweh, God of Israel, and the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Nor is it the only passage that speaks of the tender shepherd see Psalms In verses 17—24, the Lord GOD will also save His true sheep from the false shepherds, which are selfish and cruel. The Hebrew Christian, David Baron, explains: Thus Kimchi, in his comment on Ezekiel Under a covenant of peace v. The ideal form of government is a beneficent, absolute monarchy with Christ as King. The Doom of Edom Chap.

That country is here denounced by the Lord because of its perpetual hatred of the Jews, its rejoicing when Jerusalem fell, its cruelty to the fugitives, and its plan to seize the land of Israel. Edom wanted the blessing, but they did not want the Lord. Apart from the Lord Jesus we cannot be blessed, and this still holds true today.

Edom is doomed to perpetual desolation, with all trade cut off v.

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Edom blasphemed the Jews and treated them as enemies. But the Lord still identified Himself with His people. They were under discipline, but not rejected. Edom failed to notice the difference. God is displeased when believers secretly rejoice over the downfall of enemies of the faith. Love that is real does not feel even a quiet satisfaction when others are hurt, whether friends or foes.

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The Restoration of the Land and the People Chap. Not only would the land be restored, but the people would be restored to the land. The reasons for their exile were bloodshed and idolatry; they caused the name of God to be profaned among the nations wherever they went. Paul quotes verse 22 in Romans 2: God would cleanse them, give them a new heart and a new spirit the new birth , and save them from uncleanness. Cleansing from sins, which corresponds to justification, and is not to be confused with sanctification, is followed by renewal with the Holy Spirit, which takes away the old heart of stone and puts within a new heart of flesh, so that the man can fulfill the commandments of God, and walk in newness of life.

Crops of grain and fruit would be increased, and they would never suffer famine again. All this the Lord would do, not because they deserved it, but for the honor of His Name. The surrounding nations will know that God has repopulated and replanted the land. Men will then be as plentiful as the flocks of animals in Jerusalem on its feast days. These prophecies had a partial fulfillment when the Jews returned to the land from Babylon, but the complete fulfillment awaits the future reign of Christ.

Modern Israel achieved statehood in Jews are even now trickling back to the land in unbelief. The Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones He was ordered to prophesy to the bones that they would come to life. With dramatic force the prophet presents the heartening news that Israel may hope to live. A revival is possible! Even dry bones, without sinew and flesh and blood, can live. The same thrilling truth is still needed in a world that has dry bones everywhere.

What we need is to have the Holy Spirit come with His quickening power that a genuine revival may sweep the earth. The first time he spoke the Word of God, the sinews, flesh and skin came upon the bones. The next time he prophesied to the wind or breath, and the breath came into the bodies. This pictured the national restoration of Israel vv.

We should notice the parallel in our own regeneration. There must be the word of the Lord v. The Reunification of Israel and Judah By holding them end to end, he joined them into one stick. This meant that the two kingdoms, torn apart in the days of Rehoboam, would be reunited. One king the Messiah would reign over them, and they would be saved, cleansed, and restored. David here the Lord Jesus would be the king, and the people would obey Him implicitly. God would make an everlasting covenant of peace with them, and the temple would be set in their midst.

This is still future. The first battle of Gog and Magog. Notice which nation is missing from the list of Middle Eastern nations that will attack Israel.

What could possibly justify such an all-out military effort by the Muslim confederacy that is described here? The Arab nations despise Israel and call for her destruction. Also, although they have tremendous oil wealth, their agricultural and other natural resources are somewhat scarce. The development of Israel since has been phenomenal.

It is also a known fact that the mineral wealth in the Dead Sea is of almost incalculable value! Much of it is used for production of fertilizer. Israel also stands at a crossroads of world commerce. Whoever controls Israel could control much more. The greatest military power in the world will not be able to stand when God lets loose His fury by causing mountains, valleys, and buildings to be leveled. Thus, God will be magnified, because it will be recognized that the Lord has done this. The destruction of the great army will be almost total. The text states that but one-sixth will survive.

However, scholars are not agreed on the meaning of the original construction. The bows and arrows may, without difficulty, be viewed as figurative of weapons of warfare of whatever kind they may be. Even the land of Magog, where many of the troops come from, will experience the wrath of fire from the Lord upon them. To clean up a carnage of this magnitude, supernatural aid is required.

Many, of course, will have had their permanent burial through the leveling of mountains and valleys. The ravenous beasts and birds of prey will clean off the flesh. While Israel is burying the skeletons and bones, seven months will transpire.

Bible Study: The book of Ezekiel

All the people of the land will be involved in the clean-up. It has been estimated that if an individual buried two bodies a day the total may have been in the millions. This gruesome task would appear to have a very sobering influence spiritually. No doubt it will prove to be one of the means of leading Israel, as well as the Gentiles, toward repentance and faith in the Lord.

Will Russia be involved in the military events of Ezekiel ? I believe that it is possible, in spite of the fact that the attacking nations are all Muslim dominated. Also, there are several other reasons that could prompt Russia to get involved:. Russia needs a warm-water entrance into the waterways of the world. Israel offers that, and Russia is moving in this direction. They are looking for a warm-water port. Sooner or later the United States will have to understand that it no longer has mastery of the seas.

Where are they going? All I know is that they are headed for the Mediterranean Sea. Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge. For generations, the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge has been an enduring cross-reference resource for Bible students worldwide. This highly respected and nearly exhaustive compilation of cross-references was developed by R. Torrey from references in the Rev.

Thomas Scott's Commentary and the Comprehensive Bible. With nearly , cross-references it is the most thorough source available. Ruth 1 Ruth 2 Ruth 3 Ruth 4. Lamentations 1 Lamentations 2 Lamentations 3 Lamentations 4 Lamentations 5. The desolation of Egypt. The restoration thereof after forty years. Egypt the reward of Nebuchadressar. Israel shall be restored. Study Ezekiel 30 The desolation of Egypt and her helpers. The arm of Babylon shall be strengthened to break the arm of Egypt. Study Ezekiel 31 A relation unto Pharaoh, of the glory of Assyria, and the fall thereof for pride.

The like destruction of Egypt. Study Ezekiel 32 A lamentation for the fearful fall of Egypt. The sword of Babylon shall destroy it. It shall be brought down to hell, among all the uncircumcised nations. Study Ezekiel 33 According to the duty of a watchman, in warning the people, Ezekiel is admonished of his duty.

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God sheweth the justice of his ways towards the penitent, and towards revolters. He maintaineth his justice. Upon the news of the taking of Jerusalem he prophesieth the desolations of the land. God's judgment upon the mockers of the prophets.

Study Ezekiel 34 A reproof of the shepherds. God's judgment against them. His providence for his flock. The Kingdom of Christ. Study Ezekiel 35 The judgment of mount Seir for their hatred of Israel. Study Ezekiel 36 The land of Israel is comforted, both by destruction of the heathen, who spitefully used it, and by the blessings of God promised unto it. Israel was rejected for their sin, and shall be restored without their desert.

The blessings of Christ's Kingdom. Study Ezekiel 37 By the resurrection of dry bones, the dead hope of Israel is revived. By the uniting of two sticks, is shewed the incorporation of Israel into Judah. The promises of Christ's Kingdom.

Study Ezekiel 38 The army, and malice of Gog. God's judgment against him. Study Ezekiel 39 God's judgment upon Gog. Gog's burial in Hamon-gog. The feast of the fowls. Israel, having been plagued for their sins, shall be gathered again with eternal favour. Study Ezekiel 40 The time, manner, and end of the vision. The description of the east gate, of the north gate, of the south gate, of the east gate, and of the north gate. The porch of the house. Study Ezekiel 41 The measures, parts, chambers, and ornaments of the Temple. Study Ezekiel 42 The chambers for the priests. The measures of the outward court.

Study Ezekiel 43 The returning of the glory of God into the Temple. The sin of Israel hindered God's presence. The prophet exhorteth them to repentance, and observation of the law of the house. The measures, and the ordinances of the altar. Study Ezekiel 44 The east gate assigned only to the prince.