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Migliora i risultati Libri. Tecniche e Discipline per il Corpo. Terapie e discipline orientali. Filtro Pubblicazione Tutti Prima del Mantak Chia Mantak Chia nato nel a Bangkok, ha avuto come primi Maestri i monaci buddhisti tailandesi. Tao Yoga Chi Kung dell'Energia Esercizi della "camicia di ferro" per migliorare ed equilibrare la salute fisica, mentale e spirituale. Tao Yoga dell'Amore L'appagamento totale di corpo, mente e anima 4 Autore: Tao Yoga Fusione dei 5 Elementi Meditazione di base e meditazione avanzata per trasformare le emozioni negative 1 Autore: Tao Yoga Il risveglio dell'energia attraverso il tao 4 Autore: Tao Yoga e Automassaggio Tecniche di ringiovanimento, il sorriso interno e i sei suoni risanatori nel metodo taoista 4 Autore: Servizi Guida all'acquisto Pagamenti e Spedizioni Confezioni regalo Diritto di recesso Regolamento recensioni articoli Regolamento raccolta punti.

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Guadagna punti Otterrai un punto per ogni euro speso con i tuoi ordini effettuati sul sito. I punti si trasformano in credito: Puoi convertire i tuoi punti in credito da subito; il tuo credito diventa disponibile per il tuo prossimo ordine! The ubiquitous social media landscape has created an information ecosystem populated by a cacophony of opinion, true and false information, and an unprecedented quantity of data on many topics.

Policy makers and the social media industry grapple with the challenge of curbing fake news, disinformation, and hate speech; and the field of medicine is similarly confronted with the spread of false, inaccurate, or incomplete health information. Food and Drug Administration cleared a mobile medical application app to help increase retention the amount of time a patient participates in an outpatient treatment program for individuals with opioid use disorder OUD.

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The reSET-O app is a prescription cognitive behavioral therapy intended to be used in addition to outpatient treatment under the care of a health care professional, in conjunction with treatment that includes buprenorphine and contingency management. Contingency management is a behavior modification intervention that establishes a connection between new, targeted behavior and the opportunity to obtain a desired reward. Behaviour change techniques and their mechanisms of action: Cumulative progress in the development, evaluation and synthesis of behavioural interventions could be improved by identifying the MoAs through which BCTs are believed to bring about change……..

The BCT-MoA links described by intervention authors and identified in this extensive review present intervention developers and reviewers with a first level of systematically collated evidence. The extent to which these links are empirically supported requires systematic investigation. La prima legge regionale: The constantly evolving digital world must be used in the practice of medicine to improve the care of patients.

However, the only way to do so effectively is via evidence-based, meaningful and strategic use. Basta con gli influencer. Gli influencer sono diversi dagli influser. I primi sono persone che mettono il proprio volto, nome e autorevolezza al servizio di un brand con operazioni di endorsement per le quali vengono ingaggiate. Ma ho imparato che non sei mai troppo piccolo per riuscire a fare la differenza. Posted on 29 ottobre 29 ottobre Senza categoria.

What is Social Marketing? How Does it Differ from Communications and Policy? Students put the four Ps of marketing into practice in Panama. In the space of a few short years, Twitter has grown from several strands of inconsequential drivel to an information powerhouse. Originally conceived as a way to keep up to date with a small network of friends and family, the micro-blogging model, which sees the rapid exchange of quick-fire information, was soon recognised as an invaluable resource for professional organisations.

Health Apps and Health Policy: Substantial gaps exist today between what the marketplace is producing in terms of apps and what is needed to make care better. Specific approaches can be taken at the FDA and at federal agencies that support research and encourage redirection. The marketplace needs to produce applications that will be helpful to patients and health care organizations, along with the ability to identify them. Apps have enormous potential benefits, but these benefits will not be realized unless these issues are addressed. I spoke to the audience, mainly comprised of digital technology start-ups, about the need to find ways to engage patients meaningfully in healthcare design.

Too many developers think they understand what patients need, but in reality, many appear to be motivated more by the cleverness of a technology than actual improvements in health outcomes. Il pozzo di Giacobbe, Trapani, Italy. La medicina salvata dalla conversazione. Marketing sociale e promozione della salute. Marketing sociale e promozione della salute: Il video del flash mob che ha aperto la Milano Heart Week Is this Japanese concept the secret to a long, happy, meaningful life?

Just trying to answer such a big question might make you want to crawl back into bed. If it does, the Japanese concept of ikigai could help. Posted on 12 settembre 12 settembre Senza categoria. Ten ways to waste large amounts of public money on Social Change programmes.

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Community engagement in public health policy is easier said than done. One reason is that public health policy is produced in a complex process resulting in policies that may appear not to link up to citizen perspectives. We therefore address the central question as to whether citizen engagement in knowledge production could enable inclusive health policy making.

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change. Social Marketing Quarterly In the past, social marketing was subjected to the following types of critiques: Social marketing has a number of limitations that inhibit its usefulness…. The relatively narrow, reductionist approach of social marketing tends to reduce serious health problems to individual risk factors and ignore the proven importance of the social and economic environment as major determinants of health Wallack, , pp.

There is nothing more pragmatic than a strategy based on the best public health evidence available — evidence that has been collected over the last years. It is only the lack of political will that makes it look idealistic and unattainable: Literature review on effectiveness of the use of social media. A report for peel public health. Rebecca Schein et al. Although there is a great deal of interest in using social media as a tool for public health communications, the research evaluating its utility is still in its infancy. As of yet, few research studies have examined the broader utility of social media for the adoption of health promoting and protective behaviours.

Internet, social media e salute si incontrano

Promoting positive condom use experiences among young black MSM: The aim of this study is to determine, among young Black men who have sex with men YBMSM , the month efficacy of a single-session, clinic-based intervention promoting condom use to enhance sexual pleasure purpose 1 and the use of condoms from the start-to-finish of anal sex purpose 2.

A pre-test, post-test randomized controlled trial was conducted, using a month period of follow-up observation, in STI clinics. Rock Health is a seed and early-stage venture fund that supports startups building the next generation of technologies transforming healthcare. Doctors often lack empathy. Robots might have the answer —.

Except medicine requires more than just technical expertise: It needs empathy, too. It has two paths: This path focuses on training and practical experience in intervention epidemiology at the national and regional centres for surveillance and control of communicable diseases in the European Union.

This path focuses on training and practical experience in laboratories with public health functions or training sites with a consortium of different laboratories in Europe. Dalle App di servizio alle App di relazione: Promoting equity in health and elites social irresponsibility — di Carlo Romagnoli. Zygmunt Bauman — Consumo dunque sono EN in onda fino al 23 settembre. One by one, Ehrenreich topples the shibboleths that guide our attempts to live a long, healthy life — from the importance of preventive medical screenings to the concepts of wellness and mindfulness, from dietary fads to fitness culture.

The more you communicate, the healthier people get and the more knowledgeable doctors become. Global action plan on physical activity — The new WHO global action plan to promote physical activity responds to the requests by countries for updated guidance, and a framework of effective and feasible policy actions to increase physical activity at all levels. It also responds to requests for global leadership and stronger regional and national coordination, and the need for a whole-of-society response to achieve a paradigm shift in both supporting and valuing all people being regularly active, according to ability and across the life course.

Market research firm copy tests are a unique tool to help public health researchers and practitioners gauge how consumers may react to nutrition ads amidst a sea of competing messaging. Copy tests compare ad performance with thousands of private sector goods and services, a robust normative benchmark. Posted on 26 luglio Senza categoria. To review the effectiveness of social marketing interventions in influencing individual behaviour and bringing about environmental and policy-level changes in relation to alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs and physical activity.

Social marketing is the use of marketing concepts in programmes designed to influence the voluntary behaviour of target audiences in order to improve health and society. Compared to the advances in technology outside of health care, digital health has lagged behind other fields. The Gartner Hype Cycle is a helpful way to describe the life cycle of technology within health care Figure.

The first phase, innovation trigger, is a proof-of-concept that generates a potential breakthrough with technology. That breakthrough leads into the second phase, the peak of inflated expectations; in health care, a lot of people are excited about what digital health can do and are trying to create the next newest and greatest device that they believe will change the way health care is delivered. The New York Times: In an ideal world, when we are faced with a new health problem, a clinician is available to sit down and address all our questions and anxieties about the condition and its treatment.

This ideal is rarely met in the United States health system. Other patients can help. Their journeys can be informative and helpful, and can also help you prepare for the next session with a doctor. Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: Trascorri ore seduto in riunione? Making meetings healthier does not have to be complicated or expensive — and often makes them more enjoyable. La Salute Umana — Rivista trimestrale di promozione della salute. Si tratta di un coinvolgimento attivo dei pazienti nel Sistema sanitario nazionale.

Describe social media platforms as communication tools in medicine 2. Compare Facebook and Twitter as medical education tools for patients and providers journal clubs, disease specific interest groups, conferences, etc 3. Understand how to use Twitter to establish your personal learning network and for academic advancement 4. Recognize privacy and ethical issues on social media for providers and patients. We need to work with the people we are trying to reach and draw on their experience to innovate.

Co-design workshops are conducted to empower customers as experts of their own experiences. Working together allows for more meaningful insights to emerge. Posted on 11 giugno 11 giugno Senza categoria. The number of young people that take the test is low, making the risk of late presenters much higher; for that reason a survey was addressed to a sample of Alma Mater Studiorum students. Once the strategy was outlined, the next step was to reach the target, both, online and offline.

Most of the students interviewed showed a lack of knowledge about the prevention issue; the Documento di consenso su principi, concetti e tecniche di Marketing Sociale — Edizione Italiana a cura di G. M Pietrantonio Edizione originale coordinata da Jeff French. The Economist — Both in rich and poor countries, universal health care brings huge benefits.

The argument for universal health care is clear. But getting there is difficult, says John McDermott. Opportunities, Risks, and Rewards. The randomized controlled trial is commonly used by both epidemiologists and economists to test the effectiveness of public health interventions. Yet we have noticed differences in practice between the two disciplines.

In this article, we propose that there are some underlying differences between the disciplines in the way trials are used, how they are conducted and how results from trials are reported and disseminated. We hypothesize that evidence-based public health could be strengthened by understanding these differences, harvesting best-practice across the disciplines and breaking down communication barriers between economists and epidemiologists who conduct trials of public health interventions.

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One of the hottest new sectors of the app economy is Digital Therapeutics, a new category of apps that help treat diseases by modifying patient behavior and providing remote monitoring to improve long-term health outcomes. Is digital health a behavioral science? Spiegel has cited his own failure experience from attempting to build health technology whilst not addressing behavioral factors like patient motivation, engagement, and long-term adherence. The hard part is using the tech to change patient behavior.

Spesa pubblica ,1 miliardi, spesa privata 45,4 miliardi. In Emilia Romagna contraccettivi gratis agli under Come cambiano i processi di valutazione e acquisto del Software? Ogni anno, in Emilia Romagna, oltre 4. Soon software that helps address chronic illness will expand dramatically. Digital therapeutics are a new category of apps that help treat diseases by modifying patient behavior and providing remote monitoring to improve long-term health outcomes.

These apps can help hypertension patients lower their blood pressure, reduce dependence on opioids for those with chronic pain, and help diabetics monitor their blood sugar. Digital therapeutics is an especially powerful tool when it sends personalized messages that motivate people to make healthier choices, he adds.

The increase is driven by improving technology and data algorithms, the openness of patients using and wearing technology, and research showing the e. Posted on 7 maggio 7 maggio Senza categoria. Philip Kotler is the undisputed heavyweight champion of marketing. In this video, he shares his insights with the London Business Forum.

TIME — Finding home. The story so far Since September , TIME has been following three Syrian refugees as they prepared to give birth and raise a child in a foreign land. Always LikeAGirlAlways needed a way to appeal to a next generation of consumers in the face of growing competition from rivals that were gaining traction with Millennial girls via social media. The award-winning response was the Always LikeAGirl campaign, that turned a phrase that had become an insult into an empowering message. The challenge was to build a fresh and more meaningful understanding of confidence which would resonate with the next generation of consumers….

Before you jump into the tactical details of your plan, you should take time for some preparatory research. In previous posts, I shared my tips for conducting a social media audit and advice on getting to know your audience better. In this post, I will share with you a 5-point plan to help you choose which social media channel is right for your campaign.

Less is known about the impacts of digital marketing online promotional activities , especially among young people who have a strong online presence. Literature was identified in June by searches in six electronic databases. Il ruolo dei social media nella comunicazione per la salute. Sono indicate buone pratiche e suggerite strategie di sviluppo. ICAR — Social marketing: Public health use of digital technology to advance health equity.

Social media has become an ever-present aspect of life. Public health can increase its influence and impact on the social determinants of health and health equity by harnessing social media. The NCCDH conducted surveys in and to assess how public health used social media and other digital tools for knowledge translation, relationship building, and specific public health roles to advance health equity. A version of this report is also published in the Journal of Public Health Policy: Social media, knowledge translation, and action on the social determinants of health and health equity: A survey of public health practices.

J Public Health Pol 37 Suppl 2: La comunicazione alla base del processo della clinical governance — A cura di Loredana Masseria. Health Literacy — A critically important, often overlooked, determinant of health. Health literacy is the capacity to obtain, interpret and understand basic health information and services and the competence to use such information and services to enhance health. Health literacy reflects the dual nature of effective health communication. Health literacy is functional. A health literate population is one where skills of the public are concordant with the demands of tasks required for health.

Posted on 12 aprile 7 maggio Senza categoria. Developed by a member working group chaired by Professor Jeff French ESMA over the past two and half years, the Global Consensus paper represents a broad agreement about the fundamental concepts and central principle of social marketing. The consensus definition of Social Marketing: Social Marketing seeks to develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches to influence behaviour that benefit individuals and communities for the greater social good.

Social Marketing practice is guided by ethical principles. It seeks to integrate research, best practice, theory, audience and partnership insight, to inform the delivery of competition sensitive and segmented social change programmes that are effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable. SNSs provide platforms facilitating efficient communication, interactions, and connections among health professionals in frontline clinical practice, professional networks, education, and training with limitations identified as technical knowledge, professionalism, and risks of data protection.

The evolving use of SNSs necessitates robust research to explore the full potential and the relative effectiveness of SNSs in professional communication. The Anatomy of a Tweet: Social Media in Surgical Practice. Sloane Guy,MD The use of social media by surgeons is not only encouraged, but should be seen as an obligation to patients and colleagues to help disseminate impor-tant information.

What patients want from doctors online and off. Overall, consumers cite three key things that could improve the doctor-patient relationship: Are patients happy with their relationships with their healthcare providers? How likely are they to switch doctors? What could be improved with the doctor-patient experience? Millennials Among the three generations, Millennials are the least satisfied with their doctors and are most likely to switch practices.

Not surprisingly, the researchers found that they are also the generation that is most likely to want to receive e-mail and text communication from offices. Generation X Many Generation Xers control healthcare decisions across multiple generations, and their preferences and satisfaction levels both fall somewhere between younger and older consumers. Overall, the researchers found that they are fairly similar to Millennials, with an openness to digital communication and to switching providers. Baby Boomers Baby Boomers, the biggest consumers of healthcare services, are the least likely to switch doctors.

Outpatient palliative care clinics improve patient outcomes; however, it remains unclear who is appropriate for referral and what is the optimal timing. A better understanding of the referral criteria would help a referring clinicians to identify appropriate patients for palliative care interventions, b administrators to assess their programs with set benchmarks for quality improvement, c researchers to standardize inclusion criteria, and d policymakers to develop clinical care pathways and allocate appropriate resources. This systematic review identified 20 criteria including 6 recurrent themes for outpatient palliative cancer care referral.

It represents the first step toward developing standardized referral criteria. Conclusions and Relevance This proof-of-concept study found that smartwatch photoplethysmography coupled with a deep neural network can passively detect AF but with some loss of sensitivity and specificity against a criterion-standard ECG.

Further studies will help identify the optimal role for smartwatch-guided rhythm assessment. The evidence is clear: Social media e salute: Hans Jonas, la ricerca della vita buona. A cosa attingere per evitare questa deriva? Guida sul porre fine alla promozione inappropriata di alimenti per lattanti e bambini piccoli. Una guida pratica alle principali APP per monitorare il movimento quotidiano. It could herald truly disruptive change in the U.

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It could liberate health care data for game-changing new uses, including empowering patients as never before. Since electronic health records EHRs became widespread over the last decade, there has been growing frustration over the inability to make electronic data liquid — to have it follow the patient throughout the health system and to be available for more sophisticated analysis in support of improved patient care and research.

Most efforts to liberate and exchange health data have focused on getting doctors and hospitals to share it with one another. Those efforts continue, but progress has been slow. Amazon, Google, Apple, and other healthcare giants are betting on AI and data analytics to fix healthcare.

Posted on 6 marzo 14 marzo Senza categoria. Social Marketing — Newsletter