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Variations are discussed in Versions. Songs cut prior to the Broadway premiere include: At its very start, ghosts of Follies showgirls stalk the stage, mythic giants in winged, feathered, black and white opulence. Similarly, ghosts of Twenties shows slip through the evening as the characters try desperately to regain their youth through re-creations of their performances and inane theater sentiments of their past.

Joanne Gordon, author and Chair and Artistic Director, Theatre, at California State University, Long Beach , [11] [12] wrote " Follies is in part an affectionate look at the American musical theater between the two World Wars and provides Sondheim with an opportunity to use the traditional conventions of the genre to reveal the hollowness and falsity of his characters' dreams and illusions. The emotional high generated by the reunion of the Follies girls ultimately gives way to anger, disappointment, and a weary resignation to reality.

I tried to give it the sardonic knowingness of Lorenz Hart or Frank Loesser. The four characters are "whisked into a dream show in which each acts out his or her own principal 'folly'". Goldman continued to revise the book of the musical right up to his death, which occurred shortly before the Paper Mill Playhouse production. Sondheim, too, has added and removed songs that he judged to be problematic in various productions.

James Goldman's widow made the observation that the show has morphed throughout its entire life The London production had new songs and dialogue. The Paper Mill Playhouse production used some elements from London but stayed close to the original. The Roundabout Broadway revival, the first major production following Goldman's death in , was again a combination of previous versions. Major changes were made for the original production in London, which attempted to establish a lighter tone and favored a happier ending than the original Broadway production.

Goldman's revised book offered some small improvements over the original. According to Sondheim, the producer Cameron Mackintosh asked for changes for the London production.

Nore Hill Folly, West Sussex – A Note on Follies, Eyecatchers and Fabriques – Waste Effects

I saw no reason not to try new things, knowing we could always revert to the original which we eventually did. The net result was four new songs For reasons which I've forgotten, I rewrote "Loveland" for the London production. There were only four showgirls in this version, and each one carried a shepherd's crook with a letter of the alphabet on it. The musical was written in one act, and the original director, Prince, did not want an intermission, while the co-director, Bennett, wanted two acts. It was originally performed in one act. The supporting role of Carlotta was created by Yvonne De Carlo , and usually is given to a well-known veteran performer who can belt out a song.

100 Glories of Britain to see this spring - Part Five: Britain's 20 most fabulous follies

Other notable performers in the original productions were: The show closed on July 1, after performances and 12 previews. However, the show did not do well in its Los Angeles engagement and plans for a tour ended. Frank Rich , for many years the chief drama critic for The New York Times , had first garnered attention, while an undergraduate at Harvard University , with a lengthy essay for the Harvard Crimson about the show, which he had seen during its pre-Broadway run in Boston.

He predicted that the show eventually would achieve recognition as a Broadway classic. For commercial reasons, the cast album was cut from two LPs to one early in production. Most songs were therefore heavily abridged and several were left entirely unrecorded.

According to Craig Zadan , "It's generally felt that Prince made a mistake by giving the recording rights of Follies to Capitol Records, which in order to squeeze the unusually long score onto one disc, mutilated the songs by condensing some and omitting others. Chapin relates that "there was one song that Dick Jones [producer of the cast album] didn't want to include on the album but which Steve Sondheim most definitely did.

The song was "One More Kiss", and the compromise was that if there was time, it would be recorded, even if Jones couldn't promise it would end up on the album. It did get recorded but didn't make its way onto the album until the CD reissue years later. The musical was produced at The Muny , St. Rich, in his review, noted that "As performed at Avery Fisher Hall, the score emerged as an original whole, in which the 'modern' music and mock vintage tunes constantly comment on each other, much as the script's action unfolds simultaneously in the year of the reunion and the year the Follies disbanded.

Among the reasons the concert was staged was to provide an opportunity to record the entire score. The resulting album was more complete than the original cast album. Portions of the concert were seen by audiences worldwide in the televised documentary about the making of the concert, also released on videotape and DVD, of 'Follies' in Concert. The musical played in the West End at the Shaftesbury Theatre on July 21, and closed on February 4, after performances.

Dolores Gray was praised as Carlotta, continuing to perform after breaking her ankle, although in a reduced version of the part. Other cast replacements included Millicent Martin as Phyllis. Julia McKenzie returned to the production for the final four performances. The book "was extensively reworked by James Goldman, with Sondheim's cooperation and also given an intermission. In the London production Critics who had seen the production in New York such as Frank Rich found it substantially more "upbeat" and lacking in the atmosphere it had originally possessed.

According to the Associated Press AP reviewer, "A revised version of the Broadway hit Follies received a standing ovation from its opening-night audience and raves from British critics, who said the show was worth a year wait.

Sondheim is steeped, for he first learned song writing at the knee of Oscar Hammerstein II and became the acknowledged master songwriter who bridged past musical stage romance into the modern musical era of irony and neurosis. Follies is a blend of both, and the new production is rounded out with production numbers celebrating love's simple hope for young lovers, its extravagant fantasies for Ziegfeld aficionados, and its fresh lesson for the graying principals.

This production was also recorded on two CDs and was the first full recording. Michigan Opera Theatre MOT was the first major American opera company to present Follies as part of their main stage repertoire, running from October 21, through November 6. Phyllis Newman and Liliane Montevecchi reprised the roles they played in the Lincoln Center production.


Stephen Sondheim attended one of the performances. Directed by Michael Scott. This show recreated the original Broadway score. It followed a similar presentation at the Melbourne Festival of Arts. A Broadway revival opened at the Belasco Theatre on April 5, and closed on July 14, after performances and 32 previews. This Roundabout Theatre limited engagement had been expected to close on September 30, According to an article in The Hollywood Reporter , "almost every performance of the show played to a full house, more often than not to standing-room-only.


Tickets always were tough to come by. The reason the final curtain came down Saturday was because, being a production by the Roundabout Theatre Company — a subscription-based 'not-for-profit' theater company — it was presented under special Equity terms, with its actors paid a minimal fee. To extend the show, it would have been necessary to negotiate new contracts with the entire company Theatre writer and historian John Kenrick wrote, "the bad news is that this Follies is a dramatic and conceptual failure. The good news is that it also features some of the most exciting musical moments Broadway has seen in several seasons.

Since you don't get those moments from the production, the book or the leads, that leaves the featured ensemble, and in Follies that amounts to a small army. Marge Champion and Donald Saddler are endearing as the old hoofers. I dare you not to fall in love with Betty Garrett's understated "Broadway Baby" — you just want to pick her up and hug her.

A production was mounted at London's Royal Festival Hall in a limited engagement. After previews from August 3, , it opened officially on August 6, and closed on August 31, Variety singer and performer Joan Savage sang "Broadway Baby". Follies was part of L. Allen, choreography by Kay Cole, musical director Gerald Sternbach.

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New York City Center 's Encores! The director and choreographer was Casey Nicholaw. The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts production at the Eisenhower Theatre started previews on May 7, , with an official opening on May 21, and closed on June 19, Peter Marks of The Washington Post wrote that the revival "takes an audience halfway to paradise. On his release in , he turned to architecture to hide his faith, beginning with the Triangular Lodge above on his estate at Rushton the following year.

The lodge has three sides with three gables to each of them and triangular windows in different patterns — representing the Trinity. In addition, this little building is encrusted with carvings, lettering and numbers, the meaning of which was deliberately opaque, but can be decoded to reveal messages about his situation, the Mass for which he suffered and the universality of the Catholic faith.

Peeping at strategic points through the rhododendrons and azaleas that clothe the hills around the spectacular lake at Stourhead are the follies — classical temples, a grotto, a bridge, even a hermitage — built by the founder of this great garden, the banker Henry Hoare, from the s until his death in He turned to gardening after the death of his second wife in , creating a set piece of the Picturesque Movement.

Gentlemen wanted to evoke the landscapes they had seen while travelling in Italy, in which Classical monuments and other ruins formed an important part of the scene. Hoare also moved the medieval High Cross from Bristol to his grounds. And, in the fashion of the day, he built a small stone hermitage, which he called the Gothic Cottage. Garden open daily 9am-6pm. No list of British follies is complete without Portmeirion. The piazza and campanile, painted stucco and dome of this 20th-century holiday village might have been transported on a magic carpet from a hilltop in Italy to an unlikely position overlooking the sands of an estuary on the Welsh coast.

When it was started in the Twenties, it brought a flavour of the Mediterranean to an audience that had hardly ever been out of this country. The piazza and campanile, painted stucco and dome of Portmeirion might have been transported on a magic carpet from a hilltop in Italy. He also wanted to demonstrate the joys of architecture to a nation not generally known for aesthetic sensitivity.

But since he was not rich, his project had to survive on the income it generated for itself, so a hotel was built and tourists encouraged. Portmeirion is now owned by a charitable trust. Cottages in the village are let to hotel guests and self-catering visitors. The composer Lord Berners, squire of Faringdon House, had a mischievous sense of humour, which he often directed towards the to him unimaginative county society living near his South Oxfordshire home.

When asked what function the folly would serve, Berners replied characteristically: When I interviewed Mr Heber-Percy about it in , he told me: There are panoramic views from the top of the tower, which is open 11am-5pm on the first and third Sundays of the month until October Mussenden Temple is the magnificent exception to this rule.

Atop a ft cliff, the temple was built as a library in by the Bishop of Derry, and modelled on the Temple of Vesta near Rome.

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The building is rather beautiful, and overlooks a breathtaking scene — wild Atlantic to the fore, Downhill Strand to the west, and Castlerock Beach to the east. To stand by the temple, lean into an Atlantic storm, watching the waves thunder onto the beaches and explode on the headlands, is nature in surround sound at the fullest volume. Those with a head for heights can climb up the steps to see him, as well as to enjoy the sweeping views over Anglesey towards Caernarfon Castle.

Wellington, to whom he had been talking, helped to stop him falling from the saddle. According to legend, Anglesey cried: The column, built in , was not created to commemorate the Marquess, who died in , but the battle. The trouser leg removed when his leg was amputated is kept as a relic at his home, Plas Newydd, now a National Trust property.

Anglesey Sea Zoo angleseyseazoo. One of the most extraordinary buildings in Britain can be found in the rural, leafy landscape of Stirlingshire: It was built by the fifth Earl of Dunmore, probably in the s after he had been Governor of Virginia. Since pineapples first became known in Britain in the 17th century, they have been regarded as a symbol of hospitality. Sailors returning from tropical lands put a pineapple or two on top of their gateposts to tell their friends they were home.

As a result, they became a popular form of architectural decoration — though never elsewhere on this stupendous scale. The brick pavilion seems to be earlier than the pineapple itself, since it bears the date The Kelpies, ft tall horse head sculptures at Falkirk thehelix. But the idyllic setting, in a glorious position by the tranquil river Esk, provides a clue to a different story, as does its name. The Coop refers to the wickerwork baskets used for catching fish. But the weir failed and Coop House lost its purpose.

A shepherd with his wife and five children lived there in the Thirties, but then it became ruined. Now beautifully renovated, there can be few more idyllic places to spend a few days in the UK than this, with the river flowing brightly past landmarktrust. Derelict until , it has now been restored by the Painshill Park Trust, so these delightful structures can be seen in the setting they were built to adorn. The charming Rococo garden of Painshill, inside the M25 at Cobham, is richly ornamented with follies.

Lawn, woodland and lake now complement each other, just as the Hon. Charles Hamilton, youngest child of the Sixth Earl of Abercorn, intended them to, when he created Painshill between and — before debts forced him to sell up. The effect is that of a magical succession of pictures in which each scene is a surprise.

One such is the Crystal Grotto. Reached by a Chinese-style bridge, the grotto — the largest in Britain — is entered via a 60ft-long entrance tunnel and decorated with glittery stalactites of gypsum, calcite, quartz and fluorite, while cascades from niches trickle into the lake. Painshill Park summer opening times 10am-6pm daily; Crystal Grotto is open only at weekends,pm. On the second highest point of the Cotswolds, Broadway Tower commands a spectacular view of rolling countryside, extending for 60 miles in all directions.

It was not only designed to act as a viewing point, but also to be seen; Lord Coventry built it in to be visible from his new house Croome Court, a dozen miles away. It was the idea of garden designer Capability Brown, who called the style Saxon, though the hexagonal plan with three corner turrets, balconies and gargoyles, was unlike anything seen before — or since. Nearby is a former monitoring bunker that survives from the Cold War: Tower open 10am-5pm daily; bunker 10am Hidcote Manor Gardens nationaltrust. On the wild moors of Cnoc Fyrish, overlooking the Cromarty Firth, an arcaded wall stands silhouetted against the sky.

This ended the second phase of his two-part career in India; he had returned to the Continent after early successes most notably the Battle of Buxar. The fortune with which he returned was poured into his estate at Novar. He was one of the first landowners to introduce sheep into the Highlands — though troops had to be called in to put down resistance from rebellious tenants.

The building of the Gates, or the Fyrish Monument, may have had a more charitable purpose beyond self-aggrandisement — the unemployed were paid a penny a day to build this splendid eye-catcher. Meigle Sculptured Stone Museum historic-scotland. The contents of each issue are detailed on the tabs below. You can also search for particular articles using the indexes available to download: Once opened use Edit-find or Edit-search to go straight to the information you require.

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You can buy them here:. The Capability Banqueting House at Burghley. West Country Shell Houses: