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And God was with the lad ; and he grew, and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer. Say they, the greater the weight the greater the effect.

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No doubt it is so, if thrown with a proportionate force ; but that cannot be obtained with a small gun. We must adapt the weight of projectile force to the power we are in possession of; and, from many experiments, I am inclined to think that a fourteen gauge, two feet eight barrel, should never be loaded with above an ounce and a half of shot No.

The pistol is readily cocked by the thumb of the right hand, a plan in every way far superior to the arrangement whereby the hammer is raised by a pull on the trigger; this is in every respect most objectionable, the pull materially interfering with the correctness of aim, and the This -will lead us to the following proportions of these constituents: Notches in the plugs instead of drilled touch-holes shall disqualify for proof. Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels was more of a politician than a naval strategist, but he ably countered the accusations.

He pointed to Sims' anglophilism and said his vantage point in London was too narrow to assess accurately the overall war effort by the U.

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Daniels cited prewar naval preparations and strategy proposals made by other American leaders during the war to disprove Sims' charges. Despite the public acrimony, Sims emerged with his reputation unharmed and served a second tour as president of the Naval War College — Sims is, possibly, the only career naval officer to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Gunnery in Being a Treatise of Rifles, Cannon, and Sporting Arms

Rear Admiral Samuel E. Morison won two Pulitzer Prizes but only served nine years in the Naval Reserve. Sims retired from the Navy in October , having reached the mandatory retirement age of He appeared on the cover of the October 26, issue of Time magazine and was the subject of a feature article.

Bombardment of Taku forts, by the Allied fleets

He was promoted to full admiral on the retired list in Admiral Sims died in Boston , Massachusetts , in at the age of He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. His account of the U. In Sims received an LL. Columbia University conferred the honorary degree of doctor of laws upon Rear Admiral Sims on 2 June Navy vessels have been named for Sims. One of the stamps depicted Admiral Sims. In , the Naval War College acquired an existing barracks building and converted it to a secondary war gaming facility, naming it Sims Hall after its former War College President.

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