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Excellent breakdown of the generational cohorts in both countries. A break down regarding gender, multi-cultural and more of a description around work styles for each cohort and how they could work together. Thank you Brian Lukyn.

Thank you for the charts because I was looking for them for schoolwork and I found it! Your a big help! Your information is out of date. My first experience with email and internet was AOL and juno mail.

17 Incredible Charts That Show Why The Millennial Generation Is Unlike Any Other

Britney spears and nsync were my peers, not my idols. Your article is definitely missing this generation of people in its research. Thanks for the comment, DC. There is indeed some interesting information available about Xennials and other "micro-generations" sometimes also called "cuspers".

Deloitte: The Millennial Effect

For more accurate comparisons and statistics, this Quick Take uses the larger and more common generational designations noted at the top. Skip to main content.

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Demographic Trends in Population and Workforce. Depending on the source, the names of the Generations and the dates they were born between tends to vary. One study cites Baby Boomers as being born between ; Generation X between ; and Millennials aka Generation Y between Deloitte Insights, Voice of Asia: They either feel they earn enough now, or are confident that they will earn enough in the future.

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Millennials also use social media to broadcast their personal lives, letting their friends know what they are up to. Flickr license Bank of America published a comprehensive report on millennials, their habits, and their outlook.

Millennials | Pew Research Center

Millennials will soon be the largest generation Millennials born between and are about to take over as the largest generation in the world Source: Millennials will have the biggest financial muscles Millennials are set to overtake Boomers as the largest income earners by , and overtake Gen X by Millennials are projected to be the largest generational demographic for the foreseeable future While Boomers and Gen X-ers decline, millennials are just growing up.

Millennials are the raceless generation. Millennials around the world are very open about interracial dating Source: Millennials are staying single longer than any other generation Source: Millennials are generally more tolerant of non-traditional societal roles. Millennials still prioritize family values. The 7 types of millennial stereotypes: Millennials value success and status… Source: