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A Twitter poll is a handy-dandy tool that you can use to survey your audience.

Story Ideas: 5 Ways to Generate Great Stories

At this stage, you can present some of your ideas and ask which one they like the best. Twitter polls will show up again as part of our marketing strategy giving you one more thing to look forward to. I know, I know. You hated your high school history class.

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Bear with me here. Our world history is filled to the brim with interesting and inspiring stories:.

Novel Ideas and Where To Find Them

Write whatever comes to mind or concerns you that day. Not all ideas are created equal. You might generate dozens or even hundreds during this process. Write the book you wish existed.

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At The Writing Cooperative, our mission is to help each other write better. But sometimes you dont know what you want to write. That plan of action often results in hitting a wall a few chapters in. What are the genres or novel types that most interest you?

2: Investigate historical events

Think about your favorite books or movies. The types of stories that stay with you long after you put down the book or turn off the TV. The genres that get you excited are good places to start for your own novel. What are the types of plots you most enjoy? Look at your bookshelf—is it filled with murder mysteries?

People overcoming their demons? Grand adventures into the unknown? Hi I find a good inspiration is to look out of the window and write a sentence about the first thing that moves.

Character Worksheets

One sentence is usually enough to wake up my muse. But I always … always have a notebook handy for these snippets where I can go back for these jewels. It may be a song, a quote, an episode title, or something else … but there is always something to catch my attention.

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  • Brian, I particularly like , which demonstrate that ideas are all around you, but you just have to tilt your head and mind to see them. And of course, to act upon them by actually taking them out of that head and on to the paper or the screen. Thanks for your insights here. Riding a bicycle in particular seems to be the mechanical muse.

    Of course, then I have to try and remember what the ideas were at the end of the ride.

    Novel ideas: An easy exercise for finding them

    Time for that digital recorder…. Use the first thought you have the minute you wake up, as a story starter. Depending on what kind of dreams or nightmare you wake up from — could be very interesting. Have used all of those ideas at one time or another. I also pay attention to any dreams I have.

    I recall events or scenes or people from dreams then add them to a story. I also think in What Ifs and ask myself all kinds of questions.

    The Novel Ideas - Old Ways - Hardwick Sessions

    I also ask people at my local library that are in my target audience whether YA or adult if they read a certain genre. If they do I ask what they would like to see in a novel then I use their suggestions as jumping off points for plots or scenes. Hope this helps other writers out there.

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