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The moment I returned home from that trip, I suggested to my boyfriend at the time that we save up as much money as we possibly could within the following six or twelve months and take a year off to travel the world together. Dreams are something our soul wants to realize, and ten years later, I still had that same dream of spending a year abroad, traveling the world. And I had yet to do anything about turning that dream into a reality.

Sometimes, that space between where we are in our life presently and the place where our dreams would be a reality appears to be a really long, arduous road with lots of challenges along the way. So what stops us from pursing our dreams?

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What holds us back from getting one step closer to achieving it, from taking that leap of faith so that we can turn our dreams into a reality? The second challenge I faced was my fear of traveling the world alone, which was scarier to me than leaving a career where I was not only making the most money I had in my life, but was also one of the top paid pharmaceutical sales reps with my company.

Actually, in the ten years I waited to set off to travel the world, the idea of traveling alone never crossed my mind.

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Ten years later, I finally go tired of waiting. So, on my last birthday in my twenties in July , I finally bit the bullet. I decided that regardless of whether or not I had to travel alone, and regardless of whether I loved or hated my job or how much money I was making, I set a goal. I was going to quit on January 1, , and finally make my dream of taking a year off to travel the world a reality. That one decision changed everything. All of us have excuses, fears, and challenges in life. Believe me, while I was planning my trip I heard plenty of them. I had an apartment and bills to pay.

Overcoming the 7 Obstacles to Traveling the World

And again, I was worried about traveling alone. But ultimately, I wanted to travel more than I wanted to stick to my excuses. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. We have to decide that we want it more than our excuses, fears, and challenges. Once we do that, we have to make a plan.

We have to commit ourselves to taking action and working hard to overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. Because when we commit ourselves in our thoughts, our words and our actions, we become unstoppable. After the decision was made in July to leave my career on January 1, , that left me an eighteen-months to bridge the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. From there on out, every decision I made had to be in alignment with what I wanted. And in order to make it happen, preparation was key.

For me, the financial challenge was just half the battle. The other challenge I had yet to figure out was how to prepare for traveling the world alone. The thought of traveling solo not only frightened me, but made me feel lonely.

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Why would I want to experience something I thought was so amazing, like traveling the world, alone? Preparing to travel alone during those eighteen-months leading up to my trip was just as important to me as getting my massive debt under control and saving up money. Immediately, my mind began coming up with ideas that would help me bridge the gap from where I was to where I wanted to be.

The obvious obstacles were finances and preparing to travel alone.

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  • Eventually other details — like studying Spanish once I identified I was going to travel throughout South America , visas, immunizations, travel guides, where to go and what to bring — all became important as well. Saving up money has always been a challenge for me. Up until that point, I had never saved up a significant amount of money in my life.

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    • Ahhh…but there is a battle going on; raging in your psyche dropping bombs and waving white flags. See what the world has to offer.

      Facing & Overcoming Fears by Taking Action

      What will my family say? Anil is someone who has done it; he worked in a traditional job for 6 years and then decided to shake up his life and combine his love for travel with his work.

      He has overcome these obstacles himself. Anil starts the book with this line of reasoning; there are no shortcuts to achieving a goal of long-term travel. In order to achieve it, you have to be strong, you often have to go against what society is telling you and you have to make tough choices. The meek need not apply. Since Anil has spent plenty of hours behind a desk, in a cube like most of you; he can relate to your situation. In order for me to take my career break in , I had to overcome the obstacles he covers in the book.

      This breadth is great because often people think only those without extra responsibilities a. So, if you are a married middle-income couple with a house, pets, and maybe kids — be prepared, he will debunk your excuses. I will give you a small spoiler, the first obstacle is all about you and your relationship with your job.

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      If you dream of a career break from your job, this will help you look at it logically and start preparing for how you can break from your traditional career. Notice that I used the word break — as in pause. I say this because he provides you with tips to come back to your career after your travels. A nd just imagine reading it on your commute to work as you are plotting your escape. Where can you find Anil Polat? Anil travels practically full time and works freelance while also keeping one of my favorite travel blogs, www. His background is really as a tech geek; he spent 6 years as a security specialist hacker — the good kind.

      Thanks to this background I find that he offers some of the best tech and security travel advice out there on the web. If you want to know about security and traveling, check out his other sites — TechGuideForTravel. Reading this really rang true!