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A Zoo In My Luggage. Love The Corfu Trilogy? Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books. Sign up to our newsletter using your email. Your subscription to Read More was successful. To help us recommend your next book, tell us what you enjoy reading. It's more like reading multiple, self-contained vignettes. You could read the episodes or books fairly out of order and it would make little difference. I question how true to life these stories really are; a quick search on wiki suggests that Larry, Gerry's eldest brother, did not even live with the rest of his family, but rather with a wife who is not mentioned once in these memoirs.

Indeed, Larry's presence in his younger brother's books is perhaps most obvious out of all the personalities on Corfu, so it's strange to think Gerry ignored any of Larry's absences. But no matter if this trilogy is fairly anecdotal, the reading experience is very enjoyable, all the same. Perhaps, reading the whole trilogy at once would be slightly repetitive, but it's comforting knowing what you going into, each time you pick up to continue reading.

Most of the focus is on young Gerry's intense animal obsession. While there's no obvious examples of animal cruelty, I did feel slightly sorry for some of the wild animals, who presumably were being captured against their will. In that respect, I think these books are very much of their time and, perhaps, Gerry's methods in exploration and discovery would not be so accepted nowadays, but, having said that, it's clear how his experiences on the island sparked such an intense passion in the young boy and his later career in animal conservation and zoology.

The trilogy is of its time in many other ways as well. In fact, it's somewhat dated in some of its descriptions of both the foreign visitors to the island and the "natives", but it remains funny and charming if you can overlook that. I'd recommend it to those in need of a lighter read and I'm glad I read it when I did. May 29, Elwycke rated it it was amazing.

I remembered them with great affection and was thinking how much I'd like to read them again and one morning I got on the train to go to work and there sitting on an empty seat was this book 'The Corfu Trilogy'. So I got to go back to Corfu with Gerald and his maddeningly lovable family 30 years after i first went there. It is pure escapism of the very best kind. Sep 18, Liz rated it it was amazing.

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The first one is the best. Books for when you are sick or sad or just need to feel good. Will definitely be buying a copy and re-reading through the years! May 10, Kathlyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are very few books I would read a second time let alone a third but this is one of those. My favourite book of all time. Read during my high school years and really loved it. Made me want to travel.

Sep 08, Kathryn rated it it was amazing. What a wonderful read!

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Seemingly impossible situations proved hilarious and all the real life characters were absolutely priceless. There wasn't a boring page in this trilogy. Jul 07, K. Enjoyed from beginning to end. The mini-series is also wonderful, visually and for entertainment value, but the books are even better. They really changed around some of the circumstances in the show, I guess to bring some pathos and melodrama, but it didn't need it. Just following the book would have been even better. Can't believe I'd never heard of this guy. His humor is so perfect. Many laugh out loud moments.

He also writes rather nicely He uses a ton of metap Absolutely adorable. He uses a ton of metaphor, which can get really tedious with some writers, and while I began to notice more often that he used it so often! I found the metaphor so well done that I marveled at his imagination. Both for natural history lovers and literature lovers, humor lovers and family drama lovers.

Plus, on kindle for 3. May 20, Rosie rated it it was amazing. This is such a fantastic book.

The Corfu Trilogy, by Gerald Durrell

So funny, thoughtful and delicate in its treatment of family life in Corfu. Seeing the world through the eyes of a young Gerald just makes you love animals in the uniquely caring and scientific way that he does. Dec 21, Derek Hummerston rated it really liked it. Laugh out loud funny. The first book is the strongest, but the others are also very good: It's full of similes, personification and other devices that serious literary types might sniff at, but I say just jump in and enjoy the ride.

Jan 01, Eva Dillner rated it it was amazing Shelves: The TV series made me yearn for more. This book is an absolute delight from start to finish. Jul 16, Mandy Setterfield rated it really liked it. Fantastic holiday reading, just right for a hot Mediterranean summer.

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Gerald's family are actually more interesting than the animals! Plenty of humour and interest - lovely. What a fabulously entertaining read! Full of laughs and reality. I didn't want to put it down. I will have to look up more of his books. Jun 13, priya rated it it was amazing.

A very vivid account of Gerry's childhood which exudes warmth and joy with every humorous incident of his new pets and possessions.

The Corfu Trilogy, by Gerald Durrell - Durrell

His family life drama will make you laugh your lungs out and you will be wanting for more. I seem to be in a minority of readers who didn't rate this book very highly. I found myself ambivalent about the story as I was reading. I wanted to like it better than I did. Overall the book is very well written it terms of composition and structure. The descriptions of Corfu and daily life made everything come to life - you could see, hear, and taste what was going on. The vignettes about the family were funny and human. One could see any of us in that situation either tearing our hair out and I seem to be in a minority of readers who didn't rate this book very highly.

One could see any of us in that situation either tearing our hair out and giving up, or else rolling with reality and enjoying life. So what was my problem? I guess I'm not a naturalist. I got bored quickly with the endless description of the non-human animals and their habitats. I understand that was Gerald Durrell's love and what drove him.

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I admire him for his work conserving animals and their habitats. However, after hundreds of pages I just couldn't read any more of it. So knowing something about Gerald Durrell, why did I decide to read this? I loved the family, the calamity, the way they battled and fought, and their wonderful friends. Roses dropped petals that seemed as big and smooth as saucers, flame red, moon white, glossy and unwrinkled Lawrence was primarily a novelist, known best for a series of Egypt-based fictional works called "The Alexandria Quartet ," but like his brother, he was an accomplished travel writer.

They offer pleasures that promise to endure long after this public TV series is through.

MY FAMILY & OTHER ANIMALS read by Gerald Harper

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