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While the two departments will merge when the next fiscal year begins July 1, they will not move into the renovated Metcalf Chemistry and Research Laboratory until fall Though the Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences broke off from the Department of Psychology in , the divide had downsides for both departments, Kertzer said.

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During the —11 academic year, most of the Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences will be relocated to Wayland Square, while psychology faculty members will remain in Hunter Laboratory. The faculty will decide upon common guidelines by the time of the merger in July, Kertzer said. The discovery was potentially relevant to understanding cancer, which causes the cell cycle to lose control of this transition, leading to unregulated cell replication. Beach had been studying yeast cells for years and more recently had extended his studies to cell cycle control in human cells.

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This human protein, if taken out of the cell, would lead to a halt in cell division. Reintroducing the protein would cause the cell to start multiplying again. The mystery behind the protein would soon be cleared up, however.

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Late one night, on the way back to his hotel from an HHMI science meeting, Sherr happened to get on the same bus as Beach. Would you be willing to do that? By the end of the short bus ride, the two scientists had decided to compare their proteins. The next day, they sent each other the amino acid sequences, and to their astonishment, they were the same. This finding resulted in the two scientists publishing back-to-back papers one by Beach and one by Sherr in Cell in It was the start of a story that eventually would lead to an unfolding of the molecular processes behind the cell cycle and how the cycle could be regulated.

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The question that remained to be answered was how this D1 protein actually worked. The next year he discovered that D1, when expressed, attached itself to a second protein that his group named CDK4.

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But that raised yet another question: Sherr expected CDK4 to be a kinase — a protein that adds a phosphate to another molecule, altering its activity as a result. RB was widely known to be a tumor suppressor, meaning its activity prevented a cell from dividing uncontrollably. For Sherr, this was an exciting possible connection.

A merging of minds: cognitive sciences and psychology departments to merge

Livingston sent him some of the protein. She can make the change immediately.

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