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By Chris Walter

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With diverse musical influences ranging from The Mahavishnu Orchestra to Black Sabbath, the DayGlo Abortions have developed a unique and ferocious sound that few have successfully imitated. Legends to some, degenerate drug addicts to others, the DayGlo Abortions remain one of the most controversial yet influential punk groups of all time.

This explains why the Dayglos had so many great songs. The Mahuvishnu Orchestra became a big influence in his learning. And music was turned to because the boys were getting in trouble playing pranks with pipe bombs and Beatles record or spiking the punch at the school dance with qualudes.

Argh Fuck Kill! The Story of the Dayglo Abortions

The intricacy of the song impressed the hell out of him and he was a convert. Acton also loved the Neos. The Neos became one of his primary inspirations. That makes me proud because I released a later period band of one of the Neos called Mexican Power Authority who shaped themselves after the Neos. I agree with Acton that the Neos were well ahead of their time. Part of that is because the Dayglos stayed put. PLOW make it into the story. You get snapshots of punk from the scene that spawned the band.

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Hearing about the Nostril houses and the House of Beep in the last book helped give insight into the shaping of Personality Crisis. And the road thirsty Dayglos were shaped by their dull surroundings of Victoria. Victoria made them get out there and tour for decades like no other band in the underground has. Victoria can be credited for why this band has endured the kind of hard knock life of the road for so long. Driving across this country is a thankless task although in the Dayglos case their fans have been most appreciative.

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Some of my favourite stories found in this book are the ones from shows. Others are the stories behind the Dayglos recordings. The insight into the songs has really turned me into a Dayglos fan. Walter has given me an appreciation for what the Dayglos were saying. In fact that was a song about pop-culture often misinterpreted as a song explaining the Dayglos repertoire. I also appreciate finding out all the details behind the censorship case brought against them by the Nepean Police.

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That this was a censorship case that was misinterpreted by all the players involved was alarming. Ben Hoffman withheld royalties from the band practically starving them on the road which the band referred to as the White Bread and Baloney tour. The allegations that Ben Hoffman made money from the trial while the band suffered is shitty to learn because Fringe was run out of the local record store in Toronto, the Record Peddler.

And somehow the Dayglos perservered.