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Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. The captains have high positions on different sides of the law; Doflamingo is a Warlord with ties to the World Government and a former World Noble who lost everything as a child when his father decided to live among "commoners" , while Big Mom is a pirate Emperor and queen of Whole Cake Island and its surrounding lands who rose from being an abandoned orphan with incredible strength and an eating disorder to being one of the biggest threats in the world.

The origins of both crews seem to differ, too - Big Mom had purely good intentions when she started her crew and wanted to create a utopia where everyone can literally see "eye-to-eye". Doffy's crew was essentially nothing more than a way to gather "convenient" tools, to satisfy his own inflated ego, and to destroy everything the World Nobles lord over just to spite them for refusing to accept him back into Mariejois.

Also seems to be one for the Whitebeard pirates mainly on their "family" interpretation, since while none of the Known Whitebeard Pirates are related by blood, they regard each other as family, whereas the Big Mom Pirates see anyone from outside their blood family as pawns at best and trash at worst.

The Charlotte family is also a foil to the Vinsmoke family in that, while both of them are very influential families full of strong fighters, the living Vinsmokes inherited an empire but lost it, whereas Big Mom created her empire herself and still has it. In addition, the two families have opposite views on chefs: The Vinsmokes consider chefs as slaves and treat them poorly, whereas the Charlottes consider chefs as valuable and not only have a few in high positions, most notably Streusen, but a number of the Charlotte children are chefs themselves, such as Pudding, Cracker, and Perospero.

They also exhibit a case of Magic Versus Science: The Vinsmokes' power comes mostly from their hyper-advanced Lineage Factor engineering, whereas the Charlotte family relies very much on Devil Fruit powers. They're also a foil to the Straw Hats - both are immensely powerful and feared by both the World Government and other pirates, except the Straw Hats never let their reputation get to their heads.

While the Charlottes heavily rely on individual power and lots of Chess soldier reserves, the Straw Hats are very good at using teamwork to make use of their own strength, something the Charlottes fail to grasp. The Straw Hats also welcome people with oddities and behavioral quirks with open arms and treat them as part of the crew, while the Charlotte family is almost completely exclusive they do let people in the crew but it requires a high price and some of them look down on those who are considered "ugly".

Bobbin is able to make others sleep by ringing his head like a bell. Anyone that hears the sound is knocked out.

Minister of Beans Charlotte Daifuku

All of Totto Land is a quaint fairy tale kingdom with entire landscapes made of candy, smiling flowers and happy suns, etc. But it's actually a nightmare world under Carthaginian peace, as Big Mom will destroy anyone who fails to pay tribute. Mont-d'Or has a long nose that's not unlike Usopp's. His older brother Perospero, and sister Brulee, also have long noses. Totland has a lot of Animate Inanimate Object , so many that the land itself is alive. And if you are trespassing, know that they will watch your every move and make your life hell.

This is thanks to Big Mom's Soul Soul powers, granting life to them. Totto Land, or anyplace in Big Mom's territory counts as this for most of her children. They're all left wanting for nothing, with food and riches everywhere they go, but Big Mom is so tyrannical and controlling that most of her children gave up on defying her to pursue their own dreams save for one of Big Mom's daughters, Lola, who successfully ran away with her mother's Vivre Card.

For that, she was disowned, with plans to send assassins after her. Some of Big Mom's human pirate crew members as well as her children especially the older ones are ugly-looking. So far we've seen Bobbin, Chiffon and her sister Lola, Cracker subverted in his case as his real appearance is not that bad-looking , Opera who's a walking, talking, goopy mess of cream and his brothers and Brulee whom Luffy even mistook for a tree branch when she stands on a tree. Pound, Chiffon and Lola's father, is also ugly-looking though he's seen as an outsider to the family. Pound is very loving to his identical twin daughters Chiffon and Lola , and much of his appearances were spent asking how they are and looking for them because he hasn't seen them both for 26 years since their births.

In Chapter , when he goes to Cacao Island to see Chiffon, he gets in a scuffle with the guards who were ordered by Pudding to keep everyone including family out of the bakery while the wedding cake is being created, which leads to Pound meeting Oven as the latter prepares to throw his "former" stepdad out. A number of Big Mom's children are hybrids of some sort with other fantastic races in the verse, which is partly due to Big Mom's desire to create strong children and partly wanting diversity in her family which is later revealed to have stemmed from once living with a large family of orphans who came from different races.

The two Arranged Marriages we've seen so far Chiffon and Capone Bege, Praline and Aladdin of the Sun Pirates are quite happy, with the wives so devoted their husbands that they are willing to side with them over Big Mom any day, Chiffon with good reason.

Hoist by Their Own Petard: Thought bullying one of your relatives for having an abnormal physical trait was a good idea? Because Pudding was bullied all her life for having a third eye by her own family, being shown kindness for the first time affected her so deeply that she had an emotional breakdown, which ultimately screwed up the plans to kill the Vinsmokes, and ended up falling in love with the person she was supposed to kill Sanji.

Galette wears a pair of small, black, spaded ones, though whether or not they're real is unclear.

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Human Mom Nonhuman Dad: This applies to a lot of Big Mom's children, who inherit the traits of the race their fathers came from. Some of them, really. Despite Big Mom believing in a utopia of all races, and the entire family containing half-human hybrids, some won't hesitate to shun and bully those they view as "ugly", which is telling because a majority of the family have freakish appearances themselves; even Big Mom should be considered "freakish" by virtue of her abnormally large size.

Pudding was tormented all her childhood for having three eyes, and Katakuri, a feared Sweet Commander, was revealed to have gone through the same thing when he was younger for having a mouth like a pelican eel though he initially didn't care until Brulee got scarred in a Revenge by Proxy. The latter even had to endure the same ridicule again as an adult from his own sister, Flampe, who claimed to be his biggest fan, after she sees his mouth for the first time, which triggered his childhood memories as Flampe and her crew humiliate him. Identical Twin ID Tag: Chiffon and Lola are identical twin sisters who share the same Gonky face.

To tell them apart, Chiffon has Girlish Pigtails and a hair bow, while Lola has braids though she did have a bob cut and a bow like her sister before she ran away. According to an SBS issue , Opera is the oldest of male identical quintuplets. The only ways they could be told apart from each other is by the number of hair tufts on their head Counter has one, Cadenza has two, and so on , and the fact that Opera is a human-looking Blob Monster made of cream while his brothers have Badass Beards.

Aside from their massive statures, each around 16 feet tall, they share very little in common in terms of appearance. Averted again with Galette and Poire, who are revealed to be twin sisters. Aside from the deep maroon hair, they look nothing alike. Many of Big Mom's children share her blood lust and sadistic tendencies, and in general, they all seem to enjoy the violence and mayhem their positions allow them to engage in.

One of Big Mother's youngest daughters who hides behind a pillar in the chateau wears a polka-dotted cloak with a hood. The anime colors it as white with blue dots. Most of Big Mom's children, especially the older ones. It could also apply to most of her pirate crew as well — Bobbin's seen laughing after burning down a country. Quite literally in his case; Randolph is a sentient rabbit who won't hesitate to kill groups of people if it'll fulfill a mission.

The boss of the Seducing Woods, King Baum, is a really big tree. Large and in Charge: Thanks to Big Mom's genetics, almost all of her children are abnormally tall, and it's certainly fitting considering the sheer political power and firepower the crew has in the world. The wedding plan falling apart as it did was the direct result of the family's own arrogance and cruelty. Had Big Mom even bothered to be a better mother to her children, none of them would grow up to become severely dysfunctional adults, barely able to work together.

Chiffon being abused so badly led to her siding with Bege, giving her husband all the information he needed to pull off his assassination plan in the first place. Pudding betraying her family in secret resulted from a lifetime of being treated as a freak and receiving her first genuine compliment from Sanji, the very person she was supposed to kill.

Katakuri eventually stopped being The Ace for his siblings because it was clear they only cared for the facade he put up to protect them and not the real person he is underneath. Even Praline jumped ship, eloping from her home with her husband and his crew, and coming to the Straw Hats' rescue. And naturally, luring the Vinsmokes into a false alliance and setting up their execution directly led to the Straw Hats wrecking the wedding in the first place because of the Vinsmokes' blood ties to Sanji, who is too compassionate to let even his hated relatives die, which gave the Vinsmokes ample opportunity for a Roaring Rampage of Revenge later on.

Let's Meet the Meat: The Animate Inanimate Objects in Totland include foods. It can be quite jarring to see your dinner asking you what would you prefer, expressing discomfort when eaten but ultimately satisfied that they taste good, as Sanji , Pudding's groom-to-be, unfortunately discovered during a luncheon with Big Mom herself. Like Father, Like Son: Some of Big Mom's older children are utterly loyal to their mother and antagonizing the Straw Hat Pirates; her oldest son Perospero especially shares her love of sweets, while one of her youngest daughters has her homicidal and sadistic tendencies.

Like Father, Unlike Son: Most of the younger children play it straight by being more decent, reasonable, and often physically attractive. Two of Big Mom's daughters who have been seen in Arranged Marriages are very loving and supportive of their husbands. In contrast, Big Mom only sees her husbands as sperm banks and discards them as soon as they served their purpose. Big Mom's daughters are usually treated like this, i. While it's subverted in that most of them are very loyal to Big Mom, a few play it straight. Lola escaped that life years ago when she was set up for an important Arranged Marriage with the giant prince, Loki.

So do Lola's twin sister Chiffon, and their younger sister Praline, who both jump ship later. The Maiden Name Debate: Thanks to Big Mom's pirate reputation, the Charlotte family name is considered very powerful. As such, Big Mom and her children all go by the surname. Even after marriage, Big Mom and those of her daughters that have been wedded retain the name. Receives these frequently when they realize the unpredictability of dealing with the Straw Hats.

The first comes when Luffy manages to actually defeat Cracker. Which resulted in them sending an entire army just to fight him. Second comes during the wedding when Luffy, followed by multiple copies of him created by Brulee's power, burst out of the wedding cake. This is followed shortly by Brook smashing the picture of Mother Caramel which briefly makes Big Mom go catatonic. Third is Whole Cake Chantu suddenly being knocked over at the base by an explosion which sends everyone falling off it, costing them the chance to eliminate their enemies once they had them cornered.

Fourth, Big Mom's hunger pangs kicking in after she's denied her wedding cake and about to go on a rampage. Fifth, the Germa 66, whom they earlier tried to kill and were thought dead thanks to a faked report, suddenly arriving at Cacao Island and taking out a good chunk of their fleet while likewise saving Sanji and Luffy from their killing blows. Their horrified reactions are immediately followed by disbelief and later rage. Big Mom has had 85 children with 43 husbands over the course of 42 years, with at least one child born every single year during that period. Furthermore, there were multiple instances of multiple births among them Of Big Mom's 46 sons, 33 have been identified: Of Big Mom's 39 daughters, 24 have been identified: Totto Land and its surrounding islands are ruled by a powerful queen, Big Mom.

Her entire royal family holds fathers overall in contempt, seeing them as outsiders who don't deserve to live in the same place as them. Due to Big Mom's insanity, it doesn't make Totto Land a better place to live in. The Charlotte family in general seems to be entirely named after sweets and other kinds of food, which completely fits with Big Mom's love of sweets. Almost all of them also reference their own name in various ways, either by their appearance or their powers. Bobbin's name references bobblehead dolls , and his habit has him bobbing his head sideways while talking to someone.

It also seems to be related to his Forced Sleep powers as he's seen bobbing his head to put subordinates to sleep. Alternatively, it could reference Halloween's " apple-bobbing " tradition. As a whole, the Charlotte family is named after the charlotte cake , which is made of several ingredients that most of Big Mom's children happened to be named after. It could reference how almost all members of the family are working together to help their mother keep Totto Land running. The Chess Soldiers, which are chess-themed Homies with card-themed weaponry. More Deadly Than the Male: Implied to be Cinnamon's viewpoint, as she derides men as "such idiots", especially since earlier, half of Totto Land's fleet was disabled by Daifuku 's mad chase for Carrot.

Smoothie chides her for saying such things. Rather strongly implied, since nearly every government official in Totto Land is directly related to Big Mom. However, said government officials are worthy of the title. When Randolph mistakenly almost attacks Cracker, the latter gets angry at the former. Randolph blames the crane he was riding Perospero wears a striped top hat where the brim is lined with lollipops. Big Mom's 1st daughter, Compote, wears a hat that resembles a glass filled with fruit.

You'd be forgiven for thinking Perospero's Devil Fruit power, the Lick-Lick Fruit, is solely about licking things based on its name when it's actually about creating candy that one can lick , including turning people into candy. Not So Invincible After All: After the end of the Totto Land arc, Morgans publishes the Straw Hats' accomplishments in Totto Land, and the news of a pirate crew entering the "land of death", fighting and defeating some of Big Mom's most powerful children, and coming out alive , puts a big crack in their reputation as an "invincible" Emperor's crew. Apparently, Bobbin alone was enough to burn down a whole country by himself.

This pretty much applies to most of Big Mom's crew as when gathering supplies for the tea party, they only sent one member from the crew to get one particular ingredient. The same thing could apply to most of Big Mom's children as well. Randolph is an anthropomorphic rabbit, though as Carrot confirmed, he's not a Mink.

He's a previously normal rabbit that was given sentience by Big Mom. Noble Croc, one of Brulee's henchmen, is an anthropomorphic crocodile that was also given sentience by Big Mom. Bobbin is always seen with a face-wide grin. He only loses it when he's shot from afar by Bege's men, implied to be Vito. Charlotte Galette is never seen without her dark feather coat, and isn't so hard on the eyes herself, either. Prominent examples include Galette, Smoothie, and Amande. Sisters Citrus and Cinnamon have very long hair, with Citrus's being longer than Smoothie's.

The thing is, it would've counted as Rapunzel Hair if they weren't so dang tall. Many of Big Mom's children and crew members have their own epithet as a result of their badassery. Roaring Rampage of Revenge: When news of Cracker's defeat by Luffy spread, Big Mom's crew and children take up arms en masse and go to hunt down Luffy. Appropriately, the Chapter in which it occurs is titled "The Enraged Army". It's also subverted because aside from the massive height, they look nothing alike.

Opera and his brothers Counter, Cadenza, Cabaletta, and Gala play it straighter by being male identical quintuplets. The only way to tell them apart is Opera's creamy appearance, Counter's mustache, and the number of hair tufts on their dotted heads. Smoothie, Citron, and Cinnamon are implied to be triplets by the fact that all three of them are of the longleg tribe and all three were born in close proximity to one another with Smoothie being the 14th daughter, Citron being the 15th, and Cinnamon being the 16th.

Like Katakuri and his triplet brothers though, it's subverted as apart from their long legs, they look different from one another. Played with the Charlotte decuplets. Half of the decuplets are boys while the other half are girls. The 5 boys all have very similar appearances and wear matching clothes. The 5 girls each have slight variations in how they style their hair and in their clothing but otherwise look the same.

Essentially, the decuplets consists of two pairs of identical quintuplets. A few of Big Mom's children were shown to have inherited some facets of her personality, such as her homicidal insanity and eating habits. Charlotte Anana is a prime example, despite looking nothing like her mother physically.

Charlotte sisters Cinnamon and Citrus have very long legs due to being human-Longleg hybrids much like Smoothie, but Cinnamon and Smoothie even more so because of their beauty, Shoulder Teammate: Counter is often seen with a tiny woman hanging off of his left arm, even in battle.

Randolph, to The Velveteen Rabbit , in where he was given a human soul by Big Mom, allowing him to act and fight like a human. His outfit is also reminiscent of The Three Musketeers. The various Homies spotted throughout Totto Land yes, including the food ones , seem to have taken a page from Beauty and the Beast. Those Homies who live in the Seducing Woods also reference the terrifying forest that Snow White explores , with a contrasting parallel - Snow White runs through the forest to escape her Wicked Stepmother , while the Sanji Retrieval Team enters the forest into enemy territory to rescue a lost friend Sanji.

The Charlotte decuplets all wield matching scythes as their weapons of choice. There is also a particularly large member of the Big Mom pirates that also wields a scythe that appears to be similar in design to the ones used by the decuplets. A whole family of them. Due to their mighty power and brutal efficiency with their enemies, all of them have developed this douchey confidence that they can steamroll through any opposition easily, which is encouraged massively by Katakuri, The Ace of the family.

This ends up biting them in their collective asses numerous times, as they are not only blindsided by skilled, fresh-blooded opponents like the Straw Hats, but also benevolent relatives who work to sabotage their family's efforts from within. Many of Big Mom's children have food-related names that also tie in with their food-related Devil Fruit powers.

Aside from the facial scarring, Brulee looks like a very thin version of her mother. Chiffon's infant son, Pez, heavily resembles his father, Capone Bege of the Firetank Pirates, complete with hat, stubble, and cigar. Big Mom's first daughter, Compote, is her mother's spitting image in all but hat she wears a glass filled with fruit for a hat. Whenever a Minister of a certain food island dies or retires from the position for some reason, they're replaced by someone who has similar skills pertaining to the place they govern over.

When Moscato, the Minister of Gelato, was incapacitated by Big Mom during one of her hunger rampages, it was assumed he was dead and the position was left vacant The seat for Minister of Whipped Cream is possibly currently vacant because Opera is killed by Big Mom trying to save his own ass. The seat for Minster of Cacao Island seat is also vacant because its previous holder, Lola, ran away from a political marriage to Marry for Love. Lola's sister, Charlotte Pudding, was expected by her family to take up the seat as a replacement because of her chocolatier skills, but Pudding kept refusing it because she always saw Lola as the person best suited for the job, and hoped Lola will come back home to reclaim it one day.

  1. Lucia Victrix: Mapp and Lucia, Lucias Progress, Trouble for Lucia.
  2. Tides of Fire: The Rebellion.
  3. Keris, The Indonesian Traditional Weapon.

Needless to say, everyone is shocked that their top Sweet Commander was beaten, first denying it and accusing Brulee of lying, and then accusing Luffy of using some kind of dirty trick to win and tarnishing Katakuri's honor. After the latter, they start redoubling their efforts to kill him and Sanji Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Those of Big Mom's daughters revealed to be officially married so far Praline with Aladdin, and Chiffon with Capone Bege are larger than their husbands. A few of Big Mom's children are shown to have kindhearted personalities unlike the rest of their family, such as Chiffon and her identical twin sister Lola , their younger sister Praline, and their deceased brother Moscato.

The former two have no loyalties to Big Mom and betray their mother by jumping ship when the chance presented itself. The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter: While most of Big Mom 's younger and older children are very attractive or at least decent-looking, some look as ugly as their mother. Her son and Sweet Commander, Charlotte Cracker in particular, only looks completely Gonk when he dons his Biscuit armor - his real face on the other hand, while not exactly pretty, isn't outright repulsive, either.

The fate of those children who piss off their mother, Big Mom, in a majorly huge way. This happened to Lola, who was targeted for assassination after she ran away from a political marriage with the giant prince, Loki, and her twin sister Chiffon, who was sent in her place and when the switch failed, she was constantly beaten black and blue by Big Mom whenever they met each other, all because she looked like Lola.

The kicker is that Lola remains oblivious to her family's hatred and believes that her mother still loves her , but Chiffon correctly believes her sister wouldn't last if she comes back home.

Bobbin "the Disposer" is implied to enjoy eating. Also, he razed a country who couldn't pay tribute to Big Mom in time and laughed about it. Most family members are inhumanly large, much like their mother, and behave like Smug Supers - they look down on everyone including their enemies. Like his younger brother and fellow Minister, Cracker, Oven wears a cape and nothing else from the waist up.

The majority of Big Mom's sons seen so far are Devil Fruit users and capable fighters. Was Once a Man: The homies were created by Big Mom herself, using the Soul-Soul Devil Fruit to take the souls of ordinary humans and put them in objects like trees, furniture, and food. When Pudding uses her Memo-Memo Fruit powers on the homies to distract them from going after the Straw Hats, the memories of the souls that were used to bring the homies to life resurface, distracting the homies as they relive their soul's memories and preventing Big Mom from controlling them. The trees of the Seducing Woods are alive thanks to Big Mom's powers and are tasked to keep any intruders trapped in.

So far, Charlotte sisters Praline and Chiffon are shown to be more kindhearted than their mother and a large portion of their family. The former leaves Totto Land with her husband and the Sun Pirates before Sanji and Pudding's wedding started, and the latter opposes Big Mom for constantly abusing her and threatening the well-being of her identical twin sister, Lola.

You Gotta Have Blue Hair: The anime paints the hair of some of Big Mom's children with some very bright colors. Charlotte Galette is revealed to have magenta-pink hair, as of Episode You're Not My Father: Due to Big Mom teaching her kids that their fathers are outsiders and therefore not "true" family , some of them treat their fathers with absolute disdain, as seen with Cracker and his interactions with his stepfather, Pound.

Yuya Uchida " I'm no candy-man myself Perospero frequently indulges the children that live on Totto Land by letting them eat his candy, when he's not busy turning people into candy. An Arm and a Leg: He survived Pedro's Heroic Sacrifice , but lost his right arm in the process. He isn't too affected by it, however, since he can just make a replacement arm with his candy powers. After losing his arm to Pedro, he uses his power to create a prosthetic arm made of candy to replace it. It doesn't last long since he suffers of infections from the wounds and needs first aid.

Perospero serves as Candy Island's governor, the Minister of Candy. His powers and clothes are candy-themed, and he likes eating candy.

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Perospero's power includes this. He can turn people into candy and eat them if he wished to. He threatens Caesar Clown in addition to being eaten with this fate if he doesn't produce the giantification formula for Big Mom in two weeks. His outfit is very brightly colored, but he is an evil Minister working for Big Mom and a cannibal who eats people after turning them into candy. After he's forced to leave Big Mom to get his injury treated. He tells Mont-D-Or that there's nothing he can do to stop Big Mom from eating the cake and will result in on of three outcomes.

Fortunately for everyone in his family, the cake tasted extremely delicious, which was exactly how Big Mom expects it to. Unfortunately for the Straw Hats, that won't stop Big Mom from going after them still, now with the intent of stealing Luffy's soul and making new powerful Homies with it. Didn't See That Coming: He totally doesn't expect Pedro coming at him while covered in explosives, intending to take him out with a suicide attack.

Perospero holds off on killing the Vinsmoke Family just so he can brag to Judge about how he's got them dead-to-rights. Naturally, he spends a little too much time on the gloating before Big Mom's scream, taking him and the other executors down, and the Straw Hats who have ear protection manage to save them. He does so again when he encases Chopper and Brook in his Candy Man technique. His Signature Laugh , "Kukukuku". Perospero, to Willy Wonka. Both of their occupations and themes revolve entirely around sweets, and are creators of candy-making factories.

Both also wear Nice Hats and are sharply dressed. While male, Perospero sports classically evil long and darkly-coloured nails, enhancing his appearance of an evil sorcerer. Heart Is an Awesome Power: Like his younger brother Cracker's devil fruit, Perospero's ability to produce candy at will may not seem threatening, but he uses it to create a vast array of objects and devices such as a laboratory, escalator, and an iron maiden, and more terrifyingly, allows him to encase and even completely convert captured victims into edible candy for him to consume. High Collar of Doom: Perospero's coat has a high collar that's reminiscent of a candy wrapper.

He's also a supporter of his mother Big Mom, and while his candy-themed power by itself isn't evil, his use for it regarding people is. Perospero's Devil Fruit power allows him to turn people into candy and eat them. He threatens Caesar Clown with this fate if he doesn't produce the giantification formula for Big Mom in two weeks.

He also attempts to turn Chopper and Brook into candies as well.

One Piece: Big Mom Pirates / Characters - TV Tropes

After Pedro blows his arm off, taking out the Straw Hats goes from simply a mission objective to a vengeful desire to see them captured and tortured. Kick the Son of a Bitch: Perospero taunting a crying man with his imminent death at the hands of Big Mom's crew would normally qualify as a Kick the Dog moment It doesn't work, although it does cause him to lose an arm. Perospero is a skinny and tall guy who can turn people into candy and eat them. Everything he creates can be rock-hard, but at the end it's just candy.

Heating it up will melt the candy, so fire can be extremely effective against him. Despite his lanky frame, he's every bit as tough as you'd expect a ,, berry bounty to be — he tanks Super Soldier Vinsmoke Ichiji's punches and suffers little more than a small bruise on his cheek. Most notably though, he survived Pedro's massive suicide explosion and, despite losing his arm , retained his consciousness and got back up on his feet. Still, it all catches up with him later on, and ignoring his injuries eventually leaves him unable to continue.

Perospero was seen in his debut licking a candy cane with his long tongue while sporting a sick, insane look on his face. He also can turn people into candy and eat them. He takes the loss of his right arm pretty well all things considered, only getting angry at the thought of his new candy prosthetic melting whenever he tries to drink tea, rather than the injury itself. Later on, however, he pays for it dearly, having to walk out of the fight's climax because he couldn't ignore the wounds anymore. Perospero's candy powers are great to get rid of nuisances, as well as create large structures which are then reinforced with iron.

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  • They can also be used to decorate cream puffs, and make a working escalator. He's very skinny, yet can take a punch from Vinsmoke Ichiji with merely a bruise, and subdue Pedro with ease. Granted, his entire body is covered in candy, to serve as armor. He has a big one when he realizes that Pedro is going to do a Heroic Sacrifice. Perospero's tongue is very long by human standards. It allows him to lick big candy. He gives out lollipops to kids on Whole Cake Island and offers to let Brook and Chopper simply depart in their Shark Submarine after he believes their captain has been killed.

    Perospero's name is both based on the Japanese onomatopoeia for licking, "Pero pero" his Devil Fruit's Japanese name is also Pero Pero no Mi , and an allusion to Prospero, a magician from Shakespeare's play The Tempest. The injury he got from Pedro finally starts affecting him after the prolonged chase against the Straw Hats. So much so he ultimately has to leave Big Mom to be treated, helpless to stop her from eating Sanji's wedding cake, which he thinks has been poisoned. Also, replacing his recently severed arm with candy doesn't count as first-aid. Perospero loves to watch his prey squirm, while throwing in some Evil Gloating into the mix.

    It later bites him in the ass when he gloats for too long despite Katakuri's orders to just shoot the Vinsmokes already, giving the Straw Hat-Firetank Pirate Alliance enough time to save the Vinsmokes from certain death. From his viewpoint, he thinks the cake Sanji made is poisoned, but can't do anything to stop Big Mom from eating it. If they destroy it, Big Mom's rampage goes on unchecked with them being unable to stop her and that'll be the end of their territory. If they let her eat it and it is poisoned, then their leader is gone and the Big Mom Pirates will be finished regardless.

    Perospero's reason for have a beef with the Straw Hats after he loses his arm has a lot to do with him being mad his candy substitute arm will remind him of his disgrace every time he's holding his favorite cup of black tea and the heat makes it start to melt. Perospero shares his mother's love for sweets, if his habit of licking and candy powers are of indication.

    Perospero's outfit is reminiscent of this despite it making him look like an utter whackjob. He's also quite affable to those who are not his enemies. Perospero is essentially a walking Willy Wonka reference. Being very small compared to Big Mom, he accompanies her by sitting on her shoulder as she tears off for the Straw Hats by using his candy powers so Big Mom could walk on water after the Thousand Sunny.

    Perospero's name is a pun of "pero pero" Japanese sound for licking. He is a Devil Fruit user who eats candy by licking them and can turn people into candy. This Is Gonna Suck: His general attitude when relaying the fact he's out of the fight due to his injuries, and Big Mom has found the cake he believes poisoned and probably not tasty enough to calm her down anyways. While he isn't freaking out in any manner, nor despairing, he clearly believes they're all screwed and tells his siblings to brace themselves for the worst. Especially when he's confident.

    Despite having most of the Vinsmoke family at gunpoint, and even being urged by Katakuri to hurry and shoot them already , Perospero decides to simply keep mocking them, giving enough time for the Straw Hats to set off Big Mom's paralyzing scream. Perospero shares his mother's love for sweets and enjoys licking candies. And he can turn humans into candy by his powers , so he's basically a cannibal.

    • Steak Lovers Cookbook?
    • Dracula: A Legend Begins!
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    • Red Devil Nights.
    • Draft Policy.
    • The way he greets and behave in front of the more important visitors, complete with colorful and magical-like candy stair, really resembles Willy Wonka. For the most part, however, despite being an obvious reference to the Trope Namer , is averted, since his personality doesn't fit at all. See his page here. Shunsuke Sakuya " Step aside, you useless good-for-nothing! If you don't kill this idiot, this show can't get on the road!

      The third son of the Charlotte Family, Daifuku is the middle brother in a set of triplets between older brother Katakuri and younger brother Oven. He ate the Puff Puff Fruit Hoya Hoya no Mi , which allows him to summon a powerful halberd-wielding genie from his body by rubbing himself like a lamp. Both he and Oven appear around the same time Katakuri makes his chapter debut, at the opening of the Tea Party, stomping out all of Jigra's allies. In the manga, they wouldn't appear until a chapter later. When Daifuku is given a proper introduction again after the tea party, he stands with his arms crossed and a confident smirk on his face.

      Has a small for him, at least but still impressive cape that makes him appear even more imposing. Daifuku's head is completely shorn, and he's a loyal son and Minister to Big Mom. Shares this position with Oven. The two of them are ruthless bruisers, with Daifuku using a muscular genie that can grow to titanic sizes to hunt down and beat enemies into submission.

      In the anime, his voice is low and ragged, just above a hiss. This accentuates his cold and disdainful demeanor. His large coat is thickly lined with fur, and Daifuku is a brutal, short-tempered man with hate for failure which not even his younger siblings are safe from. Genie in a Bottle: Daifuku ate the Puff-Puff Fruit that turns him into a walking genie's lamp; he can summon a powerful, dark-skinned genie to fight for him by rubbing any part of his body.

      Good Hair, Evil Hair: He has a short mustache, and is part of the Charlotte Family who antagonizes the Straw Hats. Daifuku seems to possess a notably angry personality, as he harshly berated and even slapped his sister Pudding for failing to kill Sanji, which he then attempts to do himself.

      Even one of his genie's attacks, Maji Giren, sounds rather close to a Japanese phrase for "seriously pissed off". His rash decision to send his genie after a transformed Carrot ends up neutralizing almost his own entire fleet, rendering them sitting ducks. Hoist by His Own Petard: After Carrot rips off his ship's helm, a pissed-off Daifuku sends his genie on a rampage after her.

      The genie pays so little regard to its surroundings while hunting her that it ends up destroying and neutralizing much of Daifuku's fleet in the process. Even Daifuku's siblings immediately recognize how stupid his decision was. Despite Daifuku being the middle-born of male triplets, he looks nothing like his brothers, Oven and Katakuri. The only thing they all share is their ginormous heights. By comparison, Pudding is slightly taller than his kneecaps. He's also one of oldest children of Big Mom, giving him a lot of authority in the crew, and is the Minister of Beans.

      Daifuku's genie is fast and strong enough to tank Sanji, who's a formidable fighter himself. However, it was seen being subdued during the tea party fight after Yonji fights it. In his anime debut, he releases his physical powerhouse of a genie servant to Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! After Carrot breaks off the helm of Daifuku's ship, he decides to send his genie after her. The end result is Carrot being unharmed, while Daifuku's fleet suffers heavy damage and being unable to go after the Thousand Sunny. Our Genies Are Different: In Daifuku's case, he is not a genie, but the genie's lamp , and by rubbing his own body can summon a genie to fight for him.

      So far the genie has shown immense strength, but no magical ability. Very rarely does he carry any expression on his face beyond pure contempt. He and Oven are the opposite of their older triplet brother, Katakuri, being Hot-Blooded to his calculated personality. Powers Do the Fighting: So far in the story he hasn't bothered getting his own hands dirty, always relying on his genie. The sole exception is slapping Pudding for not coming through with her part of the plan. Despite being the middle-born of male triplets, with Katakuri and Oven being his older and younger brothers, respectively, they don't really look alike at all.

      Hell, Daifuku looks like he could be older than Katakuri! The only thing they share is their large heights. With Katakuri, his triplet along with Oven. Whereas Katakuri is a cool-headed man with an extremely protective instinct for his siblings, Daifuku is quick to anger and has no compunctions punishing his sister for failure with a slap. Shares his family's douchey confidence in their great collective strength.

      His default expression, when he's not looking perpetually pissed off, is that of condescending arrogance. Daifuku is named after a type of mochi that has sweet bean fillings. Fittingly, Daifuku's "filling" is the genie created by the Devil Fruit he ate. It resides in his body and can only be summoned if he rubs himself like a genie's lamp. His ability allows him to produce a genie from himself, one strong enough to fight and even brutalize Sanji.

      Similarly to Franky's body post- Time Skip , Daifuku has a large torso and an equally large pair of shoulders, but really skinny legs. The man's goddamn huge, and his head is pretty tiny even when he's on-model; when losing detail in the background it can get silly. When Daifuku sent his genie after Carrot the first time, it easily captured Carrot and she had to be rescued by Yonji.

      However, when he sends it after Carrot while she's powered up, she easily avoids the genie's attacks and cause it to damage Daifuku's fleet instead. Would Hit a Girl: Daifuku slaps his little sister Pudding away despite her pleas to be given another chance after she fails to kill Sanji as planned, and attempts to do it himself. You Have Failed Me: He berates Pudding by calling her a "good-for-nothing" for failing to kill Sanji, and then slaps Pudding away when she pleads for a second chance so he can finish Sanji off himself. Masafumi Kimura " All those who defied Mama shall be burned to death!

      The fourth son of the Charlotte Family, Oven is the youngest of a set of triplets, his older brothers being Katakuri and Daifuku. He ate the Heat Heat Fruit Netsu Netsu no Mi , which allows him to emit massive amounts of heat from his body, befitting his name. Like Katakuri, both he and Daifuku appear way earlier in the anime. In the manga, they don't appear until a chapter after Katakuri's debut Chapter As the Minister of Browned Foods, Oven's orange hair is in the shape of a flame and both that and his orange cape darken whenever he uses his heat powers.

      His gloves even resemble protective oven mitts. And on a more literal note, he shows up at the bakery where Pudding, Sanji, and company are making a new wedding cake, which also has an oven with an army ready to intercept the Straw Hats when they rendezvous at Cocoa Island. He has his hair shaped like an anchor, as if he was born with an anchor for a head with a human face on it. On the other hand, his hair shape could alternatively be seen as a flame, which considering his powers and job is extremely appropriate. Has a small one, but it doesn't detract from his badassery.

      Wears an bright orange one that, appropriate to his name, darkens in color whenever he uses his heat-based powers. Has a small, spiky beard, and is a loyal Minister and son of Big Mom. Oven uses a large glaive that he can heat up with his powers to make it a Flaming Sword. Shares this position with Daifuku. The two of them are ruthless bruisers, with Oven relying primarily on using devil fruit-powered punches to mercilessly beat down his opponents.

      Courtesy of his devil fruit, his fists erupt into fiery plumes when he's angry, as seen when he confronts Chiffon over what he views as her grave treachery, and also when dealing with Pound. The Cain to his younger sister, Chiffon, who is the Abel. He beats up and tries to kill Chiffon for supporting Bege's assassionation attempt on Big Mom, which makes Chiffon a traitor in Oven's eyes, and so he wants to makes an example of her to Totto Land.

      He is stopped by first a disguised Sanji, who kicks him in the face, then by Bege himself, who fires an explosive round at him from far away. His, Katakuri, and Daifuku's fight against Jigra and his allies in Episode was hardly a "fight". To rub it in further, Oven even burns a footprint into the back of a downed man after everyone's out, saying that he should "know [your] place, loser!

      Sort of; his otherwise orange hair has a "fire" gradient, becoming red the further it goes up. That being said, he can be interpreted as a literal example, since he has heat powers and a matching temper. One of the abilities granted by his Devil Fruit allows him to heat things up simply by looking at them.

      He can use this for example to set weapons held by others on fire which causes them to drop said weapons. His cape has a standing collar, and he's a loyal son of Big Mom who is one of Totto Land's many Ministers. He states that he doesn't want to kill his own sister, but she is a traitor and the law is the law. Despite Oven being the youngest of male triplets, he looks nothing like his older brothers, Daifuku and Katakuri.

      I Have Your Wife: Oven kidnapped Chiffon and held her hostage so he could kill two birds with one stone - punishing the traitors who tried to kill Big Mom and anyone who helped them. Despite Chiffon's pleas for Bege to abandon her, Bege saved his wife anyway by pulling a bluff and firing an explosive round at Oven's face. Kill It with Fire: He tries to kill Chiffon with his heating powers because she supported Bege's assassination attempt on Big Mom. Fortunately, both a disguised Sanji and Bege himself save her. Just like his older triplet brothers, Daifuku and Katakuri, Oven is extremely large - his height was listed in an SBS issue as centimeters 16'1".

      A panel in Chapter compared him to the people of Cacao Island when he visited, depicting him as an utter giant. That being said, he is a badass son of Big Mom much like his brothers, Katakuri in particular, and he's also a Minister. Oven can take Sanji's powerful kicks and an explosive round to the face from Bege, and comes out of both incidents with nothing but bloody bruises.

      He even walks off being run over by Capone's ship and taking a club to the back of the head so hard it broke in half on impact. And getting a hole blasted through his chest by Ichiji barely slows him down. Make an Example of Them: Oven wants to kill Chiffon for supporting Bege's plans to kill Big Mom, so she can serve as an example of what happens to those who betray Big Mom.

      He fails, thanks to Sanji and Bege's interference. Has no problem killing Pound, his step-father, but when Pound attacks him back, Oven complains about the audacity of him trying to kill his step-son. In the anime , being trapped in chains by Jigra's allies have no effect on him, because he could just burn himself out. Older Than They Look: Despite this, Oven looks like he's in his 30s or younger. As the holder of the Heat-Heat Fruit, Oven is more likely to punch first instead of approaching things strategically.

      As stated in Revenge Before Reason below, he basically went on a rampage just to capture his own sister, Chiffon who Oven deemed a "traitor" for being involved in Bege's plans , not even caring if his actions would lead to Big Mom destroying Totto Land, the cake she wanted that was being made by Pudding being ruined, or the fact that one of his siblings who wanted to calm Big Mom down would die as collateral damage as the result of his actions.

      His Devil Fruit allows him to radiate heat and make anything he touches extremely hot, as if they had been just taken out of the oven - case in point, Pedro tried attacking him with his sword and wound up scalding his hand badly because his sword overheated from touching Oven. He and Daifuku are the opposite of their older triplet brother, Katakuri, being Hot-Blooded to his calculated personality. He tries to kill Chiffon despite Pudding protesting that she needs their help to complete the cake that they need to keep Big Mom from laying waste to Totto Land.

      When Bege rescues Chiffon and they head out to sea , Oven starts to boil the ocean to kill them. That this would also kill Pudding and destroy the parts of the cake she had already made doesn't seem to matter to him. Subjects Bege to one with the kidnapping of Chiffon - if Bege tries to rescue Chiffon, everyone will be killed, making the rescue utterly pointless.

      On the other hand, if Bege abandons her as Chiffon told him to , Chiffon will die, leaving his son Pez without a mother.

      So Bege pretends to surrender and blasts Oven in the face with an explosive round, saving Chiffon from a traitor's execution. Oven, a food-themed person, uses his hands to fight people, which is complete anathema to a cook like Sanji, who was taught by Zeff never to use his hands for anything outside of cooking. The contrast is shown when Sanji under disguise clashes with Oven, who was about to fire-punch Chiffon and Pound With Katakuri, his triplet along with Daifuku. Whereas Katakuri is a cool-headed man with an extremely protective instinct for his siblings, Oven is quick to anger with fire powers as a bonus , and has no compunctions punishing his sister for betrayal with a traitor's execution.

      Much like most his family. In the anime, he even makes it a point to burn a footprint into one of Jigra's downed allies, advising him to "know [your] place". Is named "Oven", and he is the Minister of Browned Foods who has the power to heat up anything he touches. There Was a Door: In his anime debut, while technically "using" the entrance, he chooses to simply walk through it by melting it with his Devil Fruit powers rather than waiting for it to be opened. Interestingly, his anger with Chiffon and Pound is the opposite of tranquil, with him throwing punches and occasionally yelling.

      However, he turns to this after he takes a cannon blast to the face from Capone Bege, which pushes him to his boiling point where he wears only a very angry Death Glare. Oven clearly didn't think Bege would be pragmatic enough to pull a bluff and blast the shit out of him, all to save his kidnapped wife from a traitor's execution. His attempts to destroy Bege's vessel that was carrying the replacement wedding cake for Big Mom. Had it been destroyed, her hunger might not be sated and her wrath at losing another cake could have lead her to destroy the kingdom.

      Like his younger brother, Cracker, he wears a cape and absolutely nothing else underneath, showing off his sculpted chest and abs. However, this appears to be some sort of advantage, due to his Devil Fruit allowing him to heat up any part of his body, as Pedro ended up burning himself when he tried stabbing at him with his sword. He doesn't hesitate to brutalize and try to kill his own sister, Chiffon because she supported Bege's plans to assassinate Big Mom , but Sanji and Bege save her in time. You Shall Not Pass! A villainous example that is also subverted.

      He tries stopping Bege's ship with his own hands while it was on land While he does survive, his own subordinates had been pleading with him not to do it prior, and they were right. Like his brother, Cracker, Oven sees and treats his stepfather, Pound, like a complete stranger due to Big Mom teaching her kids that all of their fathers are not "family" since they're not related by blood. He's even willing to beat up Pound just for showing up on Cacao Island in Chapter , and even kills Pound for interfering with his pursuit of Chiffon.

      He's quite smart, as he correctly guesses Luffy's location and what would happen to him if it's revealed he hasn't actually killed Luffy and Nami. He cares for his family, but not to the point of putting it before his own safety, which indirectly causes the failure of the Germa's assassination plan. He ate the Cream Cream Fruit Kuri Kuri no Mi , which turns him into a person made of cream, and allows him to burn his opponents with cream depending on how "sweet" it is.