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Instead, they count on their feminine wiles to convince guys to shell out for their libations.

10 Things to avoid that women don't like

Some of these women will take the opportunity of a guy buying a drink for her to begin to get to know him, but others the cruel and heartless ones will take that drink, flirt a little and move on to the next sucker with money to burn. Her friends get quiet when you walk into a room. Her things are disappearing from your place. A few well-placed tears or a temper tantrum and most men will do anything to get it to stop. Men are usually raised with the idea that hitting girls is a major no-no. Knowing that he would never hit her back, this type of woman feels like she can inflict any kind physical pain on him without fear of repercussion.

A growing trend in television shows and commercials is that of depicting men as bumbling idiots, while their wives and girlfriends are intelligent, in control and flawless. This may contribute to the real life practice of cruel women who criticize and humiliate their men in public places.

1. Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

Women can get away with this in ways that men would never be allowed to. When a woman pokes fun at her man or even soundly debases him, the group surrounding them is more likely to laugh than to be appalled. In addition, readers are encouraged to take a deeper look at many signs of power and control that abusive men use to get their selfish needs met. Step 4 AA Getting Honest. Healing a Spouse's Grieving Heart.

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When we deny our own vulnerability, we cope by being cruel to others

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