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You are right about myspace guy, shitting on him because his alike websites are grown too much is ridiculous but so is you shitting on snapchat because they didnt sold for 3 bil. Like you said, even mil is an exit condition. They probably make and made more than that already, and most people in the business like having something to do.

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Once I heard in an interview why a companys founder didnt accept to sell the company when given the offer; "even if I sell it, I would go open another company and try to be successfull. All of my day goes to trying to grow [company name] and I love it". Snapchat has never made money, they spend more on servers than they make. In saying that, when they went public, the founders and some employees got very, very wealthy.

I get your point, but let's look at it another way. It's been shown a number of times that money is a poor motivator. Generally people do things because they either have to, or they derive some sort of satisfaction out of it.

[AMA request] Tom from MySpace : IAmA

I don't know what motivates most of the people I mentioned before, but any one of them could have easily taken a golden parachute at any point, and walked off with enough money to never have to worry about anything ever again. But they don't, so there must be something else that drives them. I don't think all those people are sociopaths, or driven to gain large amounts of power over others. I'm sure there are definitely some of them for whom that's the game, but not all. Seems like there are challenges and opportunities that only come along with running a large successful business, in much the same way that there is only on Mount Everest, and it's a challenge to climb it.

Just because Reddit hates snapchat doesn't mean it is worthless.


They probably made the right move on hindsight. Dude I'm a cheap sob, even 10 million anything over 6 tbh would make me soil my pants and quit my job. And I'm pretty sure most people would say that. I spent hours upon hours learning and refining my page. It was a big hobby of mine. Also I used to spend a lot of time on Nick. Mark turned down one billion dollar!! I recall seeing this awesome screenshot of Tom roasting some dude on twitter. The guy had made fun of the failure that MySpace was, Tom had actually replied and roasted him.. Overall seems like a cool dude. Kind of makes me regret over a decade ago when I deleted him from my friends when I got MySpace.

Yes, but not back to Tom. Might happen to Reddit soon enough. Shhhh I think most Reddit users came after the Digg Exodus. Gave us more popularity, but also the problems that come with it. I hate all the bots, and trolls in every popular thread, downvote accounts etc. I remember the long pun threads, hating on bad grammar and more discussion than argument. We still get a lot of good content but very little original anymore. Idk if it's that I've seen the stuff over the last decade or so, or if we are actually unoriginal.

Didn't Murdoch buy it? I'm glad it cost him a half billion but it probably didn't mean much to him. Some might say he bought it just to destroy it looking back on how influential social media is now. Not only did he sell it, one if the purchases in the deal was Justin Timberlake. They wanted to repurpose it as a site to find musicians. No, no, he sold it to Rupert Murdoch for half a billion, it promptly became unpopular and Murdoch finally offloaded it for a few millions to Timberlake et al.

The best part of MySpace was adding your favorite song to your profile. Could immediately tell if you were going to like someone or not. And no social media platform has replicated the "song" feature ever since Mine was Metallica Unforgiven playing in the background while glitter font stretched the page horizontally for many many pages. I had a pool game you could play right in the page, a dart game, a basketball game, etc. It literally took 5 minutes to load my page on dial up.

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But once it loaded, you were in for a great time. I want to thank Tom. I met my wife on MySpace in Oct of I loved that site. Hell of a lot better than Facebook. Funny story I met my husband on myspace in I think it was January ! I remember he sent me a message saying "We have way too much in common for us not to be friends. Then we started texting and he asked me out for Valentine's that next month. We've been together ever since, got married in I kinda wish it would come back it was so great to see what people liked as hobbies and pictures and music not stupid quizzes and political opinions and garbage.

Facebook is absolute crap now. Hoping that Vero takes off so I can ditch Instagram too. I got rid of both about a year ago. I quit Facebook about five years ago and am now considered mysterious by those who "knew" me which I think is hilarious. I haven't been up to anything spectacular but since I don't post about anything I do on the internet, I'm some sort of Bigfoot type now. I have never gotten that one before. I have three beagles and am working on opening a bark and brew under that name so I hope it's not too ridiculous I just discovered it I got only one friend there lol.

But I think it's so much better than Facebook's headache. Wow I met my now wife on MySpace in March when we were in high school! Cheers to a fellow MySpace marriage! Crazy to think this site decided the future for so many. If it wasn't for MySpace, my daughter would have never been born. Met my wife on myspace. Myspace was great, it was where I could go to specfic pages to see friends and not have it blasted in my face. No one telling me lizard people who faked sandy hook are coming.

No Jesus hates you. Casual stalking not a NSA feed into what your dinner looked like. I met my husband on MySpace in April Married with two beautiful boys. My husband is truly my soulmate. I reconnected with a girl I'd fancied in high school. She found me on MySpace. And we've been married going on eight years now!

I met my wife in May on MySpace. For a wedding gift she bought a notebook and added in all of our messages from when we first met. I'm glad she did, because I went back a few years ago and MySpace has been gutted. Same year I met my wife on MySpace! Three kids later we still argue about who messaged who first.

Met my husband on there back in When Facebook was brand new and only 20 or so schools had it! It was even verified. Yeah I thought it was BS. But it showed verified and linked to his verified Instagram. I should have thrown him a superlike I had a conversation about this recently. Is dude just guys?

I call my girl friends dude. Have I been fed a lie? Dude then just turned into a word for a guy in the 70s. Then there was dudette, but that sucked. These days, females can totally be dudes. Language is what it lives, anything that catches is game. That's why I'm going to go put the pussy on the chainwax. Being from the West coast, I call a lot of my female friends dudes and it's no big deal.

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However, I do get girls from the East or Midwest get angry about it from time to time. I'm a dude and you're a dude and he's a dude as well so you can point that fucking finger up your aaaaassssss. You should follow him on Instagram. His pictures are amazing and makes me have the worst case of wanderlust!

You are my heart, my love and my soulmate Myspace Comment

I feel like Tom did it the right way. Those were wild times. I worked at Aol. Having a front row seat on the Titanic twice was entertaining to say the least. If only I could read the article… https: Here's a page with some of his photography: Finally, fed up with the situation, I decided to try the famed LOA.

I felt silly at first, but I sat down and did a couple of hours worth of visualization exercises anyway. This "ask ad ye shall receive" crap? I wanted to trash the dvd, when I noticed a print out my mom had inserted into the little dvd sleeve. Now, at the time, I could have cared less about ANY inspirational verses sent to me by my mom, but I read it anyway. It was all clear to me just then. I could not bring forth this specific manifestation for a soulmate because I hadn't LET GO, or unattached myself from the outcome.

I declared it aloud "I am letting go of this, NOW! Right is not as proverbial or elusive as the masses make him out to be. He is just a regular guy that inspires me to be better than I am. He is successful in all his endeavors, and above all things, he has the ability to be happy. He understands that I need time to myself. Indeed, I need this time so much that some may see me as being more than somewhat private, but aloof and unapproachable.

He sees right through that, though. I am iconoclastic and a non-conformist with an affinity for some long standing traditions Although I am capable of brilliant, original thought, he sees that in all decisions he is a factor, and that i appreciate his input in all matters of imporatnce. I am loyal to those I care for, but I can become so absorbed in my work and inner world that I neglect them. He recognizes this in me, and gently pulls me back down from the firmament when i begin to drift away. I may show my feelings for others in ways that are too subtle for them to recognize He reciprocates this beautifully.

Many of the activities I love may exclude those around me--they are single person or two person pursuits. He loves to come along, or will be equally content to let me do my own thing. I am outspoken and love a challenge or debate. Social by nature, I am very charming and witty. I value my freedom. I can be very creative and resourceful, spontaneous and impulsive.

I am a risk-taker who is aware of all the possibilities my actions will create, and I'm curious about almost everything. I will continually strive to augment his happiness Turns out, he liked me too! He wanted to be an official item for a long time, just found himself unable to bring it up. I was right about him, after all. He is the father of my beautiful daughter, and a future baby we are currently working on.