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Another inspiration in his life is his mother who not long ago called him and said "I do not want you to worry, but I am in the hospital and my house burned down! Bad things can happen, planning goes astray and the strong stumble. In closing he quoted Ghandi in saying "The best way to find yourself is to get lost in the service to others".

Rotary Meeting July 17, This banner was brought back to us from member Bob Bishop who did a make up while visiting in Eureka. Thus Bob was marked as attending today's meeting although he was not here today! Tony would like for at least three members to attend.

Membership Chairman Randy Brooks will be out of state on Rotary business that weekend. Possibly carpool and a singalong in transit may entice an additional two members? Jo Holt was given a round of applause for her leadership. Jo also announced her leave of absence for the next three months while political commitments consume her time.

Big thanks to Dan Contorno and all who worked to make this a success. Call John Dooling if interested for details. Dan- Has plumbing leak in his Pinetop Trailer and daughter's car is broken down. Peter-The well traveled Mr Mack just returned from England where a celebration of his fathers life was held. Don-His wife's eye surgeries are complete and successful.

Headed to Seattle for a couple of weeks. Randy-Headed to state of Washington and on to Canada for two or three weeks. Plans to visit John Zwick. Randy also promised two Paul Harris Fellow's to our membership. One to the member who recruits the most members the first six months of the year and ditto for the second six months. In the morning his frau confronts him with his drunken status the night before.

His wife explains, "The front door was left open, there was whisky and broken glass in the hallway and there were bandaids all over the mirror! Maeve-Needs to work on her delivery. Patron asks for a glass of punch at the bar. Bartender says "You will have to get in line.

There is no punch line You know, this is actually funnier when I type it than when Maeve told the joke. If you are still reading it must be because you are interested in what Jamsheed Mehta, Marana Town Manager, had to say. He got on his audience's good side early by relating his familiarity with the global good works of Rotary International specifically programs for the visually impaired and polio inoculations in Pakistan.

He believes RI has been doing good in Pakistan for possibly years. Also, recovering from the Great Recession has been slow. Many developers have reduced lot sizes from 10, square feet to 6, square feet.

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Population has increased from 35, to 45, over the past ten years which is good but less than projected ten years ago. This year new single family home construction permits have been issued. There are four parks in various stages of development, a four story hotel to open in three months, two senior care centers and an apartment building under construction right now. A major concern is the Marana Main Gate. The ambiance one feels when first entering the town of Marana is very important to attract future citizens and businesses.

Perks are available to entice builders to plan parking in the rear of their establishments and possibly town parking within walking distance to local stores to preclude the need for parking lots. The waste water treatment plant is now three times the size as when purchased from the city of Tucson a few years ago. Speaking of water, much of Marana is in the year Flood Zone. As land is rezoned to housing more flood prevention projects will be required.

Much land within Marana is state owned and will be sold off for development in the coming years with proceeds going to fund education statewide. The town took over its own Animal Control within its boundaries from Pima County this past year. There are numerous community programs for citizen involvement and a Citizens Forum to bring issues before the Town Council. Marana prides itself on being family friendly and their Founders Day, Harvest Day and Fourth of July celebrations are evidence of this commitment. Rotary Meeting July 10, Early arriving members gathered outside of the locked Nana's Kitchen doors.

Javier and Nana arrived in time to open the doors, get coffee started by 7am. President Tony Hunter rang in the meeting at 7: Not bad, plus Nana and Javier whipped up quiche, tater tots and sausage in short order. Next time we have a rainy day we might want to revisit "Itsy Bitsy Spider"? Call if you need directions. There will be a division of work assignments to be explained later. At least that is the thinking. A proposal will be submitted to the board tomorrow. The Cameroon project will address Education and Poverty.

A fruit and vegetable garden as well as a small milk cow herd are planned with food for the students and surplus sold in the market. Foot powered sewing machines and a grain mill are also in the works for the village to create jobs and bring money into the community. Dan Contorno volunteered to assist Denise. Thank you to the both of you. Randy, with a little help from Lynn, earned and donated a little over a hundred dollars by singing and strumming last Friday evening.

Anyone wishing to attend should contact Bob at to carpool. Don-Able to meet with numerous relatives, also in California, many of whom he had not seen for years. Denise-Vocalized all our thoughts when she mentioned her happiness caused by the rescue of the twelve Thai soccer players and their coach. Lynne knows of a set of identical twins that were adopted out at birth to families in different countries.

Juan was raised in Spain and Amahl in Egypt. A few years later the birth mother received in the mail a photo of Juan. This made her very happy but she lamented that she would like to see a picture of Amahl. Her friend commented when you've seen Juan you've seen Personally I think this was a tie, but the groaning from the audience was much louder following Lynn's delivery. Presently they are trying to raise money for a new roof. TPS is trying to connect with local children's groups to allow for the exercising of their artistic talents. Rotary Meeting June 25, As always, not withstanding last week, President Jo M Holt rang in the meeting at 7am not to be confused with 8am sharp.

Jason Halper, remember him? Maeve once again demanded that we sing and once again we sang a patriotic song, "My Country Tis of Thee". Totally unbiased President Holt commented "Not too bad". Next our leader, whose time in her lofty perch is short, polled the membership for an idea or thought. Jo then shared a quote from Buddha regarding one candle can share it light with a thousand other candles and not diminish its brightness.

The same can be said of human happiness. Mary spoke of Cameroon project. The country is dry for nine months then three months of torrential downpour. Challenges in numerous areas such as disease control, education, economic growth and food scarcity. Our RI grant may include cows, sewing machines and a community garden project. An RI grant requires a community assessment and therefore possible travel to Cameroon by two or more Rotarians. President Jo artfully and appropriatly ducked these discussions as being more correctly addressed by new President Tony Hunter.

One out of three isn't too bad. Randy-Getting out of Dodge to see his family and his best friend Bert.

Rock star: diamond as big as a tennis ball sells for US$53 million | South China Morning Post

Don was visibly hurt by this announcement about Bert. Denise-Happy for Tony in Toronto probably because it is about a hundred degrees cooler there than here. I thought that was near Yuma. Yes, Joke Off now gets its own heading. Convinced that she had another victory, Lynne went with the nervous new priest who was given advice by the Monsignor to have a small glass of vodka next to his water at the pulpit during his prsentation.

Well you guessed it, the new priest over imbibes and made numerous funny errors in his homily it truly was as if Lynne was a member of the congregation as she struggled to get through her delivery without a complete collapse from her hysterical laughter ending with the Monsignor's admonishment "There will be a taffy pull at St Peter's Church next Sunday, not a peter pull at St Taffy's Church. Jim Evers was our speaker today. The daily work as a new volunteer was abit too strenuous for Jim so he ended up on the board and is their current Board President.

Coolers, bathrooms, floors, roofs, plumbing, ramps, etc. You name it they do it. The organization was founded over 35 years ago by Mennonites.

Approved Section18A PBO's

They have a million dollar a year budget and did 18oo projects last year in Tucson, primarily in the south and SW parts of town. There is a shortage of funds due to city cutbacks and CHRPA is currently dipping into its surplus to provide needed projects. Volunteers are always welcomed, with or without skills. Many winter visitor RV'ers assist and religious groups from around the world that send young volunteers to do good in the world and end up in Tucson and participate. Their culture is one of "No One Complains".

Jim indicated they do a couple of ramps a week and they are very willing to work with Rotary when we can share the cost and provide some hands on labor. Rotary Meeting June 19, Her attempt to quickly begin reminiscing about her past year as club president wa thwarted by Member Maeve Johnson's enquiry "Isn't this a song month? And so we did. Some of our younger members those under 70 may not know the background of this George M Cohen song written in The original lyric for this perennial George M.

The two men found themselves next to each other and Cohan noticed the vet held a carefully folded but ragged old flag. The man reportedly then turned to Cohan and said, "She's a grand old rag. If you have three minutes check this out- https: Back to President Jo's reflections on the past year. The year was filled with the planting of thousands if not tens of thousands of trees by Rotarians spurred by our RI President.

Hundreds were planted in our own Marana Veterans cemetery.

Les compagnons de l'orbe Tome 1 Pdf

Tour De Tucson aide station was again our big November event. Our own Tour de Cookie has also raised thousands of dollars for our charitable works. Our books for preschool kids project, in spite of a few twist and turns start to finish, provided over 6, books to needy families seeking services through the Women, Infants and Children program at The Marana Healthcare facility. Gifts were provided by Jo to her Board Members and she especially singled out Denise West, while not a member of the board, for her participation in so many of the years events.

Then Maeve went on a roll. I think Randy is one, but as I said, I am not sure I heard everything correctly. There is a lot of stuff that goes on over in that corner of the room each week that is out of order and needs to be reigned in. I think our Sergeant of Arms needs to get involved. This kind of fun should be prohibited. Lynne, following up to last weeks hijinks, decided to read her joke of the week to us. While not as hilarious as last week, the gist of the humor was, if you are looking for a priest or a lawyer there may be better places than St Pete's backyard.

After providing the backstory to the origin of the name Marana Tony encouraged us to take risks and "To Be The Inspiration". Rotary Meeting June 12, The Rotary Club of Marana is becoming a very "exclusive" group judging by attendance today. Ten members and two speakers heard President Holt call the meeting to order at precisely 8 am sharp!

Lynne Himmer came to the meeting prepared with a thought taken from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Randy Brooks took exception to this and in his best Bob Newhart impersonation said "uh, and happiness? President Holt congratulated new dad, Richie Benner. The Food Bank Picture Rocks program is coming to an end as it has failed to grow as anticipated. Thank you to all who have participated over he past year or so. Peter-Stuck on a mountain in Chile with four gray walls to surround him. Down the road he looks and here comes Mary, hair of gold and lips like cherries and wild mules munching the green green grass over the septic.

Had to combine a few things due to space limitations. Seriously, she enjoyed the joke so much herself we all could not help but to enjoy it with her. This all volunteer organization got its start after the tragedy in the Santa Rita Mountains in You can copy and paste the following URL for more information.

While SAMSAR helps to coordinate numerous rescue service providers they are uniquely qualified when mounted recovery efforts are required. I regret that these minutes do not do the organization credit, but there skills and accomplishments are far to varied to give them justice here. They did mention that cases of dehydration are almost as frequent in the winter months as they are in the summer. This is often due to visitors unfamiliar with the extreme rough terrain of the Catalina's and surrounding mountains and the low humidity that allows heatstroke to sneak up on you.

Jerry recommends that you keep a slip of paper in your wallet listing any meds you are taking and always leave a slip of paper on your dash when hiking stating when you left, destination, number in your party and expected time of return. There have been 50 rescues already this year and many from the Sabino Canyon area. Jerry Simmons has been answering your car care questions each and every Saturday for 19 years! Call in to the show - In business at the same location S. Country Club since , Simmons is a full service repair center, as well as specializing in 4x4, drive shaft and exhaust system repairs.

ASE certified technicians are well-trained in computer diagnostics. President Jo called the meeting to order, which was no easy feat as many were on a carb and sugar high from our Dunkin Donuts breakfast. President Jo was a little run down from her Party's party the night before, I believe in Sedona. Dan-Wife is in Ethiopia and he cleaned the kitchen in her absence. I can understand the happiness in the first item, but the second? Baby room painting complete. Looks like Harvey is not in the cards. Jo-Partied with her party this time for three days in Window Rock.

If you are going to Window Rock, might as well party for three days. Mirabel presented her Exchange Year. She was forced to work with others and develop skills of persuasion. She overcame fear of heights and made several friends with whom she remains in contact. She is more aware of the various shades and not so absolute. As all Exchange Students before her she commented on school in the US being less demanding than what she had experienced in her own country of Nigeria.

Classes she took were Photography, Spanish, Choir and Biology. She is very grateful for the opportunity to experience our culture and to now have a white family. She said she will miss In and Out Burger, Dessert after meals and all the fatty, fatty food. This exchange student program definitely provides for growth and learning to both parties. Our entire club benefits. Oh What a Night! Posted on May 29, Ans was a smash hit. Two chefs were required to serve our group of nineteen and both were at the top of their game. Food was flung everywhere and occasionally caught.

Three foot tall flames, twirling knives and even two volcanoes set the tone for the evening. No jokes from Lynne this time as she wanted to not distract from the praise lavished upon President Holt. At times the evenings festivities looked like a party to honor Mirabel who will be departing for home in a few days. She even received the "lit candle on scoop of ice cream" treatment.

She will be missed, but I think we may see her again in the future. Congratulations to Maeve Johnson for organizing the best 5th Tuesday Social our club has experienced in a long long time. Mirbel Exchange Student Graduaton. Our Rotary Club of Marana exchange student at graduation May 23 rd. Thanks to all host families and Club supporting her though out the year. Posted on May 22, Marana has been providing support and recognition for. Road Runner Book Fair. Were you a good reader in first and second grade?

Were you in the Redbird or the Bluebird group. Did you go to college? Do you like to curl up with a book or a Kindle and pass the hours reading fiction, history or my favorite historical fiction with an Ipad on my lap. It is a well proven fact that reading to preschool age children improves their vocabulary and their understanding of the reading process.

Unfortunately, if a child is behind in their ability to read in the first few years of education there is a likelihood they will never catch up. Will this project make a difference? Could we hope for two or three? Rotary Meeting May 15, President Jo welcomed a full house and then requested David Hindman to lead us in the Pledge. Maeve responded to the request for a thought for the day with something about a backbone, wishbone and a funny-bone are all that are needed in life. Many in attendance were left scratching their head bone.

All members and quests in attendance raised their voices in a musical tribute to John Zwick and Harold Burtzloff for their combined years of Service Above Self. It was more loud than good, but I do believe both John and Harold appreciated the recognition. In attendance to lend their voices to the special recognition of John and Harold's acomplishmenst were: John is 22 and running out of time to complete his high school education. He has dropped from MCAT twice but is determined to complete his studies this time. He wants to be a welder and has learned first hand of the doors that are shut to him without a HS diploma.

John has a great support system as evidenced by his entourage and his biggest supporter appears to be his mom. His recognition by The Rotary Club of Marana was an emotional occurrence. Each has been a member of only one other club. A rather large cake with special decorations celebrating John and Harold's longevity was sliced distributed to everyone in attendance. Special thanks I believe go to Randy Brooks for spearheading this richly deserved recognition meeting.

Richie has excelled as an active member in his short time with The Rotary Club of Marana and this step is but one more to what we believe will be a long career with Rotary. The event runs from 7: Location is W Calle Carmela. Many Rotarians plan to meet at 5: Instead we will dine at Mr An's that evening. Many happy bucks for John and Harold and for our guests.

Les compagnons de l'orbe Tome 1 en ligne lire

One of particular note was John Zwick's "stung by a scorpion" trip to the hospital happy buck. Maeve may have wanted us to extrapolate this lack of intelligence to all men, you will have to ask her. In any case HALF the audience seemed to rather enjoy the humor. Again, we will NOT be meeting for breakfast the next two Tuesdays. We will be DARK! See you for breakfast June 5th. Rotary Meeting May 8, Newly married President Elect, Tony Hunter, led the meeting today. We did have a pledge, but no song, no prayer and literally not a single thought in the room.

How can this be? All I can say is the reader will have to attend our next meeting and draw their own conclusions. We did have a mighty fine joke however, from Lynne Himmer. Your belt's too tight! I passed this joke on to an adult lady friend who did not get it. I am trying to recruit her as she would fit right in with our "no thoughts" crowd. Two speakers addressed the club. Pam's husband, Andy was also in attendance primarily to make sure Pam did not leave something out of her talk.

Beth was very complimentary of our small club's record of giving. Unfortunately I missed much of the salient points in her talk due to impaired hearing. Happy bucks galore, but again I regret to say I missed most of what was being said. Had a great trip down the Rhine.

Somebody once said "Sic transit gloria mundi. Thank you Harold for all your service over the years. As many of you are aware Harold also is a recipient of the Wright Bros Master Pilot Award for being a licensed pilot for fifty years. It is an honor to be in the same club as you Mr. Pam Kerr made an excellent presentation regarding Rotary's work in Guatemala. Primarily she spoke of the goal of raising 2. Eleven have been funded and eight have been installed. Each unit can serve between 50, to , persons a year. This is a true Global Grant with Taiwan Rotary clubs sponsoring three of the units.

Cooperation among RI, the Guatemalan Minister of Health and other governmental entities has been wonderful. Pam provided two pages of documentation concerning this project. By the way, Harold passed on a compliment to your's truly from Mindy Blake "Your writing is a perfect blend of humor, wit and facts. Mindy, if you are reading this we could offer a deal if all three of you wanted to become members. Hope to do a better job next week if this head cold passes and I get back to my normal poor hearing.

Smiles beamed on the faces of riders and cookie station hosts alike, as participants rode Participants enjoyed community camaraderie and a wide variety of home-made cookies satisfying even the pickiest taste-buds. Volunteer Cookie Station hosts were at the heart of the event. Each were responsible for baking their own cookies, and word has it that competition was steep.

Rotary Meeting May 1, Randy started us off with the pledge. There was debate with whether or not we should sing a song, even though it is a song Month. She is now in Montreal studying Political Science. She is starting her third and final year. In Montreal degrees are awarded after three years. Thought of the Day: The goal was to try to guess when it would hit In it was May the 4th. When will it hit in ? Tony- got married a few weeks ago. Richie lead us in the pledge and it was announced there would be no song today. Thought of the day: Jim Henson- life is like a movie, write your own movie, keep believing and keep pretending imagination and creativity.

Dan feels better about the Tour de Cookie two weeks post event. We are sticking with ish riders.

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May is busy with the district assembly in Green Valley, food bank distribution, book fair at roadrunner, MCAT graduation and our 5th Tuesday social at Mr. Plans are in place to possible have dinner prior. Rotary Vocational Fund update: Richie learned the Boy Scouts are working on growing new coral for the reefs in the Florida Keys. Susan Friese was our guest speaker from Literacy Connects.

Literacy Connects is a Tucson nonprofit connecting people of all ages to a world of opportunities through literacy and creative expression. Literacy Connects was hatched from an idea from a town hall meeting. Volunteers came together to discuss issues plaguing the community. Literacy was at the core of it all. The literacy community came together and started the organization. The ones that came together were:. They helped over 45, learners in The ages now range between newborn to They have over 1, volunteers who help their organization.

All their classes are free to anyone who needs them. They do not take any state education funding because of two issues: Their approach to working with students is student focused, individualized learning based on trust and personal relationships. Their reading seed program goes into elementary schools and identify those who are reading below their grade level. From there they are assigned a reading coach. Their goal is to connect to the students and find out what they are interested in to get them reading something. Last year, our staff and more than 1, dedicated volunteers helped more than 50, individuals in Southern Arizona.

The programs teach parents the importance of reading to their children, help young people experience the power of words and ideas through the arts, and put books in the hands of people who need them. President Jo started the meeting by asking Dan C to lead the pledge. Sounded pretty good too! Lynne- To paraphrase "If you are on the road to perdition go fast so you can get in and out before the devil knows you're there. Jo- Per Will Rogers "Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement!

Lots of good discussion regards the Tour de Cookie fund raiser last Saturday. The real reason we sang to Dan. Randy received a Canadian check that is not as easy to pass as a Loonie. Numerous comments about the Janice Meyer cookie booth and her families baking history. John sold some cookies and commented on the Cookie Monster shirts of several riders.

Talk of moving event to earlier in the year. Dan will call a meeting soon to discuss possible changes and what we have learned from this years event. Due to travel etc several members could not help the day of the event but I know you were with us in spirit. Richie, it doesn't pay to miss meetings. David-He and his kids enjoyed the ride. Oldest daughter thinks they could enjoy it more if they ditched the younger ones and hit more cookie booths!

Maeve-Had one of the longest lead ins in the history of jokedom to get to the punch line that Randy was not blessed by the pope but was actually kicked out of St Peter's Square. Randy-Sorry he missed T de C but learned new ways to get into our knickers for the Rotary Foundation. Mary-Her little cousin, who she thinks of as an 8 year old, but actually closer to 50 is one of the worlds experts on the Rwandan genocide. Scott Strauss, a former free lance reporter in Kenya and now a professor at University of Wisconsin has written several books on the topics of genocide, war and the making and unmaking of nations.

She enjoyed the interaction of being with a large group of strangers as this is fairly new to her. She kind of enjoyed the "no tech" environment where cell phones were abandoned for personal interaction. Being the oldest child and fairly opinionated she is used to others following her orders! She is still in contact with a few of the other participants. With no word to the contrary we believe Tony Hunter is now a married man. If we learn otherwise the crystal stemware shall be returned. Rotary Meeting Apr 10, Tour de Cookie this Saturday with potential riders?

Dan will be setting up at 7: Meet him at the Rillito Race Track on first south of River. The Farmers Market location. Mary read a list of booth sponsors. Thank you to Dan and his committee for another excellent job of planning this event. All are encouraged to attend this meeting. Go to District to register. Javier started the Happy Bucks giving with a dollar for every year that he has been on the earth. David, being squeamish sort did not want to yank it out. Finally natural causes brought about its demise and made for one very happy young man.

Randy borrowed a dollar and thanked former Marana High School Principal Jim Doty for assistance with our club's Exchange Student program over the years. Richie commented he was a "good kid" in Principal Doty's era while Jim rolled his eyes. You will never guess who won the raffle ticket draw AGAIN and proceeded to draw two cards neither of which was the one he wanted. Xavier has found the smaller classes at MCAT to his liking. He has a knack for anything automotive and plans to study automotive and diesel mechanics after graduation.

I believe he said the school of interest is UTI where auto body is also taught. He comes from a family with a lot of girls and appeared to enjoy a chance to speak. With his automotive knowledge he has been useful to fellow students, recently taking a look at a car leaking gas which he diagnosed as safe probably not going to explode just sitting there but not driveable.

Wish I had known Xavier back in the 60's. Xavier's long term plans would include owning his own shop. Rotary Meeting Apr 03 Bet you thought I was going to say it started with the Pledge. Maeve asked for a song but alas, being a no song month she was denied. The fear was palpable in the room. Even Jason showed up. Although Jorgensen and Mack both indicated they will be on the road again in the coming weeks it was good to see both. Thought for the day came from Mr Richard Benner. Basically it was "Don't worry. The winner of one hundred dollar early bird Tour de Cookie sign upper is Roger somebody.

Randy said he probably knows him and took the money. Club members all participated in the culling of poorly made ceramic cookies from the hundreds dumped on each table. Made for our club by Quail Run School as part of the Tour de Cookie fund raiser, we learned that not all ceramists ages 7 to 11 are created equal. Friends, family and kids welcome to help. Thank you, the management.

May 29th is a 5th Tuesday and Mr An's will be where we gather for a fun filled evening. This promises to be more hilarious than their "Battle of the Jokesters" skit we have come to loathe. Tears are running down my cheeks as I relive the moment. Jo congratulated Maeve on her anniversary Seriously, Randy was happy about this, I kid you not. Denise-Sorry, I missed it. Tony-Got five bucks out of him after last week's "zero". Headed to Flagstaff for a wild and crazy kind of time.

Kind of like Vegas only NOT. Bob "Lucky" Bishop pulled the 4 of hearts. The sadness displayed by his fellow Rotarians at his misfortune tugged at this writer's heartstrings. A few of the numerous points she made about reading are:. My interpretation of the story is the magic hat is like a library. So many wondrous books on so many wondrous topics await you once you are inside. Open the cover and let your imagination loose. Rotary Meeting Mar 27, President Holt rang in the meeting at the designated hour. We all rose in unison and recited the pledge. No song today and the die hard singers did not complain.

It seems they have lost the battle. There goes my sunshine, my only sunshine, it makes me happy when skies are gray. Javier has recovered nicely and there are no plans by the club to revisit The Village Inn anytime soon. Ha, wait until he is married and kids. He'll look back on these days as rolling in the dough. David-Enjoyed telling a falsehood to his kids. For several hours they thought the car was traveling to the Grand Canyon.

At some point they figured out Lego Land was the destination. Harold-Happy he figured out how to change Mary's email address on our website. NOTE-He was happy for less than a day. Benner-Putting a crib together not as hard as he had been told. Richie, you will not find that to be true in raising kids. Randy-Marched for ending the gun madness. The Congressman took the stage and spoke of his 58, square miles of district. His background is unique in that he has been a bond trader, a cop, an elected Republican state official and an elected Demoratic US Congressman.

We still got a problem and maybe a desalinization plant in the Sea of Cortez where the Colorado enters may be a good idea. Rotary Meeting March 13, President Jo was back in full health to lead our meeting. She asked a lady from Nigeria to lead us in the Pledge and Mirabel did a fine job. Thoughts for the day revolved around the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. This calculation gives us Pi and its many uses especially in Rotarian Humor. If you are interested and available they could use you. We need people from 8: Please let Dan or Mary know if you can assist.

Roadrunner school will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair on a Tuesday, possibly in April, and we will participate. There, I said it. I am an ungrateful Give more and I'll try to listen better. Not to give anything away, but the evil lawyer figures out a way to send the engineer and make a profit fo himself of a cool million. I saw David Hindman taking notes. She spoke on District Strategic Plan and specifically sought input in its development.

Of particular interest seemed to be the Indicators of Success and Target Dates section. Money for recruitment and Rotary name recognition was available for a couple of recent years. It was spent with no appreciable change in membership. Do not look for money in this regard any time soon. As it often does the bottom line falls on individual members to ask contacts to join you for a breakfast meeting. No commitment to join, just come check us out.

Hey Maeve, thanks for the cherry and apple pie girl. Too bad for you non attendees. Rotary Meeting March 6 , Fellow Rotarian's, our President has fallen ill. Showing he has the "crust" needed by "filling" in for President Jo our President-elect Tony Hunter deftly led today's meeting showing us all it is as easy as Peter led us in the pledge. I am sure there were numerous significant thoughts as the meeting progressed. While not up to their usual hilarity I distinctly heard Dan giggle over the "snake hadn't a leg to stand on" punchline delivered by Maeve.

Denise Coronado groaned over "Nacho Cheese". Lynne, uyou can do better. Thank you Denise, you are a terrific club member and active volunteer in most all club projects. Guest Speaker Stephanie Rojas comes from a Rotarian family that sponsored four exchange students when she was a youth. Many in our club believe Stephanie is still in her youth. Night of a Thousand Stars is the Tucson Sunrise fund raiser and she encouraged us to check it out.

Without going into details, the adversity this young man has faced in his first eighteen years has been significant. His immediate goal is to graduate and attend Pima Communiy College. His long term goal is to "make my mother proud". Rotary Meeting Feb 27, Following the Pledge President Jo asked if anyone had a thought. This moved President Jo to have a thought. He says nobody will know if we have snow because we will not be able to see it. After the presentation we all agreed Richie was still the only one who understood.

Therefore the following meager attempt should be taken with a grain of salt. Going through "Scholastic" we get the biggest bang for our bucks.

Les compagnons de l'orbe Tome 1

I have no idea what Option 2 was. See Richie if you gotta know. Speaking of Board Meetings, our next one will be tomorrow March first. It will begin at 5: Bob Bishop thanked this writer for the clever and humorous meeting minutes. Maeve mentioned new shoes she bought off a drug peddler. She does not know what thy were laced with, but she has been tripping all day. Not to be outdone, Lynne gave us a dumb blonde joke, typical of what may have been heard at a Rotary club meeting in the 50's. Too long to relate, but it was also funny. Arlene Nehls grew up in Morenci, AZ. She has a 30 year old child and another younger child.

Why do we care? The WIC program is concerned with nutrition for It began primarily as a breast feeding support program and has expanded. Eligibility is based on family income. The program pays for itself by reducing nutrition related problems in the target population. In addition to the 26 years experience Arlene has, 15 of 20 staff members have a nutrition degree. In addition to providing food and occasionally formula, they can test for iron and vitamin levels in the blood. Since they are housed at MHC referrals are quite easy. WIC now has an electronic benefit capability when shopping for food.

They also helped the bottom line of The Cattlemen's Restaurant. Thank you to you and the many other Rotarians for giving up a Saturday morning for this very worthwhile cause. Hope next week we have a better turn out. Are my notes keeping people away? It is really more than than I can describe. Rotary Meeting Feb 20, Mark Murray led us in the Pledge. My notes are a little hazy here, but according to President Jo some guy named Lyons said something profound regarding if we fail to take notice we cannot take action because we failed to notice.

This was followed by applause. Not able to contain herself President Jo quoted Mia Hamm regards building fires. Thank you to our volunteers,. This suggestion was tabled as we may need to recruit more younger members in order to have a person with good hearing at EACH table. Javier did have a joke. Maeve, your job is NOT in jeopardy. Ally, who will soon be joining the Tucson Sunrise Rotary Club, gave a wonderful presentation of the twenty year history of Make Way for Books. Numerous facts were shared such as:. Make Way for Books has kiosks where books are free and where they can be loaned like a library.

If you are reading this and did not attend today please try and make it next Tuesday. Rotary Meeting Feb 13, John Zwick got us started with the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of Happy Birthday to Denise damn near ended the meeting. While I still support a "Singing Club" I am beginning to rethink my stand. I blame Maeve for a weak start, although she did try to pick up tempo by waving her arms like a clipped banty rooster but it was too late. The Titanic had sailed. Her math joke about drinking and deriving was a step up but still this act would not play in Peoria.

Words of wisdom from Denise and Mary but you will have to see them as their comments did not make it past my eardrums. We either need to use the microphone or the club needs to buy me an ear horn. A Rotarian, Peggy is seeking a local club to join. If in need you can visit her at Sabino Canyon Recovery. Hopefully our singing did not scare her off. In spite of comments to the contrary I do not believe she is related to our Club's President. Mary-After several attempts to communicate with this writer tossed her hands skyward in complete frustration.

Harold won and lost the raffle. We once again gave Harold a round of applause for his Right Brother's Award of 50 years of error free flying. Also, thanks for the box of chocolates given to all in attendance. Don also sponsored today's speaker. Bill Woodard gave a presentation that made us all proud to be Rotarians. The number of homeless in the world has doubled in the past five years to 85 million. Shelter Box is making a dent in the need having served , families in Shelter Box, Red Cross and the UN are the only three organizations that can take the lead in countries in need of humanitarian aid.

With Rotary membership being made up of local leaders and business owners it is a natural to organize relief efforts plus it has instant credibility. Shelter Box has been allowed in North Korea and in to Myanmar where government or religious affiliated organizations were not allowed. Rotary Meeting Feb 6, President Holt had difficulty getting everyone's attention to start the meeting. There was a great deal of conviviality going on. Finally she was able to get Mark Murray's attention to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and a fine job he did.

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