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Essays by Timothy Roberts and coeditor Paul Burlin illuminate the relationship between religion and commerce, while other essays examine ties with politics and diplomacy. This book does a helpful service by tracing some of the mixed results of this potent cocktail of self-importance and benevolence. Edited by Paul H.

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The title of this book indicates clearly its contents. Mission and money are two subjects that should not be separated from each other. And the handling of issues related to money and mission in Asia are complex indeed. Most have had experience in Asian countries. Because Asians place such strong emphasis on shame, face, and honor, it is very interesting to consider how they cope with receiving financial support from Christian-majority countries.

Recently, several Christian organizations have poured funds into Sri Lanka to help in natural disaster, poverty, and development programs. Buddhists worry that the operations of well-funded evangelical Christian groups will eventually reduce the Buddhist religion to minority status in the country, as happened in South Korea over the course of the twentieth century, where an 80 percent Buddhist population has been reduced to less than 40 percent because of Christian evangelism and resulting conversions.

One challenge raised by Alex Smith chap. His practical principles are good advice for missionaries, giving guidance in money matters and principles for fund-raising. In chapter 3 Andrew Thomas introduces the idea that use of funds is for empowering believers, not to enslave or control them, stating that the central principle of using money is love.

And in chapter 4 Jonathan Bonk, author of Missions and Money expanded ed. For Bonk, while the beginnings and endings in Buddhist and Christian theological understandings are very different, they have some things in common. Their views of materialism, self-discipline, and moderation as a way of life are similar. He offers biblical references and suggests principles of economic justice, raising awareness of the inherent dangers of wealth. I recommend this book for those interested in Asian countries and especially for those interested in mission to the Buddhist world. By Vincent Goossaert and David A.

This is an ambitious and thought-provoking book that addresses a vast subject—religion in modern and contemporary China including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore —spanning over a hundred years of history, from to Adopting a theoretically informed historical approach, Vincent Goossaert and David Palmer have surveyed the evolving relationship between Chinese religions and politics and society. Their panoramic portrayal scans the creativity and reinvention of Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

This is accompanied by a strong focus on religious policies, discourses, practices, and trends in the different ages of imperialism, revolution, nationalism, modernity, and globalization from the late Qing, through the warlord government, to the Guomindang and Communist rule.

Other topics covered include utopianism, ethnic identities, and the heritage movement.

Mission in Context: Explorations Inspired by J. Andrew Kirk

The book is divided into two parts— 1 religions and revolutions and 2 multiple religious modernities—which present a dazzling array of topical issues that mostly involve the reconstruction of religion and the emergence of China as a modern nation-state. Familiarity with key lines of inquiry and the main sources in English, Chinese, French, and Japanese is evident throughout the work.

The use of Chinese and Japanese characters in both the bibliography and the index is indeed a welcome addition. Despite its very broad coverage, this incisive study suggests the necessity for further exploration of the highly complex terrain of Chinese religion. As the book indicates, many questions are still largely unresolved. What have been the main drivers for the ever-changing religious landscape in modern and contemporary Chinese history? Has it been the Western challenge, or is it the domestic political and cultural environment? What role did religious syncretism play in the citizenship-building process?

Her latest publication is United States—China Relations: Revelation, Translation, and Interpretation in Christianity and Islam. Edited by David Marshall.

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Every year since the archbishop of Canterbury has convened a Building Bridges seminar between leading Christian and Muslim scholars. Communicating the Word is the record of the seminar, held in Rome. A concluding chapter summarizes the critical and creative reflections that took place among the twenty-two participants. Both religions claim that God speaks to us; the challenge is to learn to listen. Similarities and common challenges surface in the book, but also the critical areas where the two faiths ultimately diverge.

Madigan expresses well the approach to dialogue that this book represents: I highly recommend this book for all who are engaged in, or want to be engaged in, dialogue to build bridges of theological understanding between Muslims and Christians. Mogensen, a part-time lecturer and freelance consultant in interreligious and intercultural issues in Denmark, was a missionary among Muslim Fulanis in northern Nigeria — Edited by Rose Dowsett.

A fascinating kaleidoscope, Global Mission combines missional scholarship and practice, offering a testimonial that the Gospel of God spans the globe across cultures, languages, and religions, even in the twenty-first century. The book focuses on contextualization. Prominent missiologists present their views on the topic, building on personal expertise and complementing the wisdom of veteran missionaries such as Lesslie Newbigin, Ralph Winter, and Paul Hiebert.

All contributors are committed to a common goal: Global Mission invites readers to become fearless risk-takers in the service of the Gospel, which transforms both unreached peoples and hands-on missionaries p. We read about four different models for explaining wholeness to the Wolof of Senegal chap. The missionary challenges are relentless! The various conversations the book offers—on small-group ministry, house churches, emerging church, incarnational ministry, an attractional model, nonbaptized believers, churchless Christians, and more—speak directly to the missional task in both the West and the East.

The careful reader will find little to disagree with in Global Mission. Nigerian Immigrants in the United States: Race, Identity, and Acculturation. By Ezekiel Umo Ette. Nigerian Immigrants in the United States is a refreshing read. The book focuses on the experience of Nigerian immigrants in the United States and their interpretation of this experience, an approach the author refers to as phenomenological, or one of qualitative social research p.

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It is based on case studies of individual immigrants who discuss why they left Nigeria, what their experiences in the United States have been, and whether they see it as a good decision to have come to the States. The central question of the book is, How do the immigrants themselves interpret their experiences in their new society? Answering this question generates others, such as, Who are these Nigerians who have left their homeland?

What has been their experience? The case samples include Nigerians who have come as students, as spouses, as permanent visitors, and as visa lottery winners. The author discusses lessons learned in these case studies in the context of historical, theoretical, and general principles of immigration to the United States. These lessons, which help us see how Nigerians have adapted to and integrated into American society, also reveal the various human services used to support their adjustment.

Education is one of the strongest motivators for coming to the United States.

Once in the States, the immigrants tend not to move to new locations. Like most other immigrants, Nigerians maintain close contact with their homeland. Most still hope to return some day to Nigeria, and some are acquiring property there for that day. Edited by Gerrie ter Haar. The wording of the title, Religion and Development , may sound rather paradoxical to many postmodern scholars in the West, but noting what ordinary people do on the ground, Gerrie ter Haar brilliantly demonstrates that religion uniquely and effectively contributes to world development.

This book, divided into four parts, is the fruit of eighteen contributors from various backgrounds. Brill Academic Press, Samuel Escobar, Changing Tides: Mission Studies 28 , Gallagher and Paul Hertig, eds. Religious Studies Review Davis, and Elizabeth Station, eds. Brill Academic Publishers, Orlando Espin, Grace and Humanness: Mission Studies 27 January , Oxford University Press, Mission Studies 27 , Asian Contextual Theology for the Third Millennium: Amos Yong, Hospitality and the Other: Mission Studies 26 , Chilcote and Laceye C.

Warner, The Study of Evangelism: Eerdmans Publishing Company, We really value your opinions and experiences and we would love for you to be a part of this exciting research programme. Mission in the 21st Century: Her current research is looking at hospitality as a metaphor for mission. The Reverend David Dadswell will carry out most of the case study research on church planting.

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David has been consulting with commercial, public and voluntary organisations for over fifteen years.