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It was all good. Thanks for all the advice so far, guys. But, what about more tricky aspects of coexistence? I don't plan to be bringing any girls "home with me", as it were, so that's not a problem.

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If he does, I'm sure we can work something out. How did you guys go about this?

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Just get off in the bathroom? Risk it when the roomie is away? Has anyone successfully made a roomie into a jackoff buddy? I would definitely be interested in this. Would it be best to bluntly bring up the topic towards the beginning? Shoot the elephant in the room squarely between the eyes? Nov 9, Messages: My freshman year I was in a triple, 1 small room, 3 guys. It actually worked out okay, we all got along for the most part. One roommate had a girlfriend who came up and stayed in our room every weekend!

She actually drove a wedge between us when she started barking orders at me like she did to him and I told her to fuck off. Anyways, my story is going somewhere, when we all first started living together we were reading one of the girlfriend's Cosmo magazine articles that was like "Things a Woman Should Do Everyday. We would just say to the others, " I need some private time with my genitals, can I have the room for 30 minutes? You will have alone time. Hope this info helps, good luck and have fun.

Sep 19, Messages: You have to be honest, speak your mind without being abrasive, respect each others boundaries, and have a sense of humor because some people are just crazy and that makes it easier to deal with.

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Nov 29, Messages: I wrote a letter to my freshman roomie as soon as I found out who he was. Gave him a brief bio of who I was and what my habits were, and asked about his. We were very open with each other, found we enjoyed the same music and so forth. He was a really nice guy. We didn't mind masturbating in front of the other -- and if we walked in on the other having sex with the girlfriend du jour, apologized for the disturbance. Neither of us minded the other sleeping in the room while sex was going on -- and most of the girlfriends didn't mind either. We got along pretty well.

Don't be a slob, remember you're sharing a room, so be prepared to be flexible, and not always get your way. I'm one of 4 kids, so I was used to compromise. Sep 21, Messages: Aug 15, Messages: I had a very bad experience with a roommate who was a heavy smoker. Mar 12, Messages: At the start, take time to give to your new friend- like investing in him from the start. Show that you are genuinely interested so that he knows you aren't artificial- you are listening with your mind, your ears and your whole being to see what you can tune into for commonalities. Show that you are confident about your body you're on LPSG so I'll assume you are by showing a healthy attitude towards nudity in the room.

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Be the first guy to drop your pants and show off some modest boxers or boxer briefs, and then after a while mix in some other styles. If he's a guy who hangs out in his underwear in the room you will set him at ease. If he's more modest you don't want to have him dictating that you step into the bathroom every time you need to change. You'll soon learn if he's averting his eyes if you show a bit of male nudity at shower times Don't say anything about it for the first few weeks- just be yourself and don't rush to try to forge something artificial.

You will learn his schedule, and you will have plenty of alone times to jack it. He's a man, too and will probably looking for moments of privacy, too. If you're both guys who are not used to living with brothers, you will need to adjust to hangin together- so just remember that he's probably going to be as shy and nervous as you are. You need to build up slowly to have equatable risk on both sides. From your conversations over a few weeks you will know how to relate to him- make some jokes, and don't treat life so seriously.

Guys are guys, guys are dogs, and guys think of sex all the time.

That's natural- don't fight it. Beyond that have fun, be safe, and don't go crazy or try to be some sort of pimp player. Build on your experiences, take it slow, make mistakes, and learn from your friends. If something does develop in your room- I'd suggest an occasional night time strokin- and if you think things will be mutual between you allow him to maybe catch you do it subtle but when you think he might be awake, too. If he kids you about it, don't be a douche and deny it- just smile and say "hey man you're not giving me enough private time and sometimes a man's gotta do what he needs does it bother you?

Allow me to again repeat no matter what you're hoping for- you build on one small step at a time. Joking together leads to a comfort about hangin around in your boxers- and not doing the towel dance after a shower. Make some small talk about how horny you are and let him match you one level of trust at a time. Don't rush into being the crazy wild horny dude- you both should get there around at the same time.

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Maybe you will catch him with some wood- so you can go for the obvious "happy to see me? At some point, sharing a bar trip where you can both come back to the room smashed might give you both liquid courage as well as viable deniability later on to "blame it on the alcohol," or not remember anything about the night before As silly as it is, there's some some real truth to this video.

Watch it 3 or 4 times and pay attention to the steps of eye contact and making him recognize. It's not as off- course as you might think. How to get a straight jock in 10 easy steps - YouTube. I think eovia gave you great advice. I'd take it to heart. Aug 2, Messages: I'm not in college but have been thinking of getting a roommate to help save some money. The thing is I'd like a roomie who is as ok with being nude around the house as I am.

I mean, be yourself. Feel as though this is your place as much as mine. Be comfortable in your own skin. I think as you get older that becomes more acceptable but I remember having roomies when I was younger and it was a pain. He'd even come jump in bed with me on Saturday mornings to watch tv cartoons in bed. I was naked but it didn't bother him. The other roomie was a stick in the mud and we laughed at his "gotta be dressed at all times" mentality.

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