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Both lost a child because of a hit and run driver. Police put out a bulletin for a car and just last week a woman turned herself in for the crime. She was 8 years old. The driver took off.

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Both parents are working to stop more kids from being killed. It would send urgent messages to members of the public and auto body shops if a kid was hit and seriously injured or killed. The car that authorities say hit and killed Jayanna was found with the help of a body shop.

Greatest Hits (2018)

But is that were all the benefit lies? If that's the case is it better than just relying defensive attacks with 0U?

Stop hit/kick?

There is the potential bonuses to the MoS comparison you can get from "a matter of inchs". That said those extra rules tend to also disadvantage several 0U weapons who tend to be high ST and rely on swung attacks. Thus countering the the benefit gained to being able to parry during a stop hit. And those that don't tend to have long reach reaches long spears, staffs etc that can be used to play IMO more effective 'reach games' to better effect than stop hits anyway. Am I too mired in the dark medieval, should I be getting my swash on? I used to fence, and if right of way allowed you'd stop thrust, but that's because nothing else mattered if you had right of way and a legal hit.

Last edited by Tomsdad; at Just a quick response - I wrote a whole blog post on Stop Hits a while back.

Philadelphia Parents Introduce Solutions To Stop Hit-And-Run Tragedies

Find More Posts by Peter V. Cheers for that, I still wonder If I'm missing something because your blog seems to be a much better worded version of some of what I addressed above?

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Also it mentions that a well executed stop hit will allow you to go first: This is my issue in a stop hit being hit back seems inevitable and simultaneous, and the stop hit doesn't make that less likely, just your hit more likely although if you fluff it, the return hit becomes more likely as you defence drops. Maybe I'm over thinking that a bit as on a one second scale it's all a bit fluid anyway and not really IGUG.

USO Stop Hit for 5% Loss

Maybe a stop hit is actually most suited to those who are tough enough to take the hit, and skilled enough to win the MoS contest. But then someone with those advantages can probably capitalise on them better with other tactics. Or of course skilled enough to win the MoS Contest and with high enough defences to make the inevitable attacks not an issue.

But again there seem to be other ways to capitalise on this. And I certainly agree that the description matches a stop hit. Druss parries Dorian's hit with Snaga and hits, Dorian fails to parry due largely to a -3 penalty to his parry. Of course that said there's still the point that snaga isn't the best suited weapon to stop hit thanks to "a matter of inchs".

But Druss is good enough to pull it off I suspect, actually If I remember correctly Druss is making a point in that particular exchange don't under estimate me laddie, or overestimate yourself , so pulling of a high skill move like a stop hit might have more behind there than just optimal combat choice.

However as you say I seem to remember he does this quite a lot I always got the impression that Snaga often has a bit of a reach disadvantage, meaning that Druss has to deal with his opponent's weapon not just play reach games. Its just I'm not sure using such weapons and relying on parry is that great a tactic overall. Another advantage is that if you are using an imbalanced weapon, it lets you parry and defend on the same turn.

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  • True and we've mentioned that i've been writing unbalanced, but you're right it's imbalanced isn't it. However such weapons are not just imbalanced, but have other facets as well. They tend to be heavy and swung, so taking penalties in the MoS contest although parry at -3 is still better than no parry at all. They can enjoy a reach advantage I'm thinking of the polearms which will negate the above but if that is the case they can play reach games, which IMO are more effective than stop hits. If I can maintain my distance with a better reach not being able to parry isn't that much of an issue.

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    When it comes to imbalanced weapon I'll have to take ready after attacking, but I'll have to take a ready after a stop hit as well. Basically I can see the the benefits provided by stop hit in isolation, but I'm not sure they hold in the wider context of other choices. That said it 's going to be difficult to make that last judgement on many choices in GURPS there then being so many variables to consider in such a wide comparison.

    In an imbalanced vs. I don't think you're misunderstanding Stop Hit, really, just overthinking it.

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