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He must grow up and have time to adapt to his new life. It is the same for the Earth, it is the same for you, of course, in a completely different way, but every birth requires a certain time of adaptation. We have said what we consider to be just and good in response to these questions. We will not focus on Nibiru or the date. We have always avoided giving dates.

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The reason is that we absolutely do not have the same notion of time that you do. For us, the past, present, and future are on the same timeline.

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We can travel on this timeline, and sometimes we have a problem giving you precise dates. We try to give them to you, often to please you, but sometimes they are incorrect. On the contrary, what is never incorrect is what is concerning the events, because we see them. We open a parenthesis in reminding you that you are the artisans of your future.

The events that we see can be modified depending on what you are, because it is only the Father who knows the exact truth. We only see the possibilities of human destiny. You must always be conscious of the possibility of changing all that you can change within yourself, in your life, and in your world. Could you speak to us about the planet Nibiru that is advancing towards the sun? Scientists would like to ignore it. What role will this eleventh planet have and what will be its influence on the Earth? This will come to pass once this world has completely transited into the fifth dimension.

There are, therefore, planets that are waiting somewhere, that advance more and more so that you can see them. Each of the planets of your solar system plays an important role. On the contrary, coming from deep in the universe, a second sun will be brought into your solar system, but it will not be like your present sun, it will play a different role. They are showing me this. This sun is not dazzling; it is like a magnificent sphere of light, I perceive it as whiter than the yellow sun that we know. Its coloration is between that of the moon and that of the sun. They show me this sphere, but I cannot exactly define its color.

When this happens, your solar system will be complete and a new cycle will begin for this solar system and for all life that is in this solar system.

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At that moment, there will be a connection between all the planets. They are showing me that we will be able to go and see our brothers of the other spheres. They are showing me that we will be able to go see all of our brothers on the other spheres as an out of body experience, with a body that will not be our physical body.

It is in fact like an astral travel.

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Why an astral travel? What is very curious is that an astral travel serves to go among the stars in a way that is not human, but which is a part of the human. In this way, in all consciousness, we will be able to visit our brothers of the other spheres for an extraordinary exchange. In the fifth dimension, what I call the astral travel, and which will not be called that anyway I would say instead, an energetic travel in the universe , it will be a common occurrence.

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It will be as if today we could see our Brothers of Light depending on whether or not we have vibrations that are sufficiently elevated. You will also have the method of the merkabah body of light to travel in the universe. Your body might be here but you can also bring your body by elevating your vibratory frequency in such an important way that you will no longer be bothered by matter.

I see so many images.

On Earth as in Heaven

The enlightenment altered our conception of how we are to interpret texts and history itself. The Ascension is often buried in the back of the theological closet for the Christian community at large. This is largely a post-enlightenment phenomenon. The historical Church had always treated the Ascension with due honor and attention. This is a slippery slope indeed. For what makes the Ascension any more extra- scientific than God creating ex nihilo, or Christ being raised from the dead?

The answer is of course nothing. It most likely has something to due with the immediacy and visceral nature of the Ascension account. We do not have an eyewitness account of the creation story, telling us what it looked like as God separated the dry land from the sea. We do not have an eyewitness account of Christ rising from the dead, telling us the details of what that would look like. Yet in Acts 1: Viewing this event through the lens of modernity, through the lens of the enlightenment, causes one to blush and recoil. In a sense, as counterintuitive as it may initially seem, one can say that we can more readily believe in the things that we aren't forced to believe in.

A subordinate reason for the general neglect of the Ascension may be the fact that it does not receive a great amount of physical space in the Bible itself.

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In fact, in the majority of the books there is not a line referring to it: Revelation is one such book that we will explore latter. Many passages talk of Christ as exalted but don't reference the Ascension, they rather imply it. Allusions and subtle inferences are however often lost on the reading audience at large. So to the average reader talk of the Ascension may seem nearly non-existent.

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  • In fact, Luke 9: It is to this seminal historical event that we now turn. This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven. What exactly can we say is going on here? What does it mean that Christ Ascended into heaven? Where did he go? Where is this heaven? Is he on the moon, on the glowing liquid sun, on one of the gradually cooling planets, on one of the fixed stars or those burning suns with an unchanging glow in the unending distance?

    Where is this heaven to which Jesus has gone up? These are natural questions. Questions that due to the enlightenment mindset are often asked with blushing, flushed cheeks. Some have even tried to answer these questions from within that very enlightenment framework. And the Lord needed nine minutes to get there. The right hand of God is everywhere. The Ascension was a real, historical event—described as it must be, in poetic and religious imagery.

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    • That is to say we can think of nothing that we have not already previously experienced. Locke posed thought projects such as the following: Think of a color you have never seen before. One quickly realizes this to be an impossible task. One can mix multiple colors they have seen before together and come up with a conglomeration, but they are fundamentally unequipped to think of anything that is genuinely original.

      Locke asked, suppose a man were able to wander to the edge of the universe and then he threw a spear, what would happen? Once again, the human mind is incapable of thinking of things it has not previously experienced. In light of this, how was Luke to describe the event of the Ascension, something for which he had no reservoir of experience to draw a connection to? Were there physical clouds? Maybe, but that is not what is important about the talk of the clouds. The clouds are there to keep the disciples from looking into heaven or for desiring a constant bodily connection to Christ.

      The Ascension and enthronement of king Jesus precipitates the forming of his Church and an intensified cosmological battle. Christ did not become man only to eventually forsake humanity and enter back into glory.