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However, by midway we know the H obviously cares for the h- however still continues to push her away- yet not letting her go. I was annoyed by the mixed signals. Liked Duece and Kathleen, as well as the love between the brothers. The three books in the Trilogy are running parallel, so we have incidences of the first book which make sense now.

Overall, an average read. Aug 15, Maura rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

York, the middle brother, was ill all his life and struggles with a sense of belonging in his family and in his role in life. As a result, he's kind of the renegade, the one who goes off exploring and prefers to avoid ties that would hold him down. So when Sierra Smith, a feisty young woman with haunting eyes, comes into his life, he desperately wants her and wants to take care of her, but he knows he's going to hurt her, so he keeps trying to push her away.

Sierra wants to avoid the More a 3. Sierra wants to avoid the hurt she knows York is going to dole out unintentionally, but there comes a point when she realizes its too late and its better to take the gamble. But is York's lack of faith in his ability to stick stronger than her ability to convince him he can?

Kay's story with Rafe was pretty sedate and romantic, while this one was loaded with sexual tension and angstiness. York is a right honorable hero with a sense of integrity - he knows he's going to hurt Sierra and does what he can to avoid it, even if it means small hurts in the immediate future. Anything to avoid the major heartache he knows is coming. But he doesn't seem to realize it's his own self-fulfilling prophecy that's at fault. Nor do his reasons for pushing Sierra away feel anything but contrived when she's able to convince him with the snap of her fingers and he admits he wasn't going to be able to let her go anyway.

So why all the emotional drama? Sierra was also a pretty neat heroine - she had self-esteem issues, but she was bold and brash and unwilling to sit still for a minute.

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And she was also pretty good at communicating for herself. She didn't allow for misunderstandings and wasn't prone to self-pity or passive aggressive behavior. She was a pretty straightforward, take action kinda gal. My absolute favorite character here though was Deuce, who could have just as easily also been the romantic lead. He had a sparkling, charming personality and made a great supporting character with a bit of comic relief. The thing that made this story most unique was the historic setting in a modern timeframe. Hell's Bluff is kinda like a Disney World without the tourists.

It's a re-established ghost town where the miners basically live, eat and play. Everything is provided, even entertainment at the local brothel, the Soiled Dove. And yes, the population are all men because women aren't allowed In true essence of an historic western town, these women are of course prostitutes. This has me wondering whether this town was in Nevada. My guess is yes because it's the only state I know of where prostitution is still legal, but it was never mentioned. I'm not sure I really liked the idea of this aspect of history being used in the present, what with no other women being allowed in the operation no women in the mines?

This is the s, not the 's. But it definitely made this setting unique from all other stories I've read. Apr 07, Srivalli Rekha rated it it was ok.

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Well, this wasn't even really funny. I totally liked Duece though. At least York fell in love with her big, big dove eyes and not long legs or ample bosom. May 18, Ning rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 06, Michele bookloverforever rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 24, Katrin rated it really liked it. Cute short book with a love story.

Mar 18, Shannon rated it liked it Shelves: I didn't enjoy it as much as Rafe. Anne rated it liked it Dec 21, Will2pear95 rated it really liked it Oct 28, Apr 14, Leia Kolet toledano rated it really liked it Shelves: Didn't care for the heroine too much.

York, The Renegade (The Shamrock Trinity, #2)

Colleen Green rated it it was amazing Feb 03, Shawna rated it it was amazing Nov 01, Sam Shaneybrook rated it really liked it Sep 03, Julia rated it it was ok Sep 13, Katie Nahulu rated it it was amazing Jun 23, Anneted rated it really liked it Apr 12, Dawn rated it it was ok Sep 30, Despite her tragic childhood, violin prodigy Cara Delaney has finally found peace in her career as a professional musician and stability in her relationship with her guardians, forensic sculptor Eve Duncan and ex-Navy SEAL Joe Quinn. If only Jock Gavin, Cara's lifelong friend and a man with his own twisted history, would come back into her life, everything would be perfect.

But the carefully constructed world Cara has built for herself is suddenly threatened when she is kidnapped by a mysterious man trying to settle a score against her family, setting off a violent chain of events that puts everyone Cara loves in danger. Eve Duncan did not disappoint! The FBI doesn't usually consult with music therapists to solve their cases. But Kendra Michael's astonishing powers of observation and analysis have made her a favorite of law enforcement agencies all across the country. Blind for the first twenty years of her life, she cares little for investigative work but can't deny her unique skill, or the results she's been able to facilitate.

Kendra learned at an early age to become hyper-aware of her surroundings, perfecting the art of picking up the most subtle audio, olfactory, and tactile cues in the world around her. Like a secret weapon, she is in high demand. He's a notorious master manipulator, skillfully handling criminals and colleagues alike to get the results he wants. Now he needs Kendra's special brand of help, but she's not interested until Lynch reveals that Agent Jeff Stedler—Kendra's ex—is missing and may have run directly into the path of a serial killer.

What began as a heinous murder investigation escalates into something even larger and more frightening: Account Options Sign in. Iris Johansen August 12, So where does the seriously gorgeous alpha rancher get the idea that Sierra needs protection? But Sierra ignites a hunger he left behind long ago. Somehow, he must find a way to keep her in his life. Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: More by Iris Johansen See more.

New York Times bestseller Iris Johansen is back with another high octane thriller that will leave your mind racing and your heart pounding. Praise for Iris Johansen: Flowing text, Original pages. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader.

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