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It also provides a simple life plan for using your innate spiritual powers. This is a masterpiece; it is second-to-none, the magnum opus of the near-death experience genre" -- John Jay Harper, PhD, author of Transformers: Shamans of the 21st Century Shipping added to all orders even if PayPal lists zero shipping charges. In the process of trying to prove his deception, the duo may have set into motion events that result in the murder of a key witness in his divorce trial. Danison, author of Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers and Backwards Guidebook , summarizes the personal account of her death and afterlife experience in , as set forth more fully in her book.

The CD includes brief answers, developed more fully on other CDs in the collection, to all the great metaphysical mysteries, such as: What is the purpose of human life? Danison's interview to those of the growing list of spiritual writers he has had the good fortune to meet during his career, including Neale Donald Walsch and Wayne Dyer, PhD. This moving, straightforward, credible personal account of what trial lawyer Nanci Danison encountered on the "other side" and how it has affected her life will awe and inspire you. Her words of comfort and wit tell us we should not judge ourselves, and human life was intended by Source to be enjoyable, not a trial.

Returning to Our Source for Answers and Backwards Guidebook , details what she learned about the purpose of both our eternal lives and our temporary lives on Earth obtained during an afterlife experience in The content of these CDs comes from the "knowings" she received while still in the Light. In these interactive classes, Ms. Danison discusses with workshop participants why Source created separate personalities within itself us and why we have chosen to enter into human animals and share their lives.

Topics covered include karma, destiny, the theory that we are here to learn, and the belief that we are held accountable in the afterlife for what we do on Earth. Returning to Our Source for Answers and Backwards Guidebook , summarizes the amazing review of the history of religious developments within humankind she observed during an extensive afterlife experience in The content of this CD comes from memories of that experience, as well as "knowings" received while in the Light.

Much of the material is from her next book, entitled Backwards Beliefs. In this interactive class, Ms. Danison discusses with workshop participants how Light Beings first entered as souls into human animals to bear witness to their lives, how religious beliefs were formed, and how institutions were formed around the need to come together for worship. Other topics include several common metaphysical or New Age themes. The bottom line in this book - the key to evolv I really enjoyed this book for several reasons.

The bottom line in this book - the key to evolving ourselves - is to have experiences and learn to love other people. It is not to work or make money or be successful or achieve. It is to learn how to unconditionally love each other and experience life. Go out and be with people, travel, embark on new adventures, create something, read something, do something! Feel the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, the rain on your eyelashes.

Create relationships with others. Love our parents and children. Spice up your life. Be loving to your spouse or lovingly end the relationship if it's not suitable. Enjoy what life has to offer and avoid thinking that work is all that matters.

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It is only a means of survival, a basic necessity to human form. It's about the ride of life, the journey of experiences and relationships. Oct 08, Dragonsfire rated it really liked it. I have to now add that this book has kept me thinking on life and everything. I think it has impacted me more than I thought for it to still trigger so many things to this day! Identifiable logical conclusion based on experience This book contains a good understanding of both the material and spiritual well giving a detailed account from the office of her experiences leaving the body returning to the source and then coming back to the physical body.

I have felt like this would be the way what knowledge we have these things would work. It's good to verify that others have the same conclusions. In other words the essence of soul of the mind continues to live after the a Identifiable logical conclusion based on experience This book contains a good understanding of both the material and spiritual well giving a detailed account from the office of her experiences leaving the body returning to the source and then coming back to the physical body.

In other words the essence of soul of the mind continues to live after the animal part of being is release. The soul continues on to experience and share other experiences to give more knowledge to the soul as part of the supreme being to gain treated and greater wisdom to create perfection. Oct 25, Tami rated it it was amazing. During a routine biopsy, Nanci Danison had a near death experience. While the staff was busy elsewhere, Nanci found herself leaving her body and being embraced in the light and love of the other side.

Her experiences were profound and changed the way she now sees the world. In Backwards, Nanci tells us that much of what we commonly believe is wrong, is in fact backwards. The majority of us spend our entire lives looking for acceptance and chasing success because deep down we want to be good enou During a routine biopsy, Nanci Danison had a near death experience. The majority of us spend our entire lives looking for acceptance and chasing success because deep down we want to be good enough to be loved.

However, when it comes to a life review, our accomplishments actually mean very little. It is how we loved and interacted with others that really counts. Disturbingly however, Nanci seems to go somewhat further by strongly intimating that going to war would be the standard default spiritual position to take, and being a conscientious objector would most likely be more aligned with a purely human response.

To omit something so fundamental in the context of a spiritual discussion on war is in my view quite misleading. Many readers would probably assume that this conflict of feelings would arise from the Light Being having some kind of aversion to killing and maiming people, but this is not what Nanci writes.

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Instead she simply states that the reluctance to get involved in a military conflict might stem from experiences acquired in previous human lifetimes. And this of course is a completely different thing. As spiritual beings we do come into human life to experience things such as war. But my understanding is that we also come into human life to experience such things as murder, rape and child abuse etc. Yet Nanci does not and conceivably never would portray someone who is, for instance, contemplating murdering their neighbor for sleeping with their wife as acting from a Light Being perspective.

And it is always important to keep in mind that state sponsored violence has no more intrinsic moral legitimacy than other forms of violence that are not state sponsored, despite some peoples beliefs to the contrary. Nanci discusses such things as sense of humor, physical attractiveness, and interest in sports, within the context of relationships, and how each of these things might reflect or appeal to our Light Being nature as opposed to our human animal personality traits. I personally do not judge others for seeking a physically attractive partner, but such behavior, I think, would stem from a primarily human level of thinking.

Nanci points out that Light Beings appreciate beauty in all of its forms hardly controversial but fails to make the distinction between this and the typical human-based discriminatory behavior based on physical attractiveness an entirely separate thing. The notion of selecting a partner based or at least partly based on physical attractiveness is not a particularly contentious issue. We all know this is what happens a lot of the time. But the surprising suggestion being made here is that our higher selves have a significant hand to play in this process as well.

Although I don't doubt that this discussion is based on Nanci's understanding of her NDE, I think the reality is far more complex than what is being suggested here. Take the case of someone who allegedly lacks a sense of humor. This might appear to be the case because the person in question is unable to effectively express or manifest their sense of humor in a readily observable way, perhaps due to having an introverted personality type for instance.

Or they might have just picked an extremely challenging human lifetime, and their sense of humor along with their general zeal for life could have gradually become worn down over time. So the judgement that someone lacking a sense of humor must necessarily be exhibiting a predominantly human-based personality as opposed to a spiritual one is somewhat misleading and derogatory. The whole discussion in this chapter seems to be encouraging stereotypical thinking, and although I am certain this was not Nanci's aim in writing it, it is almost certainly the end result of what is written.

It seems to be taking what appear to be quite incidental personality attributes, such as interest in sports for instance, and assigning them either into a spiritual or non-spiritual category. In some cases this is done in quite a pejorative manner, and the comments regarding religiously inclined people are particularly harsh. Contrast this to say Anita Moorjani's NDE account, where the claim is made that we are loved from a spiritual point of view just by virtue of the fact that we exist.

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Despite these gripes I don't wish to create the impression that this is a poorly written book, or that overall the book administers bad advice to people. It's not and it doesn't. Like I mentioned above there is much to be admired and respected about this book. Rip out the few offending pages mentioned and what is left over is a most excellent book, consistent with Nanci's other publications. But on account of the issues raised here, I don't personally think this was Nanci's finest hour.

I am near-death experiencer my self, although I did bring back much less with me to my conscious memory. Yet I do recognize completely truthfulness of each statement in the book. It is the most powerful and useful to us all piece of knowledge that there is to find. I would recommend this book in the heart beat. She has 3 books and recommend that you purchase all 3.

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I did skip over some things in the first book. The second book is this Guide book.

Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers

The 3rd book gives you most of the information of the thinking of God and how she persieves it. I believe most of what she says. It will open up your mind to the real workings of God and our existence. A couple of things sound out of order, but for the most, it is excellent reading. Nanci has almost singlehandedly made my life on this earth bearable and understandable through her recounts and interpretations of her near death experience.

So much love to you Nanci and thank you times a million. This book has interesting explanations about the experience. The experience itself is interesting because Nanci was not ill and she didnt have much emotionality involved in it. She went far in the experience but I think that most of what she writes is not what she received during the experience, but her own analysis and speculations made with her earthly brain.

In a certain way she was changed by the experience, and her 3 books which I read, are an expansion of an ethical philosophy she created thanks to the fact that she is a very educated person. She seems to be honest and she offers to others her constructive way of thinking. Nanci Danison's telling of her near-death experience was most intriguing. I happily added it to my collection of near-death philosophies.

Very provocative and the book invited me to collect her other books about the same experience. See all 36 reviews.