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The creatures cause a gas leak, which the group then sets alight with an electrical spark, destroying the lodge and killing all of the creatures. The survivors sit outside the burning building as rescue helicopters arrive at dawn to take the group away. As the credits roll, those who did not survive have their death scenes replayed, while the living friends give interviews about the incident to the police and warn them of creatures in the mines.

If Josh survived, he is shown as having transformed into a Wendigo and eating the Stranger's head.

If at least one other friend survived, Josh is discovered by the police and he attacks them. If nobody else survived, Josh looks at the player. The game was originally set to be released in However, no more details about the game were provided, and the game had not been released as of late Until Dawn was reportedly cancelled, but Supermassive later clarified that the game was still in development.

Until Dawn was re-introduced at Gamescom The title now served as a PlayStation 4 exclusive and would shift to a third-person perspective. In addition, the torch feature was scrapped in favour of a more traditional level approach, with the characters becoming playable at different parts of the game. On 26 May , Sony announced that the game would be released on 25 August Besides the game's standard edition, there are also an extended edition and a steelbook edition that is available for players to purchase. As Until Dawn features graphic violence , all death scenes were censored in the Japanese version of the game.

Until Dawn received positive reviews. It received an aggregated score of 79 on Metacritic based on reviews. She praised the "creepy" environments, "tongue-in-cheek" tone, and the choices the player is forced to make. She did, however, dislike certain characters, particularly 'Doctor Hill', and the second half of the game, mostly the story's focus, calling it "silly" and "derailing".

She thought that the game was flawed but enjoyable and felt that the story dragged down the game's overall quality. He praised the player decision-making mechanic, which he felt dynamically changed the game's experience and story. He also praised the game's score, which he called "superb", the voice acting, the story, which was thought of as "intriguing and exciting", and the visuals.

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He called the gameplay "simple yet effective" and thought it was "engaging", but he criticized the game's animation, which he described as "awkward". Marchiafava stated that the game is a "remarkable experience that horror fans shouldn't miss". She particularly complimented the narrative because she considered its branching paths have significantly altered the game's story, saying "choices matter in big ways and affect the rest of the game".

She also liked the actors' performances, calling them "incredibly good", and the overall replayability. Negative comments were concerning the story, mostly towards the end, and the "unflattering" camera angles. She also said "the visuals can be wonky at times". Orry felt that the game had exceeded his expectations and added that the simple gameplay, alongside the story, successfully gives players a thrilling and malleable experience.

Destructoid 's Chris Carter gave the game a 7 out of He praised the game's environments, collectibles, and premise.

However, he criticised the game's story, which he thought was predictable, and the exaggerated acting. In addition, Carter felt that the game lacked meaningful choices. GamesRadar 's Louise Blain gave the game a 3. She enjoyed the jump-scares, pace, visuals, and overall tone, but criticised the game for being "painfully" short. She disliked the decision-making mechanic as she thought that the system was diminished due to several set plot points.

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Giving a mixed review for Polygon , Philip Kollar scored the game a 6. He found the game "generic", even though he thought it had offered him a unique experience. He did not consider it a great game, but he thought that the game was good enough to keep him engaged. He added that the narrative structure of the game could serve as an example for future narrative-driven video games.

The game was the sixth best selling weekly software in Japan, selling 17, copies. Rush of Blood , was announced by Sony at Paris Games Week ; described as an arcade shooter , the game's development began in the middle of Until Dawn' s development. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Video Game Music Online. Retrieved 1 August Retrieved 25 July Shadow Fall Engine Updated ". Retrieved 15 August Retrieved 26 May Retrieved 27 August Archived from the original on 8 March Retrieved 24 October Retrieved 25 April Choice and grisly consequence". A full-fledged horror movie in a surprisingly slick interactive format".

Seppala, Timothy 24 August Retrieved 28 September Until Dawn is "a horror game unlike any other, anyone can survive, anyone can die. Retrieved 12 August Retrieved 28 August Retrieved 24 August Patterson, Mollie 24 August Dark After Dawn New York. Contact Dark After Dawn.

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