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Because it was hard to not wonder. It always would be, no matter what, rig. Timber x Chevelle - Rose. I try so hard to not be the person to make assumptions. The most I knew about Chevelle was she was far from being a green thumb. Every house plant we started with was dead or under my care. I had a Christmas cactus back home, otherwise all greenery was ta. Orlando x Angela - Dusk. They sat silently watching the last of the sun go down. Not their usual evening together. It just sort of happened. A comfortable sort of silence.

Once it was dark, Angela gazed over at him. Orlando x Angela - Luxury.

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Orlando x Angela - Fire. Zes and Miranda - Resourceful. Zes had babysat his twin nephews a few times already. He was prepared for everything — except for three blowouts and no extra outfits. Thank goodness for Miranda. In less than five minutes she was creating a whole new costume for the handful-of-months-old poop-machines from old bed sheets. Zes and Miranda - Unchecked. His being married never stopped him from flirting a tiny bit. Distance was only the cover-up excuse. Zes and Miranda - Reality. How could his life be real?

Displaced (The Achlivan Cycle, #1) by Cloud S. Riser

Zes kept having a hard time wrapping his mind around it. Actually, he was almost positive there was never a puppy love stage. It kind of scared him.

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He clung to what she said before. Take it one thing at a time and d. Zes and Miranda - Thirteen. Miranda showered Zes with kisses. Then we never have to worry about our plans overlapping. Zes and Miranda - Window. Zes peeked out the window for Miranda. He had to be the one who answered. Zes and Miranda - Tumultuous.

She wiped the tears from her eyes, and Zes hated he was the cause of them, but what was he supposed to do? He took in a slow breath. I've been through rejections enough times with my writing career that at this point when it happens, I no longer bat an eye. It's like part of me expects it. I still hope, sure, but I expect rejection too. When it happens, it still hurts. There isn't a way to get rid of that feeling of just not being good enough. There aren't any real tips on how to get through it.

I can say, I have a great support system and I'm sure they play a big part in why I can keep moving. The only member of the team who did was Alan, and Orlando kind of wanted to keep it that way. How would the others respond to him being an alien? Genetically he was basically the same.

They were the same species, after all. Why did it matter? He was an alien from a tribe that was waging war on Earth. Orlando x Angela - Genuflect. Something was off with Orlando. If anything, he seemed unhappy. Was that what she sensed? The other-worldly world-building suspends all disbelief. I understand and empathize with the protagonists. In Dispaced, our heroes are abducted by aliens prior to the destruction of earth.

Two are held in plush living quarters, while the third must survive 'The Pit'. They must navigate an enforced matriarchy, puzzle out the cause of their abduction, and somehow navigate their own feelings for each other. In the process, they struggle to keep their identities amidst efforts to brainwash their pasts away.

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That last caught me off-guard, and Jenkins handles it with the subtlety of a pro. They know they are manipulated, they see it happening, and yet their old senses of self fall away. I was stunned by the beauty of it, and the skill with which it was delivered. This is amazing, skillful writing, and a cautionary tale against forced acclimatization.

And don't be late with the rest of the series, or I will fanboi you into submission. Lord help me, I'm a brony. As with others who have read Displaced, I could not put the story down once I had started it.

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Right away you are smoothly transported from the ordinary day of an ordinary girl to unbelievable circumstances and characters. Jenkins writes her characters in so much detail - their emotions raw and their thoughts amazingly realistic to the situation! There were several times that I thought I knew what was going to happen and was happily surprised to be wrong. The plot is original to anything I have seen or heard and, like other readers, I am drumming my fingers waiting for more!

This is the strangest idea I've ever read about. Usually alien abduction stories are like "The X-Files. I think you'll like it. Especially if you're not long out of your teenage years. A fun read for anyone who enjoyed stories like Twilight, but wanted more aliens! I found this book through one of the many authors that I follow on facebook and all I can say is that I'm so glad I gave it a chance! This book is superbly writen and is most deffinantly one of a kind- the range of emotions that you as the reader get to feel throughout the book makes it an amazing read and I would recommend everyone give it a chance!

Get to Know Us. Amazon Web Services Goodreads Shopbop. I loved how it's written as if it's a journal, but at the same time, not. Since the characters are looking back on the story being told, you know that at least as of now, and in the near future, they're alive to tell their story. Of course, I couldn't help but wonder where they were. Chevelle and Timber are a This book really blew me away. Chevelle and Timber are an interesting duo, but I really wanted to see Chevelle and Wicken together from the start.. I was so worried that Wicken would be forgotten when he seemed like such a fun and lively character.

I am very pleased that there was no love triangle here! That starts to get old after a bit, and with such a fresh and new story, I really didn't want to see the same old plot. Wicken's new habitation has a dystopian for me really even the surface had that undeniable feeling that something was wrong. I felt so terribly that he was in such a bad situation when he's genuinely a great guy. Trouble just seems to follow him, and although it's a shame, it makes for a great story.

I love this book and I definitely want more! This is a new author for me, but I hope she's got her typing fingers primed and ready to go, because I need more of Chevelle, Wicken and Timber's story! Anyone that enjoys a scifi YA should definitely read this book. I received a copy of this book from the author for honest review. Jul 29, Misha rated it it was amazing. I have to admit, this is my first attempt at an alien-abduction sci-fi novel. And I can honestly say that I am anything but disappointed! From the first few chapters, I was hooked. I literally found myself struggling to put it down and get into my daily routine.

I had to put it on my Kindle Cloud so I could get through some chapters at work! The writing is comfortingly casual. It reads through like a private journal, which gives each of the characters a surprisingly unique but typically "my genera I have to admit, this is my first attempt at an alien-abduction sci-fi novel. It reads through like a private journal, which gives each of the characters a surprisingly unique but typically "my generation" voice, each of their own.

The book skips between the points of view of each of the three main characters, which allows you to be immersed not just in the mind of one, but of all three of the pivotal characters in the plot of the story. Jenkins captures the emotions beautifully, while infusing a slew of emotions from the reader. I found myself at times laughing with them, crying with them, or bubbling with anger. She creates a world that is terrifying while also deeply intriguing. The reader is forced to trudge through the story with the same air of mystery as the characters themselves, only revealing details slowly.

Sprinkle in a few anger-inducing villains and you've got yourself a great, must have read. Be warned, to say the ending's a bit of a cliffhanger is an understatement. And boy, does she leave you ready and waiting for the next installment. It is definitely a series I am looking forward to finishing. Jul 18, Angie Wood rated it it was amazing. Jenkins took a totally different route for the love story and it was awesome! I loved this approach. I loved thus style of writing.

I had not read books from this author before but that will soon change! Jenkins gave me the wonderful opportunity to review her book and give an honest review. I can honestly say I loved this book from beginning to end and I cant wait for book number 2!!!!

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Dec 10, Samantha Julmisse rated it it was amazing. Holy smokes if I don't get a book two soon I'm going to be one irritable person! This isn't the kind of book I would see myself getting into, I'm not really an alien persons. Give me a paranormal romance and I'll be very happy. This book has made me see I need to start opening my horizons because this book blew me away! Our main characters are great, real people with real feelings. What I really liked about them is how much they hoped, how much kept to who they were for as long and hard as tey cou Holy smokes if I don't get a book two soon I'm going to be one irritable person!

What I really liked about them is how much they hoped, how much kept to who they were for as long and hard as tey could. I know in that situation I would be a completely different story. The plot was definitely different. I've never read a book like this before, from the beginning I was hooked. With several turns in the plot that made me happy, upset and brought out the urge to murder someone, I was on my toes enjoying every curve ball that was thrown my way. Is it wrong that I had a dream about being taken like aliens similar to these last night?

Or that I wouldn't mind these aliens taking me so much, especially knowing what I know now? I need a book two. I need a follow up on these great characters and their great plot. I'm sure after you read it you will too. May 21, Christy rated it it was amazing.