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Aalto University - Saara Toivanen, saara. Proprio come un uccello migratore. She sees adults around her who have left their countries hoping to fulfill their dreams, and instead are working underpaid jobs. The perspective is always that of the little girl, who is always ready to fight. Just like a migratory bird.

Dirt City Films, trevor dirtcityfilms. Benedetto dallo spirito di Judy Garland, Anderson costruisce un musical decisamente atipico, pur nel rispetto di tutte le regole del genere. La rampa di un parcheggio diventa, in 25 minuti, un lussuoso teatro, un ospedale, una caserma.

Le canzoni, originali, descrivono con garbo e irriverenza una parabola umana esemplare: Blessed by the spirit of Judy Garland, Anderson constructs a definitely atypical musical, whilst respecting all the rules of the genre. The ramp of the car park becomes, in 25 minutes, a luxurious theatre, a hospital, a barracks.

The original songs describe elegantly and irreverently an exemplary human trajectory: This is an animated documentary narrated by the voice of the director of the Surveillance Commity for the rights of political refugees. It is told through animated images in a geometrical and essential 3D work, which slowly emerge from the dark.

A disturbing piece that finishes between court papers and ends where the fact is without foundation, bringing in the concept of truth and faking, evidence of an offence and its reconstruction. Hayoun Kwon was selected in the contest for the Rotterdam Festival. Una situazione insostenibile, a cui si partecipa straniti grazie ai toni grotteschi e a uno humour molto nero. The situation he finds at home is definitely serious. The solution of the problem is atrocious.

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South Korean cinema today ruthlessly probes the lowest compromises that man can make in the era of the economic boom. Cynicism and violence take the upper hand over repentance and lucidity: An intolerable situation, in which we take part stunned thanks to the grotesque tones and a very black sense of humour. Autoboys AB, info autoboys. I cavalli corrono e i disperati appendono i sogni alle scommesse. Con questo medio punta in alto: Nonostante una rapina, due omicidi e un funerale, si ride tanto e di gusto.

There are horse races and the wretched hang their dreams on the bets. Awarded a prize at MFF , Hellberg is capable of dissecting human materialism with sarcasm and a taste for the absurd. With this medium-length film, he aims high: Despite a robbery, two murders and a funeral, there is a lot to laugh about and heartily as well. Stephen Irwin, Stephen smalltimeinc. Vediamo sfogare la sua rabbia in momenti inattesi e poi giocare, soprattutto - e drammaticamente - con il fuoco.

We see him let out his anger at unexpected times, and then play, mainly and dramatically, with fire. Stephen Irwin delivers an animated sick and slightly convaluted thriller, as is known from him, through a scathing black and white film and a willingly undefined piece, that cannot not involve you at first glance.

Alter Ego Production, marion. Un pubblico molto speciale attende. A very special audience is waiting, The music, played live, breaks the silence and the minds of those persent, song after song and travels beyond the wall. Although never having made a feature film, Periot 4 times in competition at MFF is one of the most original voices of his generation. His is a restless trajectory which is never the same, in search of the infinite power of the image of moving consciences and inducing reflection.

It just takes a bunch of songs and no dialogue, to evoke the stories, thoughts and emotions of those who one day tasted freedom and today misses it, on both sides of the wall. Clarisse Hahn, clarissehahn yahoo. Prisons Our body is a weapon , Notre corps est une arme: La politica dei corpi e il confronto con la storia si illuminano in una frase: They are maimed, but the frontality of their words follows the shots and shows a shocking coherence.

The testimony is followed by archive images of the attack of the army to their own prisons against Kurdish militants in Prisons is part of the trilogy Notre corps est une arme that artist Clarisse Hahn dedicated to the resistance. The politics of the bodies and the confrontation with history light up in one phrase: Ateliers Varan, communication ateliersvaran. At night there is a community of bin men who work incessantly to clean the sand of the desert off of the surface of a motorway, built with money that Japan donated for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Ikkifilms, Beast Animation, dorien beastanimation. Alla morte della donna, tormentato dai ricordi, fugge nella foresta. Getting lost, he will find absolute love. The story of Willy is the story of all of us. The farewell to his mother, the passage to maturity, the regrets, the things never said and never done: Delicate and tactile like the pieces of felt the characters, nature and the cosmos are made of. Oh, Willy is further evidence of the extraordinary capacity of animation to transform the inanimate into feeling.

Premium Film, deFilm - Raluca Croitoru, raluca defilm. Nella sua vita scandita da un ritmo lento e ripetitivo, arriva qualcuno o qualcosa. Il regista Paul Negoescu dimostra ancora una volta il suo grande talento con un film certamente sui generis rispetto alla sua filmografia, selezionato anche alla Settimana della critica a Cannes Someone or something enters the slow and repetitive rhythm of his life.

A Youtube video where a boy hits the centre of the lens of a camera with a green pea can go around the world and start a cult. This is how director Alexander Taylor dedicates a borderline mockumentary short to Robert Auton, blogger and pea shooter champion obsessed with the green legumes. A funny tale, created as an interview, that reflects on the fads that, aside from entertaining the viewer, also show how each strange and bizarre thing can now be a great way of becoming visible.

It is the society of shows: Travelling - Les films qui voyagent, coordo travellingdistribution. Tutti i figli e la ex moglie sono donatori compatibili. Una piccola e breve scena dai toni leggeri che sa raccontare molto di una famiglia e dei rapporti tra fratelli e genitori - con le forse inevitabili invidie, le competizioni, i conflitti. Con un elemento originale: Un film che ci mette davanti a un interrogativo fondamentale, girato con un budget ridottissimo. All his children and his ex wife are compatible donors.

Who will agree to undergo the operation? This brief clip with light tones tells much about a family and the relationship between siblings and parents, including those inevitable jealousies, rivalries, and conflicts.

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All this with an original element: The perhaps light-hearted ending is necessary to lift the weight off of what happens. This film, shot on a very low budget, faces the audience with one essential question. Fiction amarissima, in puro stile asiatico, che combina commedia nera e feroce satira politica attraverso momenti surreali ed episodi ispirati alla cronaca recente.

But maybe, under the ruins, is where other truths are hidden. This very bitter, Asian style fiction, cmobines dark comedy with fierce political satire through surreal moments and episodes that are based on recent events. What is the relation between the truth and the media, the resistence to speculation and journalism ethics? Sometimes, only a few minutes are enough to recount the fiereness of the contemporary, during globalisation and unruly developments. Academy of Media Arts Cologne, dilger khm.

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He was a man of action, a real pragmatic man who took charge of things, whether it was a bike ride or a work decision. The road to happiness is happiness in itself. Annick Blanc, catsougs gmail. A fight for the control over the territory breaks out, a conflict that is uncertain at first and then becomes more and more resolute between the figure of the stranger and the unspoken home owners. Yan Giroux, mulit-award holding new cinema talent from Quebec, portrays the slow rhythm and the languor of a summer with a series of documentaries and active shorts, through an almost choreographic view, through the repetition of gestures meant to fill and pass time.

Autour de minuit, marianne autourdeminuit. Un coniglio dapprima osserva, poi non sfugge al flusso di mutazioni che prende ogni elemento della storia. A rabbit observes at first, then does not run away at the flux of change that takes over every element of the story. The greatest thing is that everyone sees what they choose. This is the latest work by Donato Sansone, who is commonly known in the animation world as Milkeyeys. I due si incontrano a una festa, chiacchierano divertiti a lungo e se ne vanno insieme. The two meet at a party, they happily chat and leave together.

The result is a comedy with an unusual rhythm, capable of telling us another lovely romanticism through distracted vintage tones. For this reason, Lucie Thocaven came up with an animated handbook on how to face situations that cause anger, with a clear warning to avoid thos obscure feeling that usually hides in our stomach and cannot wait to grow to be able to get out and brutalise the world. Using an experimental technique that goes from animated collage of photos to graphic childish and monstruous anger, precisely illustration, the short gives us a pudding of pure fun, as well as a small life lesson.

Desperate, he will go back to an old and slumbering vice: A graduate of the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg, one of the German schools most attentive to talent, Stuber has had the uncommon merit of transforming a story of despair into a successful comedy.

The pungent portrait of dependence on betting does not cancel the respect for the characters, and for once, chance or fate is an ally and not an enemy. With a nod at the most jovial Kaurismaki,Von hunden pferden ends with a series of twists that do not leave the audience indifferent. La macchina cinema pag. Pier Paolo Pasolini pag. Ultima notte a Milano pag. Un ringraziamento speciale va a tutti i registi ospiti della retrospettiva. Nelle pagine che seguono, i film sono in ordine cronologico, ad eccezione dell'Omaggio a Studio Azzurro e del gruppo Corti a Milano Crescevamo in mezzo agli Ottanta, ma non li vedevamo al cinema.

Ovvero quando la televisione ha provato a mangiarsi il cinema, sia educando lo spettatore a diventare consumatore, sia costringendo il cinema a pensarsi per il piccolo schermo. Per due anni lavoreremo sugli anni Ottanta: We were growing up in the s but we did not see them at the cinema. Our idea was to go and see when everything started to crumble in the field that interests us: For two years we will work on the s: We set to work, inquisitive about the collective imagination and wanting to create memory.

Were the 80s really that bad for the cinema? Cinema versus Televisione Cinema vs. Television Sono tanti i dati che raccontano come il pubblico del cinema sia scomparso dalle sale nel decennio e come quello che ci rimase abbia seguito, fondamentalmente, i blockbuster americani. Lots of figures tell us how film audiences disappeared from the cinemas in the decade and how the ones that remained were basically for American blockbusters.

The decline in cinema-going had already started in the mids, whilst on the small screen the deregulation of broadcasters had led to the Rai-Fininvest duopoly. Film spesso invisibili, ma come ha scritto Franco Montini: I Novissimi, Nuova Eri These films were often invisible, but as Franco Montini has written: Dropped by the system, authors had to reinvent themselves, dialoguing to varying extents with television, seeking an identity of their own. La tragedia di un uomo ridicolo di Bernardo Bertolucci, Lunga vita alla signora! Sono tre segnali che danno un largo tracciato alla via.

More than a philological criterion we mapped out drives and tensions, trying to ride the wave of the decade: From the many authors who were already established at the time, we have chosen only three titles: La tragedia di un uomo ridicolo by Bernardo Bertolucci, Lunga vita alla signora! They are three beacons that mark out the path. We have included an independent experience that had already got under way, that of Silvano Agosti, present with Quartiere and with the documentary La macchina cinema, and Franco Piavoli with Il pianeta azzurro.

Remembering one of the most active directors of the decade, Giuseppe Bertolucci, we will screen Segreti, segreti. Lastly, of the films that best shows the anxiety of television, we will see the story of a group of actors ready to pay for a screen test in Drive-in, the cornerstone of TV comedy in the s: Kamikazen — ultima notte a Milano by Gabriele Salvatores.

A Milano la nascita di Filmmaker ha tenuto a battesimo un altro modo di intendere produttivamente il cinema, e lo vedremo con Giulia in Ottobre di Silvio Soldini e con Facce di festa, omaggio ai 30 anni dello Studio Azzurro. The break-up of the film system which had its centre in Rome, allowed independent authors and situations to emerge which will be discussed at a round table with Steve Della Casa.

Filmaker was founded in Milan, inaugurating a new way of understanding cinema from the production point of view and we will see it with Giulia in Ottobre by Silvio Soldini and with Facce di festa, a tribute to the 30 years of Studio Azzurro. We will touch on Bellaria Anteprima del cinema italiano, another fundamental festival which began in , screening the winner of the first edition, Come dire Ci aspettiamo domande scomode: We are expecting awkward questions: Attraverso la realizzazione di video-ambienti, sensibili e interattivi, percorsi museali, performance teatrali e film, disegnano un percorso artistico trasversale alle tradizionali discipline e formano un gruppo di lavoro aperto a importanti collaborazioni.

Through the production of video-environments, sensitive and interactive environments, museum routes, theatrical performances and films, they design an artistic itinerary which is transversal to traditional disciplines and form a work group open to important collaborations.

Studio Azzurro, studioazzurro studioazzurro. I materiali, recuperati per caso, sono stati arricchiti da colloqui trascritti in parte sullo schermo: Premiato alla seconda edizione di Filmmaker , Paolo Rosa e Studio Azzurro mescolano video e analogico per iniziare una nuova poetica. It is the world of Daniel B. The materials found by chance, have been enriched with interviews transcribed in part on the screen: Awarded at the second edition of Filmmaker , Paolo Rosa and Studio Azzurro mixed analog video to start their new poetic style.

Con il commento sonoro di Demetrio Stratos, venne presentato a Venezia. Those who want to speak, to show off, to put themselves in the limelight and those who take advantage of this to confess difficulties and shortcomings alternate in front of the camera.


The questions try to investigate the use the youngsters make of their body, or think or try to, on an occasion of sociality and reflect on languages and codes of acting. Coprodotto dalla Rai con la Cooperativa Centofiori, il film realizzato da Silvano Agosti, Marco Bellocchio, Sandro Petraglia, Stefano Rulli riunisce il collettivo che aveva dato vita a Matti da slegare , inchiesta fondamentale sulla malattia mentale. The work is here presented in a restored version.

Che, a sua volta, diventa oggetto delle attenzioni di un commerciante gay, che gli offre il ricatto del benessere. Al secondo film Piscicelli raffigura una fase cruciale di trasformazione degli italiani: Il gesto di ribellione di Rosa, diventa un gesto di speranza: David di Donatello a Marina Suma. In turn, he becomes the love interest of a gay shopkeeper who offers him a comfort bribe. In his second film, Piscicelli portrays a crucial phase in the transformation of Italians: David of Donatello to Marina Suma.

Italian International Film, iif iif-online. Various encounters will reveal things about himself, while helping him overcome his deep shyness. Then, he meets and falls in love with Marta, for whom he will make a radical choice. Bernado Bertolucci Selected filmography: Queste richieste si scontrano col dissesto del caseificio, colpito da una grave crisi economica. Quando, attraverso notizie apprese da Laura, la fidanzata di Giovanni, e dal prete Adelfo, Primo crede di avere la certezza che il figlio sia morto, non interrompe la raccolta di soldi: These requests clash against the collapse of the dairy farm after being hit by a severe economic crisis.

With the help of his wife Barbara he hopes to at least save his other creature, the dairy farm. With the benefit of hindsight, and as almost a Part Three, the priceless Tognazzi was awarded at Cannes. Ne nasce uno straordinario poema visivo: Silvano Agosti sides with him by providing an Arriflex: From this, extraordinary visual poetry is born: Between Lucrezio and the Genesis, the camera makes the created its own, captures fragments of reality; from these it starts to tell the passing by of the seasons, and the archaic balance between man and nature.

The film came out in , and by it won Silver Ribbon. Il loro legame si incrina dopo la morte di uno di loro, Sandro, ucciso in un posto di blocco, che provoca una resa dei conti tra i due. Primo film per il cinema di Gianni Amelio, Colpire al cuore, racconta in scorci milanesi ormai invisibili un rapporto tra padre e figlio che diventa specchio del confronto tra generazioni rispetto agli anni di piombo ancora caldi. Their bond cracks after the death of one of them, Sandro, who was killed in a roadblock, which results in a showdown between the two.

First feature film by Gianni Amelio, Blow To The Heart, narrates the now invisible corners of Milan; an ordinary relationship between father and son turns into a reflection of the generation during the years of hot lead. Marina Piperno, Luigi Faccini, marinapiperno virgilio. Rivisto oggi, pare una profezia: At 80, Zavattini debuts as director with this unclassifiable work. Carlina torna a Milano dopo alcuni anni negli Stati Uniti, e va a ritrovare il suo amico Silvano che lavora nel cinema underground.

In metro, a Moscova, incrocia Nanni, che lavora alla radio, e si sente attratta da lui. Con Cavatorta, Bisio, Pedote e Brioschi. Un altro modo di dire ciao a Silvano. Carlina returns to Milan after a few years in the USA and goes to see her friend Silvano who works in the underground cinema. In the Moscova underground station, she bumps into Nanni who works for the radio and is attracted to him. In the circular ending, the audience is led to believe that it is only another story With Cavatorta, Bisio, Pedote and Brioschi.

Another way of saying goodbye to Silvano. Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico, a. La morte di Enrico Berlinguer, nel , ebbe una portata simbolica incalcolabile, come fosse lo spartiacque tra due Italie. It was also one of the most important events of the decade, involving one million people. Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, info cinetecamilano. La vediamo ritrovarsi brevemente con gli uomini del suo passato, e conoscerne uno nuovo.

The separation is like the departure for a journey, although it is the silent emptying of a house. Now she is a girl wandering around on her own in Milan in October which is greyer than ever. We see her briefly meet again the men of her past and meet a new one. The turning point of her story is her meeting another woman on her own with whom she shares the Milan night. Perhaps a return to life is possible from female solidarity, and in the light of day. With dwarves, dancers, and freak shows, the man fears falling into ridiculousness, and wants to give up. This is the pessimistic masterpiece of the mature Fellini, who in the 80s paid his strenuous battle against advertisement within films with his exclusion from the system.

Among the prophecies that appear in his films, this is the most cruel, because it became reality. Marina Piperno e Luigi Faccini, marinapiperno virgilio. Non mancano accenni critici verso un regime di detenzione dimentico del valore delle persone che vi erano recluse.

The years of imprisonment in a mental hospital at Castelpulci, with the attempts of a young psychiatrist who tries to understand the man and his works, perhaps in vain. A bell that lingers between the memories of lost relationships - with Sibilla Alderamo, and with his parents - and the anger towards a literary world that has not let him graduate on time.

The work does not lack of critics against a detention regime that has not given value to people. Silver Ribbon for best direction and cinematography. Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - Cineteca Nazionale, diffusioneculturale fondazionecsc. Giuseppe Bertolucci - selected filmography: David di Donatello a Lina Sastri.

A beautiful girl returns to her home village on the death of her brother and finds her mother who is still living, like many of the other villagers, in the caravan-homes set up after the earthquake in the Irpinia region. The two women meet their fates on a train, a time which for the first one is the moment of discovering grief. Giuseppe Bertolucci, with an extraordinary cast of actresses, offers a story that shows its narrative and emotional strength, to deal with the theme of terrorism in Italy in the s. David of Donatello to Lina Sastri. Kaser, Vento rosso, Bruno Ganz: Viaggio di servizio, Il re divino, Heinrich Boell.

Due ore con Pier Paolo Pasolini. The homage is built up with film clips, archive footage, family photos and the memories of his cousin Nico Naldini , fragments of interviews. Two hours with Pier Paolo Pasolini. At the beginning this film presents a nice and grotesque portrait of the relationship between the two siblings to then change drastically its tone and its register in the second half, giving space to a reflection on broken relationships, on memories and lost hopes.

The original debut of Felice Farina, which was selected in Venice in and had a well deserved success in France. Sergio Castellitto is the author of the story and the screenplay, written with the collaboration of Farina and Gianni Di Gregorio. Gianni Raimondo, raimondoepartners libero. Comincia a indagare, supportato dal bizzarro amico edicolante: Premiato a Bellaria nel But the truth is not just around the corner, and finding it might not even be that important. Awarded at the Bellaria in Pedinare Gerry per 30 giorni, interpretato da Gerardo Sperandini, un vero tossico, non impedisce al regista di dare un forte imprinting autoriale.

The role of Gerry is played by Gerardo Sperandini, a real addict, who is followed for 30 days. Completely self-produced by the director, who studied at CSC, this film is evidence of a complete poetic and productive independence. It won an award by the Italian confederation of Art and Essai. Colorado Film Production, info coloradofilm. Arrivare in televisione, infatti, vuol dire cambiare vita. Il secondo film di Gabriele Salvatores si apre con un riferimento ai precari dello spettacolo e ne racconta uno spaccato comico e grottesco.

Getting on television, in fact, means changing their lives. The second film by Gabriele Salvatores opens with a reference to the precariousness of the show and tells about it in a comic and grotesque way. His six actors, ready to be cheating to pursue television, are the image of the system that is now permanently changed. On the screen, a whole generation of actors who later entered into the imaginary: Lunga vita alla signora! Scagliandosi con leggerezza contro le gerarchie sociali: Opera dallo spirito anarchico di un coerente umanista, finisce in chiave di speranza con una fuga metaforica nella natura.

He lightly lashes out against social hierarchies: This work, characterised by the anarchic spirit of a coherent humanist, ends with a tone of hope with a metaphorical escape in nature. Due giovani si ritrovano dopo molti anni: Lasciato dalla moglie, un uomo sembra consolarsi nella contemplazione di una tigre e di immagini che la riproducono. Two friends meet again after many years; there is much more than just friendship between them, but one of them is about to get married.

A man whose wife has just left him finds comfort in reflecting over a tiger and the images that portray it. An old homeless man loses his virginity in an unexpected night of passion with a woman. Taking inspiration from four stories that really did happen in the Prati area of Rome, Agosti directed a film which structurally presents the scheme of Italian episode comedy, but that overturns it, creating poetic effects that are rare within Italian cinema.

Presentato in concorso a Berlino e premiato al Festival di Cannes. She is a single mother and she works in a factory, she cares more about her relationship with her boyfriend, so much that to follow his steps, she forgets her son on the seat of a train, while running from the subway. Another view of Milan, the city of tall blocks of flats and urban landscapes at night, is experienced by the mother, who was left alone.

He tells with gritty realism, the story of a mother who neglects her son. Presented in Berlin and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Medusa Film, info medusa. The showing of the film is interrupted by advertisement. All is well until a sudden short circuit chaotically mixes reality with fiction. For Nichetti the visionary, the only thing left to do is say goodbye to long lost cinema, making a tribute to neorealism with a witty and sharp, but also bittersweet, film. Centro Sperimentale Cinematografia — Cineteca Nazionale, diffusioneculturale fondazionecsc. The waiting time is meeting time between two different world: The Ipotesi Cinema, seen more as a collective creative space than as a school, is an invaluable experience in the Italian cinema system.

Girato come un musicarello, il primo cortometraggio di Giancarlo Soldi usa gli anni di piombo come sfondo.

Un taglio che oggi diremmo postmoderno, per un film girato in tre weekend tra Desenzano del Garda e Milano. An approach that today we would call post-modern in a film made in three weekends in Desenzano del Garda and Milan. Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, Diffusioneculturale cinetecamilano. Drimage, in bianco e nero, raccoglie fin dal titolo, la triade dream-image-age, una vena sperimentale di indagine.

Lo fa seguendo il girovagare attraverso New York di Mark, in ansia per il futuro, che discute con gli amici, e rapito da un sogno: Drimage, shot in black and white, has an experimental path of investigation, which one can trace immediately when looking at the title, the triad dream-image-age. The author follows Mark around New York. He is anxious about his future, he talks about it with his friends, and he has a dream: A country filtered from the media, rather than the myth.

La musica, infine, lega la poesia. Giuseppe Baresi, giusbaresi gmail. Perhaps because canvas, in those years when video techniques began to be widespread, was the support on which films were shot: Lastly, the music forms a bond with the poetry. Monica Scattini, Flavio Bonacci. The radio commentator, who was been our loyal narrator since the first shot, interrupts to overturn the situation, portraying more and more the grotesque and evocative tone of the short. In questo breve documentario sperimentale una madre e un figlio sono un ritratto di famiglia struggente e lacerante, come le ferite della Storia che non possono rimarginarsi senza riconciliazione.

Immagini video di Luga Bigazzi; a Milano, aprile In this short experimental documentary, a mother and a son form a heart-breaking and lacerating portrait, like the wounds of a History that cannot heal without reconciliation. Video images by Luga Bigazzi; in Milan, April Production as independent was a real adventure: Play it Again, Woody! Uno sdoganamento di cui siamo fieri e che ha avuto un curioso seguito. Finita le sedicesima edizione, Mr. Poster ci ha scritto: Non possiamo che esserne onorati.

Woody Allen e la musica sono un connubio tan-. We are very proud of this legitimization and it had a curious follow-up. When the sixteenth edition was over, Mr. Poster wrote to us: We can only be honoured by this. Play It Again Woody! The association between Woody Allen and music is very close but also very neglected in his cinema, with all our concentration going on understanding his humour. This is the genesis of Mr. Park Circus, nick parkcircus. Here he gets arrested and processed, but he will manage to fulfill his dreams.

How to Achieve Them Without Laughing. Le musiche del film sono del chitarrista jazz Mundell Lowe e si intonano agli stili dei diversi episodi. In the original version, the episode Why do some women have difficulty reaching orgasm? The music of the film was composed by the jazz guitarist Mundell Lowe and they perfectly go with the different styles of the episodes.

Do you believe in God? Per scampare, Miles entra travestito da robot al servizio della poetessa Luna. The risk is to be filed as a rebel. To escape, disguised as a robot, Miles start working as a butler for the poet Luna.

Read e-book online Albert Kawaskar (Italian Edition) PDF

Escape to the state police will be an irresistible. Dan Sable, William S. Sedute di psicanalisi, litigi, scappatelle e rimpianti, in un flusso frammentato, fatto di ricordi, flashback, ipotesi, dialoghi in camera, barzellette. Poca musica, ma fondamentale: Sessions of psychoanalysis, arguments, regrets and mistakes, all in a fragmented flow of memories, flashbacks, hypothesis, in-room dialogues and jokes. Little music, but fundamental: He was as tough and romantic as the city he loved. Behind his black-rimmed glasses was the coiled sexual power of a jungle cat.

Oh, I love this. New York was his town, and it always would be. Captured in a memorable black and white by Gordon Willis, this is one of the few films in which Allen has chosen the soundtrack before filming, using the musical universe of George Gershwin as a source of inspiration and as the only accompaniment to the film. How could I ruin myself? Una commedia premiata ai Golden Globe, amata da critica e pubblico. An award-winning comedy at the Golden Globes, loved by critics and the public. In the end, one thing is fundamental: Nelle differenze di progetto e di pratiche, Milano Film Festival e Filmma-.

The retrospective devoted to Ben Rivers, a year-old English filmmaker who uses 16mm and is known in Italy almost only in the world of visual arts, definitely belongs to the second category: In the differences of project and practices, Milano Film Festival and pag.

Allearsi per proporre ed esportare un progetto di valore internazionale significa proporre un modello nuovo che potrebbe in futuro migliorare significativamente la posizione di Milano nel sistema dei festival di cinema italiani e internazionali. Le buone compagnie servono anche per fare una buona politica culturale. Filmmaker share the passion for discovery and impatience with codifications: There is also more: Festivals increasingly have the task of discovering new talents and inaugurating fundamental historical reviews, stimulating critics and academics.

Joining forces to offer and export a project of international value means proposing a new model which in the future could significantly improve the position of Milan in the system of Italian and international film festivals. Good company also helps make a good cultural policy. For the complete retrospective that we are dedicating to him, he suggested an organization — which is also a review — of his films which helps us illustrate his artistic career: A love for uncontaminated natural and picturesque landscapes, together with the ability to represent them mythically and at times pag.

These are some of the central themes of an opus which — we sincerely hope — will become known to a wider audience thanks to this homage by Milano Film Festival and Filmmaker. Nato nel nel Somerset, Rivers oggi vive e lavora a Londra. Dal realizza cortometraggi e installazioni e nel proprio a Brighton espone alla Permanent Gallery i suoi lavori.

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In quegli anni, molti festival e gallerie internazionali cominciano a presentare i suoi film e a rendere noto il suo nome sia in ambito artistico che cinematografico. Alla Mostra del Cinema di Venezia ottiene nel il premio Fipresci, assegnato della critica internazionale al suo primo lungometraggio, Two Years at Sea. Born in Somerset in , Rivers now lives and works in London. After a degree in Fine Arts from the Falmouth School of Art in , from to he was curator then director of the Brighton Cinematheque.

Since , he has made short films and installations and in he showed his works at the permanent Gallery in Brighton. At that time, many international festivals and galleries began to present his films and make his name known in both the artistic and film field. In at the Venice Film Festival he won the ipresci prize, awarded by international critics to his first feature film,. His life is also made of an extraordinary rapport with nature, always observed with participation, whether he is sleeping on a caravan on a tree, or fishing on a make-shift raft in a lake.

At night, he reads and thinks, until the light from his fireplace slowly dies down, naturally. Made under the influence of George Kuchar. Esplorazione di una casa abbandonata: Exploring an abandoned house: Una nuvola si addensa nel cielo, dopo pochi istanti il rumore del temporale scuote il paesaggio.

Un pianto, poi un urlo, e una donna che sale la collina, alla ricerca di qualcosa. A cloud forms in the sky, and moments later the sound of a thunderstorm disturbs the landscape. There is crying, then screaming, and a woman going up a hill, looking for something. The atmosphere of a ghost story dissolves into a soft dreaming surrealism. Anche qui una torcia apre spiragli di luce, scorci su tracce flebili, presenze dimenticate.

After Old Dark House comes another abandoned house: A flashlight also gives cracks of light, glimpses of feeble traces and forgotten existences. This intrusion is discrete, as if trying not to disturb this slow disintegration. An short created through editing, built around a cult horror film from the 80s: Alice Hardy is alone at Camp Crystal Lake; a crescendo of terror makes the seven minutes of this film seem extremely long.

The fascination with the horror implied in the first shorts comes out in a work of found footage, with bits of the genre being edited in an increasing line of tension: This tribute to Silent Film is the story of a shoemaker who lives in a tree. He makes a pair of white shoes in less than a day and ventures into the forest with a suitcase full of newspapers.

Actually, this is the story of a bomb, with a man in the shoes, who lives in a tree I filmed them in 16mm negative and then created the print very roughly using a torch. A trip to Suffolk to visit his friend Ben and his father Oleg. Country music and an old picture of a woman take us to the exit. Chi armeggia su una radio e chi fa suonare vinili gracchianti, mentre echeggiano poesie futuriste, si scavano buchi nel terreno.

Someone bustle with a radio and someone else play crackling vinyls, while Futuristic poetry is heard, and some holes in the ground are digged. Survivors from who knows which battle, they seems not to have any place or time to which come back: Nata negli anni Trenta per impiegare disabili e mutilati, la Servex sembra un fossile della Storia. Le incrostazioni di sostanze chimiche, le vecchie canzoni, i poster di pin-up calcificati, i toni bruni e verdastri della fotografia: Baloise Art Prize ad Art Basel Servex, which was created in the 30s to hire disabled and maimed people, now looks like a historical fossil.

The chemical deposit, the old songs, the calcified posters of pin-up girls, the brownish greenish tones of the imagery: Baloise Art Prize at Art Basel Many elements that will be central themes of observation in the feature film are presented: Una telefonata interrompe la quiete e facciamo la conoscenza del signore barbuto che la abita, come un eremita. Ha un gatto, una rimessa dove tiene il trattore e una moto. Uno studio che va nella stessa direzione di This is My Land, un altro modo di avvicinarsi ed entrare in silenzio in un mondo a parte, con sguardo attento e partecipato, pieno di bellezza e acume visivo.

A phone call breaks the silence and we meet the bearded man who lives in the house, like a hermit. He has a cat, a shed where he keeps a tractor and a motorbike. This work, that is along the same lines of This is My Land, offers another way of entering a separate world in silence, with a focused and active eye, full of beauty and visual sharpness. Tiger Award al Festival di Rotterdam. Piles of burning rubbish, a crazied roaring car, roaming animals and children who walk around a junkyard wearing masks; their games become a strange ritual.

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This is an ode to primitive freedom. Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Festival. Il titolo evoca la mitica razza sotterranea di un romanzo di Bulwer-Lytton , a lungo ritenuto un documento autentico da vari circoli esoterici. While the earth has now been covered by the oceans, many micro-societies form on the emerging islands. Un incubo in miniatura che, come altri lavori successivi, trova una forza perturbante negli scarti tra immagine e suono.

This miniature nightmare, like other later works, finds a disturbing strength in the swerves of images and sounds. Un road movie anomalo, che parla di mestieri che fanno vivere in comunione con la natura. There is a lumberjack with a special way of speaking with his horse, a beekeeper who makes hand gestures while looking at the camera, the guard of a dam with the craziest cottage in the world, and a gardener who ventures home in the snow. This is an atypical road movie illustrating jobs that make one live in unity with nature, which will exist even after the end of the human race.

Nei racconti, che costituiscono la cosmogonia di questo popolo, si confondono e si separano umani e animali, donne e uomini, le acque del diluvio che disperdono e il vulcano, che conserva il fuoco di una cultura: The play between documentary and fiction opens up to the allure of the myth. These are memories and attempts at representing acts of freedom and liberation: We never see the pictures corresponding to the captions: La voce di Keanu Reeves, anche produttore, raccoglie opinioni autorevoli, che osservano la questione da entrambe le prospettive.

Punti di vista, appunto. Vincent Dieutre racconta la storia di un gruppo di profughi afghani guardandola dal suo punto di osservazione privilegiato: Un altro grande regista trova posto in The Outsiders per la prima volta: Its skin is that of the outsiders in the selection and this year it is a new colour. For the first time it presents two films which are commercially distributed, and three films which have another, potentially even more open, itinerary of circulation: The cinema changes, it also changes skin and this is a story worth telling, with The Outsiders starting from Side by Side, which traces the evolution of recent cinema, from celluloid to digital.

Keanu Reeves, also the producer, collects authoritative opinions, observing the question from both perspectives. Vincent Dieutre tells the story of a group of Afghan refugees, from his privileged point of view: Another great director is included in The Outsiders for the first time: Two great women are the protagonists of the last two fiction films of the selection and of the two films on general release in the aupag.

Emozioni ben diverse sono quelle capaci di suscitare i fuoriclasse protagonisti di una cinquina di documentari da non perdere: E le emozioni musicali prendono infine un posto importante grazie a sei film che rappresentano un viaggio nei miti della musica contemporanea: Miti per tanti, fuoriclasse per tutti. Ci permettiamo di chiudere con un fuoriclasse tutto nostro, Vincent Moon, che da un viaggio compiuto per il Festival nel ha realizzato con Mezzo Morra un autentico gioiello sulla musica tradizionale sarda. Che regaliamo al nostro pubblico.

Very different emotions are those aroused by the outsiders of five documentaries not to be missed: An Autobiography; Hristo Stoichkov, whose sporting and human story is reconstructed in the film of the same name; Ai Weiwei, the most famous living Chinese artist, portrayed in his life as an artist and political dissident in Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry; the famus octopus Paul in The Life and Times of Paul The Psychic Octopus; and the outsider more cinematographic is The Shining, protagonist of the documentary related with its obsessive construction, Room In the last place, musical emotions take an important place thanks to six films which represent a journey through the myths of contemporary music: Myths for many, outsiders for all.

We will close with an outsider of our own, Vincent Moon, who from a journey made for the festival in , has made Mezzo Morra a real gem on traditional Sardinian music. A gift for our public. Biografilm Collection, info biografilm. Not only for his art now, but for the use of new media to defend himself and to criticise his own country.

Alison Klayman, who met Weiwei almost by chance, became the only eye authorised by the artist to follow him: An occasion to discover the ordinariness of an unconfortable artist who does not fear rebellion. The Film Sales Company, jason. An Autobiography, Crips and Bloods: Much more than a sports documentary, this autobiography with a rare emotional impact, through the tales and memories of its protagonists -from Rodney Mullen to Tony Hawk- celebrates those guys who, in the 80s, forever changed the rules and ways of living skating.

Nothing to Be Scared of , Solidarnosc, Solidarnosc Crossroad , Dokument? The interviews end up disturbing her bourgeois certainties and facing her with her own femininity, ghosts, and family. Binoche is in perfect shape, as a witness, with the viewer, of the ambiguous and ordinary banality of those who live in the sex market.

The climax of perversion grows, but the verdict, shown unexpectedly by the director, is just around the corner. The Festival Agency, lv thefestivalagency. Freak, figli dei fiori, circensi, travestiti, biker, sadomasochisti ma anche famiglie con bambini e nostalgici degli anni Freaks, flower children, circus actors, transvestites, bikers, and sadomasochists, but also families with children and those nostalgic of the 70s.

La Huit Distribution, stephane. There are no pictures to remember him by, only the souvenir of another camp, past the street. The Festival Agency lv thefestivalagency. Gainsbourg by Ginzburg Gainsbourg by Gainsbourg: In questo modo, Gainsbourg comunica se stesso in un modo del tutto inatteso, anche e soprattutto attraverso sottintesi e segreti. The documentary, narrated in the first person by the French singer-songwriter, is built simply using everything he said and told in his long career, in a montage of famous and less famous material, often completely unedited.

This way, Gainsbourg tells about himself, in a fully unexpected way, also and mainly through implications and secrets. A film in the form of a sketch, just as if he had wanted to start a portrait and leave it as his heritage, ofthe creation of a legend. A unique document for someone on whom much has been said, written, and shown. Robert Muratore, Alexandre O. Autlook Filmsales, youn autlookfilms. The Miracle Mike Story. Le previsione azzeccate - una serie incredibile di otto - durante la Coppa del Mondo di Calcio lo resero ai tempi una superstar.

Whether Paul is an honest-to-goodness 21st century oracle, or a tentacled sham, remains a hotly debated topic. What is certain, though, is that he has affected us, made us dream, and impacted popular culture. The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus is a biopic of tentacular proportions that explores celebrity mania, the science of probabilities, and the possibility of higher powers. Wide Management, ig widemanagement. I Guerra Mondiale, fronte francese. The collaborationist government, as a response to the murder of a Nazi general, gives in to the logics of retaliation and sentences to execution a group of political prisoners, locked up in a work camp.

The list is not ready to reach the camp, where, despite all of this, pride and courage stay alive. Even when those in the list are 17, the last wish is to state the injustice of the war, and write a goodbye letter that may be testimony to a humanity that does not give up. Vincent Moon, vincentmoon gmail.

In constant dialectic between image abstraction and its live and timely material, the film shows the compact culture of the island that exchanges looks with the lively and distant curiosity of children. The ancestral sounds of tenores, launeddas, cantu a ghiterra, are the echo of the communities that tames a wild territory, broken up by games of morra. Somebody Goofed , Triumph of Victory, Alfred. When Stanley Kubrick made The Shining, he did not know that in a director in love with his film would have examined each scene, rebuilt every hyper-textual tie, followed psychoanalytical, mathematical, architectural, philosophical theories Final act of one of the most important musical experiences of the decade, with punk, new wave, and disco, the live show breathes that rare energy present at conscious goodbyes.

Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating. Cosa rappresenta la progressiva digitalizzazione del cinema? Il suo declino o una necessaria evoluzione? What does the progressive digitisation of cinema represent? Its decline of a necessary evolution? A harmonic documentary produced by Keanu Reeves that tells of the transformations and potential of this new film type. Autlook Filmsales GmbH, youn autlookfilms.

In his time though, he was one of the best footballers, the last passionate icon of a now emotionless sport. Bossanova Films, camilanicodemos bossanovafilms. In an era where the sound of revolution could still reach the masses through common channels like television, Tropicalist avant-guard explodes like an open challenge to military dictatorship to the beat of samba, bossa nova, and progressive rock.

Tredici performer, donne, transgender che si alternano sul palco, immobili ed esposte. Il film estende la performance e completa questi ritratti accompagnati dalla voce del cantautore androgino per eccellenza. The film extends the performance and completes these portraits with the voice of the most famously androgynous singer. A celebration of liberty, independence from social conditioning and gender coding.

Monkey Creative Studios Ltd. She is a symbol, and icon, that has fought for the cultural traditions of her country to not be lost, making her musical career a poliitcal gesture. But Violeta Parra is also a woman, a mother, and a woman in love, incapable of feelings that are not as strong as her human and poetic strentgh. The solitude of her house, a circus hut raised as a monument of her, is the symbol of a tale that the film tells loyally, and that, perhaps, with the extraordinary stature of Violeta as a person, was not part of this world, and in this world could not find the happiness she hoped for when singing Gracias a la vida.

A chiamare in causa protagonisti di crimini i cui contorni sono spesso troppo sfumati per convertirsi in capi di imputazione formali. This is the ambition of State T error , the section of the Milano Film Festival which has aimed, since its creation, seven years ago, to relate our present, pointing a finger at responsibilities which often elude the news and official information, and to take to task the perpetrators of crimes which are often too blurred in their outlines to be converted into formal charges.

So we have reporters who are converted into filmmakers Mimi Chakarova, Mika Koskinen, pag. Ad accompagnare i film saranno allora gli autori, spesso narratori in prima persona delle vicende raccontate, ma anche esperti, analisti, protagonisti del complesso scenario su cui quelle storie si innestano. Ma anche riflessioni sui fondamenti storici, giuridici, morali della propria nazione come The Law in These Parts e War Matador. Inchieste di rango che illuminano fasi oscure della nostra storia recente come Il Giudice e il segreto di Stato o Vik Utopia. Mentre We are Legion ci introduce a chi oggi ha scelto la disobbedienza e, a volto scoperto, ce ne spiega le ragioni.

Ekaterina Kibalchich , investigations that are transformed into films, personal stories that take on a universal value: The choices convinced us to the point of extending the number of appointments that we had originally planned, as these are films that have stimulated us to offer the public of State T error — loyal, attentive and competent — something more.

Accompanying the films there will be their authors, often narrators in the first person of the events related, but also experts, analysts and central figures of the complex scenario on which these stories are grafted.