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This book opens by presenting a representative picture of the social, economic and legal embeddedness of this sector in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

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Tenancy Law and Housing Policy in Europe makes a significant contribution to our understanding of issues in tenancy and housing that will be welcomed by academics and advanced students in law across Europe. Practitioners might find useful hints and recommendations on housing regulations, as well.

Preface Introduction Christoph U.

European countries (Spain,Portugal,Greece,Italy) Debt problem explained..

The role of private renting in France and the Netherlands compared Marietta E. Tenancies as an alternative to homeownership in Spain, Portugal and Malta? Black market and residential tenancy contracts in southern Europe: The in effectiveness of tenancy regulation in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia — is law part of the problem or the solution?

Balancing the rights of tenants and landlords in the context of rent regulation — Polish experiences in the light of ECtHR case-law Magdalena Habdas and Grzegorz Panek 8. The British assured shorthold tenancy in a European context: Per Norberg and Jakob Juul-Sandberg The role of tenancy law in the tenant countries Switzerland, Austria and Germany — Macroeconomic benefits through a balanced legal infrastructure?

New set of EU recommendations on housing policies | Housing Europe

What is the State of Housing in the European Union? Is the housing crisis over?

Which countries have the most pressing needs? What are the latest policy initiatives that are trying to change the landscape?

Tenancy Law and Housing Policy in Europe

How do cities collaborate with housing associations? Is there a role for the European Institutions even if housing is a national competence?

The report at a glance Detailed statistics per EU Member State The latest housing trends in a cross-country observation A compilation of the most significant policy updates since Analysis of the interaction of housing policies and EU policies The effect that challenges at local level have on housing The Observatory of Housing Europe, as an established point of reference when it comes to facts and figures around housing in the continent will provide with the evidence on which policies of the future shall be based.