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Rudy Sanchez and explains to him everything that has happened. Rudy believes him, and they both spend days trying to find information regarding Church, the DMS, and prion diseases causing zombies to no avail. Even the police report on the warehouse raid is gone. Rudy then vanishes, taken by the DMS to the warehouse, and Joe heads out to rescue him. He is welcomed inside, taken to Mr. Church, sees Rudy with a gun to his head, and is forced to agree to join the DMS in their fight on terror. The drama is explained away by their dire situation, and Rudy joins up with the DMS as well.

Joe is then put into a room with five other candidates to decide who the leader of the new team will be, big and tough looking guys from Marines, Force Recon, and the like. Joe knocks them all into submission within seconds, and takes the title of Captain of Echo Team, with the men he just pummeled as his crew. Michaels, where their first zombie outbreak got out of control. We learn this is generation three of the pathogen. With how terrible things went down, Echo team is called to move out immediately, before they can even start their first bit of training, to hit the newly found site of another cell with potential zombies.

Echo Team witnesses horror at the meatpacking plant, scientists pushing walkers towards screaming children, and in a moment of rage, Echo team runs in guns blazing to take down the enemy and save as many kids as they can. Joe meets the DMS scientists and Dr. Hu, who explains the science of this disease happening. Suddenly, the zombies being held for study by the DMS get out of the lab and attack the staff. Joe, Bunny, and Top respond first on site to put down the threat with minimal losses. Joe Ledger and the Department of Military Sciences must stop El Mujahid before he can release his newer and much more powerful strain of the pathogen in Philadelphia.

Critical reception for Patient Zero has been largely positive and the book was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Martin's Griffin Publication date. Retrieved 6 April Ben I was going to write a review, then read yours where you basically say everything I would. Have you read any of the Day by Day Armageddon books? Be int I was going to write a review, then read yours where you basically say everything I would. Be interested in your opinion. No, I haven't read the Day by Day books although the publisher just sent me the newest one in the series, so I'm debating just jumping in there Nice!

No, I haven't read the Day by Day books although the publisher just sent me the newest one in the series, so I'm debating just jumping in there to give it a go. I hear they're pretty good. Jun 09, Mike the Paladin rated it did not like it Shelves: How can a book about zombie terrorists be boring? I wrote a review here an earlier book where I noted that I can at times read at a fairly fast rate and I do that especially when I have a large number of library books waiting to be read.

The book caught my interest initially and I had hopes for it. Unfortunately by or so pages in I was feeling like throwing the book across the room.

The constantly shifting viewpoint, the cliched story lines, it all just lost my interest. I don't know, maybe I'm just jaded, maybe I've read too many books. More and more I seem to find myself disappointed with books I initially had high hopes for. Oh well, sorry if you liked this one View all 18 comments. Apr 12, Sarah rated it really liked it. Listened to this on audio.

Patient Zero

It took me quite some time but not because of any fault of the book. The narrator, Ray Porter, was excellent and really made the book come to life. For the book itself, it felt very long. I have a feeling if I had read instead of listened it would have been much quicker. I liked the short punchy chapters and the way they were all introduced with a date, time, location stamp. The characters were pretty amazing. I have to say- Joe Ledger is sort of the definition of a Gary Stu. Not afraid to cry in front of others.

I mean if a person could define the perfect man on paper- Joe Ledger is it. Bunny was my favorite. When he was introduced I just about had tears in my eyes. But everyone calls me Bunny. I also loved Mr. The mysterious man behind the curtain. The women were under represented here- but Grace Cortland and Amirah did well as the only two female MCs. Note to readers- this is a book with Zombies in it- this is not a Zombie book. Other books in the series apparently have nothing to do with zombies.

But there was plenty of humor and I can get behind pretty much anything that makes me laugh. View all 3 comments. Pure mindblowing awesomeness, that's all I can say. The only way I can properly describe this novel is that its "24 on pages" referring to 24 tv show of course.

The Department of Military Science DMS standing in as this version's CTU, from one jawdropping INSANE action sequence to another, an earthshattering impending terrorist attack looming over the horizon, evil middle eastern terrorists and an westerner being the main puppetmaster behind all the schemings Everything screams to me as 2 Pure mindblowing awesomeness, that's all I can say.

Everything screams to me as 24 seriously, there was even a mole or two inside the good guys, which was typical 24 element: D , and as it was one of my most favorite tv show ever, I loved every word of it! This was my first Jonathan Maberry novel, and he exceeded my expectations with leaps and bounds. I guess the characters with their inter-relations, motivations and emotions could've been slightly more humane and deep for a better characterization of them, but what we got still worked nicely in my opinion.

No matter what, no matter how. Although I would've liked to see a little less tightjawed and a little more wisecracking side of his in some rare occasions he did flash those golden wise-ass moments but weren't quite enough to make room for some lighthearted reliefs, still over all I can't complain. Obviously, the whole situation was very dire and dark. Joe Ledger can very well be the Jack Bauer of the literary world, and he has every capability and strength, not to mention past tragedies in him to make it work. Outside of Ledger, only the main villain got the right amount of space to be properly developed, and he's a really good character with necessary motivations and depth to make him interesting, not just another cardboard cutout.

All in all, the book was a very quick read even for its almost pages! Also there were some truly disturbing quiet hair-raising chills and thrills along the way which greatly complemented the loud bang bang explosive actions when they came. I can safely say, just from the first book I've now became a big fan of author Jonathan Maberry and his Joe Ledger series, and I'll be eagerly blast through the rest of the series in the coming days. Jun 26, Lou rated it really liked it.

The story actually is serving up a good slice of entertainment in the the hole that 24 and Jack Bauer no-more has left.

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It starts off the first half more of a cerebral approach of a thriller. Maberry writes with this story as if it has been ripped from today's headlines incorporating terrorism and political battles from across the shores. A good story that incorporates weaponry of a different strain using zombies. Love to see how Tv-series plays out. I am trying to work my way to the third installment King of Plagues.

I need to eradicate Dragon factory next. View all 11 comments. Nov 17, Steve rated it it was ok. I usually steer clear of series fiction, but the Peter Straub blurb made me pick this one up. It's a fast-paced, somewhat cartoonish zombie-thriller involving Joe Ledger, the hard-boiled detective who is recruited by the super-super-ultra-secret Department of Military Sciences. There is plenty of action and the book is well-plotted if by-the-numbers , but it does have a lot of howlers in it, particularly when protagonist Joe begins to feel patriotic or amorous.

Joe can kill anyone, kick anyone' I usually steer clear of series fiction, but the Peter Straub blurb made me pick this one up. Joe can kill anyone, kick anyone's ass, and his head is full of men's self-help book archetypes. He can alternately be the Cop, the Warrior or the spell-casting Wizard. Okay, I mock a bit. In a sub-ghetto of a ghetto-genre, this book must seem like a masterpiece, rising its rotting head and shoulders over the undead army of George Romero imitators.

Unfortunately, that doesn't make it a great novel. It seems to be formulaic: It's totally Mad Libs after that. I wanted it to end about three-quarters of the way through. Maberry is a good writer but some of the dialogue in the book sounds like parody. If anything, it's proof that the zombie sub-genre isn't dead, yet.

But it's beginning to get a little ripe. View all 4 comments. Jan 07, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: If this had been merely about terrorists attacking America with some unstoppable hero going about shutting them down I'd think it was crap, but when the terrorists are spreading a zombie plague, now that I can get interested in and want to read. I'd probably still rather watch this as a movie and be done with it in two hours but as a before bed read for the past week it's done it's job well.

Actually a bit too well in the page turning thing since more than one night I stayed up too late because I wanted to read just another couple of chapters. This is kind of addictive, and the short chapters make reading it very fast and wanting to keep going. I hear books are like this that people read. The book has about pages and chapters, so it's easy to get caught up in the swift pacing.

The basic plot is that terrorists come up with a virus that turns people into zombies and this must be stopped if the whole world isn't going to end. It's basic normal zombie stuff, you have to shot them in the head, if you get bitten you become infected, but for me just having zombies in something usually makes everything ok.

The dialog is a little silly at times, but there is also a certain tongue and cheek quality to the badness of the dialog sometimes. The book also sports a quote by Brecht before one of the Parts of the book, which seemed an odd choice for the market this will probably be aimed towards, but it's nice to see Brecht and zombies inhabit the same work. Two great tastes finally together or something like that.

Good stuff, and another fine addition into the recently booming increase in zombie literature. Oct 06, Shannon leaninglights rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was awesome. What do I even say?! It was so much more than a "zombie story" and I will definitely continue the series in the future! I loved all the special ops military stuff and Joe Ledger is freaking awesome. Aug 01, Christina added it Recommended to Christina by: I have thoroughly enjoyed doing dramatic readings of the Joe Ledger chapters of this book in as gravelly a Christian-Bale-as-Batman voice as I can muster which isn't all that gravelly, because I am, after all, a girl.

This book lends itself perfectly to that kind of parody. Because it is a parody. A parody of a parody. It's cliched in the worst possible of ways He's self-aware enough to know t I have thoroughly enjoyed doing dramatic readings of the Joe Ledger chapters of this book in as gravelly a Christian-Bale-as-Batman voice as I can muster which isn't all that gravelly, because I am, after all, a girl. He's self-aware enough to know that he has three personalities - the modern man, the warrior and the cop.

Jonathan Maberry

Are you F-ing kidding me? By the way, you should see how many times I've written that in my book. Most of Ledger's moves are a mix of karate, aikido, shotokan and tae kwon do, or martial arts with combat emphasis. I know; I've studied it. He drives around with "murder in his heart.

Think James Bond, but not classy. Think Jack Bauer, but not nearly as badass. Think Austin Powers a parody of Bond , but not funny. You've got Department of Military Sciences leader Mr. Think Charlie in Charlie's Angels, but spouting hyper-militaristic strategy and gun knowledge. You've got love interest "Amazing" Grace Courtland, who doesn't want to like Joe Ledger, but just can't help herself. You've got villain Sebastien Gault, who is only different from Dr.

Evil in that he understands the real value of modern dollars. And instead of a super-smart computer nerd who collects comic books and action figures and finds the root of the problems, you've got Dr. Hu Yes, you read that right, just like Dr. Who , a super-smart doctor who collects zombie comic books and zombie actions figures and finds the root of the problem.

But maybe zombie novels are supposed to be cliched. It sure seems like it since they're all super-cheesy. And maybe you like this kind of garbage. The book is still poorly written. The Sebastien Gault chapters are all written in third-person omniscient. It's what we call a cop-out.

The writer isn't smart enough to figure out a consistent way to tell the story, so he doesn't tell the story consistently. I have been able to get this far in the novel only by sheer force of will. And that is something that the real master of horror, Stephen King, says should never happen. King wrote that a novel should be like a water pump.

It should take a little work initially on the reader's part to get into the story, and then the story should flow freely. Is it a coincidence that Stephen King and son, "Joe Hill," are just about the only horror writers who didn't submit lies for the cover of Maberry's book? I don't think so. They're real writers and they know what real writing is. Since I can't give this book negative stars, I just won't give it any.

I feel almost ashamed that I've written as much as I have - like I'm giving Maberry too much credit just by writing so much criticism. But someone has to balance out all the completely unwarranted love for this book. I have personally retitled it "Patience: View all 5 comments. I started this on Audible a year ago and returned it. I started reading it last week and could not put it down.

One of my Bookworm Buddies loves this series and now I see why. High action believable, human mutation story with a breakneck fast moving plot. The Characters were a bit crazy and over the top but fit the situation perfectly. I will definitely be reading more in this series as well as others by Jonathan Mayberry. It's hard for me to be fair to the next book I read after flying through I started this on Audible a year ago and returned it.

It's hard for me to be fair to the next book I read after flying through one with such high intensity. I do not read zombie Genre. I don't like zombies, but I like this book! It's been sitting on my shelf, not because it didn't look interesting. I was just reading and doing other stuff. A very strong selling point is that this one hits the ground running. I hate I don't like zombies, but I like this book! I hate being bored, so I appreciate a book that doesn't give me opportunities to get bored, and also engages my intellect.

This book did both. I felt that I was drawn into the action early on, and the fact that the characters have to think on their feet adds to the sense of urgency. This book is built quite heavily on that sense of urgency, and it succeeds. This was a book that never slowed down, despite the high tech science elements. I feel that the author wrote a book here that is intelligent, but also action-packed. He took zombies and gave them a 21st century update, which makes it even more scary. To think that someone is crazy enough to make a pathogen that would turn people into zombies, and to unleash it on innocent citizens, for any reason, is absolutely frightening.

Mad scientist stories interest me. And this one has a whopper! I did think the actual identity of the mad scientist was quite interesting, although I found their reasons to be a let-down. Not that there was any good reason to do what that person was doing, but the reason didn't ring true to me.

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Unless it's just sheer craziness. Terrorism lives up to its name. The thought of murdering people for a cause is appalling. In this book, there is also another dimension here. Maybe terrorism in its essential form isn't the whole picture. Terrorism is also good business. The thought nauseates me. But there are people in this world who happily make lots of money this way.

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This aspect of terrorism is examined in Patient Zero. That someone in fact uses it to create a demand and supply effect. The zombies aren't the ones with no souls in this book. This is one of those books I didn't want to put down. Here I am, reading this book in bed when you'd think zombie books would be off the bedtime reading list. I had to keep reading. Joe Ledger Joe has action hero chops. Maberry lays the groundwork for why he's the man for the job, and he acquits himself admirably.

I liked that Joe is a tough action hero, but he's also flawed and human. He doesn't have all the answers, nor does he have emotional wholeness, and he knows it.

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That's another reason he's on the frontline. I kind of liked his attitude. What can I say? A grumpy hero can work for me. And yes, the martial arts, barehanded zombie fighting was pretty awesome. I mean, that takes some guts to tackle a zombie without having a respectable fifteen feet shooting distance between them. How about breaking zombie necks with one's bare hands and other parts of the body? I'll leave that to folks like Ledger.

He is a man of action and an intelligent man. Other Characters I touched on the bad guys. It's hard to write a good villain. You can easily make them too campy or so mundane you're bored to tears. Both is death, no pun intended. How about a little realness thrown in with the evilness quotient?

That's a good mix. I'm not sure how effective the villains were on an essential level. They did the job, but something was off. I couldn't identify with the villains. I couldn't put myself in their shoes. To me, they were foul beyond believe. No amount of integrity despite some of them being true believers. Actions speak louder than words.

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I often asked myself which was worse, the true believers or the ones motivated by almighty dollar? I don't have an answer for that one.

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Rudy is like Joe's heart and soul. I honestly think having Rudy has kept Joe sane. I liked that he is the voice of reason and the voice of ethics, not that Joe isn't ethical.