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Her own prestige as the largest and most powerful warship of the fleet had followed her to Yankee and Dixie Station, and there was more to the emerging legend than this; she and USS Bainbridge, her frigate "smallboy", had put a watershed date in naval history merely by being the first nuclear-powered ships to engage in combat.

Their unmatched speed, detection systems, and operational capacity potential were proving their worth far beyond the original estimates during the first weeks "on the line at the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club. San Joaquin Valley Veterans. Retrieved from " https: Military humor South Vietnam Vietnam War. See also, Jack Donovan and Nathan F.

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See also Beates, Son of a Gun , I was born in a small fishing town on the East coast. Growing up I noticed that a lot of male locals had either a shooting star or swallow tattoos.

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It was described to me that it was a local identity, soon as I was old enough I had the swallow tattoos on my shoulder blades. This article has got me really interested in my local history, it was a a Hanseatic town and was an important trade route during the 13th century, it would have been heavily influenced by Baltic sailors. Thanks for taking time to stop by and comment — glad you enjoyed the article and it has helped to spur your interest in your local history.

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  6. Out of interest what small fishing town on the East coast are you from? Email will not be published.

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    By Louise Moon on February 12, in article , notfeature. Wellcome Library, London, L References [1] Marcia Texler Segal ed. It's only fair to share The Coastal History Blog 9: Nick B December 2, at What a fantastic article. Is this product missing categories?

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    Checkout Your Cart Price. Books Not currently available Son of a Gun: Also used, although this is uncommon outside the USA, as a euphemism for 'son of a bitch'. Some say that the origin is 'son of a military man'. This explanation is disputed but, correct or not, the phrase is no longer used to convey that meaning.

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    Let there be no doubt in your collective military minds that first of all I am a God fearing man and I tell the truth as I see it!