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Other tasks take a bit more:. There are lots of ways to take screenshots. I like using jingproject. Just a note, this is only a Kindle book right now, but there are lots of ways to buy and read a Kindle book without owning a Kindle. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and helping me get the word out. Any little bit helps! The Saulzar Codex contains the original twelve chapters of the story, plus two bonus tales. It is approximately pages. Survival was just the beginning.

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Follow Saulzar on Twitter: Fantasy , Fiction , Saulzar , Saulzar Codex. The falling rain did nothing to lighten his mood. He trudged down the muddy road, the Poi River to his right, a broken past of failure and death behind him. He yearned for the wild and free days he spent with Mane and Dane, with the pack of wolves he had cultivated and led.

But they were gone. Slaughtered in a stunning betrayal that haunted his steps. Dark thoughts swirled in his mind, stirred by all that could have been and would never now be. He thought of Omen Taru, his master from the Durrant Heil, whose last act was to try and redeem him.

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He wondered at the bright spark in his soul that the sword made; the sword Omen Taru bade him take. But there was no balance. No hope to his desperation, no goal to his aimlessness. The rain poured down, dripping off his long hair, rolling down his face. He did not care. He moved south because he knew he should, but with no hope of redemption, restitution, or revenge. He was a ship cast upon the ocean without a rudder. A shrill scream reached him through his haze of downcast thoughts. He looked up and squinted into the rain.

He was surprised that he was not alone on the road. A horse pounded north towards him. The scream came again. Motion blurred in the rain a hundred paces down the road.

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The sword at his side pulsed, and he wondered again at its geas. His legs stretched into a fast walk, transitioned to a jog, then a dead sprint. The katana flashed into his hand, and a blinding need to deliver justice swelled through his arms. As he closed, the shapes became clear. A wagon with a broken wheel. Two bloody and twisted corpses.

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Two armed bandits dragging a screaming young woman off the road. A third man wringing his hands in anticipation. The sword demanded it. Saulzar would deliver it.

He roared his intention, and the first bandit received a thrust different than he had thought to deliver. The katana snapped a rib, sliced his heart in half, then burst in a bloody spray out his back. Saulzar twisted the blade and tore it loose.

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The two men had dropped the girl and were drawing their swords. Saulzar pivoted from the dying bandit and closed with the nearer enemy.

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Saulzar continued to step slowly back, catching the frenzied strokes on his katana and effortlessly redirecting them to the side. The man pushed forward, strikes coming fast and furious, victory shining in his eyes. The head bowed as it followed the sword, as if accepting the veracity of the judgment, then its dead knees buckled and slumped to the ground. The living bandit whimpered as he cradled his bloody stump of an arm.

He tried to stand, but stumbled and fell to his knees, both arms reaching out to stop his fall. The wounded arm ground into the mud, and the man screamed in pain. Here are a couple of ways to get started:. Read on a device you own for FREE. When competitive sports stopped in college, I still went to the gym often to work out. In March, we moved and I started my own company. Working at home and not living near a YMCA meant that it was no longer convenient to go to the gym.

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Full winter had come to the northern lands, and with it the blessed return of deep night. With a furtive glance along the quiet alley, he slipped from the hovel. He was dressed in layers of warm, faded clothing, a fox fur hat, and a large hood that cast his face in deeper shadow. In his right hand he clutched a knife, honed to a keen edge during his days of fretful healing.

He slipped through the shadows, moving slowly as much for stealth as from months of forced inactivity. His left side and right thigh burned with a dull ache, but the pain fueled his efforts, an iron core his weakened body leaned upon. The wind carried voices to him, and torchlight could be seen around the market square. Townsfolk had returned to Budria not long after his betrayal. Their hustle and bustle filtered through the walls and ground to reach his hiding place.

He cared nothing for them and wished only to be quit of their cursed city. Breathless minutes passed as he snuck through the city, avoiding its inhabitants until the wall loomed before him. He crouched in the doorway of a quiet, stone building in sight of the wall. His breath hitched at a sharp pain in his thigh, but he closed his eyes and willed it away. He saw concern in his eyes. His eyes ranged the ramparts and noted the sentries before he crossed the dark road to the wall.

He pocketed his knife, grasped a stone, noted the absence of ice that made his assault so difficult before, and hauled himself up. The climb was simple, but for the pain in his stiff shoulder. The frozen wind whipped across the tundra, the snow beaten to a froth in the air, obscuring the herd of reindeer from his vision.

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He shut his eyes against the onslaught. When the wind died and the snow cleared, the midnight sun illuminated the herd, still moving away from him. He had followed them for the better part of a week. He would show himself and walk towards them, arms stretched wide and open. The reindeer would turn and look, then continue their migration. It was a delicate dance as Saulzar slowly persuaded the thousand-strong herd to move west. West to the cliffs. He stepped out from behind his boulder and walked with confidence towards the herd again.

A large buck turned towards him and huffed, his front foot stamped. Saulzar did not slow. He spread his arms wide. The wind stirred, and the snow bear pelt that he wore billowed out behind him.

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His eyes burned with a savage intellect as they focused on the buck. The buck stamped again and turned away. It moved south, away from the cliffs. Saulzar gestured with his left arm. From beneath the snow, a wolf stood. It shook off the snow that had buried it, revealing a tawny hide. Dane loped forward along the edge of the herd, sending the reindeer skittering back north. Saulzar gestured with his right arm, and Mane revealed himself from his hiding place in the snow.

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