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Yes, I did a couple times. We just deleted the reported content and problem solved. It was as easy as going to the wordpress dashboard and deleting the post. I already have a page with 13k likes that were generated organically without paying. My question is how do you target people on facebook who are into viral news stuff? Is there a specific parameter on facebook ads which help you find people who are interested in viral news?

Initially you need to either go broad just target country and ages or you can target other viral sites fans. After it you will build audiences with your pixel and create lookalikes from them to get better engagement and interaction. It works much better with FB instant articles. Thank you for the sharing…. Thank you for such a helpful post. One friend of mine and I have recently started a facebook page and a youtube channel.

Our website and page mainly revolve around food. We cook delicious quick bites and write their full description. Now, we both are from different background and have very less knowledge about monetizing this whole thing. If you could provide us with some guiding tips would be a great help. So what are we doing wrong at our website? Or did are the ads on the wrong location? Are your posts going viral or not? Also, please make sure to read this guide as it is updated and works much better nowadays than Adsense.

Probablemente con unos 10, fans de Tier 1 tengas para iniciar. Hey, has anyone noticed a significant increase in cost per like? Also, Facebook is killing reach these days. This method was probably awesome a few years ago, but now it takes a significant amount of capital to get rolling and a solid gameplan to get the engagement. A good idea is to reach out to similar pages to see if they are willing to create a network or let you join theirs.

Why you said that Buffer and Hootsuite, for example, actually hurt your reach, how FPTraffic is different? I want to follow your advice from start to finish. Am a newbie help me to make money online as I spend a lot of money without any income. Is it because i use facebook ads to drive traffic to my website? Or is it because Articles are poorly optimized for keywords? What niche are you into? You should try this new strategy. It works better nowadays. Could you tell me more about content curation strategy, as many viral websites go along with it?

And also the tools needed to curate a piece of content that can re-shared on social media for the sake of social media marketing as a part of driving social traffic to a viral website. I never used tools for this, but doing searches on FB and keeping up a list of the best trending articles and viral page sin your bookmarks helped me a lot to get ideas to replicate.

I have enjoyed your article and learning a lot, but want to ask how can I actual make money posting ads of my face book ad page. I have done it but found out who I was doing it for was a scam… I actually made them some money too, I pay to boost it and it worked. So tired of being scammed. Can you please help me by leading my the right way to actual make some money. I am currently using AdSense for someone else and getting paid little to nothing. Want to start on my own with AdSense but need to know what the steps are to put on my own to make money, instead of being the middle man..

Ok will try to find out how to use FB Instant Articles. Good to hear your Articles. I ready to investment to put Ad in Facebook but content writing only struck for me. Could you help and guide me to start one website for complete Adsense to earn money. Here I drop my mail id and website kindly contact me. Thanks for this post. As a newbie to blogging and AdSense, It helped me lot. I am using facebook ads to promote my viral articles.. What would you recommend me to do to improve? Should i just test more articles and make more money with them, or grow my page to k likes or someting different?

And optimisation for delivery, which is better, link clicks or impressions? As for the optimization, for viral traffic we do link clicks or content views using the retargeting pixel. By Scaling out what you exactly mean? If i find good article with 0. And what worked for you,, optimilisation for link click vs impression,,,, and pay for impressions vs link clicks. Please advise me on how to get more click to my website on Facebook ads. One of the reasons could be you have a really bad targeting or expensive audience. I have read your articles a number of times and i am impressed. Please i would like to know if this still works in november I see that this post was written in There was a time in when facebook changed their alogrithm.

This affected a lot of bloggers. So does thia still work? You can check it right here. Hello Servando, you always have nice articles and I appreciate your work. I have an educational blog and not a viral site and my target market is the US. Will I achieve my target if I build my Facebook page and use the strategy you talked about in this article?

If not, what would you advise that I do? Thank you very much. If you receive a lot of traffic a new better server will definitely help. I have a question though. What about a website that is just with viral videos? Just make sure you have at least a couple paragraphs explaining the video and not just the video embedded. I really appreciate this reply. Hi Sevando Great article! Respect I was thinking about the same. My question is that whats the RPM for this kind of traffic?

These are really useful.

How To Make $100 Per Day With Google AdSense In 2018 - 2019

Most of the peoples copy the same content and post on their pages. And they do get likes and shares. Do you think its good or we should create our own content for social networks. Hey, i would like to ask you that what are your views on using autopilot plugins and autospinner for viral content blog? This all sounds good except the part about posting images. It seems time-consuming to find who owns them, ask for permission to use, and wait for their reply if they even give permission to you to use their images.

You link to the source and problem solved. The same happens with videos. I mean if i make million fan base on facebook ,will this really boost my adsense income.. How can i contact you in private please? I have more than 4million fans on facebook french, but i have a very low ctr in adsense, i have some questions for you. Also, you might want to read this article as it works much better than Adsense nowadays. It needs a few tweaks. Servando, I have a website called Jackfroot.

Hi, do you still doing this? What is you invalid traffic? I heard somewhere that using facebook ads to drive traffic to website and combine with adsense, will give invalid traffic and the CPC is low. Can you please share what you think about this? This is one of 40 or 50 articles I have read lots of time over internet. I am bit confused to choose facebook ads as there are lots of ads type in facebook , like boost post, drive traffic to website and get more engagement as liks or comment. If you have already written an article regarding this , please help me to find this.

Actually this is very interesting. Hello, I would like to know what theme do you recommend me that is mobile responsive and that loads faster for my new viral blog? I have it with WP. Can I do the same strategy in al Joomla web? Thank you so much for your awsome content and your big effort. I am looking for a free theme responsive to mobile devices my niche is mental health. Nowadays there are a lot of free mobile responsive themes. Have Purchased domain for this project or using subdomain of WordPress , also please recommend the best domain hosting , although I can google it , I prefer experience over search result.

I actually recommend you to check this newer strategy. Which wordpress plan should I use? Personal, Premium or business? You should look at WordPress. If you look at WordPress. Why is Alexa ranking going down? Please help me with your great answer. What are you doing to get people to your site? Did you use the free version of Word Press? If so what template are you using and how are you placing the ads within the actual posts without plugins? Thank you love your work. I would never use their free version. Hi Servando, how did you do it with vultr? It takes me 10 minutes to setup a WordPress site there.

As for email I use Google Aps for work. You need to test several placements and sizes until you find your sweet spot for your audience and website design. Thanks for the share! How to get higher click rate from USA traffic? Testing multiple locations and ad sizes will end up getting you a better CTR no matter which country. Hi, please i need your help. Some of my facebook pages got unpublished. It has k likes and it is stil unbuplieshed.

It got unpublished because i posted earning ads on it. And also i have another faceook page but im afraid to earn money from it because i think when we post earning ads on facebook they unpublish pages. So i need to know whether the adsense ads make pages unpublish? It is good idea but I need to ask you something.

Are you following same strategy of viral websites right now? I think that such tricks can earn you some money for short period of time but for longer run, you need original and quality content website like stream-seo. And quality websites give you more income rather than such viral websites. When should I pause and edit the FB marketing strategy? And any recommendations on which countries to start marketing to?

Let me help you with some answers: The organic test comes first, and then only the best ones get promoted with ads. This is the second phase test because the organic reach is the first test. You can target multiple countries but do it in different campaigns.

Finally, I would recommend you to read this article. It works better than using Adsense nowadays. My question is do you start testing with your audience and their friends and scale to the same audience if it does. Or, do you recommend going broad and target a country and not bother advertising to fans if the page is not over , likes? Is your audience super engaged organically? I normally start testing with my audience organically, and if the response is good then I have different campaigns targeting different audiences to test.

Here are the main ones I test:. Campaign targeting the people who have engaged with my page posts in the lasts months 2. Campaign targeting people who visited website using the fb pixel 4. Lookalikes of all of the above.

Tips for AdSense Placement with Style

Thank you so much! Never thought of trying FB pixel or lookalike audiences. The pixel nowadays is key for your campaigns. Using the pixel and lookalikes will help you a lot to bring prices down. Help Silva thanks for the information, I want to try by taking but my problem is as a newbie I need expert like you to help and assist me as I start. Esp on VPS installation, can you journey with me on starting? It works on blogspot but I never recommend people to start with a blogspot as Google can close your whole site whenever they want.

As for the VPS, there are many guides out there to buy and setup a server. Thank you for the informative article. Could u plz sharing your experience of Facebook boosting? What about boosting web post links on website? We have tried this in the last couple months with very mixed results. As long as its still profitable or you have a certain limit? Servando, is it possible to contact you directly?

$200 per day with Adsense and viral websites

I would like to discuss this with you further, I promise I will not take too much of your time. Can it still go along way for me? Hi Melvin What is intotaiment articles? Is there a big difference when traffic peaks? Block storage in Vultr is meant for storing data only, like Google Drive and Dropbox do. Or it will make only problem with copyright? And copyright is something independent from SEO. Thank you very much for your valuable information! I have a question regarding viability in overall of this approach.

Could you please bring your thoughts on this? Is this approach still viable — as you described on this page? With , targeted followers you will have a thriving audience that gets a lot of traffic to your site, if you do the correct targeting on FB. I want you to help me cos I wanna get a website and link it to my Facebook straight to my googleAdSense.

But a Facebook group is not a Fan Page. Well, if you read this article we focus on social traffic from facebook ads. A good starting point is to identify large interest groups within your niche. I break them down as follows:. Magazines in your niche: These are often huge interest groups that are very relevant. I target many magazines. You can target fans of other large websites in your niche. I do this routinely. With respect to age ranges, gender and location — that boils down to testing. I got pretty lucky with my FB ad campaigns in the beginning, but then this was my second niche focusing on FB so I was very familiar with FB ads and targeting.

I know my niche would do well and I knew who my audience was. I spent weeks researching my niche and dozens of other sites in the niche before launching including carefully analyzing their FB and Pinterest channels. I tested 30 to 40 blog posts in the first 3 months. Same thing with interest groups, age ranges, gender, etc.

I create a new adset for every interest group, device desktop vs. This way I can see which configuration works best and I can adjust budgets for each configuration. Also, not every niche will be profitable with direct ad traffic. Be prepared to experiment a lot. It really depends what people are here for. Basically, identify the intent of the page and offer something that matches that intent in exchange for an email. You got me thinking now! Maybe a an exit popup with a gift card giveaway for subscribers or something along those lines.

Can you please talk more about the Google matched ad? Is it performing well? Can it outperform Taboola? Those display ads above or below can do very well. All I can say is test it.

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I do have a question about Facebook advertising. Do you make adjustments to this campaign or just move onto another post? If you do make changes, what adjustments do you make to the campaign? Once any campaign runs out of steam, and they all do, I pause it and move on. Before, almost every Adsense guide told us that one key factor for kw research was CPC or some other form of commercial intent. I experienced something similar some months ago when someone shared an article of mine on a popular sub-reddit, which gave me 15k visits in 2 days extraordinary for my site.

When I click the x other like this link, I do get a window, but there is no invite button showing. Is there something I need to install first? Hmm, then it is maybe country setting, or not enough followers yet. Because I am always running into problems with my facebook company page not looking as is shown in tutorials: You kind of have to look at all the factors and make a decision. Same thing with StumbleUpon. Desktop earns me far more per 1, page views than mobile. Mobile is tricky and that publishing world is scrambling to figure out how to monetize mobile more.

If getting a high RPM was easy, everyone would do this not to mention traffic and all the rest that goes into it. I have a site that was getting around k visits per month but the adsense monetisation was a measly few hundred dollars. It also ate into the user experience. At that time there was no such display ad automatic optimisation like ezoic, and on top of that, the site was built from bottom up using html. Of course test it. Sounds like you have a good thing going on. Just know that you get what you pay for usually. They have in-house writers who are very good but they also manage everything.

My B2C have a lot of moving parts including a lot of outreach and LD is able to do everything from start to finish. I hire beginning journalists. It really depends on your niche. Im definitely looking into building more revenue with ad placement and the images you provided here a great! A question for Gael: We use Thrive Leads ;.

Thank you for the information. I run only Criteo, Outbrain and Video ads on these. I like that service, but there are loads of options. Opinion Stage offers in-poll ads, which includes Criteo and Outbrain. I am not asking in that manner because I am against it or for any other negative reason.

How Jon Dykstra Made $1,, With Display Ads Arbitrage

I am just really curious. I have heard a lot of bad things about buying traffic, especially in regards to being dropped from ad companies. Is this not correct information? I would love to know, I also would love to find some places to buy traffic. Amazing article, I have bookmarked it for later reference. Appreciate your information and time!! Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, I buy traffic to niche sites. Mostly with Facebook ads. I will try to implement your techniques on my websites as well.

Can I get a tip on how to improve my income?

Some ad networks work better than others in certain niches. For example, while Media. Thanks for all of your hard work on this articles guys. I think the limitation is on Adwords, not PPC in general.

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  • Since Jon uses Facebook ads I think he is clear. However, I spoke with Adwords I use Adwords for my local marketing work and they gave me the green light to use Adwords to my display ad monetized sites. I was surprised by that. That said, if you do use Adwords, talk to them first and get a copy of the live chat transcript if they give you the green light. Another big issue is the rise of ad blockers that might be preventing your monetization strategy:. At first when the media published extensively on this matter it was a concern and it will no doubt impact display ad revenues to some extent.

    It already has especially with some demographics that are prone to use ad blockers. However, given there are no real alternatives for monetizing many websites other than display ads, I think the most popular websites in the world will simply block people who use ad blockers.

    I know the website publishing pundits advise against this strategy currently, but when push comes to shove the biggest websites will likely block people from visiting which will force users to turn ad blockers off once blocking visitors is widespread. The more publishers who join in blocking people with ad blockers, the more successful the strategy will be. That said, I do recommend diversifying revenue streams. But, social media traffic, will not convert with adsense or any other media ads. Every marketer know this. Why on Hell John spends here a lot of money- when this traffic will not convert with adsense?

    John- at the beginning of your entrepreneurship- you had this amount of capital you spend on buying traffic? Where is the capital come from- Bank credit? Or any other sources…..???? That is the big point I miss on this fat stack method. Yes it is open minded, but this method will not work for the affiliate start up, who not has this amount of capital. Then after you have no money there to buy paid traffic. I got a lot of value from this article. Just need a lot of traffic to make a lot of money. Anyway my question is what are your CTR like? But I get CTR of just under 1 percent to 2 percent on average days.

    Honestly, I am highly doubtful that John is able to make the money he says he makes with Adsense. In average you get CTR of 0. I am highly skeptic on what John says and highly skeptic on the amount of money he says he makes form Adsense…. You bring up a great point about Adsense revenue from Facebook traffic.

    This explains why, when Facebook posts had decent reach soooooo many website publishers were sending so much traffic to their site; the revenue was really, really high. I will be incorporating this into my sites this week. Hi Jon I hear so many good recommendations about your course i. BTW, what an Epic blog post here! Will also visit our blog for more contents. Thank you for giving valuable information. Jon Dykstra, would you like to revise this post according to your recent experiences paid traffic? I have few questions though:. How much money will you have to spend to bring traffic visitors from facebook either through FB ads or influencer marketing?

    I want to know average profit. What is the best way to increase revenue without destroying user experience? Gael Breton, I want to give you a suggestion to write a post about Buzzfeed. What are their traffic sources? How are they getting traffic from them and how can we do the same?

    I recently came to know that they are getting enormous traffic from snapchat but I have no idea how are they doing that. I am hoping that when my comment is replied, I will get the notification through email.

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    Really glad I read this article Only noticed it was published a long time ago after reading. Thanks for Sharing such an amazing blog post. If the world was so sincere with their articles, then we would have been seeing fewer blogging mistakes and more monetization. Hi Ileane Mam, Really Adsense for Feed is one of my best earning source rather than adsense for search.

    Thanks for sharing this piece of news! Hi Hari, Did you start building your email list yet? Perhaps you should start converting your FeedBurner subscribers into your email list subscribers. That way you can send promotions and get more conversion with a service like AWeber. Let me know if you want to talk more about this.

    Thanks for your comment. Sorry for the delay Ileane. Now , those who were earning good amount of money from feeds will need to lookout for alternative services to earn money from these subsribers. Bad news for those who used to make a substantial amount of money from the feeds. They can now use the feeds to get direct adivertisers. Great article Ileane, and you have a wonderful blog here. When this happened I fairly lost interest in working my tail off to provide content. Clearly the 60 million adblock users have a role in this revenue drop.

    Or maybe not, some people deny it has any effect. What do you think? When did you loose all of this income? I know that AdBlockers have been around since before I even started blogging. Good luck I hope you can recover your lost income levels. Alright, I read the post and even got the point of using Adsense Custom Search for my blog or site. Okay I am getting clicks, but the CPC being low just makes my adsense figures stay calm hardly growing. The cost-per-click CPC is the amount you earn each time a user clicks on your ad.

    What a great tutorial on AdSense best practices! There are so many ad services and you know what? You gotta make money! And to your other point: In the end we both know that it takes time to build up your content and of course your traffic to the point where it can pay off. And yes i use the adsense for search but it gets a ery little amount of pageviews. Hi Philip, As you know Google is constantly changing things, but the last I heard — your blog needs to be at least 6 months old before you can be considered for the AdSense program.

    It makes a lot of sense because Google wants to make sure you can be consistent for at least 6 months. I remember having tried that a couple of years ago, and getting so many negative feedbacks that I opted against eventually. So I had to come up with a plan to have my cake and eat it to.

    Basic Blog Tips

    This I way I can still make some money with AdSense without everyone knowing unless they take the time to read this post. Hi Ileane and thank you for sharing this great information on how to use Adsense on your blog without it cheapening the look of your blog. I discovered Adsense by accident really. I tried monetizing a few of my videos and to my great surprise I started earning money from them, all for just pressing a button. But I have never added ads to my blog, but I will check out your secret method.

    I have also written a post on how to install the custom search engine and linked to your post and your great video tutorial as an alternative installation method to the plugin. Thank you for this great info. I just love having the Google Search on my blog. Thanks for sharing my video in your latest post. But on the other hand, I appreciate how thorough you are with showing people how this is done. Great job Ileane, wonderful share. Great to get your feedback on this topic. But I have to ask you — are you monetizing your YouTube channel?

    You have tons of views on some of your videos and that would be some guaranteed passive income for your. What a great strategy to monetize a blog with Adsense without hurting the readers and showing too many ads. And yes, That is a bad news for many bloggers earning thousands of dollars monthly with Adsense for feeds. I think that anyone who is fortunate enough to earn a great deal from AdSense for feeds should put their thinking cap on and turn those FeedBurner subscribers into list subscribers. That is one situation where I would must certainly import all of those people who are subscribing by email into AWeber and start sending them more targeted offers.

    If Google can align their desires increase Display Ad inventory with that of the content creator monetize said content , then its a win win for Google. Most people read feed in Google Reader. There is nothing stopping Google from showing ads there the same way they do in Gmail. Just like Facebook, they used to keep the ads on the sidebars but not they are right inside the newsfeed and there is no way to avoid them. Meaning the days of using adwords to make a profit on just that traffic is heading out.

    Google is the new tv network media buy. Yep, I think it makes the site looks cheap when place Adsense on blog.

    Things you need

    But I think they do help big site makes money and sites that has large amount of traffic like Mashable. And there are more ways of making money. Do you find that a lot of people use your search feature? When I had a search bar on my blog I found that very few people actually used the search feature. Keep in mind that over half of the content on this blog is written by wonderful guest authors like yourself and it was a huge struggle for me to find something when I needed.

    Well adsense is an awesome ad network from which we can easily create some good potential income. Adsense is a nice platform for a blogger. We can easily monetize our websites through a good number of visitors. Adsense for search is really nice a your explained above. Prakash, are you using the AdSense for search on your blog yet? How is it working for you? Thanks for your feedback. Hi Prabhat, congratulation on getting accepted for the AdSense program. I never did earn much from AdSense for feeds, but my YouTube channel really started growing. I came up with this strategy for selecting specific posts to show AdSense on just from carefully looking at my stats in AdSense, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

    For a few months I had AdSense in the sidebar on every page of the blog but I started to notice that it only performed well on those pages that were getting lots of Google traffic because of the keywords I was ranking for. So it started to dawn on me that it would be better if I used my best performing ad unit — which happens to be x 60 image ads — and add them to those posts I could see in GWT getting a lot of clicks.